Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Weekend Relief: The Coral Malaysia Exhibition at Matics

Its a rare opportunity to have the weekend off from any political or social activism. Simply because most events, rallies, and activities are done over the weekend.

Weekdays is where the 'war of words'" or ideas will occur.

When I am free, one of my Saturday morning ritual was to have a go at the Olympic-size public pool in Cheras.

Today, after an hour of therapeutic swimming in the pool where Nurul Huda Abdullah made her mark in the SEA Games, me and the Mrs went to CoRal Malaysia's photography exhibition at Matic, Jalan Ampang.

According to their pamphlet, CoRal Malaysia or The Malaysian CoRal Reef Conservation Society was formed in 2003 for that single minded purpose to protect and preserve the coral reef and its ecosystem.

I am made to understand that 27% of the world's reefs are dead or severely damaged and over 60% of the world's reefs maybe be effectively lost in the next 30 years if not serious effort is done. One can understand the need to preserve this part of our natural ecosystem.

CoRal Malaysia has done many efforts like this photography competition and exhibition to increase public awareness on the importance to protect and preserve our reefs.

They are an active NGO promoting International Year of Reef 2008.

Other than photography competition like this, CoRal Malaysia have been involved in many activities to preserve and document the beauty of coral reefs of Malaysia.

They undertook the first marine NGO created underwater gallery at the seabed of Bidong Island, Terengganu in 2006.

In 2004, with Malaysia's first Underwater Painter, Ajis Mohamad, a group of artists from the Malaysia National gallery and 40 divers, CoRal Malaysia undertook an underwater painting of coral reef on a 36 meter canvas. The painting is a national heritage at the National Art Gallery.

For more of their many work in their website

Today, I was able to put faces to the people involved in the 2004 effort in the reef areas of a Terengganu Island for an underwater scuba-cleanup of rubbish and debris and reef replanting.

The exhibition ends tomorrow Sunday December 14th. I was informed that the photos will remain at Matic till next week before being returned to the Terengganu State Government.

Read further for sample of photos from the exhibition.

The winner photograph on the left and the winner photograph of Malaysia

For the souveniers ....

... thanks.

Bring your kids and visit Matic tomorrow.

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