Friday, May 20, 2011

More DAP's attempts to mislead and divert

Some say the Christian Malaysia issue pushed UMNO and Barisan Nasional to the wall. They speculate that BN will face political repercussion from the high Christian population states of Sabah and Sarawak.

The reason being religion is a more sensitive and effective political campaign tool than race. Christian Bumiputera will unite to support Christian non Bumiputera.

PAS realised this powerful political weapon for a long time. DAP, whose been a long time opponent to PAS's theocratic state, just realised its usefulness. But will that mean DAP is ready to dump secularism and announced Christian state in their manifesto?

Not quite.

Otherwise, DAP wouldn't be floundering all over with their inconsistent replies. They understand and feel the immediate impact, thus for their aggressive diversions, spins and lies.

Partisan Politics and House of Worships

Before going further on DAP, there is a need to reply to Raja Petra's reply here to this blog's posting entitled "Where everybody miss the plot" here.

By the time this blogger realised Raja Petra had attempt to mislead his readers, this blog had published two postings that could be replies. First was entitled "Priests have no business in politics" which is a Vatican City communique dated July 1993. Second posting was entiled, ""Political" Father Lawrence refuse the plot!"

Raja Petra arguement was: Since Islam's concept of syumul or comprehensive way of life include politics, there is nothing wrong to apply to Christians. Unlike Christianity, Islam does not believe in the separation of church and state.

His round about argument was based on the notion that Islam, Christianity and Judaism are Abrahamic religions. Quran teaches us that all the followers of the way of Abraham must get involved in politics, so it should be applicable to Christians too!

Christianity have undergone through their historical evolution to what it is today. Without having to get into lengthy historical details which Raja Petra should know, the Surah Al Ikhlas basically says that their religion is their religion, our's is our's. It is not our business as Muslim to change the way they practise.

Other than some DAP Christians faking their appreciation of Islam to quote Quran to the excitement of PAS supporters, do Christianity and Judaism accept Islam as Abrahamic religion?

Raja Petra may have a point if he were to say that there should be nothing wrong with churches and masjid promoting good values to fight against corruption, power abuse, bad governance, etc.

However where do one draw the line between real struggle against corruption, power abuse, bad governance, etc and partisan political game incessant in making wild accusation, unsubstantiated lies and slanders, and character attacks?

Other than the bad behavior towards their opponent, ask ourselves: will politicians be honest enough to admit their mistakes, wrongdoing and deviants ways? At least, BN politicians will shut-up or resign when caught. One do not see that coming from Pakatan.

Let's not talk of the ever lying Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Tok Guru Dato Nik Aziz manipulated documents to cover his unethical appointment of his son-in-law, Ariffahmi as General Manager of PKNK. Nik Aziz was not honest to admit of Ariffahmi's wrongdoings. And Nik Aziz accepted bribery in the form of an expensive paid Haj.

Tok Guru my foot! What more do this blogger need proof?

If the prophet Muhammad or any of the sahabat is alive today, will they approve the political practices of Muslim politicians in Malaysia today?This blogger will be fair, politicians are meant to be from both sides of the political divide.

This blogger would speculate, without any malicious intention that Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini, Harakah and other news portal like The Malaysian Insiders will not receive their nod.

This is lead to the need to separate politics i.e. partisan politics from Churches and Masjids, the only two houses of worship that has sermon as part of it's ritual.

It is better, more harmonious, peaceful and less divisive to the community and society at large. Churches and masjids can preach good values without allowing the divisive and dishonest ways of partisan politics usurping into these holy houses of worship.

Back to the plot

DAP did and should stop dragging churches into partisan politics.

If DAP did not hold that special dinner for those pastors from Sarawak reported to be assisting DAP's political campaign, they should not be panicking and fumbling in their responses and media reports. Read here and here.

Neither should DAP be aggressive in their psywar of diversions, spins and lies.

Since Sibu by-election last year June, DAP intend to continue their covert penetration into churches and Christian groups under the pretext to challenge the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional government's so-called denial of Christians' rights and demands.

They will not want the Christian declaration to be known to outsiders as it will have disastrous effect on DAP and Pakatan Rakyat. The Muslims in PAS, PKR and even those sparse existence of Muslim DAP will ditch Pakatan Rakyat by the hoards.

Though it could not be ascertain, there could be reactions from other religious communities and families gravely affected by fanatic Christians and their aggressive evangelism. They might use this opportunity to retaliate.

DAP realised this.

If Razali is only a reaction and not the only source of information, DAP will not be able to anticipate what is forthcoming.

That explains for their aggressive attack on Utusan Malaysia, misquoting Dato Ibrahim Ali as calling for a Crusade war against Christian, use of Unashamedly Ethical Conference (UEC) as diversion and mislead public discussion from the plot of DAP conspiring to drag churches into politics.

Honestly, the only mistake that Utusan Malaysia did was to give a front page coverage to Bigdog's posting. However, they have been giving a fair coverage by giving the other side to Bigdog's story.

Can we get that from those Chinese newspaper? Heck, it is usual for the Chinese press to give frontpage coverage to oppositions' spins and lies against the Government.

Why the need to stretch to the point of Angkatan Muda Keadilan planning a demonstration in front of Utusan Malaysia's Jalan Chan Sow Lin's office today. It is heard that Dato Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa will be there to receive them.

Now that we are talking of Ibrahim Ali, why are DAP and Pakatan maing a big fuzz over Ibrahim ali's speech in Kelantan?

Did Ibrahim Ali call for a Perang Salib or Crusade against Christians? What was the context of those words? Hear his video below:

Ibrahim Ali said, "Kalau ada pihak di Pulau Pinang, terutama dikalangan paderi Kristian yang didokong oleh DAP Pulau Pinang terus dengan agenda yang kita tahu niat mereka ini (negara Kristian), saya tawar nak perang salib ... boleh!"

If DAP, Pakatan Rakyat and churches had vehemently claimed that no such oath happenings, why are they gunning down on Ibrahim Ali's usual style of public rally?

Ibrahim Ali's mention of "Perang Salib" is conditional. Since they attacked his "Perang Salib" statement, is that admitting those underlined conditions are met?

Aren't they being inconsistent for demanding Ibrahim Ali and Utusan Malaysia editors be arrested under ISA?

More strange reaction is the news below:

The Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) president, Datuk Paul Low who participated as invited guest speaker at the Unashamedly Ethical Conference (UEC) on May 5 vouched that the organisers of the event did not do a pledge for Christianity be made the constitutional religion of Malaysia.

Read the full report on Malaysian Insider's here.

This blogger believed him that it did not happen during his session on May 5th. However, Paul Low is still guilty of trying to mislead the public from the truth. Did the church or DAP seek his favour to do this shabby cover-up?

The allegation on the Malaysia Christian state pledge was never at this conference. Thus the denial is but to mislead the public into thinking the alleged dinner never happened at all. That attempt to cover-up is an admittance of guilt.

A refresher is important for these twisted DAP and Christians brains (not all Christians, mind you .... sensitive times).

The Conference Unshamedly Ethical was held on May 5th dan 6th at the Dewan Berjaya 2 & 3 at Berjaya Hotel. It involves a Christian NGO dedicated to ethical, good values and clean living in business and living. Fine and welcome.

Those are the close door conference. Then there is the open to the public night conference on May 6th.

The alleged pledge as told by bloggers happened at the pastors off time from the conference on the night of May 5th at Hotel Red Rock, Jln Macalister, Penang.

One church organisation denied holding such pledge and tried to divert using the UEC. Take that excuse as good. After all they are church going Christians.

Consequently, DAP Jelutong's denial of hosting that dinner is a lie. Why would a church organiser holding a major conference only invite pastors from Sarawak for a dinner at Hotel Red Rock? Why are the presence of many DAP members if it is not DAP hosting it?

Aisayman ... Jeff Ooi and Lim Guan Eng. If you have to lie, at least be believable.

Khairy's response in consonant with the opposition is being in question as trying to soften the impact. Read Kembara Politik here.

Why is the UMNO management quiet of this?

This is the second time in a row this blog is touching on Khairy. In the first time, there was an UMNO cybertrooper blog critising this blog.

With that kind of argument, my advise would be to play within your sandbox. This blog doesn't play that Melayu thing of shallow perception play and emotional drama.

Another thing, primary schools taught children to begin sentences with capital letters. Apply that first.


Anonymous said...

Until today, it still amazes me, and I am sure most Malaysian feel the same way, is why the ruling government, UmNO sympathisers, and hardcore racist like Ibrahim Ali and Utusan still do not get it. Malaysians from all walk of life want to have a future which they can look forward to, a decent place where Malaysian can raise a world class children who can contribute to the future of Malaysia and to make Malaysia a globally stand-out nation to be reckon with. To earn all the above, Malaysia need good governance, eliminate corruption (utilize every ounce of our god-given resources for the betterment of the nation.

Is this too much to ask for from our government? It seems that the opposition and the rakyat wants the same thing. And all BN, especially UMNo is doing just the opposite.....busy playing politics, wasting tax payers money on all kinds of "Wayang Kulit" to fool the rakyat.

Malaysians and I, the paymaster/boss of the government, demand you, the current ruling goverment the do your job and we give you till the next GE to show some results. You will be measured by these simple criteria (KPI): 1. good governance 2. control economy 3. Utilize our resouces to maximize higher standard of living for all Malaysian (not increase cost of living OK) 4. Reduce crime

Hurry, stop politicking and go do your "JOB". Prove to your bossess (rakyat)you can do it. If not, you know what can and will happen if your boss is not happy with your performance????

Anonymous said...

heh heh

anon@10:51 AM must be in a dreamworld to believe that the opposition were perfect gentlemen and ladies

poorah ... the skeletons in the opposition's closet are already jumping up and down agitatedly and screaming to get out

whhoooaahh once these skeletons got out, ffoooohhh the stink will be so stench-permeating that you the self-righteous anon will demand to go back to motherland china via tongkangs

and once there PLEASE give this exact sermon to the PRC politicians and watch yourself disintegrate into fertiliser for the worms


Anonymous said...

What amazes me after reading many blogs is that it as if good governance and having a clean government is something humanly and remotely impossible.

Is that so? How come the Scandiv countries are way better than us? or close neighbor Singapore.

How many times have you heard that "it is impossible to live in a world without corruption" or "abuse of power". It is embedded in our way of life and it has long been in our psyche. Really? No fight?

Man. Coming from a land managed at the top by Muslims, dear lord, what a gargantuan excuse.

So we excuse ourselves. Always. Without fail.

Whether this govt or that govt makes no difference, they say. We will be always embroiled in irregularities. Is that so? Just look at the attitude at the above poster.

What a shame and what a sham.

These Muslims shout their religion is the best God has bestowed. But look at how they manage and how their attitude towards change stink to high heaven. Hopeless.


Anonymous said...

To Anon 4.01 from Anon 10.51

I forgot the most important criteria that the government must strive to achieve...that is to eliminate all racists. Because racist are the scum of the earth. They know nothing but hatred for others just because they are different from them. Their thinking are so so narrow and bias, that anything different from their narrow belief's, they will cry and scream that their way of life has been threaten. They will swear they will kill anyone different from them in the name of god. For gods sake man,,,,expand your mind mixing more with others who are different from you, try to listen and learn from others at tghe same time allow others to learn from you. Yoiu will see thaqt we are not much different. Our basic needs of providing food & shelter for our love ones, and if we have extra we can help others. We also want to provide the best for future generation of Malaysian.

These are are basic human needs and rights. Malaysia with its rich resources and good governance, will be ale to fulfill these basic needs of its rakyat.

Lets start with anon 4.01. Stop being an angry racist and stop blaming everyone for problems. Who does not have problems? Most people look at their problem rationally and identify the cause's. Look at ourself, identfy our strengths & weaknesses. Take advantage of our strength and do something to eliminate or at least reduce our weaknesses. If all of us do that, we all can look forward to a bright future for our kids who need our help right now. Stop all this politicking, "my race is better than yours" mentality.

We are all of one racwe...the human race

Tok Mudim said...

the whole knows that DAP will use anybody or anything just to stay in power especially after 2008.

You name it, Anwar Ibrahim, PAS, Teoh Beng Hock, Bukit Cina Melaka, "Cina girl" taped in police lock up, ISA, new village, abolish of bumi quota 1999, human rights, chinese school, Kugan and many more.

and now they start using religion -- Christian

I am not surprise as history tell us how LKY and PAP used to ride on the back of the left wing unions in Singapore back in the 50s and 60s just to stay in power.

Old habits die hard, bro.

Anonymous said...

The way the article is written, it seems to me that the writer prefers to question all that is evident, and accept as truth those which are speculative.

The reason why UMNO Management hasn't picked anything up is because there's nothing to pick up. You mean to say that cunning UMNO with the capacity to spin a Sodomy II prosecution can't nail a simple Christian gathering?

Go check your facts from the primary source - Paul was there, and he denies there ever being a Christian state pledge. If he's such an untrustworthy guy, he wouldn't have been appointed to oversee a certain post-scandal ridden GLC.

The DAP chap who made the police report - do you really believe that there is no link with his special branch cousin? And DAP can't even find him now. Doesn't that remind you of PI Bala who is asked to disappear after contradicting his original SD?

This episode coming so close from DAP winning big in Sarawak, PM saying he wants to wrestle back Penang, and for Gerakan to constantly bark (actually quite pointlessly) at the Penang state government, points more towards a conspiracy by BN, more than anything else.

A Voice said...

Anon 8:09 PM

This posting is not about clean and governance but Christian Malaysia.

If you are still new here, this blog is not for its whistle blowing.

Anon 11:44 PM

To correct you, this article is written to question all that is seem to be evident and spinned as truth but are actually attempt to misled and divert attention.

It shows you have not been properly read the article and past links.

On that chap being link to SB, do you have proof. Read what Jeff Ooi's fair comment on him. I know him to some degree able to read what is his and what is not his.

The SB bit are just embellishment as insturscted from LGE. I can smell the sulphur off LGE the ever lying CM.

Are you a cybertrooper to deny and disbelieve everything that was logically presented?

Well ... you are not doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

Yaaawwwnnnnn ....

ooiii anon @ 9:28 PM "We are all of one racwe...the human race"

are you the reincarnation of dpp - he seems to have disintegrated into thin air

you know from ALL the spelling errors you committed, I conclude that you are NOT so confident of your own preaching

in the words of MJ -
"I'm starting with the man in the mirror
I'm asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make a change"

so dearie forget about preaching to others on what your rights are blah blah blah

just shut up and blah lah

Anonymous said...

anon @ 8:09 PM declares "These Muslims shout their religion is the best God has bestowed. But look at how they manage and how their attitude towards change stink to high heaven. Hopeless.


Part 2 - China
The People's Republic of China suffers from widespread corruption. For 2008, China was ranked 72 of 179 countries in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index. Means of corruption include graft, bribery, embezzlement, backdoor deals, nepotism, patronage, and statistical falsification.[1]

India - Political and bureaucratic corruption in India are major concerns. A 2005 study conducted by Transparency International in India found that more than 15% of Indians had first-hand experience of paying bribes or influence peddling to successfully complete jobs in public office.[1][2] Taxes and bribes are a fact of daily life and common between state borders; Transparency International estimates that truckers pay US$5 billion in bribes annually.[3] In 2010 India was ranked 87th out of 178 countries in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index.

Israel - The latest scandals to hit the Israeli political establishment are just two examples in a long line that have recently rocked Israeli political and public life.
The Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, is to face a police investigation into a house purchase in which he is alleged to have bought a house in Jerusalem at a price that was significantly below the true market value.

Separately he also faces allegations over the sale of Leumi bank in 2005 and the head of the Israeli Tax Authority, a top aide to Mr Olmert, and several others were arrested as part of a police investigation into possible bribery.

The billion dollar question is - Are these countries led by Muslims??

Do answer this question, if you dare that is!!

Anonymous said...

anon @ 11:44 PM

this chap must be jeff ooi or lim guan eng or lin kit siang or teresa kock or tian chua

shaful said...

Salam bro, i think its surah Al-kafirun which stated your belief is yours and my belief is mine, not surah Al-ikhlas.
Keep on writing bro.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 8:09 PM declares "These Muslims shout their religion is the best God has bestowed. But look at how they manage and how their attitude towards change stink to high heaven. Hopeless.


Part 1 - Corruption in Singapore

Even the supposedly corruption free island republic of Singapore has not escaped the taint of corruption. In 1996, Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew and son Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong admitted to receiving discounts on purchases of luxury apartments from a publicly listed company Hotel Property Ltd (HPL) where Lee Kuan Yew's younger brother is one of the Directors. Lee and son, with the support of Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong, were not reprimanded for the 12% discounts when purchasing the HPL properties. The government had apparently accepted their argument that as they did not solicit the discounts and were somehow unaware that they did received the discounts, even though it collectively amounted to more than S$1,000,000, they had therefore not wilfully acted improperly. Suffice it to say, in more transparent, accountable and vigorous democracies, public officials have been known to resign for less serious corruption allegations.

As the assets of public officials do not have to be made public in Singapore, speculation and rumour-mongering remains rife about the previous discounts attained by PAP politicians and the extent of assets accumulated by them while in public office. To placate the strong undercurrent of public disquiet with PAP politicians acquiring property at discounted prices, Prime Minister Goh has required Ministers to provide detailed information on their ties with the developer and whether any discounts, special terms or treatment` was received before they and immediate family members purchase properties. Long before the HPL affair, public disquiet with the financial remuneration of PAP politicians were fuelled by their generous salaries which easily surpass their counterparts in industrialised countries like Japan and the United States. Lee Kuan Yew justified their generous salaries as a means of minimising the otherwise strong temptation to engage in corrupt activities. Argued Lee, "Pay political leaders the top salaries that they deserve and get honest, clear government or underpay them and risk the Third World disease of corruption."

In an attempt to squash public criticism of Ministerial salaries, the government released a 1994 White Paper entitled "Competitive Salaries for Competent and Honest Government" which recommended that the salary of ministers be pegged at two-thirds the average mean income of the highest paid professions.70 The logic behind the pegging of ministerial salaries to corporate high-flyers was that this was the most effective way of attracting the talented to public office. Instructively, arguments pertaining to the importance of politicians possessing a strong commitment and duty to public service, ironically a Confucian junzi trait the PAP leadership have in the past attributed to themselves," was not highlighted in the White Paper. Those PAP politicians have to be paid salaries that supersede their political counterparts in Japan or the United States in order to entice them into public office and prevent them from succumbing to the "disease of corruption" is in itself an indictment of the caliber and commitment of PAP politicians.

Anonymous said...

The reason why BN/UMNO Malays are easily misled and fooled around are because they have the Datuk Tiga suku to look at the video, because the BN/UMNO Malays don't understand and know how to look at it. And when the Christianity words and articles were said in the public, the BN/UMNO Malays will ask the Froggy Ibrahim Ali to tell them, what is that all about.

Thereby with their moronic and idiotic standard of brain and infested with the 3 suku and monkey behavior of Ibrahim Ali, all of the BN/UMNO Malays are forever stupid and a moronic human being.

Anonymous said...

If the Malays are rascist, I don't think non Malay Malaysians would have prospered and become so vocal against the very race that hosted them.
I believe if the non Malay Malaysians show some respect to the history of this nation then there is good life for everyone regardless of their race.
26 % Chinese controlling more than 80 % of the economy is proof enough that Malays are not rascist.
We were willing to share but do not expect us to give up and just leave........perhaps those who were ungrateful should do that.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.24 fron anon 9.28

Thanks for pointing out my mistakes. By the way, you soinds like a very angry person who does not like others to voice their opinion's. Pick on little unimportant things and conclude that a person is this and that (see the trees but misses the forest).
By the way, I love the MJ song....and I sincerely hope you will work very hard to change your attitude and preconceive perception of others and live up to the message of the song.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:09 PM

Naaaahhh your theory is unsubstantiatable at least and corrosive garbage at most

so do yourself a big favour - go upgrade your education

Anonymous said...

hullo anon 11:22 PM

the song message is for YOU since you condemn others TOO well

start the change with yourself before pointing fingers at others

haiya like dis oso dificult to unnerstan wan

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