Thursday, July 23, 2009

Selective persecution accusation rebutted, Kit Siang look silly

The death of Teoh Boon Hock has life threatening implication for DAP.

For the past four decades, they have been making wild accusation on Barisan Nasional one after another. If Teoh' death expose serious wrong doing in DAP, it will look bad on DAP.

They only tasted power for only a year and yet are already abusing power and indulging in corruption. The voters will not only not trust to give power at the Federal level, but will end up losing more already secured seats.

Thus, the finding of the death of Teoh can have serious ramification on DAP.

Desperation can be seen in all DAP's actions and reactions. They attempted to accuse MACC for selective persecution but was easily rebuted by facts and figures from MACC. Malay Mail reported the rebuttal.

More lies of Lim Kit Siang will be unravelled.

Without awaiting police investigation, they claimed that Teoh is murdered by MACC. That is illogical when considering that he is a witness and cooperative during interrogation.

Realising that allegation could be dispelled easily, they openly refused to accept any police findings to say it is a suicide. Why?

Suicide would look badly on them. It is not logical for Teoh who is due to register his marriage to his two month pregnant fiance would want to commit suicide. If he did die of suicide, the reason for suicide would be damaging for DAP.

Pressure is on DAP with accusation of underworld relation. The public and blogs are suspecting Ronnie Liu and to a lesser extent Ean Yong Hian Wah and Tan Boon Hwa as having underworld ties and as likely suspect in the event it is murder.

To relieve pressure, Lim Kit Siang demanded for a Royal Commision of Inquiry and he got it. That came unexpectedly and he had to find excuses to further demonise the Government. He now insist Tunku Aziz to head the RCI.

With Tunku Aziz no more non partisan and DAP cannot be trusted to be rationale on this issue, that will not happen. A truly independent members of the RCI is better.

Lim Kit Siang also made an accusation that MACC are doing selective persecution. He was rebuted by Rocky's paper Malay Mail. This was published yesterday:

What selective persecution, Lim? More BN politicians than Pakatan hauled up by MACC

More BN politicians hauled up by MACC compared with Pakatan counterparts

By Najmuddin Najib
Malay Mail, Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

THIS year alone, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission questioned more than 20 Barisan Nasional politicians and less than five of their Pakatan Rakyat counterparts over allegations of abuse of power and money politics.

Of the 20 from the BN camp, five are high-profile politicians. MACC has also charged several BN politicians, including first-term Lenggeng assemblyman Mustafa Salim, 50, who faced three charges of corruption
in May.

In January this year, Beruas Umno vice-chairman Azman Noh was charged at the Ipoh Sessions Court for offering bribes to ensure that he was voted in as the division's vice-chief.

In March, MACC had charged Federal Territory Umno Youth chief Datuk Mohamad Norza Zakaria, who pleaded not guilty to two corruption charges involving alleged vote-buying during the run-up to the Umno general election.

BN politicians questioned by MACC this year include former Tourism and Sports Minister and ex-Puteri Umno head Datuk Seri Azalina Othman and former Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo. It was also learnt that one BN politician hauled in by MACC was questioned by officers from 8pm to 6am.

These are the statistics that Malay Mail had obtained based on our research into MACC's list of activities for this year.

No politicians from Pakatan Rakyat have been charged yet.

It is also learnt these findings are being compiled by MACC in their bid to refute allegations that it practised selective persecution of certain political parties.

On the day of the death of Teoh Beng Hock, former aide of Selangor exco member Ean Yong Hing Wah, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng launched a stinging rebuke of MACC, calling for the agency to stop its "political persecution" of Pakatan Rakyat, especially DAP leaders and members.

His father, DAP national chairman Lim Kit Siang, during Teoh's funeral in Alor Gajah, called on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, to "stop the MACC war against Pakatan Rakyat and direct it to return to its original purpose of declaring war against corruption".


Anonymous said...


I think the public should also has the right to demand a Royal Commision of Inquiry to investigate the possibilities that our DUN and MP(either from BN or Pakatan Rakyat) are having links to the underworld organisation.

Wong Pencen said...

Just comparing the numbers of people being investigated and prosecuted from each side is not a good enough indicator. Statistically it prove something but fail to highlight other possibilities such as:-

1. More BN leaders are corrupt, both in numbers and percentage.

2. All reports against non-BN leaders are being investigated while only a small percentage from the total number of reports against BN leaders are being investigated.

Yes, Kit Siang may look silly because many of his accusation can be rebutted. It is also silly to measure fairness just by looking at the number of investigation and prosecution.

Anonymous said...

Sure lah! Small stupid UMNO frys get caught! And stupid Pakatan too!

Why should Khir Toyol be corrupt. He is rich already. He got castles and wealth. Surely no need to be corrupt!

Similarly a former CM. No need to be corrupt!Got money bags than he can carry is his lifetime.

Infact UMNO chiefs have to be shoved contracts after contracts which they did not tender for. They are forced to accept hefty commissions and have to labour with more money bags.

Anonymous said...

Bayangkan Rosmah dan Najib begitu lama dituduh itu dan ini, sampai Tian Chua manipulasi gambar!

Tak nampak pi tempit dan menjerit sana sini? Kalau takder apa2 kenapa nak terlompat sana sini, tunggun RC dulu, semua akan terbongkar dan akan diketahui umum..

Lagipun angkara ini dimulakan mereka sendiri, atas kenyataan Wee yang ingin pekara ini disiasat..

Yang Kit Siang dan Eng Guan menuduh, mereka ni ada tahu ker keadaan sebenar? Ada kat situ ker, ada dapat call dari Teoh ker?

Terlalu asyik menuduh orang, about time they do some spring cleaning in their own houses first.

Is this the QUALITY of leadership we want to lead our COUNTRY?

Reflex actions shown are very suspicious indeed!


wakmempelam said...

Hi Bro,

Pada pendapat saya MACC has lost all credibilty and has become a tool of the ruling elite. Ku Li ada mengatakan dalam blognya bahawa our Public Institutions have been ruined and it is time for the rakyat to ensure all Public Institutions should work for the rakyat and not be tools for those in power to use at their whims.
MACC kalau mengikut piawaian Dr Khir Toyo seharusnya diberikan hadiah PENYAPU!

Donplaypuks® said...

DAP and Pakatan were asking for a RCI on TBH's death.

That doesn't sound like they are worried one bit about all this UMNO/BN & MSM misdirection about Triads and corruption, does it?

And what's so Royal about it anyway? UMNO/BN has slapped the King in his face by not implementing the recommendations of the RCI's on Police Commission and corruption in the Judiciary!!

MACC has refuted all allegations? Maybe, but not refuted to the satisfaction of logical thinking citizens.

Malaysian Mirror reports that TBH fell from the window of MACC's office. Planned or accidental, that is the doubt.

But 'sudden death' and 'suicide'? Yeah, if sharks can fly, bro, if sharks can fly!!

Anonymous said...

Later when it was proven that the lady is neither Chinese national nor of Chinese ethnicity but in fact a Malay woman, DAP suddenly stopped pursuing on the issue. Niether did they apologize for misleading the nation to a point that it almost created a diplomatic issue.

Anonymous said...

2009 is year of the KARMA

Empty vessels make the most noise

In LKS case you can judge a book by its cover

Anonymous said...

cina nih kena atau tak kena kat batang hidung sendiri yg dia tahu nak komplen jer...

Sifat bersederhana langsung takdak, suka berlebih-lebih dan menunjuk-nunjuk...

Dulu kena ketuk ketampi bogel heboh satu dunia, menuduh kerajaan kejam, last2 orang Melayu rupanya, trus senyap...

Sekarang ada pulak cina mati, amboi heboh lagi, cuba la korang cina bawak bertenang, kasi badan2 yg berwajip buat kerja diaorang...

Tulah orang minta masuk tentera, MACC, polis dan sebagainya taknak, berlagak gaji kecik, at least bangsa ko ada dlm badan tersebut bole gak tolong2 tengokkan.

Anonymous said...


Malaysia New Economic Model. Rob Ahmad bin Ali the farmer to enrich Lim Ah Tong "the little emperor" and Ramasamy A/L Vadiveloo "the little rajah".

Prof Awe Kecik

Anonymous said...

The death of Teoh Boon Hock has life threatening implication for DAP
This type of spins work on kids, common-lah give us a break man! DAP is not being accused of Teoh's 14th floor fall. Be smart a bit-lah when spinning.

Anonymous said...

for every 1 pr guy found to be corrupted, easily 50 bn flers are guilty as well.

Anonymous said...

Just cast a stone over to bn side in the parliament, chances it will land on a corrupt mp... is about 99%

Donplaypuks® said...

Anon 7.16 p.m.

Why was UMNO/BN so foolish as to believe DAP and send their embassador to China and then embarass themselves?

Because they cannot rely on their own police officers to investigate properly or tell the truth, that's why!

Anonymous said...

You want to know how Teoh and Kugan died--watch this

Anonymous said...

Aku mempercayai 100% keutuhan dan kecekapan POLIS dan SPRM dalam menjalankan siasatan..

Kalau DAP hebat sangat..kalau lawyer-lawyer yg asyik membangkang hebat sangat sila la buat siasatan sendiri.. dan aku percaya betul ke salah ke mesti menuduh yang SPRM bunuh apek tu.. mesti tuduh yg kerajaan yg bunuh apek tu..

Suruhanjaya ada kepakaran ke dalam siasatan?? Suruhanjaya hanya menyemak siasatan itu sahaja.. macam Suruhanjaya yg siasat Lingam sampai sekarang tiada tindakan MAHKAMAH pun yg boleh dibuat pun.. kalau Hebat sangat kenapa sampai sekarang tak DAKWA TUN MAHATHIR??

Bodoh punya DAP,Bodoh punya ANwar dan bodoh juga semua orang MElayu Islam yg terpengaruh dengan DAP.. paling bodoh Tunku Aziz dan semua melayu yg masuk DAP termasuk pakcik aku muahahahahha..

Anonymous said...

The DAP's corruption modus operandi in Selangor
Teoh Beng Hock is dead. Let not his death be forgotten and for nothing. The reason why Teoh died is because of the massive scale of corruption by the DAP since they took over the running of the Selangor state government in March 2008.

For the first time we have documents evidence, names, cheque nos, vouchers and projects which the MACC, the Police, the Royal Commission of Inquiry, the Magistrate Court Inquest, the NGOs, the DAP itself and any member of the public can verify themselves.

The DAP (not the PAS or PKR) has been stealing the rakyat's money in Selangor. They have been doing this without the knowledge of the other Pakatan partners like PKR and PAS. They have cheated not only the rakyat but also their own Pakatan partners from enjoying some of the stolen money.

Anonymous said...

DAP cry wolves :-

Singh Is Kinng said...

Here is the catch, the PAKATAN campaigns for clean gomen and is happily accusing the BN as corrupt regime in every election.

It is proven that totally clean government is far reaching, and worst still the PAKATAN lets its gomen to interfered by mobsters and underworld.

God bless Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

a tiny detail ...

Meanwhile, a cut on Teoh Beng Hock’s wrist provides another twist to the investigation into his death.

The injuries were found on Teoh’s right wrist, and Teoh is said to be right-handed.

Anonymous said...


In almost every blog that touches the Teoh case, this DontPlayPundek fella is there ... trying so hard to deflect all the sensible explanations given by bloggers who do not conform to the "accepted" version that MACC-killed-Teoh-For-Sure-One.

He, like Ronnie Liu who has been menggelabah in the first few hours/days after the discovery of the body: tendang pintu, mengamok yang bukan2, seolah2 championing for justice for Teoh padahal before and after the incident there are more fingers/suspicions pointing towards him than there are molecules in the atmosphere, this DontPlayPundek hero has been frantic, manic and almost schizophrenic in writing and ridiculing every single theory or attempt to explain Teoh's murder in a more logical way other than Gomen-Did-It falsehood trumpeted by the DAP. In short, DontPlayPundek's penggelabahan is soooo ketara. Relax, man!

Yes, someone here mentioned that the explanations here hold more water than RPK's theory. But noooo...... this DontPlayPundek fella has been on a wild rampaging crusade up to a point of maniacal literary tantrum to deflect these points. Hmmm... makes one wonder, kan?

Nak suruh orang tanya MACC and police pulak. Dey DAP pookey! Dont worry about MACC and Police laa. They are doing their investigations and the results will be out soon. The correct concern should be: why are all the people associated with the deceased, immediately prior to his death and the very object of the investigations anyway: the Tans and the Eans and the Lius.... all refusing to cooperate? And in the same breath these are the ones who shout LOUDEST for justice, point the LOUDEST finger to the MACC? As if they want the public to AGREE very earlier on as to who the guilty party should be, even BEFORE investigating, and especially WITHOUT giving helpful inputs to the police?

Such, people, are the dirty tactics of the guilty party. Such, people, are the diversionary strategies of the DAP. Such, people, is the aim and purport of the detracting, confusing-the-issue-on-purpose of the writings of this vile DAP pundek called DontPlayPundek.

Let's all watch out , people, as to what the next laughable steps of the pencacai-DAP-at-all-cost will be.

Hahaha. Pathetic betul.

DontPlayPundek Foe.

ttttt said...

Hi Bro,

Just wanted to say something…

A lot of Pro-PR supporters have been saying that the document is fake because of the date on the document which started sometime before GE12…i.e. Item 1 dated 28/01/08

HOWEVER if these people actually UNDERSTAND ENGLISH, they would have read the following :

” Documents containing 83 projects (item 89 to 172) in Sg Pelek constituency given to one Wong Chuan Chow. The constituency is under the purview of Ronnie Liu. ”

Items 89-172 all started AFTER GE12!!!

Stupid PR supporters!

Donplaypuks® said...

Anon 3.18

You present your case and I'll present mine. Blogosphere is open to all and it is up to blog owners to publish comments or not. Some will support you, others will oppose you.

That's democracy which you don't seem to understand probably becoz you are too used to the ususal UMNO/BN top down approach so you can't think for yourself.

Your problem is you can't accept legitimate criticism or opposing views.

And if you can say pundek, so can I. Pundek to you too!

Anonymous said...

If really you think MACC was not selective..I only have two alphabets for you


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