Monday, September 19, 2011

Haris Ibrahim: A law unto himself?

Dr MIM posting on a fake news from the hacked pages of the Bangla Deshi Prime Minister Minister's website caught our attention. [Read here]. The quick respond of the opposition raised the suspicion that they had a hand in hacking the Bangla Deshi PM's website.

This observation was highlighted further by The Mole here. They ended their story by asking: Harris Ibrahim - Where is the proof?

Having read all the materials, it is difficult to comprehend how The Mole could have used comments made by Haris Ibrahim regarding the issue of Bangladeshis to vote in Malaysia when all he did was make accusations without a shred of evidence.

In fact, Haris contradicts himself from the word go.

First he claims to have a reliable source to back his claims that foreign workers in Malaysia had been given MyKad and registered as voters, to vote in Penang.

In the very next breath, Haris said: “We are investigating this matter and trying to get the verification from certain quarters about this.”

So which is which.

Is Haris saying that he had already made the accusations when he is still investigating the matter and trying to verify it?

So far no proof and in the next sentence he accused Umno’s involvement and when asked on what premise, Haris retorted by saying “Do you know of any non-Umno Home Minister?”

It is actually surprising that Umno and the Home Minister had not sued Haris for such slur. Then again, the Umno Home Minister is only known to issue warnings without any gumption to walk the talk.

To make the issue more interesting, Haris had put up a posting on the issue based on a Malaysian Insider’s report about Bangladeshis being given citizenship to allow them to vote in the next general election. The citizenship is on the condition that they vote the present Government.

Now that it had been exposed that Malaysian Insider had been irresponsible and reported on a website that had been hacked without attempting to verify it.

The Malaysian Insider had proven itself to be unreliable in the past and overzealous in undermining Umno and BN.

Now it has been exposed to write a story without verifying the source and contents.

Is Haris and Malaysian Insider a case of birds of a feather?


jeragang said...

Berputar2 kaki mengayuh dan akhirnya yang dikendung terjatuh yang dikejo lesap.....

Anonymous said...

Whoops. Damage control by the powers that be after their whole citizenship-for-votes scam was xposed yet again.


Anonymous said...


This is a story made up by PKR and Uncivil society people.

Zuraidah was caught doing a fodgery of Ampng UMNO KEtua Bahagian letter.

MIM explained well that it was hacking done by PKR on some foreign leader's website.

This is not damage control but exposing a lie that is not working

izad12 said...

if i'm not mistaken,haris is a lawyer.suddenly i'm reminded of the film by jim carrey...

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