Wednesday, April 11, 2018

More analysts bullish for a BN win

Continuing this morning posting HERE on bullish prediction on the stock market following an expected BN win, Oxxford Economics also predicted a comfortable BN win. Read HERE.

Earlier CIMB expected a BN win and viewed it as positive for the market. Read HERE.

Malaysia Digest HERE  reviewed Bloomberg news as Najib is bad news for Mahathir.

In case, pro-PH supporters are calling all these as fake news, HSBC too is predicting a BN win.

Reuters laid out all reasons that Najib will win HERE. There have been several other foreign media expressing similar optimism for BN.

Dato Salleh Said Kerusk was reported to say Mahathir is expecting a BN victory and changing strategy to.merely deny BN two third majority.

Mahathir is expected to playsafe and only run in Langkawi.

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