Monday, September 12, 2011

Not just defending a PM

Rocky blogged here about Joceline's Tan article which quoted him saying, below:
“Tun Mahathir supports Najib, that much is clear. He told us, ‘If I don’t support Najib, who else is there? You people want Anwar Ibrahim?’”
Without having to give the answer to his question, the answer is understood.

Joceline may not be right on the timing. It was not quite exactly before Ramadhan because Tun Dr Mahathir said to those effect several times. I was there too and Tun said those words.

Rocky, you sure spoilt the fun from the speculation in the blogosphere.

As Tun effectively said, the choice is between Najib and Anwar.

From the level of competency, Najib is way ahead of Anwar. But on politicking, propaganda and psywar, I will give to Anwar. But that is no compliment because it is effectively saying Anwar is typical of left wingers, all talk and rhetorics.

If all the interest under the umbrella of Anwar were to get their way, Pakatan Rakyat government will be a cocophony of conflicting interest of ideology that will only lead to chaos and at it's worse, a civil war will break out.

As far as I am concern, Najib is the far better choice.

However, supporting Najib does not mean having to defend his every move and decisions. It is our role also to alert him from making mistakes. As he had requested before, it is important for us to give feedback.

Leadership is a two way process. The leader provides us the direction and we follow. If his direction is wrong, it is our responsibility to tell him that.

More so, if you are a party supporter whose able to see the implication of certain direction and moves by the PM will be detrimental to the voters and subsequently the party, one has to voice out.

The PM have his sources of information but we being those down here may know certain things better.

Same like the PM maybe familiar with someone working under him in the past. But everyone treat the PM differently than they way they treat the marhaen like us.

Knowing someone from work may not be good enough than knowing him or her as a relative, as a fellow student activist, and knowing someone socially. When we wish to know of someone, we also get feedback from friends, enemy, competitors, family etc.

Same like the PM may know someone from his work in a certain capacity BUT someone may know him as a boss for many many many ... years. That someone may have heard of his private remarks, comments and jokes thus that enables one to gauge him more than his public image.

Sometimes we have certain skill or foresight from our experiance, network and expertise that no politician know or dare give as feedback.

Defending the PM is not just about defending and making excuse for him but reminding, giving feedback and guiding him.

That is my stand!


Anonymous said...


Kindly be informed that Zainal Kling is a strong supporter of Tun Abdullah. He will do everything in his capacity to destroy DS Najib through his words and activities in Majlis Profesor Negara. Be aware and alert about his movement.

Anonymous said...


Righto....Defending the Indefencible

Joe Black

Anonymous said...

Najib must remember that right before the D-Day WW2, even the Nazi inner circle has started a campaign to replace Hitler with Rommel once they managed to contain Allied attack from the Normandy.

No leader is untouchable.

Anonymous said...

Sdr Blogger
'Another Brick In The Wall'

After reading your declarative write-up on your stand as a pro-government Blogger, I feel obliged to say something herewith. As yet I have never poked my nose into political affairs, but NOW is indeed a very tortuous moment in our political history - which may 'make or break' our beloved Nation. 

Before I proceed I feel I should give you a little information on my background so that you (and readers) may self-determine the extent of validity of the opinion I am going to present. 

I am a 60+ year old Malay man. Had a career in management and research (scientist). Educated up to a post graduate level (thanks to BN/UMNO). Committed to realize Islam as a Din, but pragmatic in approach. 

If you have declared your role and stand as a Blogger, herewith I'll try to declare my stand as a political layman (marhaen). I am non-partisan as far as politic is concerned, but support an elected government. By the word 'SUPPORT' I mean agreeable to what is good and disagreeing to what APPEARS improper. But, 'DISAGREEING' does not mean outright and forever opposing - in whatever the government is doing; in fact, if the issue in question that gives rise to a disagreement is resolved properly - I'd go back to supporting the government's move on the matter at hand. 

My judgement of the performance of an elected government at the end of its Elective Cycle being,
"Attainments they make in the socio-economic circles for the establishment of internally driven  peace, internally driven harmony and a wholesome progress of the country." 

Should I be committed to changing a government in a GE, if from my judgement, the existing government is not performing as expected? This is a very critcal and life impacting decision. Hence, CHANGE is not a political  word to be taken lightly. The process and impacts of a POLITICAL CHANGE are enormous. Only if one is asuredly feeling that a change is for the better one can commit oneself to it. On the other hand, if the change is just for the sake of changing or for the sake of trying something new/different or to displace somebody who overstays or to slam a revenge on the existing government for its past misdeeds - DON'T CHANGE! 

No ruling government can be 100% perfect. One must compare and contrast properly across the divide - is the performance of the current government still acceptable compared to the promises and expected merits of the contender(s)? A good redressing may make an ACCEPTABLE government better. Afterall, maybe one was circumstantially coerced to becoming biased towards the existing government because of some confusing perception. Just give them one or two more rounds - for the benefit of the doubts.  

...ana hanya Ali Baba

Anonymous said...

Blogger states,

"Leadership is a two way process. The leader provides us the direction and we follow. If his direction is wrong, it is our responsibility to tell him that."

Allow me to comment/advise(?): 
Many muslims take the congregational prayer as an example of leader-follower relationship. And the emulation does not stop at 'telling' the imam of his mistake (non execution of aspects of the rukun), but extending the emulation until the 'declaration' of 'mufaraqah'. In a congregational prayer, the issue is clear - when the imam does not execute a 'rukun', than it's permissible for the makmum to take the action of mufaraqah. But in a political struggle this is not very clear. Many factors, both in consideration of basic principles and possible impacts of an action need to be evaluated properly. Any action of 'keluar parti' especially by a strategic member or group of members may jeopardize the 'perjuangan' of the party. This shouldn't happen openly. A proper time and state of affairs should be chosen to exit honourably - with due regards and concideration for the 'perjuangan' and the 'marwah' of the party. 

Many a leader does this (keluar parti) just to satisfy his grudge.

...ana hanya Ali Baba

Anonymous said...

sila buat mogok blog; hentikan menulis mempertahan UMNO/BN di blog anda sehingga najib bersetuju utk batalkan perjumpaan dengan namewee. setuju?

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Anonymous said...

Is he as honest about supporting Najib as he was when he said Malaysia had never been colonised by the British?

Anonymous said...

only wilted minded person will say that he's being colonised! Tun said that because he clearly freed his mind from the beginning to go out of the way to gain knowledge and prosper himself so as to prosper his nation. under his leadership, there were so many things he did to show that we are a free nation on our one needed to show him how, he seriously had done it his way!! did we suffer badly during his tenure then & are we suffering now after all he had done for this nation?

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