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White flag trap and now two cops shot at!

The casualty at Kampung Tandou Lahad Datu did not arise from a from an attack by our forces or a mortar ambush by the so-called Royal Sulu army (Sulu intruders). It was an act of cowardice on their part to trap our forces with a white flag to mean surrender but just as they were casually approaching them, they were ambushed.

Before debunking further more lies by the oppositions, their brainless social media cybertroopers and their media towards our security forces, there is a report of another shoot-out. Police was attack at Kg Seminul, Semporna, a neighbouring district of Lahad Datu. Thus far, the official position is that it is not related to the Lahad Datu incident.

Hopefully, immediate and proper news are released from the operation centre. Not all and off course, not the security sensitive information, but none of this "we are in control of the situation" but still not resolved.

Don't they get it yet?

Proper communication is a key element in any crisis management. The necessary information is needed to bring confidence to the public that our securities people are handling the matter. Nahi nahi ni dah tak main lah sekarang.

None of this attitude to hope news dies off unanswered or trying to play down news. In this IT age, there are gadgets to help to monitor and remind us. It is an old school attitude ...

The report in latest The Star below:

Published: Saturday March 2, 2013 MYT 10:28:00 PM
Updated: Saturday March 2, 2013 MYT 10:54:15 PM

Sabah police chief: Two cops shot in shootout with gunmen in Kg Simunul

LAHAD DATU: Two policemen were shot and injured during a shootout with gunmen at Kg Simunul island at 7pm on Saturday.

Sabah police chief Datuk Hamzah Taib said late Saturday that a team of policeman had gone to the island in search of several personalities' following reports that they were in possession of firearms.

“The policemen entered the village and were walking on the stilt boardwalk when they were fired upon and two of our men were injured,” Hamzah said as fear gripped people in Sempoorna and Tawau that a group of gunmen had attacked security forces.

Hamzah said that follow-up operations are ongoing.

“For now, we believe it is unrelated to the situation in Lahad Datu,” he said.

He denied that any police station had been attacked.

The situation is tense in the east coast of Sabah after Malaysian security forces clashed with Sulu gunmen near Lahad Datu on Friday, leaving two police commandos and 12 gunmen dead.

This report tallies with a report from major Sabahan blog, Apa Yang Tersirat, here.

Will be updating more information.

White flag trap

Read about in GWA News, below:

Amid ultimatum,cops drop leaflets urging Pinoys in Sabah standoff to surrender

March 2, 2013 9:09pm

Amid an ultimatum from Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to surrender or face the consequences, Malaysian police on Saturday dropped leaflets from a helicopter telling Filipinos still holed up in Sabah to surrender.

State-run Bernama news agency quoted Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Hamza Taib as saying the leaflets bore messages in English and Suluk.

"Warning. Lay down your arms. Surrender. Surrender. Surrender," the message read, according to the Bernama report.

Earlier, Najib said the time to consider the demands by the followers of Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III had lapsed.

Najib said the armed intrusion into Malaysia and the killing of two security forces personnel and injuring of three more was a "serious crime."

He said he called up Philippine President Benigno Aquino III Friday night to "state the stand of the Malaysian government on the matter."

"I said the government felt that the time to consider the group's demands had lapsed, and that they had the option of surrendering or facing the action of the authorities and security forces," he said.

Aquino on Saturday issued a statement telling the Filipinos in Sabah to surrender without conditions.

Najib also disclosed the Filipinos used a white flag as a ruse to open fire on Malaysian police commandos Friday.

"The two slain commandos had seen the white flag and did not think that there would be other intruders waiting to open fire on them," he said.

Najib said he is not discounting the possibility the white flag was a "trap by the intruders," adding that if it was the case, it was "an act of cowards."

For his part, Hamza said the police were collaborating with the army to resolve the matter.

But he advised people not to speculate on the number of security forces' personnel killed or injured in the gun battle, adding no curfew had been imposed in the area.

"I have to make this clear because there have been announcements of a curfew in social websites and blogs. I am in charge of issuing the order for a curfew, but I have not issued any order following yesterday's incident," he said.

On Friday, "10 to 12" Filipinos were killed along with two Malaysian police personnel during the gun battle that followed a standoff that lasted almost three weeks.

Malaysia said its police had cordoned off the armed Filipino on Feb. 12, after they arrived there and laid claim to Sabah.

In Lahad Datu, Bernama reported many business premises remained closed Saturday, with only few shops and restaurants open for business.

Bernama said few people were in the town even though it was the weekend, and there were fewer vehicles than normal on the roads.

A separate report on Malaysia's The Star online quoted Sulu Sultanate spokesman Abraham Idjirani as saying the Filipinos in Sabah will maintain their position but want a peaceful resolution.

It quoted Idjirani as saying Sultan Kiram wanted to discuss the issue of their supposed territorial claim to Sabah.

"We will sit down and plan it out, he is still hopeful for peaceful negotiations," he said.

He added the sultan's brother Raja Muda Azzimudie Kiram, the leader of the group, is "alive and well."

But Idjirani said he had not been in contact with Azzimudie since Friday's battle. The Star online said it made "numerous calls" to Raja Muda but failed to get to him.

Idjirani also said he knew nothing about Najib's discussion with President Aquino. "We are not aware of this," he said. — LBG, GMA News
With this cowardice act, the Malaysian authorities are losing patience. There will be no more negotiations.

So does the Phillipines government who has been warning the 'rebels.' [Read in FMT here]

But, why did Manilla was reported to have formed a legal team to look into their claims on Sabah? Is this a smokescreen?.

Border problem

Our side have been trying to avoid bloodshed. If one have never been to Lahad Datu, they should understand that there are a community of Sulus in Lahad Datu. They are considered as indigenous people of the areas and have been traditionally incoming and out going from Lahad Datu.

Do not be surprise that the Sulu armed intruders could possess Malaysian ICs.

An extract of our comment here, below:
Kwn2, allow me a moment of indulgence to clear the foul stench of stupidity amongst the malaysians.

Kes kat LD is nothing new to us sbhns, in the 90s they abruptly came to the shore at Semporna and immediately bombed the police stations, and went amuck at the town.

They are smart people, some left at the sea naik dr kwsn bakau and lived 4 6 mth b4 start to mingle with locals and married them.

The tausugs in LD now didn't came all at once, instead they came in batches, with inside helping frm their family at the village.

Trust me they have been there at least 2 3 mth b4 the group bcomes complete, then they decide its time to wage war.

Klu tak paham rules of engagement, jgnlah menunjuk pandai ckp bukan2 kata kerajaan lemau, ada hati nak banding dgn bersih.

Polis kene masuk dulu sbb dorg trained as negotiators, tentera is the last resort as they will not spare anyone once commanded.

They need time to ensure all the locals are out of the village and then cut their food and finance sources, hoping the tausugs will surrender.

That is our rules of engagement. We are not barbaric stoic like the american soldiers.
Equipments like radar detection is not practical since one can't differentiate from the radar, enemy boats or friendly boats. Read Akar Umbi here for the number of incidents   

If further question is posed on the problem of our 'porous' sea in Sabah, then do ask PKR's former ATM, Lt General (R) Dato Abdul Ghaffir bin Abdul Hamid and PAS's former TLDM First Admiral, Tuan Haji Imran, who was second in command in the army for 2000-05 and Second Admiral in the Navy .

They were involved in the Ops Pasir with regard to secure our Sabah borders. Were they competent in their duties to cover-up the loopholes in our border? Or was it given to Nur Misuari and this faction claiming to be Sulu Sultan to exploit?

 Police in charge

There are those that questioned as to why it has to be police and not military in charge. An extract from this high traffic Malay blog, Gerakan Anti PKR here, below:
Jika Polis sebagai pemerintah operasi bermakna

1) kita masih anggap mereka itu penjenayah dan penceroboh bukan combatant perang.

2) Polis kita akan menangkap dan menahan (perkatannya untuk polis ialah menahan bukan menawan - Menawan ialah perkataan Tentera ada beza di antara keduanya)

3) Untuk mengelakkan mereka menjadi Tawanan Perang. Cukup sekadar sebagai tahanan penjenayah. Maka tuduahn di Mahkamah Awam boleh di lakukan. Seperti tuduhan yang boleh kita buat di atas lanun Somalia yang kita tahan sedikit masa lalu. Mereka tidak di anggap tawanan perang.

4) Boleh di ektradisikan dengan lebih mudah ke Filipina. Kalau tindakan ketenteraan atau kita anggap perang susah nak bicara dan mana nak tempatkan mereka dan diklasifikasikan mereka ini? Maka jadilah macam kisah CIA dan Black Sitenya untuk WAR on TERROR mereka. Kita kena la buat macam Guantonamo BAy juga. Susah macam tu.

Itu sebab kita mengambil langkah Polis dahulu. Jika tentera ambil alih sudah jadi kes lain.

Jika keadaan tidak boleh di kawal lagi maka LOCAL AREA EMERGENCY (darurat setempat) boleh di isytiharkan

Ianya seperti darurat waktu ribut banjir New Orleans dahulu- tentera USA ambil alih bukan lagi polis tempatan)

Dalam keadaan ini bermakna bukan satu negara Malaysia darurat dan bukanlah bermakna perang kerajaan Malaysia dan Sultan Sulu. Darurat hanya untuk keselamatan sahaja dan LOCAL AREA SAHAJA. Rasanya bukan seluruh Lahad Datu pun.Hanya kawsan pencerobohannya sahaja. Nampak hati-hatinya dan telitinya Kerajaan dalam hal ini? Menurut langkah satu persatu?
What else?


Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

The Malaysian security forces upped the tempo to a higher level by making public the time frames to solve the standoff. When the third time limit was ignored we lost face and sent blood curdling to act. Ok, the enemy raised the white flag. Our VAT69 commandos fell into the trap. But then to be safe and sure they should asked the enemy to come out in the open, unarmed and then only we show our faces! Isn't that standard procedure in warfare? Perhaps, it is easy for me to say for not being part of the life-risking danger.

Anonymous said...

why dont Anwar sue Reuters and Manila Times on their report re to the Lahad Datu incident.

He just kept quite on it.

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