Saturday, July 31, 2010

It is high time

The indictment against Tun Ling Liong Sik for scandal relating to Port Klang Free Trade Zone (PKFZ) surprised many, including the office bearers within MCA.

A reliable source said the case was brought to the attention of the Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak by the Attorney General, Tan Sri Gani Patail.

Consistent with Najib's earlier position on the case of Anwar's sodomy trial II, he clearly said he will not interfere with the process of law.

Well done and wise move, Dato Seri!

The PKFZ financial scandal is too big to be hidden from the process of justice. It is futile to try and hide a case of such size.

However, the case should not be limited to merely Tun Ling and his action to witheld certain documents from the Finance Minister and Cabinet.

There are other Minister like Dato Chan Kong Choy that has to face the music. There should not be any attempt to witheld from the public known and unknown personalities related to Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd.

Not only is the indictment, the brave words of the MACC boss, Datuk Seri Abu Kassim Mohamed is applauded too.

The report on the MACC boss is below:

MACC chief vows to probe every complaint

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Datuk Seri Abu Kassim Mohamed said Saturday he would step down if any complaint made to the MACC, including against Cabinet ministers, went uninvestigated.

"If no investigation is carried out on any report, even against Cabinet ministers, I am willing to go down," he said during a question-and-answer session on the final day Saturday of the three-day Malaysian Law Conference, here.

Abu Kassim said he was prepared to receive complaints from the public directly or through the MACC Complaints Committee headed by a former judge.

Up to 119 complaints were lodged with the committee last year alone, he said.

"We are not going to hide anything. If we are wrong, we are wrong, or if we are not good enough for the job, we will work hard to improve ourselves," said Abu Kassim, who was appointed as the MACC chief commissioner in January this year.

He said that since the setting up of the MACC in January last year, about 10,000 people had been arrested, among them ministers, members of parliament and senior civil servants, irrespective of their political leaning.

The MACC also was involved in addressing money-politics cases in Umno, where 12 members were prosecuted, he said.

"MACC's action had sparked a demonstration initiated by Umno Youth which alleged that we don't have any business investigating the party's money-politics," said Abu Kassim, addressing some 300 lawyers at the conference.

He said one of the major challenges faced by the MACC currently was in changing the public perception of the commission that it only went after "the small fish rather than the big ones".

"Generally, we are just an investigation agency and do not have the power of prosecuting the suspects involved in corrupt practices," stressed Abu Kassim. He said the public expectation of the commission had been growing day by day, and he had been working hard to engage more with his officers in improving the public perception without compromising on the integrity of the commission.

Earlier, in his speech, Abu Kassim said other than public perception, the MACC was facing challenges from the media which had been reporting on every move of the commission.

"It's almost (like a) live telecast, where people start asking who will be the next to be arrested by the MACC; where it becomes so transparent ... which demands fairness to all those being investigated by us," he said.

He also said that corruption was a crime most difficult to prove, as, sometimes, it involved the investigation of friends or relatives of the suspects.

Abu Kassim also shared his experience in handling illegal sand-mining activities in Perak, Selangor, Johor and Pahang, saying he personally briefed Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on the seriousness of the problem and added that 49 people had been arrested.

When asked by reporters later whether he would push for the MACC to be given the power to prosecute, Abu Kassim said he was not complaining.

"I would rather not comment on this matter. I only want the public to understand that our job is only to carry out investigations, and that's all," he said. - Bernama

The Star Online, Saturday July 31, 2010
It is high time the Government under the leadership of Najib take corruption, abuse of power and incompetence by the horn.

In order for the public to have the confidence to return back support to Barisan Nasional led by UMNO and under the leadership of Najib, there must be a serious and credible attempt by Government to wipe out corruption.

There must be no ifs and buts.

Although the indictment of PKFZ may have an immediate impact on MCA and UMNO short term perception, the fight against corruption must not stop but continue.

More big names - be it from the ruling parties or oppositions parties or senior Government servants or corporate personalities - must be hauled up before the public can be confident change is in the air.

Other than the racially motivated Chinese voters, the rationale voters have lost confidence with the Pakatan Government ability to administer the states. However the voters are not ready to return to UMNO.

More beheading before the voters are confident with the leadership's sincerity to wipe out corruption. When voters are confident, there is no turning back for BN. The Chinese boycott of UMNO is of no consequence.

With Chinese being involved on the giving end in almost every giving act of corruption and vice businesses, particularly in the Pakatan states, this will sent fears through their grassroots.

BN has attempted to win the heart of Chinese but to no avail. They are now becoming unreasonable in their demands at the detriment of other races.

BN should not be threatened. Action must be taken. Compromise must end. Betraying BN will come at their peril.

Corruption free Malaysia does not favour traditional Chinaman businesses. It is their clannish attitude and other unsavory practices of the past that has stem the progress of Malaysia for all to benefit and inhibit the desired unity towards a Bangsa Malaysia.

Najib should use the opportunity to heighten effort to wipe out corruption, power abuse and incompetence.

His administration should not stop at only indictment on PKFZ and other cases in the near future but undertake a major cabinet reshuffle to remove and replace a significant member of his cabinet members, irrespective of their position in the party.

He must be more thorough and selective in renewing important positions in Government. The public has the ability to judge and uncover information beyond the simple reach of the Prime Minister.

Even when many are not indicted, those with tainted reputations or proven for incompetence like Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, Dato Khaled Nordin, Dato Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, and many more must be dropped.

In our honest observation, all the three UMNO Vice Presidents, head of party wings and several leading winners in the Majlis Tertinggi have proven to be mediocre, ineffective and incompetent in their position in Government.

It is recommended that they be replaced with more competent individuals and their time is best to focus at strengthening the party.

Position in UMNO must not be assumed as position in Government. Ministerial position are meant for those with respectability, administrative or managerial skill, knowledgable, and visionary.

Do not leave out money politics offender in UMNO. It is impossible to believe that out of 2,000 complaints to UMNO HQ, there is only 10 indictment.

Resistance to change will be expected but UMNO is no position to give excuses unless they wish to become an opposition party in the next election.

Najib have given the right message as to not interfere in the process of law. He should not stop there.

The removal of Gani Patail must be on the card. Most of the complains within the emforcement agencies are that Gani is in collusion with corruption offenders to stop from bringing cases forward. Give him a new position or send him to The Hague for crying out loud.

Najib should seriously consider to empower MACC to prosecute cases without having to be at the mercy of the Attorney General Office. They should be allowed to do like other agencies such as Bank Negara Malaysia.

Another thing about MACC, there must be a mechanism that prevent their officers from covering up for one of the boys i.e. fellow Government servants. Collusion among the Humphrey Applebys at Putrajaya is prevalent but unknown to the public.

On a long term, Najib need to look into a reform of political party financing and allocations of Assemblymen and Parliamentarian. This should involve not only UMNO and BN but encompassing all political parties.

Many a times corruption is justified under the pretext of "political fund". The KLSE and now Bursa is a washing machine to clean "political fund" into legal money. The amount of black economy related to "political fund" is too big to be ignored.

Of late, since the emergence of Pakatan Government, political funds is also linked to organised crime in gambling, illegal VCDs, and entertainment.

On the issue of allocations for SAs and MPs, be done with this practise. This is the job of local authorities. SAs and MPs should focus in their role as policy maker and law makers and not do local council man job.

It is high time to end corruption and be transparent in the political operation of this country. The country can't afford to continue going on this way.

* Edited and updated 1/8/10 10:40 AM


Pak Zawi said...

Let us hope that this is the beginning for the fight for corruption. This is the ltmust test on the Government's sincererity to stem corruption and abuse of power among those in power. If it is proven to be a 'sandiwara', BN and MACC will lose their credibility big time!

Anonymous said...

To me, it clearly sandiwara and wayang cina. Hari ni charge at court, tahun depan baru mula bicara, lepas tu tunda, tunda dan tunda, lepas tu tak cukup bukti, bukti kena kaji semula dan seterusnya. Macam cakap sesetengah orang Eric Chia in the making. Sampai dia mati, kes tak selesai, takde bukti. Jemaah menteri yang luluskan projek tersebut, takkan semuanya bodoh. Setahu saya semua menteri kita lulusan luar negara. Macam Taek Jho Low tu. Wharton lagi. Kita cuma boleh harap saja, setakat itu sahaja yang kita ada. High time ni cuma hangat-hangat tahi ayam. Rasanya tak ramai rakyat yang nak ambil peduli dah. Semua dah bosan, kita cuma tonton sahaja. Lepas tu tunggu GE13. Kalau dijatuhkan hukum pada LLS tu pun, kita semua tahu, berlambak-lambak lagi yang korupsinya lebih teruk, tapi sebab ada kuasa boleh tahan peguam negara, not to reveal. It only suam-suam kuku sahaja. No high time. It high only for some in MCA and some in UMNO. Still it bullshit to the rakyat.

Anonymous said...


cynist does not achieve anything in life.

you think pakatan is any better.

why is ronnie liu, limguan eng and pakatan untouchable?

if they have no respect for authorities now, what make you think thye are any better when fully empowered?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, the scenario you quoted sounds a lot like Anwar jugak kan?

Boss Coffee

Anonymous said...

saudara, it goes either party, you are in Pakatan or BN. Sama saja. Scenario yang kita ada pada anwar and eric chia, just the same. It politic. Clearly, it politic. The only thing look the same is... politician will never be punish. That court thing, sama saja macam Amerik stylo. Got money, nyawa orang pun boleh beli. Isn't????

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