Sunday, February 08, 2009

Challenge to Anwar the Play-Actor

Anwar is a great orator. He is so eloquent, and witty to attract the attention of listener and convince the politically naive. There is few hundred thousands long list in PKR's database.

The power of Anwar's magnetic pull or to be more accurate his animal magnetism is such that he could do an outright lie and yet many believed him. Anwar have been full of inconsistencies, making up unsubstantiated accusation, discrediting and brushing off many credible others, and conjuring up excuses.

With UMNO in a bind due to its own internal leadership issues and the ongoing party election, he seemed to have get away with murder. The more UMNO couldn't counter and answer him back, the bolder he got. In the absence of leadership, people on the street come to believe more and more of his lies.

Now that Najib has successfully gave an "in your face" reply to him, many remain blinded by Anwar's empty words as he tries to play act as victim. All the while he has always been the aggresor. Thats what followers are. They blindly believe every shit told to them. The difference with supporters is that they could change team when it doesn't suit them.

All those followers of Anwar believed they have been unlawfully denied power despite Nizar's admittedly expressed willingness to abide to the Sultan's decision after his meeting with the Sultan.

I am putting up few challenges to Anwar and anticipated his reactions. It shows what we critics and opponents of Anwar have come to expect his predictability. If his followers still failed to see Anwar as a fake, and no man of integrity and consistency, they seriously should consider professional help? Its for their own good.

Anwar Should Takeover Federal Government Now!

Anwar claimed that by September 16th, 2008 he would have more than 30 BN MPs on his Pakatan Rakyat side, which is sufficient number to form a new Government. When he couldn't deliver he made up excuses that the Speaker reject his motion of no confidence in Dewan Rakyat and PM Abdullah refuses to cooperate to meet him for the transfer of power.

Abdullah may not be so bright but why would he cooperate with someone bent on removing him?

For all the blinded Pakatan Rakyat supporters, who saw how Anwar's former Naib Ketua Pemuda had it done, I challenge Anwar to emulate Najib. Call a press conference and have all those MPs present. With him declaring his cards, there is no stopping him from meeting the Agong.

It would facilitate the process to have all those jumping MPs come along. Based on the precedent set in Perak, Anwar does not need to request the Speaker for a motion of no confidence. Agong could decide on his own. Voila Anwar will reach his life long dream to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Anwar Should Sue the Sultan Now!

The news yesterday reported that Karpal Singh will sue the Sultan with Barisan Nasional as second named. In his press conference on February 6th, Anwar said Pakatan Rakyat have yet to make any lawsuit against Sultan but instead will sue Barisan Nasional, and off course he is likely to drag Najib.

Lets stop wasting time. That lawsuit will be thrown out. It will be a case of filing the wrong suit to the wrong party.

Barisan Nasional did nothing but merely met the Sultan to prove they have the numbers. It was Sultan Azlan that decide in favour of Barisan Nasional, refused the abolition of the Dewan Negeri and requested former Menteri Besar Nizar to resign. BN had nothing to do but merely seek the Sultan's audience to explain.

The only route for Nizar and Pakatan Rakyat Perak to seek for legal recourse is to sue the Sultan in the manner Karpal Singh intend to do.

Cut the play acting. I challenge on Anwar to sue the Sultan. Anwar is a populist politician who will not dare finish what he has uttered. He fear from being bandished as Derhaka! and this will cost his Malay votes.

Anwar to Leave Nizar and PAS Hanging

Anwar may have incited Nizar and his Pakatan Rakyat Exco to be in-defiance. They are already being publically bandished as Derhaka.

Except for the Constitutional crisis in 1984, no politicians ever win in any confrontation with the Sultan. He knows it and will not not dare to sue the Sultan. He will claim that the court procedure does not permit suing the royalty.

Anwar will leave Nizar and PAS hanging. PAS will end up a big loser in this and PKR will eventually be the main beneficiary as the Malay alternative party over PAS. DAp will remaina s they are. The Chinese lallang already gave a rousing support for Zambry with teh hope the 999 years land should remain or extended till there the moon and star continue to exist.

In last year's PKR Convention, Anwar called for the restoration of the Monarchy's power. His call was in support to a statement by Tunku Naquiddin, the losing candidate to replace the late Yam Tuan of Negeri Sembilan, on the same mode of argument.

Will he dare go back on his words? I challenge thee, Anwar.

Assuming Anwar did take up this challenge, I could pre-empt the possibilities. In the event that Anwar lawsuit is dismissed, he will make allegations of corruption and injustice by the judiciary, UMNO and off course, conveniently Najib. There will be negative references on practices of democrasies.

Anwar Should Report Sultan's Princess and Gamuda To BPR

Anwar should stophiding and challenge the Sultan. PKR supporters and followers had spam in his blog (if it is not removed yet) and all over blogosphere to accuse the Sultan of corruption.

They claimed the Sultan was bribed with contract for Gamuda. The Sultan's princess, Tengku Elina owns about 7.5% interest in Gamuda via a Company Generasi Setia Sdn Bhd.

I challenge Anwar to personally make a BPR Report on the Sultan or perhaps only his Princess. In case, he is not aware Tengku Elina is a practising lawyer. Reports made at BPR could not be made public until investigation completed.

Hmmm ... I see a new script drafted.


Anonymous said...

i am sure anwar won't have the balls to take up your challenge...

Wah Al-Subangi said...

he don't have the n never had the numbers to form a government, mainly bcoz if he have it he would have done it long ago.

being pm his first order of biz will b to save his neck, he will fire the IGP n AG n appoint ppl friendlier.

at the back of his mind he always know saiful probably going to be his waterloo.

he will not sue the sultan, as it is karpal is doing him in if he sue the sultan that's why he quickly come out with a statement saying PR will not sue the sultan.

Nasirudin Anjud said...

Mr. Anwar,

Damn if you do and damn if you don't. If you do, you will be in collision course with all the mights of the malays. If you don't, you're going to be a lame duck opposition leader.
Karpal and son is already calling for Anwar's head.
I wouldn't be surprised if I see the presence of Mr. Anwar and his operatives will be become more and more strident in the Eastern part of Malaysia. Its do or die time for him now.
He can't blame and twist his way out. Boomerang returned and caught him hard between the eye. Must be seeing stars and moon for the next 999 years. Meanwhile somewhere in aliving room, Rahim Noor must be laughing and thanking the boomerang.
The fence sitters may be considering another alternative i.e the Court of the Royals. Who can stop the royalist now that they are running on a winning streaks since March 08,2008.

Bourne said...

ts sri rahim has always been smiling...his golf skills getting better somehow at single range handicap mind you. however i did posted pleading for anwar to return to umno. for the sake of his blunt followers.

we know whats going to happen to him this time but we pity such malays straying away from reality.

i just hope and pray for them to come to their senses ....malay in malaysia are getting smaller by day because of his orration.

Anonymous said...

Have you gone through the ISA and prison for your stand and ideology. Furthermore being smeared in public by all the mainstream media for months and years. Otherwise shut up. You do not have the guts but can only only can hide behind your petty comments . From what I can see now, most of the BN leaders do not have an ounce of Integrity and possibly will be led by a leader who is the most tainted of them all, it's a joke and sadly a bad joke. UMNO has done many wrongs so the last GE was a ticking off but they only know to pick others mistakes without a hint of correcting theirs. NO Insaf no barakah and the country will crumble sooner or later (hope it better be UMNO). As the time goes the Rakyat will get smarter and braver hope not too desperate.

Anonymous said...

Do Not Make Petty Comments go for the bigger picture............From what I can see now, most of the BN leaders do not have an ounce of Integrity and possibly will be led by a leader who is the most tainted of them all, it's a joke and sadly a bad joke. NO Insaf no barakah and the country will crumble sooner or later (maybe UMNO). As the time goes the Rakyat will get smarter and braver hope not too desperate.

Anonymous said...

We are humans and make mistakes and same goes for Anwar but who is the biggest mistake for Malaysia...UMNO and maybe later led by the most tainted of them all (I hope the present PM stays on).

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:49

Where were you in the past 10 years? Mars?

Anwar was in prison not for his struggle but for abuse of power and sodomy. Is that what you mean by stand and ideology? The ideology to abuse power and stick his penison his driver's ass?

I hope Pakatan Rakyat do get smarter coz their politics of emotions, inconsistencies and reactive responses is getting awfully stupid.

Anon 1:26AM

What Anwar did is not a mistake but a Malaysian tragedy! His political reemergence proves he brings only chaos to this country but have nothing to offer.

All politicians aspire for power but he is a power hungry person who is beyond reasonableness and will not stop at anything to be the PM.

He is willing to work together and get the support of American Zionist aand Neo Con to push himself to power. If his mother was alive, he'd sell her wholesale to at the top.

melayuangkat said...

I have been wondering too, I dont understand why so many people let Anwar fool them. Too many.

One by one..I am still waiting WHEN Anwar will swear in the name of Allah swt that he never touches Saiful. (At the wrong places for the wrong reasons of course)

And for PAS leaders to believe and Cooperate with Anwar surely the indicator of how Desperate PAS is. Anything for power for PAS.

No, he will never take up your challenges.

Anonymous said...

You have not answer the big picture...If Anwar is so bad why not try him in court; He's not in power. They use all kinds of innuendos to make false accusation and his links to neo cons; For your info UMNO are controlled by them Zionist and Neo Con. Do a proper research and you will find out the horrible truth. How many billions has UMNO leaders taken by mismanagement ??????

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