Friday, October 15, 2010

Rais's Skodeng reminded of Mexico

It is not so much the country Mexico but the song Mexico by James Taylor. Just play the You Tube above.

The lyric is not quite that direct but I think it is close to the Rais episode with Rocky and Bigdog.
Way down here you need a reason to move
Feel a fool running your stateside games
Lose your load, leave your mind behind, Baby James

Oh, Mexico
It sounds so simple I just got to go
The sun's so hot I forgot to go home
Guess I'll have to go now
Few bloggers expressed hope that Rais and Rocky will shake hand. Bujai here is one of them.

But, the question is: Is it that simple?
Oh, down in Mexico
I never really been so I don't really know
Oh, Mexico
I guess I'll have to go

Oh, Mexico
I never really been but I'd sure like to go
Oh, Mexico
I guess I'll have to go now
Dato Ahmad Talib knows better.

Rais had initiated an action to make a police report. That will not reverse police and MCMC investigation.

Do they think that by a handshake, police and MCMC should stop? What kind of a third world country do they think Malaysia is?

What made they think, if MCMC officer called Rocky Bru within 2 hours after Rais filed a police report, someone is willing to shake hand? That is not the message I get. And, I can't see a Senior Minister, an UMNO Senior Minister would apologise to just a blogger.

Even, if my perception that Rais flexed his authority and political muscle to direct MCMC to initiate investigation immediately (and I am not alone. Read here), it was done within the ambit of the law.

Thus, it demean the law and order of this country, if things are swept under the carpet. These bloggers are too simplistic Melayu.

Police and MCMC should continue their work without interference.

For Rais and the affected bloggers, berani buat berani tanggung. But if there is no case, there must not be interference to insist on making it a case.

Jangan menyusahkan orang. Nanti orang dendam.

Rais and Rocky in better times

As far as I see, Rais did a Skodeng and it is not too difficult to understand. He was being hypersensitive.

What Bigdog wrote can be simplistically understood. He heard a rumour that Rais's son was given a contract. He explicitly did not believe it. And he proposed the bidding process be more transparent to quash such rumours. Kapish.

Rocky was reported by NST saying, "It was not an accusation, not even a claim. It was a constructive message for the minister and the ministry.

"To stop people from talking, he should make the award of the grants as transparent as possible."

Get it?

If that is not understood, Rocky's posting mentioned a phrase "talk is cheap."

Rais is claimed by someone close to him as having a great command of English and a master in the Queen's English. But that phrase is an American colloquil term or bahasa pasar for those not so conversant in English. Maybe, I say it again, maybe Rais did not understand it.

"Talk is cheap" is almost similar to the Malay phrase "cakap senang" or talking is easy but doing or in this case, proving is difficult.

Do you understand why the rigid British education is inferior now, Bigdog?

It is rigidity and hypersensitivity that had implicated Hasan Skodeng. Che Khalid of TNB wrongful interpreted a satire as a serious act of distributing false news.

Similarly, only a hypersensitive Rais could presumed such words as, as he claimed in his report below:
1. Datuk Rocky’s innuendo was malicious in intent, which breached the Sect 233 of the Multimedia Act

2. He never regarded himself of his ministry as a “Santa”

3. He vehemently denied Datuk Rocky’s allegations which is smearing the good name of his officers

4. The acticle was published in Rocky’s Bru on 9 October 2010.
I had been warned of this side of Rais's character. One such talk is written by blogger Aspan Alias here.

But, I thought I was smart and dispelled it becuase I was impressed with him. I lent him support for Vice Presidency in the last UMNO election of office bearer.

It is not so much what is written in the police report but more of Rais taking it as a personal offense and dishonour when his son was implicated. Bigdog's reply from here is right. Read below:
If Rais thinks that Rocky’s posting challenged his pride and shamed his family, then the Police report also had the same affect on Rocky.

Yesterday when the Police and MCMC vehicles came to his home, imagine the impression the neighbours had on him. Imagine Rocky’s children and mother-in-law who had to go through the ‘confiscation’ process.

Not to mention his children were denied connectivity to broadband till Telekom Malaysia could reinstate another machine. We are very sure Rais as a Minister-in-charge of Information, Communications and Culture and lawyer very well know of this process!
Such claim of implicating a son dishonours ones family does not make common sense.

While this blogger may not know much of the Pepatih tradition, but with some level of confidence, I'd say that the general traditional practises of the world would be the son defending the father to preserve family honour.

And, not the other way around.

It could badly reflect on Rais as an overprotective parent. Usually children of overprotective parent are spoilt. Hope not for Rais's children.

In all these, many would be wondering. Is there more than midst the eyes? My Anger here think so.
Oh, Mexico
It sounds so simple I just got to go
Go Guadalajara!


BigDogDotCom said...

Bro Pak Long Voice,

I must say its really cute!

Its never about the rigid British education. Its about the stiff who had this pompous attitude that went to be educated in the UK.

Thanks for the support. Your esprit d'corp means a lot.

Penglipur lara said...

Aku pulak teringat cerita Hang Tuah vs Hang Jebat.

Tak pasal pasal Hang Jebat mati di tangan Hang Tuah. Tu belum kira askar istana.

Last sekali puncanya ada pulak sikitol yang jadi batu api.

Ps Teringat aku artikel rocky pasal program notebook percuma.

A Voice said...


Hehehe ...

Melayu Baru said...

The lyric not related la A Voice.

What are you trying to say?

Then you said yesterday, Rais is facing a major corssroad ahead.

Say it straight la. Main tersirat2 ni susah nak faham.

Or are you writing for someone specific?

Jordan said...

What kind of a third world country do they think Malaysia is?

The kind where this kind of thing still happens. Good luck with the Wawasan 2020 thing.

Anonymous said...

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Begitu juga penyanyi sensasi dan seksi Amerika Beyonce Knowles turut di ban dari membuat persembahan.

Macam mana pula artis gay Adam Lambert boleh dibenarkan? Ini dah luar tabie.

Ini akan memberi satu tamparan malu kepada kerajaan Najib Tun Razak. Semasa Anwar sedang dibicara di mahkamah atas tuduhan sodomi, kerajaan mempromosi gaya hidup luar tabie gay .

Tony Yew said...

Pak Voice,

How could he have misunderstood from just reading the title of the post?

Clearly, if one was to take the time, that would be the conclusion, for the article carried by Biggie, and that of TNT made no accusations, but rather questions.

Now for the bigger accusation. Rais went to Mexico for the ITU conference, something MCMC had contirbuted positively through the years, all before Rais took over!

And he went there, with the impression that he is the 'hero'.

If indeed he valued the contributions of MCMC key players, then why is he treating some key MCMC personnel as his own football?

Anyone in the right mind, and responsibility would have told this Minister that he should put his pride aside, and take it like a man. He doesnt have to look far, for his boss can show him how.

The whole point in doing what he did with Rocky, is just to show bloggers that 'he' is the boss, so to speak!

And by taking the 'icon' of bloggers is the thing to do, at least that is what he thinks.

Bloggers have their role to play, which is to continue to put the check and balance in cyberspace, which hopefully those in power can see what is wrong and do their part in the real world. Unfortunately, Rais missed that point, and if I were Najib, seeing what is happening to the Telco industry, and the talk of the town, I would quickly put Maznah...opps. I mean Rais back to his kampung in Jelebu!

Cucu said...

Mungkin REPEAT Mungkin si Rais ni tak tahu apa yg sebenarnya berlaku kat Kementerian dia dlm kes ini -maklumlah,bila pegawai bagi laporan kat dia, semuanya dikata OK.So bagi Pak Menteri everything looks aboveboard.Apa pun eden raso manyak mamat kat KPKK yg tidor tak berapa leno tentang kes ni.Bila Rais buat repot maknonyer segalo-galonya akan di korek abis2an dan didodahkan.Mampuih kou - silap2 aribulan ke dalam poie nyor!

Anonymous said...

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