Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cheap trick cover-up by PAC on Sime Darby

One Free Malaysia Today news dated November 23rd caught this blogger attention.

The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said they will not investigate the Sime Darby fiasco.

This statement means PAC is going back on an earlier statement made on June 1st to call up Sime Darby and Pos Malaysia. [read FMT here.]

The reason cited was Sime Darby is a private company and is not a Government body. But why the heck did PAC convene on the ECM Libra-Avenue merger scandal?

Isn't Sime Darby a Government linked company with Permodalan Nasional Berhad and Employee Provident Fund among it's shareholders? That's public money, public interest and voters you mother ****ers!

If Sime Darby go under, will it not be of public and Government interest?

The tiger's still carrying the same spot. The tiger still think the people are stupid and not informed. And the tiger still think no one will spot this cheap cover-up.

Change la, stupid!

The news below:

PAC sings a different tune: 'Sime Darby not our problem'

KUALA LUMPUR: The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has washed its hands of the RM2.1 billion Sime Darby fiasco because it considers the GLC's investments as a private matter.

This about-turn came after the PAC had earlier said that it would be looking into the huge losses suffered by Sime Darby.

"Sime Darby is a subsidiary of PNB (Permodalan Nasional Berhad), and its primary stakeholder is EPF (Employee Provident Fund).

"Both cannot be classified as government bodies as their finances come from individual investors," said PAC chairman Azmi Khalid.

"EPF's funds come from its shareholders while PNB's funds come from private investors.

"Therefore, PAC is not qualified to investigate Sime Darby's colossal losses," he said, adding that the PAC arrived at this decision at its Oct 27 meeting.

The decision comes as a surprise, especially after the PAC had said in June that it would be talking to Sime Darby officials, citing it as a matter of public interest.

Sime Darby suffered losses up to RM2.1 billion, incurred by its energy & utilities division (E&U) this year. It said it would resort to civil suits to recover these losses.

However, it did not mention who it would be suing. Sime Darby is also being investigated over the matter by the MACC and the Securities Commission (SC).

The rest of the news here.
The term of reference for the PAC is not limited to just reviewing Government bodies and public spending. There are other basis for PAC to undertake enquiry. If not there is that fourth term of reference that says anything the committee deem as fit.

From my call last night to one member of the PAC, Chairman Azmi Khalid refused to deliberate and merely call for a vote. Sure la it will be voted against because BN members is the majority.

Damn! Here we are shooting at the heavy handed PR-controlled SELCAT of Selangor and PAC did the same at Parliament. It is a serious contradiction to the spirit of good governance, accountability and transparency that Dato Najib is going for.

This husband of the glamorous former TV3 compere, Normala Shamsuddin was once part of the Musa Hitam faction and legacy from Pak Lah's administration.

Hmmm ... did that cunning fox put you up to do this?

How can we independent pro-Government blogger sometimes not hantam Government sometimes, Encik Zulkifli?


Anonymous said...

ooi memang susah rakyat biasa nak tegak kan keadilan atau nak banteras penyelewengan, kalau individu individu dalam PAC dan SC ada yang tumpang semangkuk......! Sabar Allah maha melihat apa yang disembunyikan,tak lama lagi adalah pembalasan tu....tengok Si Anwar Aljub...?

Anonymous said...


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Can I use some of the information from this blog post above if I provide a link back to this site?


A Voice said...


Off course

satD said...

bro voice

Mamat ni biar serious.....EPF is not a Government Body?

Anonymous said...

Syabasss, Tuan. Dia orang, perampok memang tak tau malu, adalah menjadi tugas rakyat marhaen untuk menegakkan kebaikan dan menghindari kemungkaran.

Nak senang cerita, bayangkan kita dalam satu bas atau kapalterbang, tetapi pemandu mabuk... adakah kita patut berdiam diri?
Amal Makruf, Nahi Mungkar.


Anonymous said...

The reason cited was Sime Darby is a private company and is not a Government body.

what about PAMPENA, macc tak buang masa langsung untuk charge dato mirza yang secara langsung tidak terlibat dengan pentadbiran PAMPENA, kapisiti beliau hanya sebagai salah seorang ahli lembaga pengarah selaku DG tourism. harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi... harapkan macc, macc makan apa ya ?

Anonymous said...

how come musa hitam still there, many people want him resigning for the debacle of sime darby...has he got any shame....

tebing tinggi said...

Are we going to see the same goverment after tne next GE ?, I recon not.
Stupid will never learn.


Anonymous said...

hehehe.. diorang nak totop kes kat Qatar la tu. UEM dah kena, sekarang Sime Darby la pula. Sikit-sikit je, Sana tipu sini tipu, dah bocor, cepat2 vote not to say anything to the rakyat, bagi la alasan paling bodoh pun.. "Who r u 2 complaint anything. We got power from the rakyat. So we will do what eve 2 sapu all d goverment property@ harta rakyat". Lagipun rakyat yang beri kebenaran, isn't?


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