Sunday, June 03, 2007

Altantuya Murder: Stop Speculating, Let The Court Decide!

Few days before the arrest of Abdul Razak Baginda for alleged murder of Altantuya, I received an SMS alerting me of something "big" about to happen. On the day of the arrest, November 7th, 2007, my buddy SMS of it. I thought this must be that "big" event.

My first impression was .... Whoo! This Razak has close working relationship with Dato' Najib, by virtue of his Defense Strategic work. He is also a Director of Perimekar Sdn Bhd, the Project Management Company related to the two submarines purchased. This man handles sensitive information regarding the defense of the realm.

To be charged for murder, then it is no laughing matter. It is a capital offense and the burden of proof is on the prosecutor and murder judgement requires proof beyond reasonable doubt. Read Wikipedia's article on burden of proof here. This is not stuff for "ring" of spin and speculation for "clowns in political circus".

Expectedly a day later, I received an SMS from such clown attempting to link Dato' Seri Najib visit to Cherboug, France the town seaside the submarine is being built a year earlier with Altantuya's son which is one year old at that time.

I can only suspect that SMS like this cannot come from people outside but inside the circle of power or authority. As it turns out, Dato Seri Najib did make a visit but the kid couldn't possibly be biologically Najib's. The rules of the birds and bees need at least additional 9 months for fertelised egg to grow into a baby!

Since then I became suspicious of any discussion and analysis of the Altyantuya case unless it is based on fact. As I see, only the parties involved and investigating police knows the fact. The truth is always within God's knowledge. It is safe bet to suspect that behind that SMS rumour are people with interest to see the downfall of Najib. Most popular theory that have been making its round is Khairy needing a reason to chop off Dato Seri Najib for his quest for the Premiership by 40.

No doubt that the case attracted speculations and controversies - court outburst by Mrs Razak, a former Magistrate; the bail allowed and later disallowed; trial date pushed back and later brought forward; Razak's affidavit that account his first meeting with Chief Inspector Azilah at Dato Najib's office; and even rumours of KL law firms refusing to take up the defense for Razak.

However, these are all talks. Again, I reiterate to remind that this is a murder case. Murder is not a fodder for power play. Peoples' lives are at stake. The prosecution file charges because they have some 100 witness. On trail are members of the police force and a public personality.

The burden of proof on the three suspect is already tough and yet there are those attempting to link to Najib without any iota of proof. Just like the sender of that strange SMS I received, many are trying to gain mileage and opportunity out of peoples lives - the victim, and suspects.

Biggum described in his posting here of a fading star politician, and a dejected wannabee politician turn drama queen blogger doing the sub-judicial act of not only discussing the case but unabatedly dramatising and spinning in their speeches and blog posting to infer Dato Najib's involvement. These two have no locus standi but mere locus trying to disrupt the process of law by pre-emption.

Even those with locus standi, like politico cum sensationalist lawyer to the defendent Azilah, Zulkifli Nordin are looking at the case from a political angle, if I could judge his comment in the June 2nd, 2007 International Herald Tribune. For Godsake Zulkifli Nordin, set aside your politics! Your client's life is at stake and their interest should be foremost. Do your "drama" in the court room where it really matters, not outside to the press.

I did do some "asking around". Sources told me Razak is not really in Dato' Najib's political inner circle. As political strategist, he lost credibility in his analysis and recomendation on Soviet political transition. One sensational info presented to me was Razak has a bit of talking too much after few glasses of wine. HE shot himself in the foot when talking in separate companies of Kalimullah, Brendan and Khairy. He did request for help to Dato' Seri Najib but was suggested to do a police report.

This version of information just proof to tell that the rumours doing its rounds is suspect. So, the long and short story and the FACT to the matter is:

This is a murder case against two members of the police force and against Abdul Razak Baginda on abetting a murder charge. There is no Dato Seri Najib on trial. Prosecution only need to prove and link the actual links, then issues of motives and political conspiracy becomes irrelevent. This case is to be decided by the court and only they are authorise and capable to decide, not the noisy Bar Council members and more so, nosy press and bloggers.

As the title of Herbie Hancock fusion jazz number, I say "Rockit"! Let justice takes its course!

To others without understanding and access to anything, just listen up and shut up! Lives are at stake here! No drama script and cinematic screenplay, please. To Razak, Azilah and Sirul, I wish all of you the best. The prosecutor and police did a substantial amount of work to build up a case. I wish them the best in discharging their duty.

Selected initial blogger postings: Rocky, Damian Yeo, and Linken Lim


Anonymous said...

Great story.

DPM Dato' Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak was in Cherbourg and Paris in June 2005 where he announced that RMN will not compromise on the training and safety skills of the submariine corp, even though it meant the delivey and operational date of the submarine will be delayed.

This was a landmark decision for the submarine project.

Anonymous said...

according to reports, no blood sample was taken from Razak or any other person except the child.

How can one conclude that the child is not Razak's (or any other males) since no male blood sample is taken?

The DNA that makes up a child's DNA is a pair from a male and a female.

Johnny Ong said...

unfortunately it has to happen in malaysia

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