Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ghost of Johor's Iskandar Waterfront scam

Maybe the timing is bad, because the general election is looming and it could make Johor Barisan Nasional's campaign bad. But after election, game will be practically over.

Sorry ... in our struggle for "agama, bangsa dan tanahair (alif ba ta)", that must take priority over mere vehicle or tactical use of political parties and NGO.

What more when it is about a corrupt act that will jeopardise our sovereignity and the interest of the rakyat of Johor?

The opposition will take advantage of this revelation but Johor BN and UMNO must convince the voters that it is about individuals and not the rakyat or party or government aspiration, policy, and plan. 

Another way of looking at it is to view it positively. This will make all the parties involve realised, pressure to act, and a quick decision made from our usually cautious 11:45th hour decision-maker PM.

The plan must be aborted immediately. Investigation must be made by MACC. All the Directors and Executive/Managing Directors put to task by resigning and immediately replaced. Gani must not be MB anymore.

He must be replaced others with genuine integrity, firmness and decisiveness but not the likes of Khaled Nordin, Nurjazlan, Razali Ibrahim, and Dr Latif.

The ghost of Johor, Tan Sri Lim Kang Ho must be tarred out of Johor.

Otherwise, terbang few seats in fortress Johor and post election impact will be immediate. UMNO party election is due in June 2013.

Since our series on the "ghost of Johor" that culminated in few bloggers being called to "mengadap Tuanku Sultan Johor" and subsequently the crisis of Iskandar Investment Berhad under Khazanah's lackadaisical management, we refrained to touch on any issue involving Iskandar.

We stepped back to watch the Zaki Zahid's Johor Corporation restructuring plan and unveiling of the whole Iskandar Malaysia development, particularly the Iskandar Waterfront from the eastern to the western end of Johor Baru and include the Johor Baru central business district.

Some of us were lending hand to the MB office on media and political matter but we remain uninterested to do anything that is Gani Othman. Our attitude with our other buddies differ greatly and sometimes violently because of our mistrust of Gani.

We are not convince of the claim that he kept a tight ship and lead a simple frugal life. Neither are we convinced that Gani does not have any corporate boys. We know of a couple of Dolahs.

Lim Kang Ho
For heaven's sake, Gani used to be Anwar Ibrahim's Deputy at the Ministry of Finance and held a private pow wow on an island to push up Anwar and bring down Dr Mahathir.

He was politically nasty during the Abdullah era to block our perjuangan in Johor.

Not that we are not forgiving but once bitten forever shy.

It is impossible that so much outcry emanating from the rakyat of Johor Baru on the dominance of Kang Ho and yet Gani's office and boys can defend him to the hilt without any suspicion.

Some say Gani is conveniently pushing his finger towards Hishamuddin whenever the name of Kang Ho crops up.

Since Kang Ho is a businessman, we are not convinced of the story that Kang Ho spend RM800 million to help salvage Gani and the state of Johor from his mess in KPRJ.

Just to remind readers that we own the intellectual property on the KPRJ minus some critical elements intentionally left missing for fear of idea being hijacked. 

Since we fought against Abdullah on the scenic bridge and Iskandar Malaysia, we are not going to ever backdown. It doesn't matter if some of those that struggle together with us then had changed their view and now say it is a good idea.

Our ears are on the ground and eyes always watchful. The mole at the tip of our nose is always a reminder to trust our instinct more than any attempt to reasons.

Sometime back, BK Siddhu of The Star wrote a series of articles on Iskandar in relation to her interview with Kang Ho. In the interview, we find it suspicious that Kang Ho can be the one unveiling the whole plan of Iskandar as though he is an authority.

Our sources in Johor revealed that Kang Ho as the main taukeh, Peter Lim of Singapore, Danny and Vincent Tan, and Ngou of the Dailog Group will end up OWNING the whole of Iskandar!

Bigdog [read here] who seemed positive of Iskandar and Kang Ho wrote recently that the initial structure of Iskandar Waterfront project was below:

Then the structure was changed after some asset injections, below:

Then the outfit for the penyamun Tingkat 4, Khazanah was brought in and and everyone including the press believed the structure will eventually be as below:

It looks as though Kang Ho's Credence Resources will be taking the management lead and implement his vision but must get the consent of the Johor state and Federal Government. It is as though it is a well checked and balanced deadlock structure in which the tri-parties must agree before anything can be executed.

Macam bagus betul ...  

That is what everyone is led to believe but unfortunately everyone and including someone by an old nic of Ku Yem was hoodwinked.

There is a saying that nothing is straight about Chinese than their hair. Then again, these days some Chinese took the trouble goes to perm their hair to make it curly i.e. crooked.

Kang Ho came from Sabah and for all you know, he could be a Chinese from Sulu that has a tendency to inflitrate by migrating first, then intrude before finally invade. 

Our little bird told us that Ganen of Khazanah and Kang Ho redid the whole structure SECRETLY and everyone in Johor including all but few key Directors in the whole organisation structure will not be made aware till the last moment when it is submitted.

Nazir Razak will sambut from inside and Securities Commission will approve.

The SECRET structure will almost be like below:

Kang Ho will combine his shareholdings with that of KPRJ's shareholdings, which is Johor state's entity and Gani should know about and was involved, to be the undisputed majority shareholder and controlling party of Iskandar Waterfront Holdings

By the simple slight of hands, Kang Ho's majority will control the state's KPRJ and at the same time, Khazanah will also bow to the wishes of Kang Ho.

What does having Kang Ho control the whole organisation means?

Here it is ....
Kang Ho will control some 100,000 acres of land and more parked inside all the companies.

As it is, he is on a prowl to buy more tanah orang Melayu in the various kampong of Johor Baru. before everybody knows of his grandplan to turn Johor Baru Waterfront into Lim Kang Ho City.

Some impatient greedy idiots already sold their land worth RM100 per square at RM40 per sq square.The endless story of Melayu jual tanah pada Cina.

The value of the land above is stated at book value of about RM2 billion but when the whole deal is put together, the force sale value of the land will fetch RM6-7 billion easy!

One has yet to talk of the value after it is developed. In addition, Kang Ho will make much much more when all contracts are given to his personally owned construction, engineering, architects, building material supplies, and other companies.

Did not deliver his promise
It reminded us when Gani was about to be send back to Johor as MB. He had a balik kampong program and invited professionals into a discussion.

We were there and so was our old friend in Hong Kong days, one Dato Khamil Jamil of DRB Hicom who was then an overeager lawyer trying to get the attention of Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar.

When he became MB, all was taken care by wife Prof Datin Jamilah and his wife's Perak side of the family.     

No wonder Gani quite down on his promise to create 100 Malay entrepreneurs. He wanted to create a new Sultan of Johor.

For all likelihood, Kang Ho will be the true Sultan because the existing Sultanate will be living in his City.

Forget about the fake Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram II and his intention to takeover Sabah. This "Sulug" Chinaman already taken over a more valuable and most potential part of Malaysia.

"Sultan" Lim Kang Ho is already so powerful that one Government institution for a social cause are already aware of his power and kow tow to him. They did a deal in which Kang Ho makes money out of it left, right and centre.

The property to be built is sold as rakyat housing but is more expensive than an adjoining development. Someone suspect that one former Ambassador already took a cut from the overpriced deal.

There is more revelation to come.

If a former ambassador can take a cut, what make you think Gani did not have interest in Kang Ho. All these years, Gani could explode and bar any friendly Bumiputera businessman from Johor for merely seeking his help for projects.

Konon-konon bersih dan tak mahu berkroni.... but reliable sources is saying that he will retire from politics and live in Melbourne.

There is more from Gani's ego, jealousy, and ill intention towards others that culminated into KPRJ, the destroyer of Johor. Everyone only knows of Johor Corp and KFC but there are billions more.

Oh ... we forgot to explain why Ganen is involved despite Khazanah will not be benefit from the new secret structure. That is simple to answer.

When Kang Ho takes control, not only will it be Ganen but many will benefit from Kang Ho. Don't be surprise if it is Gani, Azman Mokhtar, Ganen, Zaki Zahid, Vincent Lim, Wan Firdaus, and many more Tingkat 4 boasted to be all over the place.

All these people can sense their days maybe numbered after the election.

With all these crap going on in Iskandar, Tun Musa Hitam, the sleeping chairman of Iskandar Advisory failed to realise that his hometown of Johor Baru will fall into the hands of four Chinese groups.

Another institution and development under his watch failed. What nonsense did he advised Iskandar?

Or it was merely to suppliment his kaki joli dan bergaya ways. Perhaps he realised.

That is why he said those stupid remarks.

One possibility is that Musa made those remarks because the failed politician is still having a grudge against Dr Mahathir and maybe trying to rope all losers to Dr Mahathir like Tengku Razaleight, Anwar Ibrahim, and Abdullah Badawi to take him on.

The conniving Musa will start a quarrel but he will leave others to fight. The coward politician, who left his Johor supporters stranded when he cowardly quit, will stay away and not soil his hands with political blood and wounds.

But then again, it is possible he is up to something else.

Before Tun Abdullah announced the bomb on Johor, it was Musa who ready the ground. This maybe no different.

He could be a collaborator to topple the Sultan and put a Chinese from Sabah as Sultan for a fee.


Stephen Doss said...

Peter Lim, not Philip Lim.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Perjuangan alif ba ta memerlukan kebijaksanaan bukan sembrono...setiap dakwaan rasuah perlu pembuktian bukan hanya mensensasikan dlm tulisan di blog.....jni satu contoh penulis blog yang masih tak cukup makan agaknya....wrong timing utk menulis hal ini tapi timing yang baik utk pow duit"!

Rakyat Johor said...

A voice

so who is actually in charge of Johor all these while.

Sultan, MB, 4th floor boys, Khazanah or the Chinese tycoon ?

Anonymous said...

Sistem yang sama terpakai ketika Tun M memerintah iaitu ada org tertentu yg benefit dr projek2 mega tapi akhirnya rakyat juga menerima manfaatnya. So apa isunya? Kalau tak Lim Kang Ho mungkin org lain yg akan dapat semua ini...kenapa kita tak persoalkan tan sri mokhtar al bukhary? semua sengaja disensasikan menjelang pru....jgnlah kita nak bunuh nyamuk kelambu dibakar!..dulu ketika Tan Sri Muhyiddin pun mcm2 org cakap sehinggakan tanah perkuburan mahmoodiahpun dia nak jual...ini Ghani Osman pulak kena! MUNGKIN SAUDARA tak duduk johor dan tak merasa limpahan kemudahan hasil dari pembangunan di Johor tu sebab suka2 buat cerita ni!....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

During Tun M's era, he had 4-5 "ghosts"....Ghani onli has 1 ma! So it's non-issue....bottom line the rakyat will benefit what....

Anonymous said...


All and Sundry Foreigners are each carving out Johor and sharing it out amongst themselves.

Temasik has an Island and Parts of the Mainland.
Communist Chinese Party has taken up a big chunk.
Apek Apek Korporat were allocated a few pieces.

The Arabs baru angkut a big chunk konon for STORING their STRATEGIC oil reserves. Makna dia kalau ada musuh nak bantai diorang the first place they go overseas to get rid of their enemy's STRATEGIC reserve is Johor. Cold Comfort!

And you sibuk about waterfront? Bro that's nothing compared to what else is going on in Johor!!


Farhan said...

You justify your concluding remarks by referring to ambiguities.
Take note, that Kang Hoo had a Big Start in Sabah via Felda in the 80's. He studied in Chong HWA, Batu 3 1/2 Jln Gombak, KL. His Grandma passed away in their ancestral home behind the School 2 years ago.

Kang Hoo is not from Sabah. He grew up in 3 1/2 mile Gombak. Most old folks know his parents and grandparents since 1950's. He is now staying at Jalan Titiwangsa (Jln Seavoy)

Panglima Lidah Hitam said...

A voice,


his name was also mentioned....

Anonymous said...

Ghani must not get a 4th term as MB...cukup2 lah Ghani..pergi lah retire jadi atok jaga cucu mat salleh awak tu. Johor ni dah tak ada orang yang pandai lagi ke?

Anonymous said...

Wah, lau - so you are content with Johor remaining a "sleepy hollow" in the interests of "agama, bangsa etc"?

Add in heaping dollops of racism, xenophobia and good old-fashioned envy (yup, that green eyed monster that prompts us to cut down "tall poppies") to boot.

You might as well put up big signs at the Causeway and the Second Link saying "Foreign investors are not welcome. Kindly take your money elsewhere".

It's the same pitiful excuse, time after time. We are unable to compete, we need more time, we need special privileges, we resent fellow Malaysians doing better than us....well, you get the drift.

And you have the chutzpah to try and get the Johor Palace involved. Now, isn't that grounds to be whacked with a sedition charge?

Oh, pardonnez moi - I forgot that you aren't a "Tian Chua" who can be pushed around, bullied and vilified.

Let's see if you have the "guts" to publish this post.

Bro Zack said...

Tolong gunakan nama sendiri atau anonymous. Jangan komen menggunakan nama orang lain. Pengecut.

Anonymous said...

My salute to you.
Look at KFC strustute with J corp.Lim kang Hoe was inolved.
The structure said if J Corp fail to pay the loan,All J Corp propertie will goes to Lim K Hoe.

I knew Lim when he listed Ekonvest in Second board.
hishamuddn was his partnet in the co.
Look at Duke highway,Harith ,Hisham brother was involved witl Lim.ekonvest was the contractor.

One day I was called to mengadap Tuanku at Princess Hotel in KL.My friend told me I must dress well,with songkok and black suit.
While waiting for my turm to menghadap Tuanku,Lim k Hoe turn up.He is only wearing short sleeve ship and a cheap sandal.

Gani saorang Mb yang dunggu.1000 ac Tanjong Langsat land given to Lim K Hoe in a vay suspecious manner.Joore was the base for UMNO,but why none of the johorian become big businessman.

Again Bro.Bravo.

popkon said...

musang hitam ni elok saja di lantaik jadi penasihat POP-K ( Persatuan Orang Pencen Kaya)

Persatuan Kebangsaan Melayu Johor said...

Singapura negeri baharu,
Tuan Raffles menjadi raja,
Bunga melur, cempaka biru,
Kembang sekuntum di mulut naga.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that Sunway Bhd owns about 1,800 acres of land in Iskandar Malaysia. It's the second largest land owner in Nusajaya.

According to published reports, Sunway's founder and chairman Jeffrey Cheah owns 48 per cent of the company. Singapore's GIC has a 12 per cent stake in the company too.

And GIC is, according to TheCityUK, the 8th largest sovereign wealth fund (SWF) in the world, with assets of US$248 billion at the end of 2012.

(incidentally, Singapore's Temasek Holdings is the 9th largest SWF with aassets of US$158 billion. Temasek is partnering Khazanah Malaysia in "iconic" projects in Singapore and Iskandar Malaysia)

With that of "firepower", it's Sunway Bhd that could potentially do better than IWH in Iskandar Malaysia.

And where GIC and Temasek go, foreign investors tend to follow.

Why should it be bad for Iskandar Malaysia and Johor if some of these investments head their way?

After all, there's nothing to stop Khazanah from stepping up to the plate and playing with the big boys in the SWF universe.

Is there?

Anonymous said...

As it is said ' Never trust a Chinaman with a moustache !'

Anonymous said...

Huhuhu... Johor.. tak lama lagi... akan jadi macam Pulau Pinang... Sekarang ni... demografik semakin memihak kepada pembangkang...

Orang2 Melayu kebanyakan semakin jadi miskin...

Dr Evil said...


What you wrote are just things at the surface. Go deeper and things would get even murkier - you can no longer be sure who are the traitors and who are the perpetrators.

By the way, the game has already ended months ago when you and other bloggers decided to self-embargo on Iskandar Malaysia. There is no single mastermind, but few big masters of the same mind scheming to rape the state. You don't even need a brain to figure out who these people are. Everything will be bulldozed from now on. No one can stop this. Not even the election. Not even the opposition if they become the government.

Dr Jekyll said...

Dr Evil 1:11 AM

So, why aren't you brave enough to name names, eh?

If you have the courage of your convictions, you should stand up and make your accusations public, instead of hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet?

So, brudder - just who are these "big masters"?

Anonymous said...

AGO must go

Hj Jamal said...

You and Big Dog are vary lose to Sultan.Infact he had invited you and Big Dog to have BBQ with him at his palace in Muar.
Lim K Hoe will not make a bold move in Johore if he doesnt have the backing of the Big Master in Johore.Lim K Hoe also vary generous with money.He give a lot of money to UMNO pusat and UMNO Johore.More than what Syed Mokhtar give.And when the master ask him money ,he never said No.

I dont know if UMNO leader in Johore had a gut to stop this.MB Johore quite well qualify but cant think straight if he see money .

If what your reveal is true,unfortunate for Johorien.You cant stop johore ghost.Everybody in his pocket.

Anonymous said...

Ghani Othman Should be retained as MB for Johor!

He has done an extremely good job of Selling Johor, and a good salesman should be rewarded.

Voice you have to admit that he has done an extremely good job at selling. You just being jealous and spoilsport.


Anonymous said...

Can I ask you something - are u now proposing that Malaysia reverse all the transactions? Pay back everyone who has invested and ask them to leave? What are you actually trying to achieve?


A Voice said...

That is not us to answer because we had the foresight to disagree with iskandar from the day fa sola ti do announce it.

We are more visionary than those korparat ceos who are quarterly short sighted and driven by profit that they can never appreciate the fact that they are selling our country away

Anonymous said...

A face tells you the story !

Anonymous said...

A Chinese opera director will cast a fellow with a crooked face, a crook and as a hero, with an honest face !

Anonymous said...

MR Brick in the wall,
but why only the time BN is facing the rakyat..over 14 years have claim your so call intellectual hard disc of KPRJ?.or your demand not fufill yet? better like the perwakilan money all busuk. got money..all wangi. FACE it at Padang Mashyar.♥

A Voice said...


Are you happy that a single person can control more than 100,000 acres land in Johor Baru, the capital of Johor that you have to pick on my raising of unpaid bills?

My unpaid bills is pittance to what the Johoreans, Melayu or Chinese or Indian or whatever, will lose out.

Land lost will never be regained. Ask the Palestinian, they know what it is all about.

Anonymous said...

The end of Johor-Riau dream. .Egalitarian, Classless, Meritocracy

Nik Rahmoh

Anonymous said...

A respected and senior political analyst has pointed out that the DAP's interest in Gelang Patah is diversionary to save the King in Pulau Pinang by sacrificing the Queen. Dato Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon should unite and kick out these DAP gypsies out of Pulau Pinang and send them back to Singapore !

Anonymous said...

The Iskandar region is nothing. Let us also sell the islands off Mersing. The people there can live there if they like and get good jobs like waiter, cleaner, cook, etc. If not we can move them to Kluang to balance out the number of Chinese there.

Of course if you donot like Gani, he can stand against Lim Kit Siang..more than 50% chance Gani will lose especially with UMNO's help. Oh, what the heck. Let's just sell the whole state and then some of us at least can move to London...good shopping, very polite people, not too hot and very few Chinese or Indians.

melayu hairan said...


aku orang johor, lahir kat muar. Bini pun orang johor, anak baru ada 4 orang. Bila aku tengok balik apa yg orang johor dapat terutamanya melayu johor hasil daripada 'bandaraya Iskandar' nih cumalah SYOK SENDIRI!

apa yg bro tulis itu semua betul, macam tuan syed ali cakap, orang melayu johor nih merupakan melayu paling miskin kat malaysia! Rumah sekarang dah mula RM500 ribu bro!! Mana kita mampu nak beli. Mampu ke anak2 kita nanti nak hidup kat johor nih? atau cuma mampu hidup kat dalam hutan johor aje??

Nama aje Johor nih kubu kuat UMNO yang sepatutnya memperjuangkan orang melayu, TAPI HAKIKATNYA KITA ORANG MELAYU DAH JADI HAMBA PADA CINA2 KAYA DAN CINA2 SINGAPURA!

Bro, apa yg boleh umno dan sultan kita buat sekarang????

Bro, kita nih dah balik jadi macam hang Tuah dan hang Jebat. Yg membunuh hang Jebat itu bernama hang Tuah bukan lim, bukan mutu bukan john!

My Say