Friday, November 19, 2010

Averting a false sense of confidence

There is a quote by George Bernard Shaw about change, below:
Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
If UMNO continue to reject change within it's fold and refuse to right the wrong beginning from the leaders themselves and down the line, by the words of the late British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, UMNO will the architect of it's own decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.

Coming back to George Bernard Shaw's words, someone up there must make up their minds and assert leadership.

It is not enough to outline the party transformation by it's three phases, seven plan of actions suggested by members and four areas of focus to win elections.

We need to kick some ass.

For that, UMNO President and Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak need to assert his leadership and make drastic measures, starting with major changes in cabinet and party.

The point is despite the internal problem of PKR, internal skirmishes within PAS and DAP, and probable leadership situation for Pakatan Rakyat, Tun Dr. Mahathir did not give a confident prediction for Barisan Nasional for the upcoming general election.

He predicted BN will not win the two third majority in Parliament despite believing BN will win back few lost states.

This comment came on the back of a double win in Batu Sepi and Galas by-elections. He may have factored in the trend of general election outcomes in several countries ending with hung Governments and the emergence of an NGO-based "Third Force."

If Dr Mahathir had not made that comment, UMNO leaders would be lost in their habit of blowing their trumpet to bodek the bosses with good news as though they are doing a good job. It usually end up giving a false sense of confidence.

The cyberwar, ceramah, media, and other channels have managed to shift voters sentiment from a Pakatan sympathiser to the middle. It is now left to UMNO to be seen and convinced by the voters that they have changed for the better.

For the bloggers, at least the pro-BN and UMNO bloggers, they should now be focusing on forcing the changes outlined by Najib to begin.

Some bloggers are too overwhelmed or syok sendiri tailing personalities instead of being independent.

If bloggers are not sounding the alarm bell, UMNO will go leka and the block of disenchanted voters from Pakatan Rakyat will not come out to vote or be hijacked by the upcoming “Third Force”.

Start banging!

In Najib's closing address at the UMNO General Assembly recently, he outlined four important criteria to win elections:
1. BN leadership, it's policies and vision must be accepted by the rakyat,
2. State level BN leadership, policies and vision is acccepted by the rakyat,
3. The party is accepted and comfortable to the rakyat, and
4. Winnable candidates.
On the last one, BN must explore an out-of-the-box approach. Criteria to hold position between party position, and public elected representatives and Ministers or Excos be differentiated and possibly be distinguished.

Many position holders in UMNO run for public office but are not sufficiently competent to participate in Parliamentary or State Assembly proceeding due to lack of knowledge or education, inability to do research, shallow debating points, and poor debating skills.

UMNO must explore into NGOs, professional bodies and amongst activists to fill-up post in Parliaments, State Asembly and Government. Party position does not translate to these positions.

Najib had summarised the issues raised by party members in the debate into seven categories. These categories are useful plan of actions:
1. Party honour and interest supercede personal interest,
2. Be part of a team than faction,
3. Winning the hearts, mind and soul of the rakyat
4. Champions in the new media
5. The four million new voters
6. Zero internal problem
7. Give priority to the rakyat
This list pretty much sums up Najib's first part of his plan of action that is to acknowledge the problems. His second part requires some self soul searching and solution finding. And the third and final part, begin the action plan.

Sincere as he is to have all members of the party to be part of the party reformation process, it is too time consuming. Najib need to take the bull by the horn because those with personal interest and guilty conscience wants to remain in-denial on the problems besieging the party.

The problem with the highest priority is to address and eradicate corruption amongst Ministers and political positions in Government, and money politics practise in the party by "benevolent" rich.

The judicial process to have MACC investigate allegations, develop a legal case and prosecute takes too long. It is still dependent on court decision. A reform of the whole political financing system as written in Tunku Aziz's book will take equally, if not longer process to initiate change.

It is left to UMNO to have the political will to address it.

Repeating a line said to both PM and DPM, "heads must roll" in order to be convincing and reassuring to the voters.

UMNO themselves must take charge to arrest the problem at it's source and not pass the buck to MACC or be seen to use it to cleanse certain personalities.

In the last party election, the UMNO disciplinary process, which include the Disciplinary Hearing Committee, Disciplinary Committee and Supreme Council, seen to be too soft and seen to “let go” everybody.

Thus for this blog calling for the reopening of the money politics files of Khairy which include making public the withheld video evidences.

This is imperative because UMNO need to address it's public image.

There are few ways to do so, but the first and most important suggestion is for Najib to address the corrupted and incompetent faces in cabinet.

Something must be done about Zahid, the walking self exploding suicide bomber for UMNO. He fumble and create controversy at every Parliamentary sessions.

If Najib fear of stirring political water to kick him out cabinet, then sent him to Ministries where a Malay medium, oral English deficient, and sastera graduate with questionable doctorate in communication can do without much technical, philosophical and thinking competency required.

For that matter, do something about dear old cousin. He is becoming a reflection of his old man; hesitant, indecisive and slow (or overly meticulous decision maker), and is not right for strategic positions.

Time is up for the likes of Nor Mohamad Yakcop, Khaled Nordin, Ismail Sabri and Rais Yatim.

Nor Yakcop's corrupt and insidious self interest ways have run it's limit. The man who broke the Bank Negara Malaysia should not be allowed in the first place to run the nation's treasure chest (literally in Malay for khazanah).

It is in a state of mess and Khaznaah has become an organisation for young early has-beens to waste public money. After his departure, clean up the Government Losing Concerns (GLCs) of consultants pretending to be business managers, starting with Azman Mokhtar downward.

Khaled Nordin is not straight. Fire him and send in MACC to check and account his financial affairs. Do not miss TSR Synergy.

Ismail Sabri was not supposed to be in cabinet if not for Khairy.

Rais has contributed much but he has few looming problems. It is not just about the USP fund. And it is quite detrimental to the party if it explodes.

He is also not keeping up with the times.

Najib has to rechannel the head of the wings away from cabinet post to focus on party work. That way, there is no reason to give Khairy any Ministerial or Deputy Ministerial or even tea lady post at any Ministeries.

Rosnah has to be dropped from cabinet because Puteri is in an equally pathetic condition as Pemuda. As leader, Rosnah should reunite the wing but instead her team waste time with girlish and public bitching her Deputy, Shahanim.

Blame is also on Shahanim to stop bitching back.

[Both you two fat slob can forget about me to listen to your bitching.]

The same applies to Shahrizat Jalil. Many view her as fine, but face the reality.

Enough backdoor Ministership. If a Minister cannot hold a seat, they have no business to be Minister. He or she has no locus standi.

No intention to disheartened the fine work of Wanita. In the first place, why must a woman be pigeon holed into Ministry of Welfare, Woman and Family?

Why not bring up Dr Zambery as Federal Minister and let's have the first Woman Menteri Besar? There is someone deserving.

Read more on cabinet reshuffle at Rocky Bru's and OutSyed The Box.

If some of the questionable faces remain in cabinet, they will come to represent the faces of UMNO. They will be going all over the country to speak and interact with the public and media. It does no good for the party.

This leads to the second suggestion to improve UMNO's image by determining the public face to represent and speak for the party. They must be someone clean and intelligible.

Not Khairy for heaven sake. And it doesn't matter if he is Ketua Pemuda. He won it by corruption and coercion!

Some form of mechanism be instituted to restrict personality to those with reasonably good reputation and the untainted ones to speak for the party.

Another reason for the poor image on the Government is the slumbering mainstream media. Despite much work by Government and oppositions fumbling all over, media is not giving a fair n support for the Government.

New Straits Times seems to be too liberal and open that it is going left. It is heard to be playing footsie with an anti-BN portal. Mainstream media editors must understand the game or get the boot.

She meant well and have good programs. But, how about helping us win Najib's first general election?

Since we are on the subject of media, perhaps PM's wife, Datin Seri Rosmah could limit her public exposure in the media. Her good work should speak for itself.

Too frequent coverage in mainstream newspaper pages of less than 4 and prime time news is making her a lightning rod for criticism and ridicule by both opposition and public including our voters.

To be fair to her, most allegations against her such as the murder of Altantunya are unfounded, ill-intentioned and defamatory. She does fairly good work like involving Bakti and Permata (which I wholeheartedly agree and support).

The problem is it is too time consuming to counter back and dispel allegations against her.

Notwithstanding, there are such serious oversight like allowing her to represent the PM in certain function during his sick leave. Shouldn't it be realised she is not a Government official!

Another issue is she need to stop becoming the back channel access to the PM. She may meant well to assist friends but be fair to those queuing at the PM office. Although they should have advised against her representing the Prime Minister, leave it to them pro.

One problem that BN should fall into this false sense of confidence is MCA, Gerakan, SUPP and Chinese parties are seen to be indifferent and not committed toward working together to woe voters.

Between them, MCA is still more committed during by-elections, particularly Ng Yen Yen.

Gerakan is a beginning to be a liability and should allow them to leave, if they want. Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon himself is reluctant to help BN to recapture Penang. It does seem he is giving a nod to DAP's victimising of non Chinese in Penang by his silence.

SUPP is playing their cheap Chinese demand game on the Sarawak Chief Minister. Stop playing the Chinese are marginalised lot. Only the twisted and idiots should believe that.

The rich and trading class Chinese are, in fact, capitalist oppressors. Recently they have been giving generally the wrong messages to the political landscape of this countries.

In a recent Hua Zhou congress in Johor Baru, some provocative demands were voiced which is reminiscance of the Suqiu demands in 1999 and election dends of DAP and gerakan in 1969.

Many political observers felt the Chinese community kapitans have tasted the blood of power in Perak and Penang. They are influencing the Chinese community to be irrational, manipulative racist, and selfish.

If Chinese voters are bend on being unreasonable, despite the compromise the Government made at the expense of the Malay/Bumiputera and other voters, it spells explosive race relation and security disaster in the making.

Suspend democrasy until people are back to rationality and thinking. UMNO leadership in Government must stop being in-denial and be resolute to pre-empt this potentially explosive situation decisively.

Are you up to it, pondan?

This is not to say Chinese support is not needed. If not for the numbers, it is also to continue the multiracial tradition of BN. Perhaps it is time for UMNO to test fielding it's own non-Bumiputera candidates and toy the idea of direct membership into BN.

Before UMNO starts getting comfortable to claim the Malay votes are returning, go back to the mattress and ask the basic political question: Are the Malays, or in the more general context Bumiputera, economically happy?

Do they understand the implication of the various economic measures in those long list of fanciful acronyms?

Some may not understand and obediently support the Government because the media is painting a rosy picture for it's own self interest agenda and not honestly explaining the impact on their lives.

But when too many facilities and assistance is missing, Malays/Bumis will say UMNO is no better that those Pakatan Rakyat parties who outrightly say no more to Malay special previlage.

And they are beginning to say so.

In case the Omar Ongs, Ganens, and Melayu Liberals forgot their basic Maths, the Malay and Bumiputera is still 65% of the population.

With so many strange liberal ideology being injected, since the time of Abdullah Badawi, UMNO must not be too cocksure of its so-called economic reform. It is not the fancy ideas, visions and slogans but pragmatic and effective policy that will get the Malays and Bumiputera attention.

The economic empowerment of the Malays and Bumiputeras is the key to sustain Malay political support.

It may not be affirmative action ala NEP but Government must not be complacent and lost in it's open, liberal and market determined policies rhetoric.

Are you listening, Khairy?

UMNO must not be lulled to assume the political model of the poor and rural to be main supporters of BN will remain forever. With knowledge, education and digital access, they will become disenchanted lots in the long run.

UMNO will pay a heavy price for neglecting them now.


Anonymous said...

very good analysis , hope someone frm PM department read this well written page.


Anonymous said...

i think your analyzing of UMNO politics is too much for najib to handle.
I think he only got the first word , ie, "averting".
he he he.

Anonymous said...


If Najib does not do anything (even if he does, there's be minimal changes and the impact is very negligible), what are you going to do? Are you going to vote against BN? Even if Najib does make some adjustment, the damage has been done, excessively. And with Rosmah is in the picture now, the costs of development in your country will easily multiply by three times. Malaysia is going to hell brader. Your good friend Idris Jala is right after all.

Anonymous said...

Excellent synopsis, Bro. I would consider these as Najib final test otherwise the people will get rid of Najib just like Sleeping Beauty... maybe much sooner. The Beast

kiasu said...

Said an ex-PKR MP: ""Nowadays, if one was to read the content in the Mandarin media, it is like those who criticise PKR are sinners while those who do the same towards Barisan are saints."

What are the MCA/Gerakan doing about this? Virtually nothing.

Marhaen Kacak said...

good review and critics bro...especially ur opinion about most of bloggers for not being independent and just attack the personality of opposition leader...

many of pro BN blogger present to readers rubbish entry with no fact at all... This type of bloggers just have 'bombastic' title entry but have nothing to worth every penny (of course we must pay for online...hehe) in their article...

Dato' Bendahara Buta Sejarah?

A Voice said...

Marhaen Kacak

Be objective. Your same comment should apply to Pakatan bloggers.

They do more spinning and lies eg Altantunya accusation of Rosmah.

After all, most are copy and paste artist of Malaysiakini, FMT, MT and MI, which are news twisters.

Anon 11:03

I have a choice between voting BN, PR or not voting.

Alif, ba and ta comes way before UMNO and BN.

Anon (not published due to language)

Why stop at Khir Toyo only?

Why not jazz up your list of allegations with Mukhriz, Dr Mahathir, Najib, Muhyiddin, Mustafa Mohamad, Rais Yatim, Ahmad Maslan, Razali Ibrahim, Noh Omar, Ali Rustam, Isa Samad, Shapie Apdal, ... etc.

Wow Banyaknya taukeh aku ...

I guess you would only be happy if I take money from KJ like you and the few that I know who would do, would you?

Asal Khairy kena tegur, melompat macam kera.

Betul-betul sama macam penyokong Pakatan Rakyat. Sama bodoh, kalau tidak lebih!

Kurang-kurang blogger Pakatan tahu hormati privacy dan confidentiality identity bloggers. Budak2 KJ tak ada etika langsung ...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations En Rashid Yusof on your appointment as group editor of New Straits Times. Dato Syed Nadzri has been ineffective thus the non-renewal of his contract. Nuraina Samad did not live up to expectation therefore NSTP supremo Dato Zainul Ariffin Isa did not push for her promotion as planned under the succession strategy. The Zainul Ariffin-Rashid Yusof combination should make Paklah/Khairy Jamaluddin proud because it’s a reminiscent of the Kalimullah Hassan/Brendan Perera team. Tun Dr Mahathir disliked Paklah/Kali/Brendan. Will TDM support this Najib/Zainul/Rashid team? It’s an open secret in Umno that Zainul Ariffin and Rashid Yusof team are advising KJ. Maybe BigDog is afterall right about Rashid Yusof’s long-term role to ‘resuscitate’ KJ but this time through NSTP. Is this a sign Najib is no longer bothered with TDM being a ‘pain in the butt’ just like what Paklah felt about the latter previously. Congratulations KJ, you have won. TDM and Mukhriz, anda kalah!

Anonymous said...

Dear Voice,

Very hard hitting and most apt.

I am sure GE 13 is around the corner.

I once got a glimpse Of Datuk Amirsham at parliament on TV. Aiyoh..mengellabah and reading from typed script mind you. Tak dapat jawab Wan Azizah and Datuk Mustapa had to rescue him.

Yes, we need competent candidates for MBs, Ministers, MPs, and Assemblymen.

Yes, we have to counter those Chinese chauvinists.

Tun MM was steadfast in this respect.

Thank you

Richard Cranium said...

If Chinese voters are bend on being unreasonable, despite the compromise the Government made at the expense of the Malay/Bumiputera and other voters, it spells explosive race relation and security disaster in the making.

You gotta be kidding, right? A compromise means both parties agreeing to meet at a point comfortable for both. I've read many Malay blogs that always say the kaum bukan-Melayu kian melampau.

For the sake of us bukan-Melayu, can you list the areas we have melampaui batas. I'd like to be able to rebut that with you in a reasoned may.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, this is sure bitter medicine at its most pure.

Let's hope Najib swallow and digest it properly for the healing to start.

UMNO will be rejuvenated after taking this acerbic diagnosis.

Tok Mudim said...


Analisa hang kali ni buat den teringat tulisan arwah Pak Kajai tentang orang Melayu dalam akhbar utusan zaman dulu... tajam.

Rasanya dah tiba masa Mahyuddin mewajibkan hafal dan lulus subject sejarah Melayu dan Umno pada semua ahlinya termasuk Najib dan Rosmah.

Lepas tu suruh depa compare tahap confidence orang Melayu ke atas Umno pada 1946 dengan tahun 2010.

Lynn said...

Richard Cranium, you took the words out of my mouth. I would also like to say that the 65% bumiputra includes a substantial number of non-Malay, ie christian bumiputras who are also very unhappy with your kinsfolk ketuanan Melayu assertion. So, don't think that by sheer numbers, your ketuanan Melayu should take precedence. said...

well said but we hv to realise that everything is bcos of the system,no matter who helm putrajaya,not much will change bcos our country is not run by politician,it is the royalty who has the last untill we can managed to trow them out,we will be stucked forever n ever.

adam said...

good read but really how can you put your hand on your heart and say rosmah has nothing to answer for in altantuya's case? najib is the problem... stupid! he is weak in umno because of this and umno should get a better leader. a

Anonymous said...

"a substantial number of non-Malay, ie christian bumiputras who are also very unhappy with your kinsfolk ketuanan Melayu assertion"

oh yeah, so lynn go form a party for christian bumis lah and see if you can make a difference

Ketuanan Melayu is here to stay - eat your heart out

Anonymous said...

"areas we have melampaui batas"

richard cranium, have you been reading the news lately where the loud mouths have been demanding doing away with the bumi discounts, 30% equity, the NEP

this constitutes melampaui batas

A Voice said...


I dare you substantiate a legal argument against Rosmah.

With pictures publicly available to show where Rosmah was the night of the murder, I dont think you could.

I need smoking guns. No SDs accepted! Especially not from RPK or Bala. Both not admissable in court.

If only you know who the players, are, I d say you have been conned into believing it?

I wish you didnt use the word stupid in the fiurst place, now I have to call you back.


Anonymous said...


I have been politically active since I was 13 (putting up Gerakan posters in 69) and up until to my second GE vote in 82, I voted for the opposition.

I remember vividly events of 513. I am not one those who try to bring up the stories of Christmas past. Yes, the opposition were the catalyst and main cause of 513, no matter what some pseudo author may try to hoodwink the general public.

I have since 86 faithfully and happily I might add, voted BN. I was reluctant to vote in 08 as a protest towards a weak and condescending leader. But I voted worrying of a domino effect. The results proved I was not alone at the dissatisfaction of the Govt of the day, led by an incompetent PM.

Why did I become a BN supporter? The chauvinist attitude of DAP and its cadres, from a personal experience.

Bagi kaum Cina sikit laluan, tocang naik. Yes, this is the attitude of the Chinese. The same now as it was in 69.

Dont believe me, come to Kepong or Cheras, just do a bit of observation and look around you, unless you both are Chinese, that is.

Their sheer arrogance and blatant disregard for civility since 08.

Then there is the political reality but that is a different subject altogether. Want a hint? How about PAS and UMNO as a coalition.

Sorry but you guys are politically and realistically naive.

So,thanks but no thanks.

My Say