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DAP victory parade sparked May 13 violent

Flagpole pissing Lim Kit Siang knows it and is doing whatever is necessary to not be reminded of his role in the May 13, 1969 incident in the light of his greatest election feat.

This is especially so with former DAP Member of Parliament and key man in the American espionage outfit, SUARAM, Dr Kua Kia Soong published his May 13 book to spin the masses out of the truth of May 13 using a weak Marxist class theory.

With DAP expected to get the majority support of the Chinese community, they are trying every way possible to disengaged the May 13 incident and their overzealous victory parade. Using some frivolous argument, they are trying to turn around the table and instead blame it on the Malay running amuck.

Some Malay political idiots fell for Kit Siang's deception for the sake of helping to blame the incident on UMNO.
But Kit Siang knows and many knows that Tanda Putera will spoil Kit Siang's chance to taste his lifelong dream to capture the federal governmewnt and subsequently clean his tainted life history.

Sorry Kit Siang ... as your bible preaching son always say, the truth shall set you free. Truth has surfaced and shall set you free from the misery of being torment by your own lies and deception.  

There is blood on your hand. 

The New Straits Times today has the story. Read below:

Hock Guan rues 1969 DAP win


SAD: 'Tragic riots could have been averted'

KUALA LUMPUR: A FOUNDER of the DAP regrets leading the party to unexpected victory in 13 parliamentary seats and, among others, a sizable number of state seats in Selangor in the 1969 general election as this may have indirectly contributed to the May 13 incident.

Goh Hock Guan, the man who gave the party its name and designed its "rocket" symbol, wished in retrospect that the DAP victory had been smaller as this might have possibly averted the "national tragedy".

"There is a very, very, big connection between the DAP (opposition) victory and May 13. I wish I had entered fewer DAP candidates in the elections as this may have possibly prevented the riots," he said in an interview.

The then secretary-general of the party said the eventual electoral stalemate in Selangor, where the opposition led by the DAP and the Alliance had almost the same number of seats each, might have been one of the factors that contributed to the disturbance.

"The stalemate meant that a state government could not have been formed in Selangor. It was too much of a victory for the opposition for some people to handle," Goh said, taking pains not to directly blame the DAP for the riots.

Goh had won in the then Bungsar parliamentary constituency by beating the Alliance's (MCA's) Lew Sip Hon in the 1969 general election.

The 78-year-old architect and town planner felt that he should have given the body politic of the Alliance more time to come to terms with the possibility of a large opposition win in 1969.

"I remember Tun Abdul Razak telling me in 1974 that I had effectively destroyed the Alliance (by defeating, among others, the MCA candidates in 1969)," he said, adding that the second prime minister had asked him then to join forces with the Barisan Nasional to rebuild the country.

Goh, who left the DAP in 1974 to join Gerakan, said he had envisaged the DAP as a multiracial party open to all to take a young Malaysia forward.

"The four boosters of the rocket were to be the Malays, Chinese, Indians and the people of Sabah and Sarawak. It's a shame that the DAP now is a party of Chinese and Indians," the owner of internationally-acclaimed architectural firm Goh Hock Guan and Associates said.

Goh said the DAP (without substantial Malay support today) represented the anti-thesis of the BN which had a multiracial character.

On Datuk Seri Najib Razak, he said the prime minister was following his father's footsteps in garnering the support of all the races in taking the nation forward.

"I hope he will continue with the momentum and tempo of his broad-based policies to look after the interests of all Malaysians."

On DAP's electoral pact with Pas, he said he had always found it difficult to reconcile his personal politics of multiracialism with the Islamic party's religious objectives.

"This is the trouble in the pact between the DAP and Pas. The DAP will be helping Pas win (all). This is the truth. It will be a pyrrhic victory for the DAP."

On his falling out with DAP adviser and former party secretary-general Lim Kit Siang "who was closer to me than my brother" at one point, he said victory in the 1969 general election had an unexpected effect on the latter and a few other members of parliament.

"I had it out with Kit Siang. This was because before I knew what had happened, the man who had been driving an old Fiat car which I bought for 500 dollars had bought a Mercedes Benz.

"I criticised him and others for this at a central executive committee meeting. They did not like it."

This and his contrary stand with the party on the "ownership" of the Straits of Malacca, which he insisted should be an international waterway, put paid to his continued presence in the party.

Goh said another reason why he left was his unhappiness over the way in which the DAP had wanted him "to bankroll its branches as I was a successful architect even then".


There is no similar report in the Star or other publictions.

Below are some of the pictures of the said parade as compilied by Jebat Must Dies in his debunking of Dr Kua's book here, here , here, and here:
Bystanders watching the procession went by with all the taunting slogans in the midst

14,000 thousand people marched through the city into the Malay areas

The communist sympathisers taunting the Malays with Chairman Mao's idealogy

Is this what we can call as communist-free procession?

Provocation by the chauvinist victors

Freedom of speech that went too far

Picture taken from Tunku's book

Below a song to help revive Kit Siang's conscience, if he ever had any:


Anonymous said...

To the victor the "spoils", eh?

I guess that revenge, as the adage goes, is a dish best eaten cold. Like ceviche or sashimi.

Fast forward to 2013.

It's ironic that Malaysia is now eagerly courting Greater China and Singapore for knowhow and investments.

Maybe there's something to be said for "globalisation" and "economic neoliberalism" after all.

Anonymous said...

I was everywhere before May 13 1969.The Dewan Rakyat, Sulaiman Court, Foch Avenue, Imbi Road etc. I was on the border between the Malays and the Chinese during the riots. I observed that the security forces would find it difficult to keep the peace in our beloved Malaysia now living in mixed communities if the citizens do not behave themselves. It was difficult on May 13. Also, the 5th Royal Malay Regiment was quartered opposite my brother's house. They were well behaved and disciplined

can see clearly now said...

The signs of an impending repeat May 13 is everywhere in the medias, printed or electronic. Human beings tend to forget, selffish and greedy. Well , there is no Peace without War, may be we will have another 40 yrs of peace after that. Allah know best

Syed Mokthar and May 13 said...

And what is more saddening is that En. Kassim death is to benefit Tamils like Syed Mokhatar and Nasimudding.

These two claims in NST that they were awarded licenses and thousands of APs due to May 13.

What did they do to deserve all the billions?

The Malays fought and killed the Chinese but why these two got the richest.

Even now Mahathir said proudly the Malays are beggars in their own country.

Of course he was the one who made the Malays beggars in the first place.

Anonymous said...

50+ years after Merdeka, and we still can't get the Ringgit back to par with the Singapore Dollar!

Folks - everytime I see the S$1.00 to RM2.50 exchange rate, I want to puke!

I pity all those Malaysians (ever count the number of Malaysian-registered motorbikes that travel every morning across the Causeway to Singapore) who have to work in Singapore because of their increased earning power there.

Let's see - we "export" nurses, teachers, doctors, lawyers, bus drivers, security guards, technicians, auxiliary police personnel, manicurists and skilled blue-collar workers to the city-state. By the hundreds, if not thousands.

And we still have the chutzpah to talk about the May 13 riots, and to disregard everything else that happened after August 31, 1957.

There's a saying that there are none so blind as who will not see what's before their eyes.

Anonymous said...

Dont try to split Malays by reclassying those considered malays to their origons

All malays are given opportunity but many failed. Syed Mokhtar AND Naza worked and strive.

Mahathir's time provided lots of opportunity. How could he turn Malays to beggars?

Only an Anwarista with a sodomised mind tgat can differentiate fact and fiction.

13 May witness said...

Anon 12:50

Typical chinaman deviation trick trying to cover up guilt when pressed to the wall.

By talking of something unrelated, he try to say it is a non issue.

If non issue, why campaign to disallow screening of yanda putera. Tell that to kit siang who took 44 years before he got a story to deny his presence at the riot.

After 44 years only he deny, many witness have died by then

Anonymous said...

I thought that Anon 12:50 PM made some pretty sound points.

Here we are, getting all hot and bothered about what happened on May 13, 1969.

And there are now some irresponsible politicians who are so bereft of ideas that they have been reduced to beating the drums and issuing all sorts of dire warnings about, let's see now, "marginalisation", "sidelining", "loss of sovereignty", "being reduced to economic nonentities", "losing political power" and "threats to race and religion".

Let's see - have I mentioned all the "hot buttons" that drives these individuals to vociferous, if not apoplectic, indignation?

The sad part of it all is that the rest of what passes for the world couldn't give a flying fig for all these doom-laden prognostications and protestations.

Nope, they are busy competing and upgrading themselves, providing a better future for their citizens and generally looking towards the future with a degree of hope.

And, so, while the BN and PR are engrossed in oneupsmanship and scoring points off each other, the rest of the region and the world is passing them by.

"Non issues", eh, Anon 1:37 PM?

I'd be tickled pink to find out what "issues" matter to you.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia must never be compared to Singapore. Malaysia is a runaway success in human terms whilst Singapore is a runaway failure. Do not be misled by Daddy's Action Party propaganda. Lee Kuan Yew who ruled as a one man for over 55 years over Singapore failed. He bought up Thaksin in 2003 and Thailand went into chaos since. His 2 child family policy reduced the indigenous Singaporeans to 62% in 2013.etc. Where in the World after Hitler, a populace which was 100% when Lee Kuan Yew came into power in 1959, now reduced to 62% ? He could not care two hoots about his own Singaporean supporters.The DAP without his intellect will not care about us.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:31 PM

Since you have unleashed a polemic on Singapore, then kindly enlighten the rest of us unenlightened ones as to the following:

1. Why is it that 1 Singapore Dollar is worth 2.50 Malaysian Ringgit?

2. Why is it that Singapore has a triple-A credit rating while Malaysia has to make do with an A- rating?

3. Why is it that despite Malaysia being China's largest trade partner in Asean, the Chinese central bank has selected Singapore to host a yuan clearing bank for the region?

And 4, why is that so many Malaysians work in Singapore, including the hundreds who commute across the Causeway daily?

That should be enough for starters.

A Voice said...

Sori folks.

Thrre is no discussion on singapore. it is not telated to this posting.

Anonymous said...

cut the crap lah bro
samseng UMNO tetak orang
polis tembak orang
not sins kah?
kepala otak kamu orang UMNO

Anonymous said...

Singapore is the only country not affected by the currency crisis back in 97. Wondering why did G.Soros bypasses Singapore? Why then Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippine and others had to bow to IMF then and now had to pay endless debt to IMF because of the currency crisis. Malaysia survived thanks to Tun Mahathir, but to compare Malaysia to Singapore is idiotic. Singapore is a mere puppet to be pulled with US strings. Please know that Singapura is already a gateway between East and West, long before Lee Kwan Yew took over as PM. Only after Singapura and Melaka flourished that the Chinese came as traders and labourers and Malaysia including Singapura, under UMNO, gave them their Malaysian (Persekutuan Tanah Melayu then) citizenship.

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