Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Final thought before SRC verdict

Its D-Day for Dato Najib.

SRC is the low lying fruits within reach of Tun Dr Mahathir to send Najib to the prison to what seemed a political prosecution for refusing and resisting his wishes.

If convicted, Mahathir will be absolved from accusation of slander, cruelty, and obsessive behaviours typical of megalomaniac dictators.

Though Dato Gopal Sri Ram's manipulative hands are visibly seen, and Tan Sri Tommy Thomas's incompetence and biasness are obvious for all to see, Mahathir will deny of having his hands behind the scheme. . 

The responsibility will be placed on the court as though the process was a lawful, fair and transparent one.

A day before verdict, Dato Najib said in his FB he will continue to seek for justice.

As he played down the significance of  this morning outcome, he wrote, irrespective of which side win, there will be an appeal. 

It could imply a guilty verdict may not mean it is divine truth or justice. After all, not all truth, be it actual true happenings, could be translated into evidence or corroborated statement by witness.

In other words, the court action may not be reflective of the absolute truth and justice. More so, judges is bound by judiciary process with its human limitation.

Facebooker Salahuddin Hisham posted this view:
The nature of legal practise is adversarial. Each side is out to win with whatever ways it takes.

They seldom claim to be, but one could not trust the claim judiciary system and its players are honest and sincere to seek for truth and justice.

Unfortunately, the court is the proxy of truth, systematic gauge of human dispensed justice, and offers finality to disputes and judgement for offenses on temporal earth.

One has to accept that.

It means it should not matter what others think, but the only thing that matter is we try our best to be truthful, honest, purveyor of good deeds, and wise to the eyes of God.

The winners can rejoice. The losers can mourn. It is Allah blessing that only matter. Rahmat Allah yg kita mahu...

Wallahu alam bissawwab. God's blessing and guidance we seek.


Anonymous said...

What a bs. It stinks to high heaven.

Anonymous said...

Yang Betul yang bersih Atuk je. Sultan pun Dia kata tak Betul. Yang Betul bersih Dia, anak anak Dia, cucu cucu Dia dan crony Dia. Ada dengar Semua crony Dia kena dakwa ? ZERO.

Anonymous said...

Apa ke bangang nya pemimpin umno bawak penyokong berbondang2 naik bas konon nya nak tunjuk sokongan??? Beriya la menteri kanan dok sebut sop2, warlord2 umno telah membakul sampah kan sop2 tersebut.

Presiden, timbalan & ketua pemuda hanya melihat tanpa berbuat sesuatu. So typical...

Org2 macam ni yg nak di angkat jadi pemimpin negara???

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