Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Politicking and partisan divide counter productive to public interest

"Excessive politicking and partisan divide is not helping the country move forward and solve issues of public interest."
That is this blog's statement of the day.

There will be lots of examples to substantiate and support this statement but this blogger intend to dwell on corruption and misuse of public fund.

Let's start with the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

DAP's intention was to accuse MACC without a justifiable bais and turn it into a racial issue for political mileage.

They refuse to acknowledge that there is no motive on MACC part to kill it's main witness.

The public interest to know the reason for Teoh's death becomes clouded by politicking and worse still, the politicking cuts across a partisan and racial divide.

With the existence of that divide, there is no sincerity to find the real reason but to blame MACC as an institution seen to perpetuate Barisan Nasional power and as a Malay staffed institution brushed as a Chinese killer.

Last Wednesday, this blogger had the opportunity to attend a forum on corruption organised by Sinar Harian.

The example of insincerity of our political leader dead set to politicise issues and blame the other side in every other public interest issues can be best seen by the conduct of PAS's former Peral Menteri Besar, Dato Seri Nizar Jamaluddin.

He deserve the crowd's reaction towards him. Nizar had no positive contribution to the discussion but was in an endless politicking mode. It is as though he lives in a modest home not worth the millions and never advised his PAS friends to make hay while he is in power.

In this fairly non-partisan crowd (judging by the clap when both sides are being blamed for dragging their feet in combating corruption), Nizar's argument and point of views was focused at "pointing finger" at Barisan Nasional.

The intellectually oriented forum was to understand and address issues on corruption but Nizar's spewing of lies, concocting fictions, and laying blame spoilt the event. He was behaving as though under his administration, there was no timber concession given to a DAP supporter-logger in a forest reserve area and no land given to Nga Kor Meng under his mother's name.

Nizar dishonoured himself, his race and religion to succumb to the whim and fancy of Ngeh and Nga's threat to only care for Chinese interest. These are stated in the exco minutes.

In his repulsively straight forward manner, Nizar made falsitous claim of Datin Seri Rosmah having interest in a company involved in the submarine project. Despite being explained with details 9 times in Parliament, where in heaven's sake is Rosmah's name in the shares of Perimekar Sdn Bhd whose role was merely as project management company and not as a equipment supplier.

This guy lies without any attempt to understand the defense industry structure and how the submarine purchase is structured. He made accusation for sake of sensationalising rather than with fact and proof.

Was there a court case in Paris? What is the charges for? Is the PM or PM's wife directly mentioned? What are the details than just mentioning to create perception?

Nizar made a wild accusation that MACC was closing up files when in actual fact, files are not close until more leads and evidence is found and it could not be done arbitrarily. PAS and Pakatan Rakyat are represented in MACC but they chose to ignore the fact that MACC cannot close files without clearance from the Operation Review panel.

In his over enthusiasm to blame his lost of power to corruption than lost of three seats, Nizar alleged that there was bribery from one party.

His was based on some legal affidavit obtained from court proceeding which is still not ascertained it's credibility and reliability to the on-going case. Court has not called for defense and made a decision and yet he nitpick facts to politicise it.

MACC Commissioner rebutted Nizar's allegation and that the investigation is on Perak SEDC and never on any politicians.

From there on, Nizar was on a sliding slope as he was visibly noticable as intellectually challenged to discuss the subject free of politics but only able to make accusation after accusation.

He was a 4B clown suitable to join any circus in town.
It only proofs that the blame game in politicking is counterproductive to the public interest of eradicating corruption. It usually invites defense and counter attack from the other side and further exchanges do not further the cause to resolution.

In a blame game, it is usually devoid of facts, and figures. It is filled with manipulated storylines that is more often false than the truth. Usually there are hidden agenda behind the allegations.

By playing a blame game, which associate a non-related party to an act, such as corruption, the real culprit of corruption, which are individuals, do not feel the brunt of their misdeed.

An act of corruption is a personal indiscretion but by equating it to organisation rather than the individual, it unnecessarily allows the individual the comfort to secure refuge of sympathisers and supporters.

I can only recall the ridiculousness of vigilante trying to stop the late Dato Harun, despite being a great man he commited corruption, from leaving his home to submit himself to his prison sentence.
Another public interest issue that was raised recently hot was the 1Malaysia e-mail.

It clearly exhibit those politicians raising issues without any honesty and sincerity in safeguarding the public interest and ensure public policy is adhered.

In this issue, DAP's Member of Parliament from Damansara, Tony Pua of DAP raised about the viability of charging 50 sen per e-mail when emails are free. Read Free Malaysia Today here.

What is wrong if Malaysia wishes to develop the technology of e-mail system? Will free e-mail be there forever? What happen if all major e-mail provider start to charge, would that be a boon for Malaysia to have it's own for cheap?

Tony is also not being honest and nitpicking for political points. Banks and credit card companies are also charging 50 sen per email to client.

When one consider the cost saving from printing statements, type address, postage, envelopes, management and administration cost, manpower, etc, and the speed and efficiency, 50 sen charges is nothing to companies.

In the 1Malaysia email business model, they are charging the Government Department and not the consumers, as practised by banks and credit companies.

If Tony is honest enough, why didn't he raised about YTL that is due to secure a RM300 million similar contract?

Compare that to the so-called contract of RM50 million to a struggling Bumi company. Tricubes is not declared bankrupt to be denied businesses to recover itself.

Another point, why didn't Tony raised about YTL securing 4G license without having to pay for anything?

If Sarawak election result is to go by, is it because YTL is a Chinese-led company so there is no issue to be raised? I sure hope that is not but that is what my instinct is saying.

Tony raised about the financial status of Tricubes to embark in this RM50 million project. And he took a swipe at the RM5.5 million seed capital to Tricubes from the finance ministry-owned Malaysia Venture Capital (MAVCAP).

So what? It is a Government initiative and of low risk. Will Tony talk, if it is a Chinese company that secure it. Maybe he should give more details of Cybervillage.

Tony, who went bankrupt in his own business venture Cyber Village and goes around deceiving the public as a young millionaire genius, should stop hawking himself as an economic and business guru.

Malaysiakini who survived from the funding of foreign intelligent outfit namely linked with George Soros and National Endowment on Democracy join the fray to rubbish the project. Don't spare YTL or you will be deemed as racist!

Ah ... these twisted journalist know nuts about IT.

The opposition press raised about former police and prison Director, Dato Zaman Khan being an independent Director. What is the big deal about independent Directors? This is just nitpicking for issues but is a no issue.

If there is any issue, he should have trace about cronyism in the process.

One of the shareholder and brother to Tricubes CEO, Khairun Zainal Mokhtar is Nor Yakcop's boy, Hisham Zainal Mokhtar by virtue of employment in Khazanah. Hisham was formerly a Vice President in charge of finance in Tricube before leaving in 2004/5.

Did Hisham secure finance for Tricubes through his Khazanah connection?

His close circle of friend is the former CEO of Mavcap, Husni Muhammad Salleh, who had just left to join Teraju in April. Interestingly, another shareholder of Tricubes is Maybank and CEO of Maybank Investment Banking is friends to both Hisham and Husni, Mohd Farid Alias.

Is cronyism the manner Tricube received their funding or viability?

This also leads to another issue of public interest but slips Tony Pua's radar. As Dato Najib's newly appointed CEO for Teraju, Husni is in a questionable position.

Husni is only a corporate man devoid of soul and has no activist background to champion the Bumiputera cause. There is only a small role for venture capital in Teraju. It is more to do with policy development and monitoring.

If Tony Pua and opposition press is honest and sincere, that should have been the issues raised. Would he care for Bumiputera interest issue?

Lastly, another outstanding issue is the MAS losses, which is nothing more than a complete lie.

Till today, no one has been able to show how did the accusation of RM8 billion loss by Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli come about? The profit and loss figures through the years only shows the total PBT loss was RM702 million and total PAT loss was RM908 millions.

The big item is the RM5 billion asset shifting under wide unbundling of asset. But that's a balance sheet item with no profit and loss implication.

The accusation on Tajuddin was a scheme concocted by lawyer Rosli Dahalan involving former CCID Dato Ramli Yusof, the titled pauper Prof. Dato Din Merican who revive himself by linking with the sodomist Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, and spin meister Raja Petra.

The attempted the initial brouhaha using Salehuddin Ayub but he failed to make an impact.

It was only the loud mouth old idiot, Tan Sri Robert Phang who believes in the perception by these conspirators. He politicised the issue without realising there is no case and whatever case is a repeat of a case against Tajuddin that was thrown out by the ICC.

The suspicion is Rosli Dahalan is churning legal fees from MAS. Churning means multiple charging legal fees for an almost same work done.

Read back past postings here, here, here, here and here. Continuation coming up.

These are cases of the public being deceived by perception play without bothering to understand the facts and figures and teh right story.

The public succumbed to conspirators storyline dedicated to politicking and blaming political opponent than seriously addressing corruption and other issues of public interest.

As a result, the real culprit, which is the individuals, get partisan support and corruption and matters of public concern are not addressed.

Malaysian must start to express their disatisfaction with overpoliticking, excessive political issue dominating public discussion, and endless revolting game of blame that does not objectively solve problems and build a nation.

Do it, or the further we go, it will be an irreversible decay.

* Edited 4/5 8:30 AM


Anonymous said...

Salam Voice,

The hooligan Nizar should be thankful he is even mentioned by your good self.

Where the usual suspects are concerned there will always be overpoliticking.

They deserve every poli-ticking off they get.


Anonymous said...

This country needs more honest and sincere NGOs than politicians. Our NGOs are equally partisan.

Anonymous said...

I love to read ure blog but some of ure statements dont make sense
most pro bn/umno blogs despise the email tricubes thing.

Anonymous said...

These fitnah mongers want to gain political mileage and thereby create DISTRUST in the Malay-led governance.

Perhaps it is time to charge them in court for malicious character assasination. The damages awarded can be channelled into a welfare fund for the underprivileged - the handicapped, the orphans, the abject poor etc.

While the well-informed can think for themselves as to what is truth and what is politicking, the majority of the rakyat MAY be influenced negatively and destructively.

There are pictures of PAS members carrying posters of TBH and DAP flags as well as makciks in tudungs standing close to eli wong the porn star obviously "supporting" this sinful woman.

The perception game is their tool to fool the majority who are not well-informed.

So to sue them in court would serve as a deterrent to these fitnah mongers who happily ACCUSE without producing evidence.

And mind you, it worked with some folks especially over the TBH case.

A Voice said...

Anon 11:26 PM

Sometimes I have different views and see things differently.

I know Rocky see it as affecting jobs of Pos Malaysia staff and its political implication.

Why didnt the previous Pos Malaysia though of going into IT biz ie email?

Care to tell me which pro UMNO/BN despise the 1Malaysia email project?

I didnt across much but only the opposition news portal.

Tok Mudim said...


Nizar is not worth to be mentioned in your blog. Never in the future.

As for us - the voters, we are still waiting for the third force to come out and save Malaysia from these elitist, capitalist, opportunist and chinese chauvinist.

Hope it's earlier than the dooms day.

A Voice said...

Tok Mudin

Third force offered Salleh Jafaruddin for Balingian.

What credibility can we give them?

Anonymous said...

visit www.freemalaysiakini.com , free

clone of malaysiakini...

Anonymous said...

Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish ; Einstein

Echoing from the floor , Khalid Samad a PAS MP from Shah Alam , made the swiping statements and by calling , " UMNO is trying to make Islam look more Malay , they are going about the ‘Allah’ issue as though Malay is an Islamic language. Umno is creating the impression that Islam and Malay are synonymous and that Malay is even more Islamic than Islam.” are ridiculous statements assign to ignorant of RELATIVISM . More to that , dispraised the Islamic brotherhood and that they being borne Malay was unnecessarily propagated .

As someone remarks , politics is not everything . And when politics is been noted for no boundary marked by the above uncultivated Muslim politician , the malediction that his Ken is in need for realignment and tuning .

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