Friday, March 01, 2013

13 died, 4 injured to quench devil-incarnate Anwar's thirst for power

How much more should be deceived and sacrificed?

Just as we finished our posting "Sulu salami tactic" this morning, reports came out flashing that our security forces reece party faced a mortar ambush from the intruders side.

Unlike what was reported by the warmonger and messengers of false hood, our side did not attacked them because we wish to avoid blood shed. We were attacked and not the other way around.

There had been casualty on our side and also the so-called royal Sulu Sultanate army. Al fatihah to all of these lost Muslim soul. But frankly, their death was unnecessary.

Our immediate thought is how much more souls have to be sacrificed and millions deceived to quench this devil-incarnate Anwar's thirst for power before public sanity will be regained?

If we are seen as bias and our previous postings because some asshole politicians like Tian Chua and Lt General (R) Abdul Ghafir accused UMNO for the Lahad Datu intrusion and Sauk and Jenalik arms heist that caused the life of Malaysians, why is another Phillipines report accusing Anwar as responsible and one of the a party of three responsible for this incident?

The report as follows:

Gov’t intel eyes 3 groups abetting Sulu sultan’s claim
By Nikko Dizon
Philippine Daily Inquirer
1:29 am | Friday, March 1st, 2013

Whether the heirs of the sultanate of Sulu acted on their own to reclaim Sabah or were instigated by an external force to do so, one thing is certain, according to government intelligence sources: It was a business that proved too big for the heirs to handle on their own.

The sources said that the Philippine government’s policy on Sabah is to keep it in the back burner.

But apparently “some people” want to push it forward now. And why now, at this time, is one of the questions government intelligence is looking into.

The sources consistently mentioned three groups that appear to have taken advantage of the decision of the Kirams to pursue their Sabah claim.

“These are groups that wanted to ride on the Kirams’ pursuit with their own interests in mind,” one of the sources said.

Another source added: “There are a lot who can gain from this, not just in the Philippines but in Malaysia as well.”

These “external factors,” as an Inquirer source described the groups, are one small faction that is in it for the money, an anti-Aquino administration group, and the Malaysian political opposition.

“The Kirams planned to pursue their claim as early as last year. But they went to Lahad Datu also on the instigation of these groups,” the intelligence officer said.

The small group supposedly goaded the Kirams to ask Malaysia for a higher rent on Sabah. If Malaysia gives in, this small group would allegedly have a share of the increase.

The anti-administration group simply wants to discredit President Aquino and is using the peace process as a cause of disenchantment for the Kirams.

“All those who do not like P-Noy (the President’s nickname) have joined forces. This is one way to really test how this administration will react (to such an issue). Whatever happens in Malaysia, there will be a backlash on us,” one source said.

“In a way, whoever wants to disrupt the peace process or the gains of President Aquino has already won,” the source added.

The third group is allegedly the Malaysian political opposition, which is gearing up for general elections that may be called before June.

The intelligence officer said that one member of the Malaysian political opposition allied with Anwar Ibrahim was running for a post in Sabah.
“Apparently, this politician was one of those who spoke with the Kirams. He supposedly gave the opposition’s support to the Kirams’ claim to Sabah,” the source said.

November meeting

The source also believed that in their meeting in November last year, the Kirams decided to “reclaim Sabah or at least ask for a compensation for Sabah that is commensurate to the land’s value today, and for the royal family to be given due recognition by Malaysia.”

But it is being Tausug that is keeping Sultan Jamalul Kiram III, his family, and their subjects stubbornly pressing their renewed claim to Sabah, even to the extent of defying President Aquino, one of the Inquirer sources said.

“This is the last stand of Sultan Jamalul. Being Tausug, they already gave their word they would pursue their claim. This is now do or die for them just to keep their word of honor,” the source, a senior military officer, told the Inquirer.

But for another security administrator analyzing the events of the past three weeks, the Kirams appear to be quite edgy of late.

“They are confused. The government is hopeful that we can buy more time, find a diplomatic way out,” the source said, referring to the government’s efforts to help settle the standoff between Malaysian security forces and an armed group led by Jamalul’s brother, Agbimuddin Kiram, in Tanduao village in Lahad Datu town now in its third week.

Kiram unity

The Inquirer’s sources are from the diplomatic and defense establishments. They asked not to be named as they were not authorized to speak to journalists about their analysis of developments in the so-called journey home to Sabah of the Kirams.

The source said the Kirams decided to unite because they felt left out of the peace negotiations between the Aquino administration and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, which signed a premilinary peace deal last October.

Calling gov’t attention

“The Kirams wanted to get the attention of the Philippine government,” the source said.

“For so many years, the family felt they have been exploited in politics. Sultan Jamalul was goaded to run for senator in 2010 but he lost. Then their letter to President Aquino (in 2010 before he assumed office) got lost,” the source said.

The source said the Kirams and their followers “conceived the details of the plan to go to Lahad Datu” in late January this year.

“In February, a small group of the Kirams’ followers left for Lahad Datu, followed by Raja Muda Agbimuddin,” the source said.

The estimated 70 firearms now in the hands of the group holed up in Tanduao are owned by residents in Lahad Datu, Tausug and Badjao holding Malaysian identification cards, the source said.

Malaysian security forces have encircled Agbimuddin’s group but are holding action, with the grace period for the group to leave having been extended three times and a fourth being requested by the Philippine government.

Malaysians careful

The Inquirer’s military source said the impasse continues because the Malaysians are extra careful in dealing with Agbimmudin’s group.

“They are all Muslims and they know that if there is violence, it would go on forever. There are 800,000 Filipinos in Sabah. It would be a huge problem in Sabah if violence erupts. The Malaysian security forces may end up dealing with guerrillas or a rido,” the source said, using a Muslim term for clan war.
Is this why Tian Chua have to quickly deflect and as always quickly without thinking further blame it on UMNO?

As on many occasions, Anwar is quick with his blame on others, particularly UMNO and not taking responsibilities for his actions. Is that the irresponsible leader that many Malaysian fell head over heal with?

He is known to be close with the Phillipines government, Nur Misuari and now the report have informed that he made contact with the Sulu Sultanate.

In fact, he was always that busy body wishing to to know everyone making headlines in the world without pondering a moment the implication. He is reaching out to everybody foe and foe and that could perhaps be the reason why ABIM has an outfit called ABIM Out Reach.

Why would the Pinoy would want to collaborate with UMNO?

Any intelligence outfit do not mince their words. Information is information, be it about friends or foe or one of their own. They are not the one to do anything about the information but the superior.

This despicable PKR politics have no bound in lying, collaborating with traitors, corrupts and incompetents,  and sacrificing lives to meet their quest for power. 

Pinoy have no interest on the outcome of the upcoming Malaysian general election, thus on what reason do they wish to support UMNO.

Given the fact that Anwar is personally close with former President Estrada and Corazon Aquino, if there is any motive on the government of Philipines to work with any particular party, for the Phillipines Presidents would private at an individual level help Anwar.

Allahyarham Inspector Zulkifli bin Mamat with his family

Thus far, there had been four death and two casualities from our side:  
1. Insp G/17992 Zulkifli bin Mamat (death)
2. Kpl 113088 Sabaruddin bin Daud (death)
3. Kpl 135383 Azman bin Ampong (death)
4. Kpl 152133 Mohd Tarmizi bin Hashim (injured hand and feet at the Lahad Datu Hospital)5. Kpl 176533 Mohd Qaiyum'aiqal bin Zolkifli (injured right shoulder and both feet at Sandakan Hospital)

Let's not call them terrorist but intruders. There is 10 deaths, 4 injured and 4 held.

May Allah bless all these souls.

Do ponder as we gaze at the eyes of the two children who has lost their father and their mother who has lost a husband, how much more lives are we willing to sacrifice to play to Anwar Ibrahim's quest for power?

As it is, I Files [see here] made more revelation on the RM3 billion war chest that Anwar have allegedly plundered from Petronas with help from his MCKK friends. Yet, some of us are so naive to not be able to realise and allow him to continue in his elements. 

And, some former army and police superiors could betray their friends despite the knowledge on what actually happened. Where do their conscience lies to betray on their fellow comrades?

Not to mention, the lies, the blame, the wild accusation, the spin and the deception he has done to play on the emotion on the innocent Malaysians..


Anonymous said...

BABI treachery knows no limit!

This arsehole lover must be held accountable from this stand-off that have claim the live of two of our policemen!

Anonymous said...

may god bless the souls of these brave policemen because they have sacrificed their lives for this beloved

let us remember the blood that these policemen and our security personnel have bleed in defending this country from intrusion of the Kiram gunmen

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

I agree the deaths are unnecessary. Bu then we have all the time in the world to solve it amicably. It may take more than 3 weeks or even months to starve and weakened them. They are not many compared to our numbers, weaponry and other resources. The ultimate aim is to prevent deaths to fellow Muslims brothers. Never mind what the public and world say about being indecisive.

The Malaysian security should not give time limits to solve the standoff. When the third time limit was ignored we lost face, sent blood curdling on both sides and guns ablazing.

This is a repeat of Mamali standoff leading to messacre, and also the Khalil-Muhdalena amok. Wisely engaged, time and patience are weapons of peace.

Right from the first day, Najib said we don't want bloodshed. Bold. What is the message? Just say to end it peacefully without needing to mention bloodshed is more befitting for a PM to say. Is he is in a hurry to solve otherwise it may become a political issue in the coming election? Now that lives are lost, it becomes an issue that the government is incompetent.

Given that Anwar is the dalang and proven he could be placed under ISA. Oh no, Najib listened and abolished ISA! Najib gets his own medicine for his blunders.

Anonymous said...

The dead gunman pic is the southern Thai separatist. Standing in the picture are Thai security forces. Please check before u post or repost

IT.Sheiss said...

May God bless the policemen's souls.

However, is this over or it just the beginning? There are supposed to be 180 intruders with many more arms than the 12 killed.

Dewa Muda said...

Masya Allah, it should not have ended with blood shed, Al Fatihah .........

Kiram had no ability and capacity to launch such a commotion. I mean, how could he claim other territory while a true fact is that Kiram has not been able to claim the sovereignty of his own motherland. What a bull.

Provocateurs must have been involved, and of course, I smell the China Doll actor.

Anonymous said...

3 polis Melayu terkorban dan 2 polis Melayu tercedera serta 10 penceroboh Sulu Melayu terkorban ( kasihan pada keluarga mereka ).

kemudian datang pula Tian Chua aktivis Cina pencacai BABI mengatakan ini semua konspirasi Melayu Umno...

should I say more....

Anonymous said...

All the Spin in the world will not be able to hide the fact that Najib and his government has Bungled the Lahad Datu Standoff!!

We have now to read foreign news to know what is going on in Malaysia!!


Anonymous said...

Hisham, why are we employing our police to do this dangerous job? The intruder are armed with heavy weaponry like mortar and RPG. That is not for police. It is for the army. This guy claim they are royal sulu army and want to take over Sabah. It is not a petty theft, its threat to national sovereignty and territorial integrity. If they want a war, let them have a taste of royal Malaysian army fire power. Where is our tanks, artillery, jets, warship etc?

Anonymous said...

ini semua Anwar punya pasal.....kah..kah..kah...

Najib yg tak ada telor tu entah lari ke mana ??

Anonymous said...

anon 9:14

and you believe foreign news reports???

A Voice said...

Anon 6:53 PM

I think you are naive of the difference between army and police authority AND on the police operations.

I suggest you read up about the great VAT 69 Commando that was acknowledged by the British as the key to addressing the communist insurgency from 1948-1986.

The are an important historical factor.

For a start, read this in GAP but it is in Malay ...

... you are Malaysian right?

A Voice said...

Anon 10:01

You have to tell me first if all those other Phillipines report is false.

Then tell me if a reputable news organisation like Reuters is false also to say that Anwar is not involve.

The motives are there and it is unfolding unless Anwar have bomoh your brain and sense from thinking and feeling it.

To say that Najib or Hishmuddin procrastinated, there is some truth since The Star's chronology of event seemed to indicate.


But that is still not complete. One must have knowledge of the situation and terrain to act.

Let me reproduce this discussion on that the Blackberry that is worthy to ponder:

Kwn2, allow me a moment of indulgence to clear the foul stench of stupidity amongst the malaysians.

Kes kat LD is nothing new to us sbhns, in the 90s they abruptly came to the shore at Semporna and immediately bombed the police stations, and went amuck at the town.

They are smart people, some left at the sea naik dr kwsn bakau and lived 4 6 mth b4 start to mingle with locals and married them.

The tausugs in LD now didn't came all at once, instead they came in batches, with inside helping frm their family at the village.

Trust me they have been there at least 2 3 mth b4 the group bcomes complete, then they decide its time to wage war.

Klu tak paham rules of engagement, jgnlah menunjuk pandai ckp bukan2 kata kerajaan lemau, ada hati nak banding dgn bersih.

Polis kene masuk dulu sbb dorg trained as negotiators, tentera is the last resort as they will not spare anyone once commanded.

They need time to ensure all the locals are out of the village and then cut their food and finance sources, hoping the tausugs will surrender.

That is our rules of engagement. We are not barbaric stoic like the american soldiers.

Yg pandai ckp je kt media skrg ni cuba bg arahan btukar kt sbh ke swk, meraung bwk keturunan naik turun ofis merayu xnak dok sana, tp mulut mcm haram mengutuk semua yg tlibat kt LD kata klu dorg kt sana lama dah setel.

Kene suntik kt spital pun pejam mata mengucap2, tgk darah pun pitam lagi nak g perang.

Those who went in and died today knew they might not come back alive, as that was their vow when inducted to the force.

So please,
belajar dr sejarah, nak blajar sejarah kene bnyk membaca, sbb tu org kita ramai jd mcm ni, mulut ngan otak tak sama frekuensi, bhs biadapnya bangang abadi.

Fedup with their stupidity. Thank u for ur moment. ...

The rest is more uncomplimentary on oppositions and their supporters.

Anonymous said...

Crazy Anwar JinGAY would remain till the end of their live due to have a collaboration with Jewish funder such Soros. Anwar JiNGAY clearly stated would protect Israel instead of Palestine. But Anwar JinGAY suitable requirement to dealing with such Jews example Soros. Only the Allah will show the best lesson for the betrayal.

My Say