Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wikileak: Did Eskay botch again?

The blogosphere have been going tic toc tic toc ... waiting for Dato Eskay Shazril to make a revelation he claimed as a final blow to the political career of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. There were two opportunistic moments to release the information but it didn't come out.

During the heat of the moment of the sex video allegedly of Anwar as the male leading role, Eskay posed five questions:
  • How many times Anwar went to Thailand in the last two years?
  • Who received him in Thailand?
  • Which hotel is his accomodation?
  • What did he do in the hotel?
  • Who made all the payment?
Naturally Anwar would not give credence by answering or even responsing. But Eskay had not answered the five questions too.

He is now faced with a Wikileak expose by Raja Petra on Malaysia Today here yesterday. Read also reports by Free Malaysia Today here. Blogger rbf here notice Malaysiakini, Anwars paid mouthpiece has yet to make a report of it.

When pushed comes to shove, only then would Eskay respond? There is supposed to be an expose in Utusan Malaysia today but where is it online? Did Eskay botch again?

Fumbled Big Time

In the last sex video case, he fumbled big time. Although the man is not the same, getting Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik involved destroyed the credibility of the expose.

Displaying the video to reporters and opposition leaders and sympathisers at Carcosa, of all the place, was unnecessary. It build up curiosity to the public but late in fulfilling it. By the time, the video was released, which was rather late, Eskay was playing games as though he was trying to emulate his spin maestro friend, Anwar Ibrahim, by releasing it bit by bit.

He fumbled in the handling and many mistakes were made that finally the impact was lost. Anwar had all the time in the world to response, cook up excuses, and played his religious card.

Do not be surprise if Eskay is charged for the offense of distributing pornography and Anwar goes scots free from this episode. He did not do anything wrong under the law. It is the woman that will be charged for prostitution.

Thank God, this blogger was not called back by the Dato Trio to view the video. Anwar's friends and supporters can be dangerously unreliable, unethical in their game and in some cases, naive gloryseekers.

Eskay is undoubtedly an associate of Anwar. Read this blog X-PKR here, believed to be that of a former associate of Anwar.

Cards in hand

The manner that made Eskay turned against Anwar has still not jive with many. Furthermore, comments this blogger received from those with business dealing with Eskay does not make him credible.

This blogger believed Eskay has many cards in hand. Assuming he has no credibility issue and is really a changed man, does he knows what and how to do with the information he has?

One possibility is the video below that revealed Anwar sourcing money from abroad via Bangkok.

Read commentary from blog Hhalem here. Will the revelation be about that?

As it is Raja Petra, who was speculated to have escaped Malaysia with Eskay's assistance, released a US Embassy cable that was spinned by FMT here as Eskay having involvement in Muslim insurgents in Southern Thai.

The cable described him not as having in-depth knowledge of Southern Thai but played a role as fascilitator and mediator to find peace. That explains his appointment as Honourable Consular for Thailand. Read Raja Petra in Malaysia Today again here.

In the cable, it seemed Eskay had a friendly info sharing conversation with the American Embassy people and they prepared a paper to cable to Washington. Who connected him with the Americans?

He's no amateur

There is an interesting portion in the cable worthy of highlighting:
He (Eskay) said he did not see links yet between the Thai insurgents and regional or international terrorists, but recognized the potential and encouraged the U.S. to keep a close watch. He also noted, however, that the insurgents received financial assistance via Singapore from unknown sources.
Another point below:
Eskay crudely estimated that Malay separatists accounted for only 30 percent of attacks in the south with Thai army, policy and intelligence agency factions, along with criminal gangs, responsible for the balance.

Eskay relayed that many insurgent leaders believed deposed Prime Minister Thaksin and Thai Rak Thai party advisor General Chavalit were funding much of the recent violence. Insurgent members had denied association with New Year's Eve bombings in Bangkok. They also disassociated themselves from many of the attacks on schools.
There are two important matters from the highlight.
One, the information verified and checks up. My late sifu had deep interest in the southern Thai issue and gave a similar comprehensive accounts with reasons behind Singapore funding insurgents.

Two, it tells us that Eskay is no amateur.
Thus, why did he botch the first expose? Maybe it was not Eskay who botched it but it was Rahim's old school ways.

Whichever he wish to expose, the Utusan frontpage headline this morning is no headturner. Who needs Eskay to tell that Anwar is a sicko? Any power hungry compulsive liar chameleon with sickening sexual addiction are sick people.

Damn Eskay ... do not botch this one. You screw this one and your reputation is a lost cause. There will be no more opportunity. Perhaps, with the childish manner of some overzealous glory seekers pre-empting Utusan Malaysia, it was intercepted.

Back to tic toc tic toc ...


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Beautifully written post.

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Howe does it compoare with crooks within UMNO taking our money to other countries. Worse are those who finance insurgencies.

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What cock you talking anon?

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korang ni memang pandai buat cerita.Kata ada funding tapi tak tau sumber.kalau tak tau tak payahlah cakap banyak.

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