Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let us hear populist Khairy's position on Labu LCCT proposal?

AirAsia-sponsored trip to Old Trafford and training with MU Academy for MyTeam

Rocky's alert led me to the Bernama report in the New Straits Times yesterday that the Labu LCCT proposal is still on. Highly paid and decorated postman, Dr Sulaiman Mahbob confirmed in the report.

As suspected before, game is not over. This would definately blow the top of the public. The public appreciate a new LCCT thinking it would alleviate the congestion problem which is Tony's own doing but blamed on MAB.

The aviation professionals fear the danger posed of having another Airport very close to KLIA. The cheap skate bugger Tony doesn't care for safety. He is perceived as taking opportunity from the 'midnight regulation'.

In the TV9 Hujah, Khairy aired many populist views which were different from his position, attitude and outburst in the past throughout the reign of Pak Lah 2004-2009. The Labu LCCT is not a popular issue with a significant segment of the public.

I wonder what would be his position now?

This blog have been picking and arguing the non-viability of Tony's proposal and leaked of Khairy's illegal errand Air Asia. Tony has shot Khairy down. As a man with brass balls and future Prime Minster before 40, Khairy must show he can dish back insult.

Perwakilan Pemuda not only love to be treated to a RM27,000 karoake session for 17 of their pal and a great orator as a leader, they want to see leader that voice their views in the open, and berani belasah leader in the mould of Mukhriz, Khir Toyo and Ibrahim Ali. Did I say Mukhriz and Khir Toyo ... provoke provoke snigger snigger.

Imagine three birds with one stone and silencing that pesky irritant of A Voice from Another Brick in the Wall? Kasi tahu sama cip, Wenger. This is one I wouldn't mind conceding Khairy to steal the show.


The Proposal for Labu LCCT still under discussion

New Straits Times, 2009/02/20

The proposal for a new low cost carrier terminal (LCCT) in Labu, Negri Sembilan, is still under discussion between the government and related parties, the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) director general Tan Sri Dr Sulaiman Mahbob said. He said the government had approved the project in principle as it was viewed as a form of private sector investment but there was a need for concerned parties to study the matter with respect to all technical and safety requirements.

"This must be done and the Ministry of Transport consulted on the technical requirements," he said after delivering a talk on the current economic crisis here today.

He said this when asked to comment on the current status of the proposal to set up the new LCCT.

Recently, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat said a final decision has not been made on whether to proceed with or scrap the proposal to build the LCCT in Labu.

In a written reply to Loke Siew Fook (DAP – Rasah) in Parliament, he said a detailed and comprehensive study was being done to ensure that the project was feasible and would benefit the people.

However, Ong said, AirAsia Bhd would have to bear the cost of building the new LCCT, as well as include connectivity costs such as road-construction and rail tracks and other infrastructure. - BERNAMA


Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Sehingga sebelum peralihan kuasa, kita anggap cadangan LCCT Labu berjalan terus.

Selepas March ia dibatalkan.

Anonymous said...

KJ budak hingusan tu? Ape dia boleh buat.
Paling tidak pun nanti ada lah KPMU tukang jilat buntut dia.
Kalau tidak pun sukj akan menyumpah org yg kutuk dia.
Tapi isu labu pasti dia akan alihkan. Tentu akan keluar berita sensasi lain utk tutup isu dia.
Lagipun Ong Tee Kiat pun mintak kurang 30% penglibatan Melayu dlm pengangkutan. Itupun KJ tak boleh jawab.
Porahh la KJ dan pengampu bodoh tuli dia.

ahli UMNO rembau

Anonymous said...

Seems like Tony already has Ong Tee Keat in the pocket. Look at how this MCA chief been making statements for the Labu LCCT eventhough the DPM annonuced otherwise. UMNO is so weak now to a level MCA don't give a damn what DPM says.

Not only MCA in the pocket, Tony also manage to secure DAP as well, incidentally by same english name, Tony, Pua. Look at the time of the posting.

You won't be surprise if KIt Siang, Hadi Awang and cult sipiritual leader Anwar may also throw in support:)

Anonymous said...

KJ is blue eye to UMNO tradisi membela rakyat, what do you know what do u care Ha Ha laugh Tun Mutahir to groom mukriz also ikhlas membela melayu ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Fitnah lagi pulak. Rosak lah korang semua ni. distort ppl's perception.

Generasi Pejuang Bangsa said...

isu Labu tidak akan kena mengena dgn KJ dan tony sendiri menafikan KJ terlibat di dalam Air Asia ..dan skrg projek LAbu sudah dibatalkan ...haha

tak habis2 dengan fitnah yang tak ada fakta langsung . itu je kerja blogger blog ini ..hang puji la muhkriz kaw2 ..tak payah la dok fitnah2 KJ..ingat semua org suka ke baca meluat lagi ada ..

A Voice said...


Is that the best defense you can provide?

Budak hingus tak tahu apa-apa.

Cerita dah bertahun dah. Sekarang baru panic nak deny.

Baru bulan lepas belajar blogging gut? :)

I have my sources. Better story la ... boys.

Khairy can dismiss all past allegations by stating he reject Labu airport.

Easy ...

But its tooooo late .... Najib already reject.

Macmamana kau orang manage KJ punya PR ni?

Terkial-kial. Terhegeh hegeh ... lembab.

Bro Jinggo said...

Semuanya sudah terjawab didalam laman blog saya...

Anonymous said...

Hi Voicey,

IMHO, KJ should have blasted Tony for the "worst thing in my life was to support My Team" jibe. But I certainly did, so it should count for something.

I guess what some say is that this is not an issue to kick a big fuss about as long as tax payer money is not involved. Today we hear of reports that those who fly and those who don't have to pick up the tab for ERL.

The facts are, having an airport in KLIA is a stupid idea. Why put an airport in the middle of the jungle and charge RM 70 just to get there.

Personally I am excited if I can fly from KL to another domestic destination with perhaps a RM 15 commute fare to the airport. In that regard, the Labu commute is still too far to get within that kind of price range, a better bet would be the Subang airport.

But perhaps what surprises you is that the pro KJs have not been as "emotional" as the pro DM supporters in attacking this Labu LCCT plan. And by their silence you perhaps infer complicity. Or maybe its just maturity, people figure out that if a project can be executed without a billion dollar bailout ala .cc blogger, there is no justification to get worked up even if you have some reservations on the project itself.

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