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Hua Zong's 'Chinese First, Malaysia Later'

Pheng Yin Huah, President of Hua Zong Association recently commented with regard to the One School System. He said it is against the Federal Constitution and mocked Khairy Jamaluddin's statement which questions vernacular schools.

Yin Huah statement clearly shows that they want 'Chinese First, Malaysia Later'.

It seems that Hua Zong, just like Dong Zong, are racist extremists who hold on to their Chinese roots without even considering the reality and the effects towards the country.

When we talk about the education system, it is not only about education but also touch of racial unity. Only hypocrites would not accept the fact that segregated education system is one of the main reason for the racial tension nowadays.

Pheng Yin Huah's action in referring to the Constitution to justify his argument is just sad.

According to Malaysian Constitution, 'no one should be stopped from using or teaching other languages." This means that all races are free to use and learn by using their own mother tongue.

But, the national language, Bahasa Malaysia should be learned by all and it is the official language. Language and education is important in forming unity within the country. That is why we can see that no government in the world allow different schools for different races, other than Malaysia.

And it is clear that things the practise in Malaysia is not good and Hua Zong and Dong Zong are the proof.

If rakyat are taught in a single roof (One system school), extremists such as Hua Zong, Dong Zong or even Perkasa will never exist.

But, too bad.

It is from these Chinese extremists that Perkasa was then established to counter their demands and rudeness, thus triggering clashes that could threaten the country's stability.

If Hua Zong's issue is that they are scared that Mandarin might be extinct, vernacular school is not the only answer because they could still do it after school like how Malay children learn in sekolah agama.

From the economic angle, separated schools do not bring any profit, it even bring losses. We do not need to look far.

The cost of Tamil school are high just to cover a few students and teachers. In Subang Jaya, there is a Tamil school which is situated right beside a sekolah kebangsaan, but the Tamil school only has a few students.

Obviously, the utility cost, teachers' salary, staff and others had to be covered by the government. If Tamil school do not exist and they learn Tamil in sekolah kebangsaan, all of those costs could be reduced.

In short vernacular schools would not just bring failure towards unity, it has financial costs.

However, the writer feels that it is of no use to bring out anymore statistics because Hua Zong, Dong Zong or Dong Jiao Zong would just ignore all of the facts given.

They would not back up even a bit. They seemed to have been taught to be chauvinists from their vernacular schools.

That is why Chinese extremists organizations which 'fights for education' should be given serious attention. If the government really want to have the spirit of 1Malaysia, they should not be handled with diplomacy or professionally because it is obvious that they are not taught that way.

Their way would be the gangster way. It is the way where one deals with threat nd blackmail until their demands are fulfilled.

This article from Malaysia News Network here.


Anonymous said...

"no person shall be prohibited or prevented from using
(otherwise than for official purposes), or from teaching
or learning, any other language"

That is the proviso in 152(1). I do not think it was even contemplated to continue with formal stranglehold or perpetuating differences of colour.

Anonymous said...

Quote " Pheng Yin Huah, President of Hua Zong Association recently commented with regard to the One School System. He said it is against the Federal Constitution and mocked Khairy Jamaluddin's statement which questions vernacular schools." Unquote.


Article 152 is very clear in stating that the national language of the Federation is the Malay language. However, it does not restrict the usage of other languages.

What it means here while the national language is the Malay language, meaning the official language of the government, instruction in school and universities etc, IT DOES NOT RESTRICT ANYONE IN SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGES. Like previously in Indonesia, one CANNOT speak Chinese or they'll be arrested.

Not restricting someone is speaking in foreign language DOES NOT mean that you can have a school having a foreign language instruction.

Thus,Pheng Yin Huah is WRONG AND MIDSLEADING to say that the Constitution provides for vernacular schools.

Vernacular schools ONLY became legal under an AMENDMENT made to the Education Act.

But the amendment of the Education Act is against the grain of the Federal Constitution.

In law we learn that if an Act goes against the Constitution, the Act becomes ultra vires, which means it was beyond authority under the Federal Constitution, thus the law is invalid.

Hope someone can look into this.

Anak Rembau

pendekartua said...

Give those Chinese chauvinists the freedom to set up their own schools but cut all the government financial support to them. Make sure no tax exemption for those who donate to those schools.

This is not against the Constitution.


Article 152 is very clear in stating that the national language of the Federation is the Malay language. However, it does not restrict the usage of other languages.





Anonymous said...

What is the issue here?

Is it about learning Mandarin/Tamil or Mandarin being used as the main medium of instruction in vernacular schools?

Is it about Bahasa Melayu not being the main medium of instruction in vernacular schools or not being taught at all in vernacular schools?

Or is it so simplistic to all that unity comes about by putting every child in National schools and learning BM?

Or is it because vernacular schools are not open to other child of other races?

Or is it because of the threat to the National Language BM being maybe oneday deemed not as useful to real economic careers for the coming generations?

Or is it easier to shift the blame on lack of unity among all the adults, old and young on vernacular schools?

What is it that is causing so much unease among pro and non-pro vernacular schools?

What about the International Schools and private schools which have English as their medium of instruction? They also number in the hundreds? Are they not also against the Constitution or whatnot?

Why not try integrating for a start all the vernacular Tamil schools into National Schools which the MIC has been asking for all these times? Why the hesitation for doing that? Are they not important in pro-unity arguments of BM?

What a farce!

Anonymous said...

why oh why is it so important to keep the chinese school? chinese language and chinese way of life in Malaysia?

please tell me or somebody pls tell me why?

Anonymous said...

Despite that you can write but your understanding of human nature is poor. Hua Zone stand is to neutalise Muhy ego but most important is what is second best available under our constitutional rights. Most non-Melayu pay importance to education for their children. If there is a choice for engish medium school both tamil & chimese schools will fade out in time.

Anonymous said...

Big boy small dick,

PLease read the history of why the vernacular schools to set-up in Malaya in the first place. Vernacular schools were set up to facilitate for the smoooth transition of education for the children of Chinese and Indian immigrants brought in by the British once they return to their countries of origin that is People's Republic of China and the Republic of India.

However, these ungrateful immmigrants who refused to return to their countries of origin were succesful in persuading the Malay rulers to grant them automatic citizenships in return for their allegiance to the country's Constitution. These immigrants then backtracked on their promise. Instead ,they continued wanting to study in a school having the language of their countries of origin. Despite the Razak Report which required all schools to be national schools, the government relented in amending the Education Act . Thus, allowing the setting-up of new vernacular schools in addition to the existing vernacular schools meant for the children of the Chinese and Indian immigrants.

Don't you know that there are no other countries in the world except Malaysia that practice multiple medium of language of instruction for the schools. Not even in the US, UK, Australia or even Singapore. What these countries have are Language Schools but the medium of instruction of their schools remain the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, the official language of these countries.


Anak Rembau

Anonymous said...

>> Don't you know that there are no other countries in the world except Malaysia that practice multiple medium of language of instruction for the schools. Not even in the US, UK, Australia or even Singapore. What these countries have are Language Schools but the medium of instruction of their schools remain the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, the official language of these countries.

Actually, if you did your research, there are many nations using more than 1 medium of instruction...


For example, Canada, uses French & English as medium of instruction

In Australia, most schools use English. However in the State of Victoria (known for its many Greek and Italian settlers) there are a number of schools that teach in Greek and Italian. A number of schools also teach in French, Irish, Chinese, Arabic and Japanese.

France uses French in state schools, but Non-state private schools are allowed to use other languages.

The situation/bone of contention in Malaysia is the Chinese independent high schools, which are more or less like private schools.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.27,

Your example of Canada is inappropriateby because historically Canada were ruled by the French and British unlike Malaysia which were never ruled by China or India!!!! French and English are their official and national languages. Mandarin and Tamil are NOT the national and official languages of Malaysia.

Most countries like USA and Australia have Foreign Language and Cultural schools. That's what Malaysia should have. OR have the foreign language taught in national schools.

In Germany, everyone studies in German. In France, everyone studies in French. In China, everyone studies in Chinese. WHY NOT IN MALAYSIA?

Strange that these same Chinese wouldn't insist on learning in a Chinese-medium school when they migrate to Canada, UK or Australia. Wonder why they won't migrate to China instead?

To the small dick,
1) Vernacular schools before independence were for the non-citizen contract worker from China and India brought in by the British. Are you still a non-citizen contract worker from China or India?

2)Globalization isn't at the expense of national interests. USA,UK,Germany,France though globalized countries WILL NEVER HAVE multiple-language of instruction in their schools because it hinders NATIONAL UNITY.

Note that the former Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew did the right thing to abolish vernacular schools in Singapore. It was also for the same reason. NATIONAL UNITY.

Anak Rembau

A Voice said...

Big Boy Big Toy

Cant release your last two comments.

I am sure two thousand years of Chinese civilisation would have develop debating skill and method without resorting to foul languages.

The British with shorter history is reknown for wit and humour. Malay for their equally gentleman and less combative conduct in their language.

Hope you show us that refine Chinese heritage you are proud of by repostibg a more cultured reply.

It applies to others that ridicule his thing as small.

Anonymous said...

Anak Rembau,

Only Quebec was ruled by the French, and it was taken over by the British in 1760. But still modern Canada permits French & English in schools.

As I mentioned before, France allows other medium of instructions in private schools. Many other modern nations do the same.

Since the Chinese independent schools are considered private schools, I don't see any reason why not. After all, we permit Western private & international schools to operate in Malaysia and teach in English...

Anonymous said...

A Voice

You must understand that the chinese thatigrated en masse into malaysia came from the later dynasties and lower confucian classes of labourers and traders.

Unlike the baba nyonya whose heritage are from the cultured and height of chinese civilisation of the ming dynasty, the mass population of chinese and in particular the vernacular school product are the PARIAH of chinese civilisation.

More so, most of the chinese immigrants here came from the rebel states in the south..

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.26,

Private schools (with foreign system of education)are generally meant to cater for the children of foreign citizen working in the host countries. Although in Malaysia, some Malaysians now also takes advantage of enrolling their children into these schools.

To cater for the children of the foreign Chinese and Indian contract workers that they brought into Malaya, the British allowed the Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools to be set up.

Are you still that foreign Chinese contract worker with the citizenship of the People's Republic of China or are you a Malaysian citizen?

Anak Rembau

Anonymous said...

Anak Rembau,

The sons and daughters of the BN elite also study in private schools using English medium of instruction.

There is an increasing demand for these schools from locals, thats why there are more of these sprouting up month by month. The same can be said for Chinese schools. Even now, there is more enrollment of Malays and Indians in Chinese schools due to the perception it gives better education.

Our government has finally recognized the UEC cert that is already recognized by many other advanced countries.

Anonymous said...

Any chinese language school in Australia, England or US funded by the government?

Anonymous said...

Fully agree with Anak Rembau.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.36,

Still trying to split hair, aren't you? There is a vast difference between the English-medium private schools. Like I said before, they were meant mainly for foreign expatriates working in Malaysia though there are some well to do Malaysians also enrolled their children in these schools. This is an exception rather the norm.And these children plan to further their studies in English speaking countries. Conversely, does the children of the Malaysian Chinese-medium schools plan to further their studies in universities in the People's Republic of China?

Why are you zealously trying to defend schools having the language instruction of a foreign country? At least for English, it is the colonial language of Malaysia and also an international language.

Can't anyone learn a foreign language by just learning the language without having to learn it in a school having the language as its medium of instruction? A person wanting to learn French don't have to learn it through a French-medium school, do they?

Anak Rembau

Anonymous said...

I like to comment too... LOL

If they want to play with Constitution, why not asked them to uphold it very truly.

Government has not responsibility to pay for vernacular schools' expenses and BY-LAW, no new vernacular school should be developed.

Berani kah?

Anonymous said...

Anak Rembau,

No, I'm just drilling the truth in.

A sizable percent of students in English private or international schools are now locals... their parents are willing to pay for the education. They certainly are not the exception. In some English private schools, majority of students are local.

As for the Chinese independent schools, most students will further their studies abroad or to local private college/university, as the cert was not recognized by local public colleges/universities until very recently. Its not just PRC or Singapore that acknowledges the UEC... Australia, Canada, UK, and US recognize it also. Our country has just recently joined the crowd.

I wouldn't consider 2 languages (Tamil & Mandarin) that are spoken by over a quarter of the population as a 'foreign language'. And Mandarin is also an international language.

If the government allows English private schools to operate here, I see no reason why not for Chinese independent schools. There is a market demand from parents for these schools, and not just Malaysian Chinese parents...

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.59,

You still don't get it, do you?Why don't you migrate back to PRC. All schools there are in Mandarin . Since you love Mandarin-medium schools so much.

When I say , its the norm rather the exception , it means 'out of the TOTAL STUDENT POPULATION IN MALAYSIA' not just among the private schools.

You don't have to go to Mandarin-medium school to learn Mandarin. Just like in the US which is a multi-racial like Malaysia, you can learn Mandarin in a Chinese Language and Cultural School but everyone go to the national English-medium school.

WHY MALAYSIA IS AN EXCEPTION? Because the Malays are nice people. They bare very accomodative. They surely can't do it to the whiteman.


Anak Rembau

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.59,

My final comments .


Anak Rembau

A Voice said...

Anak Rembau and other anons

I salute you'll for your the fine discourse. Hope that is the way forward for future comments in this blogs.

Let us agree to disagree in a cultured atmosphere and respectful manner without insults and foul languages.

In all our disagreements, believe me, we have more agreements and good common values.

Thank you commentators.

Anonymous said...

Anak Rembau, you said:-
“these ungrateful immigrants who refused to return to their countries of origin”
I do not agree with you.
Immigration:- is the act of people entering and settling in a country or region.
Emigration:- is the act of leaving one's country or region to settle in another.
When u emigrate to another country, u are going there for good, there is no need for one to return but only if one chooses, or if one is deemed an illegal immigrant!
Minangkabau:- From Pagaruyung , a village near the town of Batusangkar, Indonesia. (People in rembau are predominantly minangkabau’s)
Where did you or your fore-fathers immigrate from? Wasn’t it Sumatra? Why didn’t you or they return to Indonesia? Who are you to ascertain that the Chinese and Indian brought in by the British are to return? They were brought in legally and did not float in on a sampan from neighbouring Indonesia! They were not temporary workers. You want them to return after having worked hard to build up and improve the economics of the country? Obviously YOU are the ungrateful one! They were emigrated in due to the fact that the local malays were at that time too lazy and not interested to work!
Even Naa-jib acknowledges that his fore-fathers are PENDATANGS from Sulawesi ! (on their trip to Sulawesi a couple of years ago, naa-jib and kak ros, they were carried on hand carried throne chairs in Sulawesi as local heroes) Khirr Toyol- Java, i-brahim Ali (the king of pendatangs)- Sumatra, Dr MnM- has his roots from Kerala India. “You want him to go back too”? If anyone has a beef on this then it has to be the orang asli (semai , jakun and so on tribes) and the natives of east Malaysia, as they are the original inhabitants, the true and legal bumiputra’s.
The so called descendants of hang tuah was supposed to release their secret documents some time last year but backed out due to the fact of obvious Chinese linkage. A malay archaeologist had a number of years ago discovered a lost ancient Hindu complex deep in the jungles of Johor, but was told to forget about it due to the fact that it will prove the existence of Hindu/Indian influence well before the indo-malay influence! (Similar to the Hindu influence in Prambanan, Indonesia and Buddhist influence at Borobudur, Indonesia.) Chinese and Indian influences were prevalent here in this peninsula well before the British emigrated them here!
Our fore-fathers are all pendatangs, malay Chinese, Indians, no question about that. No one is asking you to go back to Indonesia, so don’t ask the Chinese and Indians to go back, or would you like to lead by example! Don’t you ever question the rights of the Chinese and Indians to be here, as they are here legally and without them Malaysia would not be what it is today. You have a good life now because of them and their past sacrifice, their hard labour, blood, sweat and tears. In this holy month of Ramadan, BE FOREVER GRATEFUL, BOY.
Having said all that, I do agree that Vernacular schools do not help in nation building, but do they have a choice? Most teachers in mandarin have a Chinese education background; otherwise one will have to import professional mandarin and Tamil teachers from china and India to teach these subjects in national schools if the locals themselves don’t have a foundation in these area? The national schools are of questionable standard! Would you honestly say that the national schools are of a good standard! Even the last exam grading levels had to be lowered to show a higher passing rate! Even the politicians are sending their kids to private schools and to overseas schools! When Hisap-muddin was education minister, his kids were studying in Australia (and had a maid with them too)! How does this help in instilling confidence in the national schools?
Last but not least Mr Blogger, do you have the guts to publish these facts?

Anak Indon

Anonymous said...

One of the countries that offers Chinese language in school is China. Please go to China! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

before the malay king convert to Islam actually they were all Hindu and some are buddhist. when we were told about Hindu/Buddha you only see "Cina or India people.?that's why Muhyiddin wanted to revise the syllabus of history subject..because day by day, there's a lot of people who don't know history. the sailendras who built the Borobudur is Malay King.even the great Angkor Wat was built by prince of Malay bloodline who came from java. Jayavarman. so you think jayavarman is TAMIL men came from INDIA? even nowadays the malay using arab name, that's not mean Malay is ARAB.

Anonymous said...

The chinese and Indian are all pendatang who was brought by british in a cargo after losingwar.. the british royal navy officer once described them as "spaniels who lick the hand who chastice them"

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