Sunday, July 19, 2009

Only gay and lesbian believe Anwar did not politicise Teoh's death

mStar reported Anwar's claim that he did not politicse the sudden death of Political Secretary Teoh Beng Hock. That is a definately a lie.

Anwar would not only politicise it, but goes further to blame it personally on Najib and Rosmah. Of late, even old man Lim Kit Sang have picked up that habit to blame everything on Najib and Rosmah.

It is just impossible for Anwar not to politicise thing. He would politicise to blame Najib and Rosmah if Sukma Darmawan had food poisoning from eating Mi Bakso bought from the roadside hawkers in Jakarta.

If he slipped in his bathroom, he would accuse Najib and Rosmah sent UTK to covertly oil the floor to have him fall and die. He would claim of arsenic sprinkling found on the wet floor. If the fall didn't kill him, the contact with arsenic would recede further his already receding hairline.

Only his die hard fan and friends would believe he did not politicise Teoh's death. Knowing gay and lesbian are protective of those with common sexuality as them, his diehard fan must be gay and lesbian.

Few of his close friends and confidantes are those from MCKK. They are defensive of their collegian, as they call themselves. And, these days MCKK is also known as MC Gay Gay.

Another of his important network of friends is ABIM. Does it mean Alliance Brotherhood in Motion?

Let's read the mStar's report first.

'Saya tidak politikkan kematian Teoh' - Anwar

mStar, 18 Julai 2009

PETALING JAYA: Ketua Umum Pakatan Rakyat, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim menafikan beliau sengaja mempolitikkan kematian setiausaha politik Exco Kerajaan Negeri Selangor, Teoh Beng Hock, yang dipercayai terjatuh dari Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam selepas memberi keterangan kepada Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) kelmarin.

Anwar berkata, beliau sebaliknya hanya menunaikan tanggungjawab beliau kepada keluarga mangsa dan kerajaan negeri Selangor yang mahu menuntut penjelasan berhubung kematian mengejut Teoh.

"(Isu) orang dah mati pun kita tak boleh bangkitkan. Dia mati di bawah badan pengawasan dan ini adalah salah di mana-mana negara besar pun.

"Sebab itu saya jumpa pegawai SPRM, kenapa nak politikkan pula?" katanya dalam satu majlis anjuran Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) di sini, hari ini.

Mayat Teoh ditemui di koridor tingkat lima bangunan Plaza Masalam, dipercayai akibat terjatuh dari bangunan itu, kira-kira pukul 1.30 tengah hari kelmarin.

Rabu lalu Teoh memberi keterangan di SPRM berhubung dakwaan penyalahgunaan dana rakyat di Selangor.

Anwar berkata, tidak ada mana-mana pihak yang mengatakan beliau mempolitikkan isu itu kecuali Umno.

"Jangan cuba nak ugut kerana kita tetap akan bangkitkan isu Beng Hock kerana ini satu lagi bukti jenayah yang dilakukan oleh badan penguat kuasa yang dijalankan mengikut arahan Umno dan Barisan Nasional," katanya.
Seriously, let's recall how Anwar build up the submarine story from the 2007 Ijok by election from mere commission taking to later developed into accusing involvement of Najib and Rosmah in the murder of Mongolian Altantunya.

From the first SMS this blogger received a preposterous claim that Najib impregnated her in his visit to Cherboug, France in June 2006, it has develop into a gruesome story of Najib impregnated Altantunya and Rosmah directed the bombing of the body of the Mongolian 'model' and claimed interpretor.

He politicise it in collaboration with my friend, Raja Petra. [Yes, we are competitor now, but you are not enemy, Pet.] Both Anwar and RPK claim to have evidences but till today, no evidence have been leaked.

RPK should be able to release those information and proof cause he is safe and far away from the Indian and Pacific Ocean. He could leak some documents on Malaysia Today to save Sirul and Azrilah from the gallow. Or he could release it somewhere else and link it to MT. That way it is not him. But off course, he is much smarter than me in this game.

If my claim that Anwar's diehard are gay and lesbian, is stuntman Tian Chua and pee-in-pants Shamsul Iskandar Akin gay? Hmmm ... Lim Kit Siang?


Anonymous said...

I am not gay or lesbian, but I believe Anwar has better priorities but I think you are obssessed with Anwar. Are you a gay?

Anonymous said...

I prefer politicians who have a calming effect on the nation,when faced with tense situations,will seek facts ,then tackle the problems and provide answers.

Has any opposition politician done that in Teoh 's case?

It would have gained my respect for them.

vinnan said...

Teoh was killed by you UMNO bas''''s incessantly fighting amongst yourself for wealth and power. Well God made a mess of your plans to topple the Selangor state government. WE KNOW the truth and we will resist UMNO to the last man. In history there have been many instances of a small well-trained and dedicated force defeating a much larger force. See you on the political battlefield UMNO as;;'[;s.

A Voice said...

Anon 11:20

Sorry he is not my type. I prefer young girls in short skirts with nice legs and great boobs. :)

If he has other priorities like preparing to prove he is not gay in court, then you think you think he did not policised Teoh's death? :))

Anonymous said...

If he has other priorities like preparing to prove he is not gay in court,

Can you fault someone who has to go to court to prove many things. Like the black eye was "self-inflicted" your master MamaK said that and you have to learn to parrot like him?

Anonymous said...

What do u mean by politicise? You would happy for the public to accept the MACC's conclusion over this suspicious death.

If DSAI makes a hue and cry so that the government is forced to reveal the truth without any cover up, the sort that can arise from perhaps a royal commission, which btw revealed the true nature of the relations between the Mahathir administration and the judiciary, is it such a bad thing.

End of the day, people will have to evaluate. What is the word we use for those who make a big fuss when others are killed thousands of miles away but calmly shurgs everything under the carpet when his own citizen dies in suspicious circumstance.

Starts with H, ends with an E and I think you can fill in the blanks

Anonymous said...

people who went to mc gay gay include not only anwar but the pm's dad, some of pm's brothers, and two of the pm's sons.

Anonymous said...

Since VINNAN 11.59 confessed that he or she knows the truth nothing but the truth, I think the Police should traced who he or she is and start bringing in he or she for questionings.

We want to know the truth as soon as possible and any lead will be of help to the authorities.

VINNAN want to resist UMNO to the last man too. We shall keep this in mind. We should be on the look out for the small resisting force which we hope is not of any rejected Tiger or Lion of any country scouting here. SOS!! Be alert to trouble makers to our beloved Malaysia.

Disgusted said...

Vinnan said,

"Well God made a mess of your plans to topple the Selangor state government "

the way vinnan says it, as if he's almost happy that the man died

thats what we're talking about when we say some people politicise things too much

Anonymous said...


Are you a fascist? Your thoughts are full of hatred towards the malay. I think you are the right choice of candidate to head the operation of gas chamber at Kg Tunku, PJ (converted from the current crematrium)to gas all the living malays when PR succesfully carried out the coup with the help of National Socialist Republic of Tamil Nadu.

Din Pungkok
Tanah Liat

A Voice said...


I refuse to release your comment.

You have no f**king business to tell me what I can or cannot on my own blog.

This is my domain. No one stop no one here.

You can do whatever you like on your blog.

For such an attitude, you have no right to be heard here.

In fact, I have serious doubt you deserve to be on BUM committee if you have such notion in your head.

You will put blogging backward!

To others

Yes, this posting is an insult.

It is to ridicule those who could be deceive into thinking Anwar would not politicise the tragic death of Teoh Beng Hock.

He already did.

I know MCOBA are not gays and definately not ABIMs.

Heaven sake, don't be so literal.

Donplaypuks® said...

your blog, your call. but i don't censor on mine unless too vulgar!

Anonymous said...

UMNO threw out a gay. So stop this boring idea of linking to whatever is sordid to UMNO. We in UMNO didn't want him in the first place. And come to your senses , UMNO had nothing to do with Teoh's death. Did it ever occur to you that he could be murdered by those that he could have exposed ? Remember, he holds with him many files , many secrets in his laptop ! And ask Wee Chee Keong, and he will tell you about the close connections some Pakatan excos have with gangsters and criminals , not to exclude bodyguards with suspicious background !

Perhaps there are bas****s in UMNO but you must admit there are also ****holes , Bas****s , crooks , lechers etc etc in Pakatan. There'll be more expose' of crooks in Pakatan, esp in Selangor and also ONE in Johor.

Come on, your days of side-tracking current issues and follies and shameless frolicking by way of creating diversions are but too familiar already. People are reading through your game and they are frustrated and surely bored ! Penang and Selangor so far are failures. Kelantan is slowly going their way !

No Malaysian in his right senses will ever accept a leader with low moral apptitudes ! I pity this guy for he realises not that he has been cuckolded and made a stooge by those he thinks are his comrades at arms. These very same guys, these traitors, will simply throw him out once they get what they want , one of which is making this country a Republic ! And believe you me, UMNO will rise and defend to the 'last drop of its blood' should two Articles in the Federal Constitution be violated ! Maybe then UMNO will be supported by some in the Pakatan ; which perhaps is a natural turn of events given the fact that nobody with the right faculties will ever want to be labelled as betrayer and traitor to his clan.

Of course we pray that we will not come to face with such a disastrous calamity in our beloved Malaysia. Every Malaysian revered peace and traquility and harmony. But it takes only a few stupid fools to disrupt this tranquility ! It takes only a few stupid and callous actions to trigger off a disaster that could sweep tsunami-like across the country with the speed of lightning !

So beware , beware of the Ides of March ! There are dangerous and cunning elements amongst us !

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