Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Facing up to the truth

There was just no such losses!

Last Monday, September 12, Raja Petra wrote a piece, "Not cheating, just bending the rule" which relates to alleged loss of RM8 billion loss of MAS during the tenure of Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli as Chairman.

This time we are not responding to another of his grumbling to keep his conspiracy theory alive and defend the reputation of crooked, manipulative and arrogant lawyer Rosli Dahalan. This time Raja Petra and Din Merican (read here) are trying to make something out of a recent MACC raid on the house of Attorney General, Tan Sri Gani Patail in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

Earlier on August 29th, we responded to his attempt to deny us the satisfaction of proving his many years of false allegation by a cute spin to claim we do not trust the police. We wrote, "The police we trust, Your accomplice we don't", where we made further expose as to why we can't trust the characters close to him.

Yesterday, a report broke out yesterday that there is an out-court settlement to the RM200 million lawsuit by Tajuddin against The Malaysian Insider. The settled amount is said to be in the tune of RM30 million.

The out of court settlement serve only to save MI's face. Tajuddin has proved his point and it only add further proof of our hunch that there was no such RM8 billion MAS loss.

How will they respond to this news? If only they know that it is better to admit to the truth and move on than continuing to sustain an untrue story. It will open up the story to more discrepencies. No wonder the Christians always say the truth shall set you free.

Yes, free from ill will, bad intention and impure heart.

The Bernama report on the out-of-court settlement below:
Parties Seek Out-of-court Settlement In Tajudin's Suit Against News Portal

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 19 (Bernama) -- The parties in the RM200-million suit brought by former Malaysia Airlines executive chairman Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli against The Malaysian Insider news portal are seeking to settle the case out of court, counsel for The Malaysian Insider said Monday.

Lawyer George Miranda said this after he, Tajudin's counsel Lim Kian Leong and the news portal's executive and journalist had met Judge Harminder Singh Dhaliwal in chambers.

The case had been set for case management today. After the meeting, the judge set Sept 28 for case management.

On Aug 18, Tajudin filed the suit over the news portal's publication of an article on the airline company.

He named The Malaysian Insider Sdn Bhd, its chief executive officer Jahabar Sadiq and journalist Shazwan Mustafa Kamal as defendants.

Tajudin, who helmed the airline from 1994 to 2001, had stated that the portal had published defamatory words in the article on May 31, 2011.

He also claimed that the portal repeated the defamatory words in other articles, despite a letter sent to it to not do so.

He said the Malaysian Insider, when responding to his letter, stated that the words in the article were not defamatory and that they had obtained the information from multiple sources.

Besides general damages of RM200 million, Tajudin is also seeking aggravated damages and interests.
Our hunch for the truth stems from a simple fact that everyone refuse to remember and by design, intentionally hide from the public. Tajuddin sold MAS shares at RM8 per shares when market was lower but everyone forgot that he bought it at RM8 billion when the highest the market was trading RM4-6 per share.

Tajuddin was cleaning up the mess of Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop at Bank Negara
Malaysia. The vindictive snaky Mamak he is, instead of thanking him, Nor Yakcop did several numbers on him. It puzzles us why Najib still keep him in Cabinet?

The out of court settlement only shows The Malaysian Insider have no proof to back their allegation.

Neither do politicians Salahuddin Ayub, Saifuddin Nasution and Mahfuz Omar making the same allegation in press conferences and ceramahs.

The last one would expect from politicians is to admit they are wrong. If it is below their dignity to admit they are wrong, the least they could do is to honourably refrain from talking about it anymore.

Nor are the conspirators.

Rosli Dahlan, Dato Ramli Yusof, Raja Petra, and Din Merican with their barking dogs, Tan Sri Robert Phang and now Dato Md Zin Ibrahim could only make allegations but for the past few years could not produce a single shred of proof.

The police under conspirator, Ramli Yusof could not. MAS officers, who supposedly have access to records, documents and accounts, only made the same allegation but never could prove it.

The little proof they attempted to spin have been debunked and Court of Arbitration have proven them wrong.

If they are purveyor of good, then live with the truth and move on. They have been proven wrong and pursuing it further only shows their lack of honour.

Such quantum of loss just do not exist and is merely a figment of someone's imagination to develop a perception on Tajuddin. Why?

It is our suspicion that a larger hand is out there to create a perception of a villain on someone to justify an evil intention so that he will continue to be blame. That unlucky villain happen to be Tajuddin.

Not only has this off court settlement partly proof the allegation is false, the fact that Government is willing to negotiate a global settlement with Tajuddin add further indication that he was victimised and the Government has no choice but to sit down and settle.

How will Government settle Tajuddin's lawsuit of RM13 billion, which could be more than RM20 billion by now?

Tajuddin should know Government can't afford it. Thus, the amount he is willing to settle down for would give him a chance to show he is the better man than the nasty perception created out of him.

One wonders why him?

Could it be because Tajuddin was a serious boss that hardly smile? But that only shows Malaysian as a spoilt brat.

Really, what so bad about having a difficult perfectionist boss? It puts you on your toe and you get better from the higher expectation. If it really happened as what the gossip say, what is so embarrassing about getting thrown files for scrappy work? Face up to the boss again with better work. He should appreciate.


TBH said...

"crooked, manipulative and arrogant lawyer Rosli Dahalan" you said??

i tot recent court case cleared him??

bodoh.pandai said...

"Tajuddin sold MAS shares at RM8 per shares when market was lower but everyone forgot that he bought it at RM8 billion when the highest the market was trading RM4-6 per share."

Dude , that's what we call a bailout la! He is a businessman, so its up to him to buy what ever price he wants but the gov should do no favors to him when he wants to sell.
Can't you see that.
Me thinks he was a proxy for some big time UMNO politicians. Check with your beloved Tun Mahathir.

Have you ever wondered why is Tun Mahathir not asking for blood for Tun Badawi role in MAS catering. Coz he knows , people in glass houses should not cast stones.
Badawi knows too much about the hidden hands in MAS during Tun Mahathir's time.

A Voice said...


Since the opposition loves to play on perception, let me tell ye Rosli Dahlan and Ramli Yusof is not innocent in the court of opinion of ABITW.

Should have read last posting where I gave clue to how they got themselves free through a crooked judge.


That is what YOU like to brand as bailout.

You insist on forgetting the part that Tajuddin bailout BNM, messed up by NMY's gambling indulgence with money.

In case you didnt know, BNM was in deficit capital. The assets parked in BNM was sold at higher price than market ie MAS and MISC.

MISC sold to Tabung Amanah Pencen and there was complication. Mirzan came in to rescue to bail it out of TAP and indirectly BNM.

Mirzan got the asset that fit in with his plan BUT Tajuddin didn't. Roxy had completed a series of acquisition. MAS did not fit in. He had to sell assets like D&C Bank, Sharp Roxy etc.

Hope "ME" tell who is Tajuddin proxying for than just speculate. You could be wrong.

Tajuddin would be dumb to takeover PAS and proxy for someone. It was not a gorgoeus asset to be proxy for.

You asked why is Tun M not asking blood for Tun Dol role in MAS Catering?

It is like asking why Anwar is not raising all issue he knows of while in Govenrment.

There is a reason and timing to raise issues.

I am not sure Badawi knows much about any hidden hands of Tun M in MAS, he hardly knows and understand what is shown in an open hands.

Nevertheless bodoh.pandai, good effort. Try again

A Voice said...


MAS ... not PAS

Arthur Androman said...

Alas, Tajuddin taking over PAS would have sound much nicer.

I still fail to understand why you are shifting the blame of the RM 8 billion loss to external parties when the number was brought up by MAS's own management.

However, I think the argument that since there are no details, TR is thus innocent is not as strong as made out. The reason is that there is an external observation - MAS being transformed from a fairly financial healthy firm to one on the brink of death during TR's time, whereas other airlines like Thai Air, SIA and even Cathay Pacific are financially healthy. What more, an upstart like Air Asia can go and to be a RM10 billion company, so the airline business is sound.

The RM-8-billion question is how to prove TR's fraud, not whether TR is innocent as you claim. Judging from the absolute lack of expertise in the local markets, perhaps a suitable foreign forensic accountant could uncover the necessary details.

I'm just a bit surprised why your waging this 'war.' Something seems 'not right' but who cares and Long Live Mahathir!

MalayTrustFundforslaughter said...

As Malaysia progress, there are many ways to make money out there.

The easiest is milking Government Owned Companies like MAS, TM, TNB of IPPs contracts, where the Treasury instruction can be easily by passed.

It seems all the Ketua Pengarah of Government dept with commercial values are bent on making money.And we are not talking of customs and immigration here (2 million illegals! ).

The board of directors too appointed like NurJazlan to TM were always looking for tips for their cronies at new contracts etc.

In MAS it is catering which is the money making scheme. In TM it is IT. Accenture got away with RM700 million IT contract!

And that is not for capex but just some customer service things. The mind boggle what RM700 million IT project is suppose to do. It can buy E&O shares!

So TM is another GOC to be milked.
If Temasek buy 5% of TM shares and then sell it later you should investigate who the broker is.

That could be commission from the Chinese Govt of Singapore to some one.

But another set of cash rich companies are the Malay trust funds like PNB, Tabung Haji, which are not controlled by Khazanah or Treasury.The Malays shareholders are too dispersed to notice.

They are controlled by Musa Hitam and board of directors. So how to profit from all these cash?

Nudge, nudge Dato why dont you buy our company shares?

We are a good property company.

But we dont need you.

It is long term dato. Nobody
will know.

Why price so high? The public will be suspicious.

We get Wan Azmi to sell too so not to obvious only chinese selling.

Based on our blah, blah we are valued 3 billion.

3 billion? Ok sound logical.
Sime Darby is strong.

Dato, we know you just makan gaji and get meeting commission as BOD.

So we keep some for you. Your name never appear.

So that is why it is easy for Musa Hitam and the BOD and Bakke to pay nearly 1 billion to buy a chinese company shares.

The Malay ASB shareholders, the kampung folks, wont notice these things. Even 4 billion losses also
sime darby can bear, hehe.

It is not their money. and hey who knows that chinese towkays who is richer by 300 million cash may keep his word when I retire.

Nor Yakob, according to his book was unemployed, was selected by Mahathir to give advice. Strange isnt it UMNO has so many intellectuals and academics that Mahathir choose to pick and Indian Muslim off the street near sogo.

Guess it is easier to trust your own race hey mahahtir?

UMNO members must gain control of Malay wealth and assets before they are squandered away by greedy Indian Muslims like Kalimullah and Nor Yakob and Khairy or Azeez a car reposseor in Penang in the BOD of Tabung Haji.

Not enough with making an India Ananda Krishnan the richest malaysian, he has to give Tony Fernandes two airplanes for 1RM!

But slowly we understand these buggers and we will get them just libyans get gadaffi and egyptians get mubarak.

Anonymous said...


kalimulah & azman yahya tak sound lu ke pasal Air Asia-MAS dan E&O.

kat tv3 tadi keluar cerita depa sound zaid ibrahim suruh anak buah dia kat KITA kedah tutup mulut.

sam/PRAY, it works said...

The out of court settlement only shows The Malaysian Insider have no proof to back their allegation.

That is why crooks get away scot free cos proof is sometines hard to get.

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