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Did Amokh picked IRDA's Harun Johari for his MCOBA background? (Updated)

IRDA and Khazanah is only about Nusajaya dan Medini project but con others to claim credit for ongoing South Johor development plans done by Johor state.

IRDA is a Khazanah conjob. Let's close it down!

The Malaysian Insider picked up on a news on the blogs on the resignation of the second CEO for IRDA. Since Khazanah has a hand in the selection of CEO, it puts in question Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar's ability to pick senior staff for IRDA.

The news below:

Iskandar rocked by CEO’s resignation - The Malaysian Insiders

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 24 — The country’s showpiece economic corridor, Iskandar Malaysia, has been rocked with the sudden resignation of chief executive officer Harun Johari just months after his appointment.

He also becomes the second CEO to exit the Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) since it was set up in November 2006, following the footsteps of Datuk Ikmal Hijaz. Harun’s departure will raise more red flags over a project which has been long on announcements and master plans but painfully short on visible changes on the ground.

It also calls into question Khazanah Nasional’s acumen in picking senior officials to drive this ambitious project.
The Malaysian Insider understands that Harun tendered his resignation on Thursday but talk of his possible departure has been swirling since it became apparent that he was not on the same page as senior Johor officials including the Johor mentri besar, the co-chairman of IRDA.

A stalwart at Shell for more than two decades, he was the CEO of the Port of Tanjung Pelepas before being tapped for the IRDA spot. An introvert, he brought in a clutch of former executives from Shell to shake up the lacklustre IRDA and focus the staff on achieving goals. His strength at Shell was to get the processes right but his critics argued that he lacked charisma and confidence for the senior position.

Powerful Johor civil service officials complained that he did not engage them directly. He also faced some resistance from IRDA staff who were loyal to Ikmal. In July, he became the target of a blog called IRDA Watch.

It is unclear who will replace Harun but Johor politicians feel that the position should be given to a senior official of the Johor civil service, instead of leaving the head-hunting to Khazanah Nasional.

In the Budget unveiled yesterday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced an attractive tax structure for those working in Iskandar in an attempt to kick start a project which showed much promise when launched from Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 2006.

But bureaucracy, politicking and lack of leadership has seen confidence about turning Iskandar Malaysia into a global metropolis and the country’s next engine of growth curdle into cynicism.
Why did Azman Mokhtar chose Harus Johari in the first place?

This is his background as taken from a commentator in the IRDA Watch blog here republished below:

Who's Harun Hj. Johari.


For most of his 30-year working profession, Harun was primarily in the energy industry. He started his career with a subsidiary of a petroleum multinational corporation immediately after graduating as a mechanical engineer with first class honours, in Australia in 1976.

His experience spans from front-end technical service and marketing to senior management positions in logistics, business consultancy as well as health, safety and environment.

In 1999, he was the Vice President, a senior leadership position of a global business unit, of a large multinational corporation based in the UK. He held this role which had bottom-line responsibility for 15 countries in the Asia Pacific region before advancing to be the Advisor for safety, health and environment.

After over 25 years, Harun left the energy sector to join the logistics industry to manage one of Malaysia’s leading container ports as the Chief Executive Officer.

He enjoyed his stint there whereby the start-up business has been managed for continued success, with a more robust the customer base, a strengthened balance sheet and the development of the organisational capability to transform the whole organisation for sustainable growth into the future and realise its newly enhanced vision.

He has been in the boards of several joint venture companies in the Asia Pacific as well as that of a public listed company. He was also a trustee for a Malaysian oil company.

Currently, he is the chairman of the University of Western Australia graduate association in Malaysia.

His career for over the two decades in the energy as well as the logistics industries, in the diverse roles, provided him with extensive business and international experience in managing mixed portfolio of businesses in terms of maturity, challenges and cultures. His greatest satisfaction has been in transforming the business for breakthrough performance.

Harun is married to Dr Nur Ainun, a dental surgeon. They are blessed with a daughter who has a biotechnology background with her Masters degree on the subject. Harun felt very fortunate to have been able to work and live among various different nationalities throughout his career and overseas postings.

Special skills / Experiences:

1. Petroleum specialities products – Country responsibility
 Bottomline responsibility
 Brand and Channel management
 Regional procurement
2. Business Re-engineering Consultant – Upstream / Downstream / Natural Gas
 Companywide Business transformation
 Best in class Customer Service Centre design and implementation
 Organisational design (incl scorecard and variable pay)
3. Supply-Distribution (logistics) – Country Responsibility
 Best practice Road transport management transformation
 Joint-Venture project: The multiproduct pipeline
 Companywide ERP implementation
4. Vice President – LP Gas Business Asia Pacific
 Implement global business model
 China business divestment
 Channel transformation (incl safety management in tertiary distribution)
 Price management and Sales Competency
5. CEO – Leading Malaysian container port
 Transition management from successful start-up to growth phase
 Managing for continued growth and sustainable performance
 Human capital development

Board memberships:
1. Board Chairman Sri Lanka government JV company, Sri Lanka
2. Board member, Pakistan public listed company, in Karachi
3. Board member Vietnam government JV company, Hanoi
4. Board member Indian JV private company, Mumbai
5. Board member Australian private limited company, Melbourne
The subsequent comments exposed his ineffectiveness at PTP. And his background does not meet the need of IRDA. Is it a case of MCOBA cronyism without even the minimal of justification?

IRDA Watch blog claims that Khazanah pays for IRDA's CEO RM60,000 monthly salary. IRDA is an authority. Is that bribery?

Khazanah gives IRDA a great pay package with 5 months bonus with zero KPI measurables and deliverables. It's a One Stop Centre where Everything Stops Here.

This is the right place for those within the MCOBA and UKEC networking. Talk like real, glamourous, high paying, demand the sky and do nothing.

* Updated 7:30 PM


Anonymous said...

Amokh, what do u have to say about this? are u going to write a long email to ur staff, oops sorry, are u going to ask ur consultant to write a long email to your staff about this blog and others that are questioning about your choice to run IRDA? And why the hell do u have the say in choosing those poor CEO? U want IRDA to report to u right? If u want a federal statutory body to report to u, u become PM la! U think KJ will continue to protect u hah? U planted ur friends in Najib's office, u think we do not know hah? Look at all those GLCs under Khazanah since u took over CEO post, talk cock only. U go back to Tenaga la, do investor relation job! Useless hopeless bugger!

Anonymous said...

Amokh, what do u have to say about this? are u going to write a long email to ur staff, oops sorry, are u going to ask ur consultant to write a long email to your staff about this blog and others that are questioning about your choice to run IRDA? And why the hell do u have the say in choosing those poor CEO? U want IRDA to report to u right? If u want a federal statutory body to report to u, u become PM la! U think KJ will continue to protect u hah? U planted ur friends in Najib's office, u think we do not know hah? Look at all those GLCs under Khazanah since u took over CEO post, talk cock only. U go back to Tenaga la, do investor relation job! Useless hopeless bugger!

Anonymous said...

Harun masa kat PTP pun dia bukannya ngam dengan Chairman, Datuk Sidek, sebab tu contract dia tak kena renew. Lepas dia blah PTP, Datuk Sidek terpaksa betul kan apa yg Harun buat jahanam kat PTP. Semua org kat johor tau cerita pasal nie.

Kat IRDA pulak, dia tak ngam dengan Chairman IRDA, MB Johor. Dia nie memang ada attitude problem. Besar Kepala. Orang kerja kat SHELL la katakan. Dia selalu make fun of Johor Civil Servant, dia bagitau kat IRDA stafff, orang gomen lembab la, tak pandai la, even dia kata staff kat PTP tuh tak bagus. Dia pernah kata kat IRDA staff masa meeting "i'm not answerable to MB Johor, i only report to Khazanah"! Bagus la dia dah berambus dari IRDA.

Gelang Patah, Johor

Anonymous said...

Dia orang nie memang jambu menjambu masa kat koleq dulu, terbawak bawak sampai ke tua. Kira sama macam kes Anwar la. Old habit dies hard!


vinnan said...

Just another PKFZ in the making. My cousin works in the IDR and she tells me there is practically no foreign investment coming in. All the announcements by this or that Arab investor and the announcements of the MB have mostly amounted to nothing. Just like the RM4 Billion ringgit Zambry clown announcement in Perak. With the exception of a trickle of investments coming mostly from Singapore, the project is a total failure. UMNO cronies are given contracts to build roads and buildings which no one is going to use in the foreseeable future.

Then again isn't UMNO about the accumulation of wealth through the government so that these UMNO warlords can keep the Malays happy and continue to vote for UMNO stupidly? Mohd Isa's big win in Bagan Pinang is a case in point. We all know that there is no Petronas big enough to sustain this corruption to continue keeping UMNO in power indefinitely. Najib and UMNO will fail because like drug addicts the projects-drugs must keep flowing to keep UMNO alive. The day UMNO fails and the Malays start to riot, I want to be one of the first to tell these rioting Malays that unlike Indonesia the non-Malays will not quietly let the mobs kill and rape as they please.

UMNO can say and do what they like with their 'ketuanan' but UMNO can never take away the ability of the non-Malays to defend themselves.

Anonymous said...

why not you guys go and form an anonymous society and make one of em to the post? opps, sorry none of you are capable. too bad, budak koleq better than you guys!

komeng shark said...

COO IRDA, hilmi, yang suruh orang melayu pegi jual goreng pisang kat legoland pun dah berhenti ka?

EditorSemasa.Net said...

Agree, we don't need Iskandar Malaysia. We need Jambatan Bengkok!

Anonymous said...

the comment above from vinnan, the well known cyber anti malay racist, is irrelevant to the topic. why is this cancerous ungrateful malaysian always show up in blogs and stir hate for the malays? go cut your passport and join your landless brothers to beg for BOC in the UK, only to come back to reappeal citizenship in this blessed country. we love multiracial malaysians but we sure dont need another filthy chin peng on this land! even chin peng begs to die in this country.

back to the article.
this is a good corporate watchblog. i consider myself as an outsider to irda although johor blood runs through my veins. in my opinion harun seems to have a good background to take up any ceo job. but info not available on public domain shared here might tell us something that we normal joes do not know. well this guy has resigned, i guess that should resolve one problem. i hope irda will get a decent johorean, down to earth,no nonsense ceo to replace him.


Anonymous said...


Sir... kenapa hanya UMNO sahaja yang dipersalahkan.. PFKZ tu kan MCA punya menteri.. tolong la.. be fair please... tak payah la nk buruk2 kan UMNO.. just say kerajaan... then i accept it... kakitangan kerajaan pun byk muka2 yangtak tau malu menyokong pembangkang... mentaliti nik ajis.. org bagi gaji, elaun, bonus, pencen... amik.. tapi sokong pembangkang... jenis yang macam nie la suka sabotage projek2 kerajaan.. then kata kerajaan mcm2.. padahal mereka la dalang segalanya...

akai ada kaa...

Anonymous said...

This Vinna guy is truly racist . Pandai nak kutuk UMNO. IF NOT HAPPY HERE GI MIGRATE TO ELSEWHERE.
So far we are contented with the present gov. its people like you that makes havoc here. Najib knows whats going on he will step in and make annoucements soon if there something wrong.

Fr Pak Kadok

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:34

Mmg budak kolet better than us. Better at ruining the country after being buiult up by their own luminopus alumni.

Read ANwar Ibrahim.

Good of you to take this as tiotle voice. Fed up with this kolet cronyism. Be fair to all la. THat is abuse of power.

If MCOBA continue with this ways. One day the whole nation will shun them. It just takes time. Bukan terer lagi MCKK macam dulu. Position dalam result SPM dan apa2 periksa dah no where. Dalam satu dua generation, budak kolet akan kerja cuci sampah di WPI.

Anonymous said...

Hilmi COO IRDA tak berhenti. Dia buat bodoh aje. Siapa la nak hire dia kat luar tu, MISC dan PETRONAS tempat lama dia memang tak akan hire dia balik, IRDA jugak la yang tongong hire orang yang tak boleh buat kerja.

Anonymous said...

An understanding of the governance structure of Iskandar Malaysia is crucial before you can make constructive criticism.

The CEO is a good guy but his failure is not because of his shortcomings, but the system almsot ensures failure. He's done a good job within the confines of the system and I don't think you can ask for more from any CEO given the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

What good job did Harun did in 1 year?

Anonymous said...

"What good job did Harun do in 1 year?

1. He hired his best friend, ex-Shell/Mcoba boy, Ahmad Suhaili, to head 2 divisions in IRDA, ie Integrated Planning, (2) Social Development, after he was sacked from SKS (subsidiary of MMC) early of the year for screwing up Iran venture that could cost MMC about RM6 billion (Suhaili was the project director). Suhaili was an oil trader, and definitely not a planner what so ever. And guess how much Harun offered Suhaili? RM50k per month!

2. He hired his good friend, another ex-shell oxymoron, Jameson Pias, to head Strategic Com for IRDA. Since Jameson already held few directorships including Urusharta Cemerlang (that manages Pavillion Residence), Harun offered Jameson a special contract, 3-day working day. Jameson only works for IRDA on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. As for Monday and Friday, he can bonk any bitches he wants. Oh, this is the best part, at Shell, he was doing HR job, meaning he got no clue about branding, no strategic com background, u can ask any reporter in town, nobody ever heard of this Jameson. His last position in Shell was selling some oil lubricant at Kuantan branch. He even admited to his staff in IRDA that he doesn't know about branding or trategic com, but he joined IRDA to "provide leadership" (in British accent). When Jameson is in JB (at IRDA expense, of course), he only stays at Hyatt or Puteri Pac, chauffer-driven. And how much Harun offered Jameson? RM45k per month!

3. To show that Harun cares about his friends, he even hired all his MCKK Friends' nephews/nieces/neighbours/etc with no relevant experiences but offered ridiculuosly high pays. When he first joined IRDA, staff strength was only 90. Now, it's almost 180, going to 200! If u compare with MIDA johor (5 staff), JSIC that is equivalent to Invest Johor (10 staff), UPEN Johor/EPU Johor (15 staff) -that are incharge for the whole of Johor - what the FUCK IRDA needs that many staff for? And this is the amusing part. Not only IRDA is overstaff, they keep on hiring consultants. Last count, currently there are over 30 consulting companies doing 30 over blueprints for IRDA. Assuming 1 consulting firm allocated 5 consultants, there are over 150 consultants at IRDA office! Oh, before i forgot, some of these consultants are Harun's ex-shell friends that set-up consulting firm just for the job, notable one is Naidu Consulting.

4. Since Harun is very committed with his work in IRDA, Harun turned down most social invitations by JCS (Johor Civil Service), or associations, or agencies in Johor, AT THE LAST MINUTE! That pretty much explain why MB Johor is so pissed off at him. You are the CEO of IRDA, engagement is definitely part of your job! Idiot!

5. Harun is a fair person. Since most IRDA staff are well aware of what he offered to his ex-shell friends, Harun decided the easiest solution to this problem is to bribe them. So Harun promoted about 20-odd IRDA staff in July/August although Harun just joined the company less than 3 months. As for Dato Ikmal's supporters in the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), Harun doubled their salaries. Currently, there are over 20 staff in IRDA that earns more than RM35k per month! Oh by the way, IRDA is a federal statutory body, they are not a profit & loss company. But they can still afford to pay that much, thanks to the taxpayers.

6. For more "achievements" of Harun, you can ask PTP staff, they got so much story to tell. Do u know that during staff gathering/assembly when he first announced his intention to leave PTP, his staff even clap their hands! That is pathetic.

7. And the list goes on! I have not touched about the RMK9 projects that are handle by IRDA and IIB. That one i let MACC to investigate.

Harun failed big time in PTP, and now IRDA, and if Amokh put him to head other GLC, then u should know, there's something wrong with Khazanah's CEO as well.

Inglourious Basterd.

vinnan said...

First of all UMNO does not represent ALL Malays. UMNO assumes Malays must necessarily support UMNO. This assumption is both arrogant and stupid. I personally know of many Malays who hate UMNO. Moreover, if you UMNO clowns had cared to read CAREFULLY what I have written, you would see that I really do not give a f[;] as to what UMNO wants to do with country so long as when UMNO runs out of money as the oil wealth will one day to keep the Malays contented and happy, do not get the non-Malays involved in your shit. We will protect ourselves, this I promise you UMNO clowns.

As for the PKFZ, it was built using loans with government guarantees. Who controls the government if not you UMNO clowns. This is why the non-Malays hate the BN component parties. The component parties act as shields for UMNO while allowing UMNO to blame the non-Malays for all the shit which UMNO creates so that UMNO can continue to play the Malay hero. Well the non-Malays have woken up. One more thing. The Indian support for Mohd Isa has more to do with the ex-MB's ability to keep the Indians happy in Negri Sembilan rather than UMNO winning Indian support. Let's wait for the impending Batu by-election and let's see how much the urban Indians love UMNO.

What the f;[' gives you UMNO clowns the right to tell me to leave this country. If you do not like people like me exercising my universally accepted right to criticise political parties then you UMNO clowns should dissolve UMNO, stop being corrupt and the criticisms will stop.

Azman Kader said...

Anyway for the cooments above; the rakyat and our children suffer in the end.

And to all the anonymous(es) out there. Instead of talk do something to make a change. Everyday I read the blogs!
Everyday I leave my house and see that Malaysians are good at talking but not doing. If people are making money, they don't complain - that is the malaysian way.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't make you less of a crossdresser vinnan... lol.

Anonymous said...

Dey vinnan u bloody racist pundek.. read below asshole..

Di negeri mana di dalam dunia ini bangsa-bangsa yang mendatang diterima baik menjadi warganegaranya beramai-ramai.Beliau menegaskan bahawa hanya negara ini sahaja di dalam dunia ini telah memberi segala kemudahan kepada semua bangsa yang mendatang di sini menjadi warganegaranya.

Pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu di sini dalam tahun 1957 dahulu memberi segala kemudahan kepada bangsa-bangsa asing di sini menjadi warganegara di sini.

“Ini amat bodoh sekali kerana adanya lebih ramai bangsa-bangsa asing (khususnya Cina dan India) menjadi rakyat di sini, tentu sukar bagi orang-orang Melayu di sini hendak menguasai bangsa-bangsa lain itu.

“Jika benar mereka hendak menguasai bangsa-bangsa asing di sini, mereka dengan mudah sahaja berbuat demikian dalam tahun 1957 dahulu dengan tidak memberi kemudahan untuk bangsa-bangsa asing menjadi warganegara.

Beliau menerangkan bahawa sungguhpun orang-orang Melayu telah bermurah hati menerima baik bangsa-bangsa asing, tetapi sekarang ini mereka itulah (Melayu) golongan bangsa yang termiskin sekali.

Datuk Sambanthan bertanya: “Siapa yang memiliki bandar-bandar dan gudang-gudang serta ladang-ladang di sini. Adakah gudang-gudang dan ladang-ladang ini dimiliki oleh orang-orang Melayu?” (Berita Harian: 25.6. 19650)

Anonymous said...


Government guarantee? A letter of support is not a guarantee la bodoh.

Reading too much into LKS tua nak mampus!

Anonymous said...

Amokh, not only Harun Johari need to resign, Arlida Ariff also need to resign or she will have to re-consider her position if it is thru to the rumours that she is letting her husband to meddles on the executive decision in implementing Iskandar Malaysia..and awarding contracts to her husband's company, and also the strategists..for their shortcoming

Unknown said...

Lu orang tak puas hati sama Harun, pergi settle man to man la bro. Jangan dok cakap kat belakang. Tarak telur ka?

Teman said...

Arlida oh Arlida, u dah banyak "buat" duit masa kat KLCC and Putrajaya still not enuff ka? Cukup cukup la tuh. Satu dunia dah heboh about your "hobby" giving contract to ur hubby.

Anak Haram said...


Sebab dah settled man-to-man la Harun kena kicked off from IRDA. Tak pahe pahe lagi.. Lu slow la bro.

p/s btw, Harun tu pendek aje, anak gua yg form 3 pun boleh "makan" dia anytime.

Anonymous said...

hey, i thought the malaysian insider report said harun resigned, not that he was kicked out.

guys, get your facts straight lah

maybe he's had enough of all the nonsense going on and has decided to leave.

at least he has the guts to leave and have to be asked to leave.

and as for the johor govt departments... if they're so good and efficient, how come johore was such a backwater and cowboy town until khazanah and irda came along...

wake up lah all you kampung mentality folks. singapore zoomed past you and you're only how far away?

Anonymous said...

Selling land to Singaporean is not progress, bringing 700 thousand not paying tax Singaporean to reside in Johor, will not benefit Johorean in long run.

Anonymous said...

Yep, To change JB (the backwater and cowboy town) to a so-called 'metropolis' by bringing 700 thousand Singaporean is a shallow and ill conceived development plan.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said...

and as for the johor govt departments... if they're so good and efficient, how come johore was such a backwater and cowboy town until khazanah and irda came along...

Orang-orang IRDA, IIB dan Khazanah pun bukanlah pandai sangat..tak ada apa nak dibanggakan kalau hanya jual tanah dan rumah.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a top-class world city to Work, Live and Play..(EDB, Singapore)

IRDA's vision...Invest,Work,Live and Play..

IRDA/IIB/Khazanah..ini siapa tiru siapa?

Keparat said...

Anon 3.04am,

Harun was asked to leave, for sure. You can ask Azman Mokhtar or MB Johor. Unless you prefer to believe what Malaysia Insider's wrote. Next time, if you are not sure which one is fact and fiction, just shut up and continue playing with your ugly looking balls (if you hv one)

"and as for the johor govt departments... if they're so good and efficient, how come johore was such a backwater and cowboy town until khazanah and irda came along..."

Machar, what the hell are you talking about? What has IRDA done for Johor since 2007? IRDA is nothing but a big joke in JB. U think Khazanah is so great huh? Just look at GLCs under Khazanah, most of them are neither here nor there. I think you read too much brokers' report sucking on Khazanah for more M&A deals.

MalayJessyJames said...

Bina Fikir + AMOKH + KJ + Anwar = sama jer ... satu group

Anonymous said...

Its quite obvious that M'sia's administrative bodies aren't the most efficient in the world. I guess that's the price we pay for making scapegoats of the qualified people, glorifying political cronies and promoting government half-bakes. Its bizarre that Shell used Harun for 28 years, whilest (from whats being said) the country can't wait to get him out of IRDA and its not even a year. I pity the chappy...

Anonymous said...

to Anon 7.16pm, is that u Jamesuck?

and u ask readers to surf

for what?

All those news are recycle news la brader. In fact, those investment numbers have nothing to do with Harun or IRDA at all. Malu la sikit kawan. Trying to get credit for doing nothing.

So please stop blaming others, ie the govt agencies, politicians, etc for your bitch's failure in IRDA.

Anonymous said...


some update from IRDA board meeting last thursday.

Members have accepted the resignation of Harun Johari and have idenfitied the new CEO that will report on 1st Jan 2010. As you are aware, this whole drama down south was more of MB Johor's own initiative to take the drastic action as more Johoreans are getting upset with IRDA's dismal performance, esp since Harun took over the CEO position. If you recall, one of the Board member of IRDA, ie Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar was not in favour of MB Johor's request back in June/July (no comment), but Ghani still has the balls to go all the way. Ghani also has identified a long list of IRDA senior management, that will be asked to leave as soon as possible. WELL DONE MB JOHOR! you are the man.

Anonymous said...

Hilmi babi COO IRDA masih tak berhenti walaupun di minta oleh MB Johor. CEO baru tidak ada telur atau kerana semangat jitu sesama MCKK?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm this Harun identiy ..... who is now in a new territory - an avenue known as MAFC I heard .... probably we should welcome warga MAFC to share similar experiences as PTP and IRDA's employees did ....making drastic changes without analysing details, ignoring sentiments of employees, public humiliation, bickerings, not consistent with expectations and directions, gosh .....dont bosses know their staff nowadays?

Anonymous said...

You had it right.He brought his directionless strategy to MAFC and waht was a promising business is now in a mess.Within the first month Harun parachuted in by AMOKH, the key senior management team left the company. Within the first year, all other key personnels have left the company after losing faith in his capability.This is the result of AMOKH cronysm.

Anonymous said...

alert by friend in MAFC.. he bringing thecompany more down and down.

He proudly mentioned he will turn the company within 18 months and now more 18 month and still talk big..

he contract expiring soon.... they want to clapp tehir hand too as ptp staff if he announce leaving ...

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