Friday, August 31, 2012

It's a Cucu Merdeka!

While the nation celebrates it's 55th independence day today, our family just had a Cucu Merdeka at about 8:00 pm today.

We've got many nephew and nieces. And, it's not actually our first such "cucu." But to have a "cucu" born on an auspices day for the nation like today, this is especially a special "cucu."

Alhamdulillah, both mother and baby are fine. They went into the hospital's labor room since aftermoon. Its been one long wait for the parents, especially the mother and the grandparents. 

Before we forget, the baby's a boy. So will he be named Abdul Rahman in honour of our first Prime Minister and Father of Independence? It would be quite an auspices name to go with the auspices day.

But that's the parents' call. It's their pride and joy, even if it's the second for the father.



tahniah atok! cucu yang bakal menjadi manusia hebat sehebat nama pemimpin tersebut..! amin

berasiam said...

Tahniah, semoga menjadi anak yang SOLEH dan berbakti kepada kedua ibu bapa, agama dan negara, Abdul Rahman....

Anonymous said...

My heartiest Congratulations and tahniah to ABITW for the new cucu..Its a different feeling one gets to see the small creature is now alive and well and you are an atok..chances are this cucu will be spoit by the atok, just like us esp the grandmum. Anak and cucu are the greatest gift of Allah to us and the country. May the cucu be the nations treasure to take over us one day..Amin

A Voice said...

Seronok menumpang cucu . . . :)

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