Friday, September 16, 2011

Ready or not, Malaysian must rise to this newfound freedom

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In his Malaysia Day message delivered just a couple of hours ago, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak made major announcements towards relaxing restrictions on civil liberties in this country.

He announced the annulment of the three emergency declarations that are still in force today under Article 150 of the Federal Constitution.

In his maiden speech as Prime Minister on 3rd of April, 2009, Najib had promised Malaysians that he would review the Internal Security Act, 1960, but in his speech tonight the Prime Minister announced the abolishment of the preventive law.

There will be a new law in place under Article 149 of the Federal Constitution as a preventive law, specifically against subversion, organised violence, and criminal acts.

He also promised a comprehensive review of the Restricted Residence Act 1933, Banishment Act 1959 and Printing Press and Publication Act 1984.

There will be a review of Section 27 of the Police Act 1967 with regards to the rights of assembly under Article 10 of the Federal Constitution. Street demonstrations are still not welcomed but permission to assemble will be given in accordance with international norms.

This milestone announcement is quite a surprise in today's climate of unbridled politics of slander, spin and diversions. Will this newfound freedom lead towards more wild accusation, slanders and untruth?

In light of the newfound freedom amplifying into people's revolutions in the Middle East, Najib's decision is considered bold. He saw what happened next door in Singapore in their recently concluded general election.

Instead of resisting, he is going with the flow.

Suppression of personal freedom eventually led to such people's revolution in the Middle East. The question now is: will Najib's announcement douse any subversive effort to create a Tahrir Square-like revolution here?

Now, in the event of real threats to public security and lives, will the yet-to-be-enacted law be sufficient to prevent such subversive and criminal activities?

The changes announced today will definitely shift public discussion from the viability of such freedom to whether Malaysians will be able to rise to the occasion.

Are Malaysians, irrespective of race, religion, educational background, economic status, occupation, urban or rural, West or East Malaysia, and political inclination, ready to transform themselves for more open, freer and less constrained politics with maturity, greater intellect and better articulation?

It means politics should shift from the old-school politics of brawn and benevolence to brains and big ideas. Nor more is it about propaganda and psychological warfare but reasons and rationale. Will Malaysians be ready to agree to disagree in the environment of greater diversity to come?

This has been what the more liberal segment of society and opposition supporters (usually in the more urban areas) have wanted over many decades but resisted by economic, social and intellectual disparity within and between urban and rural, and other subdivisions.

Since it has finally arrived, what will their response be? What will their excuse to reject or downplay this change be?

You can bet Lim Kit Siang and the DAP will say it is not enough because they have a long list on their plate. Is it the same list that the people of Singapore demanded of the DAP’s sister party, the PAP?


alberto said...

Well done PM, again you have made me look like a fool. All this while I defended this act, YOUR governments initiative to prevent pre-emptive threats towards our nation, and tonight, in a swift of your befuddle teleprompter reading eyes, you have made me eat all my words back.
1. How could a member of the opposition have an inkling to what you had to say before any pro government media outlet or otherwise have any idea what was to be announced??? Refer;
2. Replace the ISA with 2 new acts?? Why not just modify the current Internal Security Act?
3. What is with the grin on the face of “Menteri Amaran”? No other time I felt so strongly to slap his face than right then.
4. Where was the TPM? Most of the senior ministers was in attendance except the TPM??
5. So now he (PM) expect us/me to trust him and his government, to move nation forward along with THEM (the opposition buffoons)???, tell me Mr. PM, how far backward shall I bend to accommodate THEIR every whim and fancy while they will do nothing but SPEW LIES AFTER LIES, HATRED AFTER HATRED, mine through the constitution until they get everything that they want from us, the gullible, eager “PRO Government” Supporters? Well what about them then, Mr PM? What have they done, to show to us, the slightest of sincerity towards co-operation???
Am I over-reacting? Perhaps.
Do you hear that? Now I know what the sound of my spine breaking.

KarimBUJANG said...

Jangan saudara tidak tahu. DS Najib telah berjaya meyakinkan ahli Parlimen Konsesnsus Bebas dan beberapa orang ahli Parlimen Pakatan Rakyat (beli) untuk berpaling tadah dan menyokong BN dalam penggubalan dua undang-undang yang baru. Sebenarnya draf undang-undang itu telahpun tersedia. Cuma tunggu Parlimen bersidang. UMNO/BN lebih bersedia dan strategik dalam urusan ini. Lepas itu gaji kakitangan awam akan dipinda skim perjawatan agar tidak nampak sebagai kenaikan untuk tujuan pilihanraya. Ini semua telah diatur secara sistematik dan bijaksana.

Anonymous said...

abolish ISA is that what rakyat want or only the minorities.
is that a way for menteri amaran gather more money with more appliances and consultants to hire?

popular and going with the flow? who actually defined popular and "the flow?"

who ADVICE him?
a scared leader is no leader

Anonymous said...

This will be a great day for Malaysia but a sad day for law enforcers. Are Malaysian's ready for this. Will this change the extremist's, racist's, subversive elements,the syndicated criminals who are supported by some politicians into a civil society and would not create havoc that would endanger the security and the peace of this beautiful country. We can judge by the way these politicians are doing their routine business i.e. to create dissatisfaction and hatred in order to gain support of their supporters. I doubt it that with the repeal of the preventive laws, the human rights lovers, the opposition would be more civil in their behaviour. A government who gambles with the security and peace of the country is an irresponsible government.


Well Done, YAB PM.

First thing first, we all must welcome back YM RPK and put him as the Minister of Home Affairs.

I love my country, I love my PM.
You have my support again

Anonymous said...

It is good move as it will benefit UMNO when it loses office. Otherwise, quite a few people from UMNO could be put behind under ISA. Very clever.

I am not so sure about the annual licensing of publications.

Licensing is not being removed. So what? There is still the fear that any incoming Govt could suspend or cancel the licence of Utusan Melayu. Better to remove all licensing except for pornography.

Better to give some freedom to others now to protect our backsides in future.Sybas!

Anonymous said...

pandai dia nak mengelak, semua untuk kepentingan dia juga. ISA untuk kepentingan dia, abolish pun untuk kepentingan dia. Ehhh... ada pula undang-undang baru untuk perlindungan dia... hehehe... politik-politik.

Tok Mudim said...

Again Najib ignoring the majority while trying to please the minority.

Next please..

Anonymous said...

From 1948 till 2011, does the ISA act do more harm than good to us Malaysian ?

Please ignore what the foreign NGO said. When trouble erupt, they will fly back to the comfort of their home.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:46

Total sudden freedom can be disastrous. Learn from the breakup of USSR.

One step at a time. And in small calculated steps first please.

Dot said...

part of PM's speech:
"24. Untuk mencegah perbuatan subversif, keganasan terancang dan perbuatan jenayah bagi memelihara ketenteraman dan keselamatan awam, dua undang-undang baru yang sesuai akan digubal di bawah semangat serta payung Perkara 149 Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Pokoknya, akta-akta ini nanti bermatlamat untuk memelihara keamanan, kesejahteraan, kesentosaan serta kerukunan hidup rakyat dan negara."

two new acts to counter terrorism & subversive activities...

"28. Kajian semula komprehensif ini akan melibatkan Akta Kediaman Terhad 1933 dan Akta Mesin Cetak dan Penerbitan 1984 di mana prinsip pembaharuan tahunan akan dihapuskan dan digantikan dengan pengeluaran lesen sehingga dibatalkan. Kerajaan juga akan mengkaji semula seksyen 27 Akta Polis 1967 dengan mengambil kira peruntukan Perkara 10 Perlembagaan Persekutuan tentang kebebasan berhimpun dengan prinsip menentang sekeras-kerasnya demonstrasi jalanan. Namun, kebenaran berhimpun diberi selaras dengan kaedah-kaedah yang akan ditetapkan kelak disamping mengambilkira norma-norma di peringkat antarabangsa."

gathering YES but NO road rally!!

Anonymous said...

"Instead of resisting, he is going with the flow."

I expect leadership, not a popularity contest.

Dr.M knew what he want and made people see what he want.
That's my Leader.

KarimBUJANG said...

Najib mansuhkan ISA. Mana perginya muhyiddin? Kalau dia tidak mahu bersuara dan sama-sama bertanggungjawab, MANSUHKAN MUHYIDDIN sama.

UMNOwillLose said...

Freedom is good for the Malays. With the ISA we enjoy peace by clamping down on the vocal few.

For whose benefit is the peace? If the Chinese like Teresa Kok wants to promote chinese writing that is her right.

If the Malays object then they should take action and not be lazy and hide behind the Government of UMNO.

Let the Malays fight it out with Kok and taste the struggle of upholding Malay supremacy in the Land of the Malays.

The ISA only benefit the Kalimullha pseudo malays khairy, mahathir, nazir. With the peace they bolot all the wealth of the Malays in PNB and Petronas.

Just like a company with no unions all the profit will go the President and brothers and sons of the company. Thats how Mahathir considered himself, the CEO of Malaysia to make profit for him and managment while crying perjuangan yang belum sudah in front of the Malay assembly.

The ISA benefited YTL and Vincent Tan more because they never voted but they are billionaires.

Najib can do what he wants but until Nazir returns the illegal commission he took from PNB, UMNO will lose the next election.

Until Najib take back MAS from his favourite Christian Indian, UMNO will lose.

Until Zafrul, Azman Mokhtar are not sacked or jailed for plundering Malays assets, UMNO will lose the next election.

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