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Reshuffle talk getting louder

Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak denied there is any cabinet change last weekend. But last week over makan-makan at one news editor's home, the consensus reaction went the reverse.

"Bila dia nafi, maknanya ada (If he denies, it means there is)," said one Dato who regularly with those in the corridor of power.

Malaysian Instinct posted a prediction of 5 names being dropped late last night. Najib will be doing so before he leaves abroad in December.

This strengthen my gut feel that there is a cabinet reshuffle but Najib need to deny to lessen the pressure and lobby.

Bohong sunat (white lie).

Not only he is under pressure to do the cabinet reshuffle but it was announced there will be changes at the UMNO state level.

Let me share the prediction and rumour from sources. The Malaysian Instinct report as below:
Rumours has it that there will be a cabinet reshuffle soon or more accurately, just before the PM Najib left for overseas in December. At least, 5 names are speculated to be dropped and many more will end up in different portfolios.

Among the names said to be involved in the reshuffling are:
1. Rais Yatim, Minister of Information, Communication and Culture - is said to be weak, far behind and is seriously lack of knowledge of his job. His recent encounter with the pro-government bloggers confirmed that he is incapable and way too detached from the world of the multimedia, which is the most important means of information and communication of today. A new and younger face might be appointed to replace him.

2. Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Minister for Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism - is said to have failed to proof himself in the portfolio. There are talks that his name would be dropped altogether.

3. Tan Sri Nor Mohd Yackob, Minister in Prime Minister’s Department and in charge of Economic Planning Unit - has always been a Pak Lah’s people. With two of his secretary being involved in ‘unclean’ activities, his name has also been dragged along. There are also unreported scandals being unofficially exposed by bloggers pertaining his nepotism, cronysm and corrupt practices as he openly favours his ‘own people’ (the Indian Muslims) in granting projects and contracts.

4. There are also talks that Ahmad Shabery Chik, Minister of Youth and Sports will be replaced by a young figure from Terengganu.

5. Mohd Khaled Nordin, Minister of Higher Education is also at risk of being dropped for having served long enough. He is not a member of the MT and therefore does not have the support of the MT to remain in his post. Naturally, MT members should be given priority for any cabinet post. As a Minister in-charged of higher education, Khaled somehow failed to make his presence known to the university students. Khaled fell at no. 49 in an independent survey of 50 most known personalities in the university. Another factor that should be taken into account is that there is a little too many Johorean in the cabinet at the moment and perhaps it’s better to open the post to those from other states, namely Perlis, which has no representative in the cabinet at all.

6. Zahid Hamidi might have to change portfolio as he fails miserably to perform as Defense Minister. His lack of knowledge in military principals and protocols has made it impossible for him to tackle national security and defense issues impeccably. Zahid is seen as a more suitable personality for Rural and Regional Development as he is most at home among the villages.

7. There are also talks that Tan Sri Muhyiddin would also be released from his portfolio of Education as he hasn’t been paying enough attention to the particular task.

8. Datuk Seri Shafie Afdal, Minister of Rural and Regional Development might be replacing Zahid Hamidi based on his experience as Deputy Minister in Defense. However, Tan Sri Muhyiddin is also said to be among the potential figures for the post.

9. Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin, Minister of Home Affairs - has failed Malaysians in so many ways for so long for being very weak and out of touch from the rakyat in almost every issue. He should be grateful to be back to Education.
These are just talks and speculations and there are no certainties in even the date of the reshuffling. Let’s just wait and see who gets what…and….who gets out.
Quite fair assessment.

My slight reservation is to assign Zahid for the Rural and Regional Development Ministry and Hishamuddin returned to Education Ministry.

For political animal, Zahid, it is like tikus jatuh ke tepong (mouse fell into flour). But there is no new exposure and challenges for him. It is akin to taking easy elective subjects in college. So is the choice of returning Hishamuddin to Education.

If Zahid and Hishamuddin are to be the future top leaders of UMNO, they should be 'trained' to face new challenges. Why not Zahid be given Education and Hishamuddin to Rural and regional Development?

Hishamuddin and wife will get to appreciate the life and problems faced by rakyat marhaen. His grandfather, Dato Onn Jaafar used start as District Officer in Batu Pahat and witness the bravery of Panglima Salleh. His aristocratic lineage has never shy away from the rural areas.

Another thing this blog had suggested was for Najib to consider dropping the wing chief from Ministerial post to focus on reuniting, reviving and strengthening the wing for the general election.

This should be in tandem with Najib's move towards focused responsibility by distributing responsibilities and reduce overlapping roles in too few people.

This could be same reason Najib will return the UMNO State Liaison Chief position back to the state. These are what was heard on the UMNO reshuffle:
Secretary General

Contrary to my believe that Tengku Adnan will remain, another name surfaced. Idris Jusoh is being considered to replace as a tic-for-tac deal to leave Terengganu to Ahmad Said.

Executive Secretary

There is too many complains against Raof.

There was a petition by UMNO staff at PWTC against his crude ways of managing. He has come to the point of by-passing the Secretary General. And he is being pointed as responsible for leakage in party spending during by-elections.

Raof has to change his ways or Najib has to provide him the way out.


Ahmad Maslan is widely believed to be dropped to focus on Felda. He is industrious, committed and sincere, but he lacks strategic approach to the role of Information. The role of Information Chief role is no more about giving speeches but that of political strategist or the chessmaster.

One name that surfaced for this job is Dato Ali Rustam. Ali will tend to take a public figure role but he is known to seek and appreciate good advice. Other than that, there is a dark horse. He is conversant in psyop, real or cyber.


Hishamuddin will vacate the State Liaison post to be given to Menteri Besar, Ahmad Said.

Kelantan, Perak and Pahang

Kelantan, Perak and Pahang will retain Tok Pa, Zambery and Adnan Yaacob, respectively.


Najib will withdraw from State Liaison Chief and Nor Omar is believed to replace. Zin "Badak" as Deputy and Senator Ezam as Information. What will be the role of Khir Toyo, who still command much influence in Selangor?

Johor and Melaka

Source say there maybe some change. Do not believe so. It will remain with Gani Osman and Ali Rustam.


Shafie will go. But the replacement is one tricky bit for Najib. Popular with the grassroot is Mukhriz, but it an unrealistic expectation with Mukhriz hardly having any major post at Division level.

One version is the existing Deputy, Dato Badshah will move up. But the Mahathir Khalid has the support of most of the Division Chief.

His supporters are campaigning hard for him to the extent, as one SMS from Kedah described, "sampai masuk dapor Najib." One supporter proclaim to bring down anyone that is not Tok Det. This is ridiculous and Mahadzir Khalid should realised that Khir Toyo did not demand position for State Chief Liaison.

One version say the compromise is Dato Det to be Chief with one condition. To clean up Kedah UMNO and make way for anak Che Det who will be Deputy.

Perlis and Sabah

Will remain the same.
Najib will not likely to do it while Parliament is still in session. That will mean after December 12th.

In the meanwhile, why is Khairy's face at the back of the bus in the picture? We wait for Parpukari's reaction when he wakes up ... Can hear him lament .... Pembangkang lah kita.


Anonymous said...

Harap-harap jadilah DSN buat spring cleaning dalam kabinetnya, takut nanti ada anai-anai di bawah karpet yang kalau dibiar boleh merobohkan bangunan parlimen ( atau bangunan sebesar mana pun!)

Anonymous said...

Salam Voice,

Digress a bit. During Tun MM tenure, many Ministers/Mentri Besars/Chief Miniters and their Minitries/Office were given broad exposure in the msm.

The opposition consider this propaganda but on the contrary this made the Rakyat aware of the Govts programmes and activities benefitting the Rakyat.

The Rakyat could also have some measure of the Ministers/Mentri Besars/Chief Ministers performance, ability and effectiveness.

During Pak Lah tenure the exposure in the msm was more towards himself and select few. I may be wrong or didn't notice because I stopped engaging the msm during Pak Lahs tenure for many other reasons.

Msm should have the sagacity to report on their initiatives in line with Govt objectives, and not promoting or advancing a privileged few, for any intent or purpose.

Thank you

Anonymous said...


yat said...

as i remember clearly Khir Toyo said 'xnak jadi menteri besar dah, nak tumpu family', well that settles it, if tok det become in kedah, than azizan can get 1 more term...

Anonymous said...

Ada beberapa timbalan menteri Umno yang dah beberapa penggal bekerja tapi belum naik jadi menteri penuh.

contohnya Dr Latif Ahmad sekarang timbalan menteri pertahanan yang juga MT umno. bagi lah dia tunjuk kebolehan dia.

Anonymous said...

kenapa bila masuk google type beruk
nama kj pulak yang top in the list.

macamana nak jadi menteri kalau satu donia baca. buat malu malaysia aja.

di ciplak dari blog usin lempoyang

Anonymous said...

Saya setuju Dr. Zahid dilantik menteri pelajaran dan Hishamuddin menteri luar bandar...bagi peluang dia masuk kampung sama dan tengok macam mana hidup orang kampung..menteri dalam negeri bagilah kepada individu yang bukan lembik tapi tegas dan berani sikit, rasanya Noh Omar layaklah..dia pun pernah jadi timbalan menteri DN. Kalau boleh jangan mereka yang boleh dibuli oleh puak-puak tertentu yg. pandai undang-undang..

Anonymous said...

Bila PRU? Lambat lagi.. mana ada cabinet reshuffle... diorang nak buat duit lagi.. Takkan Najib sorang je nak buat duit. "Lu tolong wa, wa tolong lu" , itu kan smangat 1Malaysia Najib tu... Ish..ish..ish... mustahel

Anonymous said...


antudurex said...

When someone tells "white lies", more often than not he is said to be "tactical" about something.

Does Najib tell white lies, really? Or he is too scared and timid to face the pressures? We all know how he conduct himself in various issues and more often than not, he is seen to be on "apologetic" stance. Sometimes being overly "apologetic" without any good reason.

The issue of Chinese Education vs Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua, namewee, chauvinist chinese barking against Article 153, the issue of Article 152 Bahasa Kebangsaan vs Mandarin and other alien languages etc. We all know how Najib fares. He is "Mr Durex" play safe all the times.

He maybe a little bit bold agains the Malay and Bumiputera just because the Malays are the "tidak apa" fellas, unlike the chauvinist chineses who bark all the way.

Najib is weak and timid, period!

My Say