Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Khairy's pursuit for popularity, but remain UMNO's liability

Blog AK47 Sakmongkol equates KJ's presence on Monday's Ipoh rally against Karpal Singh to General Patton addressing his troop in Sicily before the invasion of Germany during World War II. To simplify his and Setiakawan bloggers campaign, by that presence and showmanship he deserve to be the next Ketua Pemuda UMNO. ... lol.

Allow me to offer my friendly "sembah berbeza" to Dato Arif without having to express explicitly my preference, be it Mukhriz or Dr Khir Toyo. KJ is no General Patton, not even equivalent to any single piece of the brash General's finger nail. He is merely a candidate trying hard to gain attention to his already sagging campaign.

His presence adds to the already overkill demonstrations against a crippled and already isolated Karpal Singh. It's like blasting a fly with a cannon. The real enemy is neither Karpal Singh nor deposed MB, Muhamamd Nizar.

Given my choice, I would rather find a back passage to reach and console Nizar. We'll just leave Karpal alone. He'll get tired. The louder he gets, it will just messed up DAP. The real enemny that is getting away is the deceptively devious Anwar Ibrahim and the commie cousins Nger and Nga.

In a delicate situation like this, KJ's presence for his selfish political interest would only inflame voters against UMNO instead infuriating them against the Derhaka act of Pakatan Rakyat. Having UMNO-liability's presence would damper efforts, just like in the past General and By-Election.

KJ should have prove his mettle as a leader by being unselfish and to stay away. He will on steer away voters, where lies the real struggle and immediate priority of UMNO, be it for the Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau by-elections and GE13.

Demo in Ipoh

The Malaysia Insider Report on the demonstration in Ipoh as follows:

Protestors were tearing up posters of Nizar, chanting ‘Hidup Melayu’ and ‘Daulat Tuanku’.

By Shannon Teoh

IPOH, Feb 9 — Deputy Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin called for Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin to be stripped of his citizenship as he led protests by the Barisan Nasional (BN) faithful here today as part a campaign to label the Pas man a traitor.

About 1,000 mainly Umno Youth members attended the rally here under the watchful eyes of the police, as BN now hopes to shore up support for Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir, who was sworn-in by Sultan Azlan Shah last week to replace Nizar as Perak mentri besar.

Nizar has refused to resign and maintains he is still the legitimate MB.

Speeches by several BN Youth leaders suggested attempts to reverse the perception that BN’s power grab was unconstitutional and pro-Malay. Instead, the speeches portrayed Pakatan Rakyat as anti-Sultan.

The speeches were punctuated by cries of “Hidup Melayu” and “Daulat Tuanku.”

“In the old days, what did we do to those who committed treason?” Khairy asked the crowd at the Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil field here.

The crowd replied “kill him!” as they waved banners with the words “Nizar Penderhaka Melayu Moden (Nizar is the modern day Malay traitor)” but Khairy instead said that “we only ask that they be stripped of their citizenship,” referring to Nizar and other PR leaders who have supported his decision.

The crowd started tearing up posters with pictures of Nizar, as Khairy also called for Nizar and Perak DAP chief Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham’s titles to be retracted.

Those assembled, joined by several Malay NGOs, and representatives from MCA, MIC and PPP Youth members from Perak, then took a pledge requesting Sultan Azlan Shah to do as Khairy had asked.

Khairy also told the crowd that their position should not be seen as racial as “our friends from MCA, MIC and PPP” are here.

“The anger is not just from Malays but the rakyat as the opposition has broken the principles of the Rukunegara,” the Rembau MP said.

He also called on Umno Youth members to guard the gates to the state secretariat tomorrow as Nizar and his executive councillors are expected to continue to try to report for work.

“If you see the illegal government coming, I order you as deputy Youth chief to do what is necessary,” he said.

Later, when pressed on what is “necessary” by reporters, Khairy said that as the Ipoh police chief had assured him that they would not allow the PR men to enter the premises, Umno Youth would stand down.

“I hold him to his promise. But if they are not able to deliver, then I cannot guarantee their actions due to their anger,” he said.

“This is not a constitutional crisis. This is a crisis of power,” Khairy added, stating that the fact that PR could not relinquish the state government after being ousted through due process showed that they were power-crazy.
Bodoh Betul This KJ

In Tun Dr Mahathir's words, it is legally right to bring the Sultan to court but it is not ethically right. The Rukunegara requires every Malaysian to be loyal to the King, as the symbol sovereignty and Country.

If Pemuda UMNO are really behind the King, why was there no demonstration in front of Standard Chartered Bank when the late Yam Tuan Negeri Sembilan was taken to Special Court? On the hand, where were the PAS and PKR supporters that demonstrated in support of Ahmad Said against Idris Jusoh's "Natang" supporters in Terengganu?

KJ had no sense of strategy on this issue. He was a hard-up glory seeker trying to get some attention by stealing the limelight away from Dato Najib. He is perhasp not aware that many working in the background bridging with the opposition ADUNs are in a foul mood. One chap unhappy with the manner the victory was stolen away from them uttered this, "Kalau dema ni cakap banyak, teman pusingkan balik ke Nizar."

KJ is desperate. His campaign is not doing fine. His positive campaigning is not working. Neither is his negative campaiging against other candidates. KJ's rhetorics are not working. They nod and praise him but they say something else behind his back. His money is not taking him any further. There are delegates willing to give Mukhriz despite knowing well ahead they will be shaking a "tangan kosong".

His reputation is as good as "tanam" that no lyrical words from Dato Arif can salvage. What more without the presence of the more eloquent Mr Padedoh to give some flair to the shallow cyber campaigning of the Setiakawan bloggers, the like of SUKJ and Bro_Jinggo.

No amount of denial from KJ or counter spin by his Setiakawan bloggers can erase the already inscribed impression that KJ is behind asset sales to Singapore Temasik, intrusion into his father-in-law's work and his directive phone calls in UMNO, to civil servants and Ministers.

All those curses in his campaign strategy meetings have hurt him without him realising his troops are deserting him. They are sticking around for his money and to funnel info to the other side.

Not only he is not going to win the Ketua Pemuda post, his brash manner, and arrogant posterior will continue to be a liability for UMNO. How many more arrogant campaign speeches and stupid stunts from KJ should we tolerate? Lets not forget that the root cause of UMNO's predicament is Abdullah Badawi, Kamaluddin Abdullah, Khairy Jamaluddin dan Kalimullah.

I may need to awake Dato Arif from his afternoon lull. Having a brash, uncultured, and reputably rude and arrogant young punk as leader of Pemuda UMNO spells D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R for UMNO in the next GE13. More so, with someone already soiled with allegations of corruption and power abuse.

It's pointless. Just dump him!

The Way To Win

Instead of KJ's overkill, there is no use to have UMNO do demonstration. It provides basis for PAS to accuse UMNO is behind the power grab. They should have stayed away so that the public do not have the impression of UMNO's over enthusiasm to hold power. Such demonstrations should be left to the NGOs, which is a better reflection of the people expression. The more PAS do their outburst, it only adds the impression that it is PAS versus the peoples' wishes.

With Malay voters in a daze, voices of unity is more soothing to their ears. The best way is to talk of Malay unity. The last we would want is an overkill that turn these voters into sympathisers for Nizar and Karpal. This words of Mukhriz should have a more positive outcome to the more reasonable voters for UMNO to win votes at Bukit Gantang:

Better for Perak Pas to join BN, says Mukhriz

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 9 — It is better for Perak Pas to join the Barisan Nasional (BN) to strengthen Malay unity and hence enable a stronger government to be formed in the state, said Umno Youth executive committee member Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir.

Mukhriz, who is also the Member of Parliament for Jerlun, said Pas should consider this alternative as the combined seats of the BN, PAS and Independents in the Perak legislature would enable a strong government to be formed in the state.

“If the Malays are united, all Malaysians stand to benefit,” he told reporters at the pre-launch of the Down Syndrom Association of Malaysia’s gala dinner, here today.

Mukhriz said this in commenting on the political turmoil in Perak in the wake of the BN wresting power from Pakatan Rakyat in the state.

In the general election last March, Pas won six seats, PKR (7) and DAP 18 to form the Pakatan Rakyat government in Perak. The BN won 28 seats.

However, following defections from amongst its ranks, the coalition lost its majority in the 59-seat state assembly and thus enabling the BN to take over.

Mukhriz also urged DAP chairman Karpal Singh to desist in his plan to take legal action against Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak and accept the fact that the BN was now in power in Perak. — Bernama
I wish I know what Dr Khir Toyo's position and statement on the Perak debacle. Mind you, he will be very effective for Bukit Gantang. Unknown to many, he joined UMNO through the Bukit Gantang Division.


mn said...

1. KJ bukan pergi mencari populariti, tetapi memang itu tugas beliau sebagai Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia.

2. Mukhriz buat apa? NGANGA..!

3. Kerana bapa Mukhriz(Dr. Belit) lah yang menjadikan orang-orang Melayu kini berani melawan Sultan/Raja.

4. Sepatutnya sumbat Mahathir dalam ISA, kerana beliaulah politik Malaysia jadi begini sekarang.

5. Memang amat BODOH sangatlah sekiranya pemuda-pemuda UMNO memilih Mukhriz as Ketua Pemuda pada Mac nanti.

6. Orang-orang Melayu perlu tahu & sedar siapakah "Bapa Penderhaka" yang sebenarnya?

Anonymous said...

Dua kali dah saya posting kat Sangmongkol's.

Ulang sini lagi....harap sangmongkol dengar.....

Yang per-1,

Saya tengok Dato' Sakmongkol ni ok jugak orangnya. Petah dan pandai berbahasa serta punya peminat ramai yang menggemari cara beliau mengkritik secara berhujah.

Cuma yang saya percaya boleh menggerhanakan Sangmongkol adalah sokongan dan simpati beliau kepada KJ.
Sangmongkol toksah la pertahankan lagi budak tu. Ramai lagi pemimpin yang lebih berwibawa. Si KJ sudah sesiakan peluang dia dan kalau dia jatuh janganlah seret sekali sangmongkol kesayangan kami.

Sudah2 la tu tuan sangmongkol, biarlah si KJ terjun dengan labu-labunya. Beri peluang orang lain. Peluang bukan datang berulang kali untuk si KJ. Ingat tidak beliau mengata kami sebagai Kera Jantan. Kami ignore je budak tu. takde civilisation punya talk.

10 February 2009 15:43

Yang ke-2

anon 07.41,

Memang lah baik cara penulisan tuan but don't make a fool out of us.
You said Mahathir berkira-kira business bertopengkan perjuangan melayu. Don't be naive, who doesn't. You masuk sekolah ada belajar mathematik ke. Hmm I wonder. Maybe you duduk dalam gua ka?
Anyway, percubaan you secara halus untuk implicate Mahathir and sesiapalah is without substance and incriminating evidence. Prove it kalau ada. Don't sit back and annoy people from your comfort of anonymity.
If you care to see Mahathir blog and the way he handle a large community of the world especially from hostile readers, you will begin to appreciate if not envious of him.
Is this the best you can do? Put a puny jarum here in Sangmongkol's?
You are worst than those you have accused of pecah belah. And to portray Mahathir in the same boat as Chin Peng or living in the same living room or using the same toilet bowl to excrete would require an imaginative Schizophreniac tukang cucuk jarum like you.
Pls Sangmongkol don't listen to the bisikan dan cucukan of that Devil.
Sakmongkol can do a lot better than this.

Anonymous said...

i really hope KJ read this and/or his setiakawan. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM PERAK. and if you can ( i bet you can't) stay away from UMNO politics. The grassroot does not and will never like you.

-ahli UMNO temerloh-



Anonymous said...

Apa you kasi si SUKJ publish komen. Tempat dia takboleh komen. Tara telor.

Komen dia macam budak tak belajar cebok Bontot. Bezanya dia sanggup cebok bontot KJ.

Kalau KJ ke PKR Parti Kongkek Rakyat pun dia sanggup ikut. Idolanya Nuar yang dia tadah bontot.

Bourne said...

i'm truly with you from the very beginning i could sense some fireworks cracking from his mouth sooner or later. true enough when we was there in ipoh and kuala kangsor this bloke making a mockery of himself in front of not many supporters. only bout merelya thousand.

in my heart i just wonder where is he and his FIL all this while when zahid as well as najib and the rest of umno perak architecturing the moves.

he said something that he was not suppose to and we know it's for fact for him to gain mileage thi coming march. tak makan dik duit kali ni mamat ni. one thing now is that the voices from down and many more on the other side is that kill paklah and his son in law then we can talk.

orang dah muak dah dengan sandiwara bodog dua beranak ni pegi mampuih la dengan labu labu nya ..

maaf le kalau ada kata kata kesat tapi itu lah luahan orang dibawah. orang umno jati.

untuk KJ bawak bawak lah jatidiri. dah orang tak mau dah pegi lah pujuk anwar balik ke umno dari jadi barua dia dalam umno.

tak nampak pun.

Bourne said...




Anonymous said...


urgghh KJ tak reti bahasa. bawa suwey KJ ni. mana pasal dia kalah 5 negeri. masih tak reti-reti bahasa lagi, datang tunjuk muka, tunjuk lagak dalam pilihanraya kecil.

KJ, tolong jangan datang mana-mana kempen pilihanraya ok? ada harapan nak menang, tapi terus bungkus pasal lu datang !

Anonymous said...

I really try very hard to be non-partisan. But in this instance after having read the comment by SUKJ,the moron of all morons I cannot but agree totally to what you have said about KJ.I don't know where this moron comes from. But if he is from NS I fully sympathise those rakyat of NS who are well-mannered and cultured. I know that because I am from NS.To rakyat of other states, I assure you this moron is a different kind of species alien to us.

Anonymous said...

I really try very hard to be non-partisan. But in this instance after having read the comment by SUKJ,the moron of all morons I cannot but agree totally to what you have said about KJ.I don't know where this moron comes from. But if he is from NS I fully sympathise those rakyat of NS who are well-mannered and cultured. I know that because I am from NS.To rakyat of other states, I assure you this moron is a different kind of species alien to us.

Anonymous said...

SUKJ said...

1. KJ bukan pergi mencari populariti, tetapi memang itu tugas beliau sebagai Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia.


Betullah tu ... kerja KJ adalah menjahanamkan UMNO dan Melayu melalui sifat angkuh dan kurang ajarnya supaya pengundi membenci dan UMNO dikeji.

Semuanya kerana Abdullah dan Kamaluddin, Khairy, Kalimullah dan K__ ____.

Anonymous said...

Bro, i think KJ(Anwar wannabe) is not stupid with all his provoking & arrogant acts. Maybe his mission is to destroy UMNO from inside. Just my humble thought.


Anonymous said...

Your writings kira ok lah. But to reach out to a wider audience, try not to act like the campaign/press secretary for Mukhriz. Or are you?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I posted the same comment too at Sakmongkol.

The more rationale reasoning I put forward about KJ in Perak the more assault I get from his sympathizer. What is there to sympathize about KJ? He’s doing well in life…he got more while still below 40 than what we all get sampai pencen. Don’t tell me being SIL of Pak Lah…don’t give you any advantage.

While promoting KJ they attack MM…while we trying to win the vote of people in Perak, they just trying to win vote in UMNO.

To them, please understand that without people’s support in general election, UMNO will be irrelevant…whoever the ketua pemuda is.

A Voice said...

Askar Melayu

Perhaps you have just visited my blog. I support Mukhriz, who in my view represent the right image and attitude, or some, may argue as least tarred image, for UMNO to carry.

But, I am fine if the delegates choice is Khir Toyo. In fact, I was honestly seeking for his significant position on the Perak debacle but couldn't find. Not his mistake and he has his reason. Maybe when there is a happening in Selangor, he will stand out.

Off course, KJ will try to steal the show, as SUKJ's justified, under the pretext of Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia.

But I would caution anyone taking the fanatic SUKJ's words seriously. He is a great fan of Anwar Ibrahim and will follow KJ, if he joins PKR.

Anonymous said...

A Voice,

Malangnya Mukhriz tidaklah cerdik atau seorang ahli poltik yang bijak. A nice guy, but not a smart guy.

Anonymous said...

I guess this is a late comment, tapi nak juga komen atas komen.

Sukj menulis (dan ini lebih kurang corak penulisan dia dalam anti-mahathir),
"KJ bukan pergi mencari populariti, tetapi memang itu tugas beliau sebagai Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia.

2. Mukhriz buat apa? NGANGA..!"

Saudara SUKJ, KJ bertindak atas kapasiti Naib Ketua Pemuda, dan dia punya kuasa untuk meggerakkan Pemuda untuk berkumpul. Mukhriz bukan Naib Ketua Pemuda, dan sebagaimana Dato Hishamudin bersuara dahulu, dia masih Ketua Pemuda. Secara tidak langsung, jika Mukhriz mengumpulkan Pemuda, dia sudah pasti dianggap lebih sudu dari kuah.

Nak anti pun, biarlah rasional. Jangan serbu tak tentu pasal.Dan saudara, nak kata orang "BODOH" sekalipun, fikirkan, anda menyokong KJ, dan secara tidak langsung, perbuatan anda membuatkan orang makin benci dengan KJ dan kamu sekali. Saya pasti, (dan saya dah baca pun di blog anda), anda tidak suka diberikan gelaran atau panggilan yang negatif. Begitu jugala manusia lain.


Anonymous said...

kambing Jantan nak tujuk hero pulak. Mana dia pergi pun tak laku lah dah maklum tentang sekor ni.
Cuma nak publicity aje. Semua nak tujuk muka lah, toyo,mukriz publicity kat orang melayu.
Kalau betul2 nak tujuk terror, saman karpal baru la terror. Tindakan macam ni la hero berani dan bukan berarak, terpekik2 macam orang mabok di tepi jalan.
Karpal tengok pun jelak kat orang2 UMNO. Ini memalukan orang melayu saja.

Anonymous said...

Dear Voice,

I have read with a great interest of Dato Mukhriz's statement in Bernama.

The statement shows maturity of a great leader as well as a great human being. No provocation but a solution for the good interest of millions of Perakiansm, UMNO or not. A leader build not destroy. Not mere rethoric but providing solution. To friends and enemy alike. For the betterment of the more.

My support is with a good hearted man like Mukhriz.

Anonymous said...

cuba lihat kat sini

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