Monday, September 19, 2011

Big Dog and Cuit-Cuit seen at PAS's Hasan Ali raya open house

This is a picture received from a mole. No, not The Mole but a mole at the Ghufran Masjid at Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

It is the picture of Mohamad Zakhir Mohamad, Dato Dr Hassan Ali and Dato Zaini Hassan at the open house raya celebration at Hasan Ali's home.

Mohamad Zakhir is Big Dog, the blogger Rocky usually described as rabid pro-UMNO blogger. He was recently known for exposing Christian pastors making in an oath swearing ceremony to turn Malaysia into a Christian state and have a Christian Prime Minister.

He has not been happy lately with Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib for abolishing the ISA.

Hassan Ali is the Selangor exco in charge of Islamic affair.

He is likely not quite happy with the recent gag order and actions of the Selangor Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim with regard to the JAIS investigation on suspicion of proselytising Muslims by the Damansara Utama Methodist Church.

Hassan is no more the favoured name for PAS party line-up but the recent controversy brought back some PAS grassroot support for him.

There is an event to gather 1,000,000 Muslim against proselytising of Muslims on October 23rd. Pemuda PAS has expressed support. But the Syariah court date on DUMC case is October 19th. Why demo after?

What can one speculate from that picture?

Is Big Dog, whose in an all blue attire, turning green? Is he there to celebrate raya or becoming a PAS member?

Will PAS as purveyor of welfare state allow dogs in their ranks?

Or is Hasan Ali whose a Selangorian Giant fan with their traditional Yellow and Red jerseys, turning Yellow and Red too?

Don't know what to expect of the presence of Zaini.

Zaini Hassan is the Editor of Utusan Malaysia and columnist Cuit-cuit. As mainstream media, Utusan supports the Government and is the favourite target of opposition for raising issues that's putting them on the defense.

Proselytising of Muslim and Selangor issues is pretty much in their alley.

He could be either applying for a job at Harakah or present to stop Big Dog from filling in PAS membership form.

One can bet that Khalid Samad or dubbed by pro-UMNO cybertroopers as Khalid Gereja will look at this picture with glee.

It is easy to spread rumour that Hassan is jumping ship and betraying the baiah oath required of PAS wakil rakyat.

But if Khalid is in raya spirit and non political mood, it means nothing to him.

There are time for politics and time to put it aside for raya celebration. That means even with ones political enemy or competitor.


r0 said...

Bigdog into PAS? I dont think so. Bigdog buat undi rosak. Maybe!
It's more like... The hulk will goin back to normal attire...

MAN DEGO said...


Tam Dalyell said...

Melayu Raya mood.

Mat UMNO said...

Attending raya open house only ler...nothing wrong visiting fellow muslims during this great occassion..

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