Saturday, May 07, 2011

Is PAP so desperate that they need to cheat?

Had just stumbled on the above Tweet by The Star Chief Editor, Dato Wong Chun Wai. Is it for real?

Why would it take till 6 am for their election officials to announced results when the polls closed at 8 pm?

With Singapore being bigger than Kamalanathan's Hulu Selangor constituency and about size of Tasik Kenyir in Hulu Terengganu albeit equipped with sophisticated and latest technology in telecommunication, computing, information technology and efficient transport system AND brilliant Rhodes scholars and Ivy Leaguers, that is hard to believe.

The recent Sarawak election with limited acccessibility in some areas could get the results in by late evening.

That was Wong CHun Hai's Tweet 15 hours ago.

This morning there was a commotion with regards to NSP candidate for Marine Parade GRC Nicole Seah. Read here at Temasek Review here.

In the meanwhile, Anil Netto's latest tally here is 5-0, PAP lead.


Anonymous said...

LKY and his goons afraid to do PAP SMEAR TEST maaaa....

Salleh Telegu

Anonymous said...

A good example for Malaysian ( esp non-chinese ) to consider if DAP given a half chance to take charge of Malaysia in the future.

Heck, they don't care about their fellow singaporean chinese, what more to the others.

that's democracy ala chauvinist capitalist.

expect more tears drama tomorrow.

remgold said...

every spore election, all results by 2am lah latest. jap lagi keluar ler.
yg 5-0 pap menang tu ialah di tanjong pagar GRC (lee kuan yew menang walkover).

Anonymous said...

6 am. i thought spore almost good at everything.there are something fishy. no democracy in s'pore. election just for formality

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan,

See I always knew these Singaporeans don't know how to count.

Uncle Harry first past the post by hurdling Tanjong Pagar in record 35 seconds.

So don't play play, this is MM not Mickey Mouse.

What else to expect?

Don't hold your breath folks.


With MM maybe Maggi Mee.

Thank you with regards

Anonymous said...

Inspite of our lack of Ivy Leaguers and Rhode Scholars per sq metre - it would seem Malaysians count more quicker and more efficiently than Spores.
How else can u explain the sssssssllllowww vote count.

LKY should also make another visit to Malaysia to learn from Malaysia. Tu le sombong sangat tak nak selalu visit Malaysia - application of basic arithmetic during vote counting dah tak cekap.

Dulu visit Penang and Kelantan after 2008 Malaysian General Election. Why ah ? Nak reflected glory ke ?
LKY didn't get 'it' then. That its almost a given that jaded and/ or recession-hit populace, as well as young voters are naturally anti-establishment. Post-2011 Spore General Election, perhaps he gets it now. So LKY, u jangan dok perasan yr economic transformation of Spore tu terror sangat. Orang dah tak heran le. Dulu dia mengata Dr M. Now he knows how Dr M feels - ' When uv given all uv got, but it still isn't enough ' and balance this with a situation where every Tom , Dick and Harry thinks he's smart enough to run the country.

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