Thursday, September 01, 2011

Batu Pahat will never forget Bintang Tiga

Haji Mohd Salleh bin Abdul Karim or widely known as Kiyai Salleh

The speech by Mat Sabu to claim Communist as independent fighter and accusing UMNO as British shows his ignorance of history.

It could be Mat Sabu's attempt to divert attention to stem the political and public pressure from the Muslim population on the Pakatan Rakyat government of Selangor on the Damansara Utama Methodist Church caught in the act of proselytising Muslims to Christianity.

However, his political rally at Padang Menora, Tasek Glugor, Seberang Prai on August 21st, 2011 will not go down well with the people of my hometown of Baru Pahat, Johor.

No effort by the former 10th Regiment of the Communist party of Malaya, still living in exile at border of Thai-Malaya border, to spin history of Kiyai Salleh and Dato Onn Jaafar will convince the people of Batu Pahat that the Communist Party of Malaya masquerding as Malayan Party Anti Japanese Army (MPAJA) or notoriously known as Bintang Tiga were independent fighters.

The Bintang Tiga were dominated by Chinese who were not citizens of Malaya until the agreement to jus soli arrangement for citizenship prior to independence on August 31st 1957 but were British subject. Quite significant number of the central committee members were born in China.

Thus, how could they be described as independent fighters?

The atrocities they committed during their "14 day rule" in the interim period between the surrender of the Japanese army on August 16th 1946 and the return of the British colonial administration, particularly to the folks of Batu Pahat and Muar proves that they were no independent fighter but another cruel foreign invader.

Mat Sabu delivered his political rally together with Batu Pahat born Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng. His father, Lim Kit Siang hailed from the area of Lim Poon, Batu Pahat where many of his family members still reside and are former members of Bintang Tiga.

So, when DAP is called communist by certain segments of the Malays, it is not without it's reasons. Furthermore, DAP pursues a socialist ideology, just like PAP of old. However, former Communist activist not only infitrate DAP, but also other Chinese based party like SUPP, MCA, SAPP, and others.

Despite being dominated Chinese, there are Malay members in the communist Bintang Tiga. They were Malay ultra nationalist who were more driven by their anti-British stance than being attracted by communist ideology at the initial stage.

Malays, like Kiyai Salleh who later lead the Malays against Bintang Tiga colonials in Batu Pahat and Muar, were forced to join the Bintang Tiga.

The Bintang Tiga atrocities were driven by their hatred for the Japanese as they took revenge on former Jookidam, or Malays working with the Japanese Police. Former Jookidam were taken to the edge of jungle and forced to dig holes and were buried alive in these holes.

During the Bintang Tiga "14-day rule" rule, they instituted exorbitant tax, and rob their harvest. There were widespread indiscriminate killing, rape and violence on the women and men. People's Court established were dispensing unjust sentences.

Muslims were forbidden from group prayers and Islamic practices and rituals were ridiculed by these Godless communists.

In Zaharah Nawawi's account of the period in her book on the brave exploits of Kiyai Salleh, entitled "Panglima Salleh Selempang Merah", she described an eerie feeling of kampung folks entering the Bandar Penggaram.

There were description of Malay kampung folks being captured and boiled alive in the premise current Chinese Chamber of Commerce building of Batu Pahat to scare off Malays from coming to the Bintang Tiga-infested town.

With knowledge of the personality and operation of Bintang Tiga, Kiyai Salleh lead the unarmed Malays against the well equipped Bintang Tiga. Armed with only parang panjang and ayat empat (read also here), the tentera parang panjang grew in numbers as Kiyai Salleh set out to free Parit Sulong, Semerah, Kangkar Senanga, and as far as Bakri, Muar.

If not held back by Dato Onn Jaafar, who was the then District Officer of Batu Pahat, at the Penambang, Kiyai Salleh and my kampung folks of Bagan would have massacred the remain of Bintang Tiga hiding in Bandar Penggaram.

This event was written by Zaharah Jawawi and confirmed to this blogger by General (Retired) Jaafar Onn who was there to witness the event.

On that day, May 10, 1946, Dato Onn promised Kiyai Salleh that he would return power back to the Malay. That could be the event that sparked the desire to struggle for Independence by Dato Onn by initially launching UMNO. It is in Batu Pahat at the Padang Kelab Melayu that the initial form of UMNO, UMO was launched. (Read about the event on blog Kuda Kepang)

The hidden strength of Kiyai Salleh lies in his late wife, Makcik Esah (who is a member of this blogger's mother's Yaasin readng group) who has the uncanny ability to determine the place and time to launch attacks.

Kiyai Salleh, Makcik Esah and others together with them have died but Alhamdulillah, the spirit of Selempang Merah seems to be very much alive.

For Mat Sabu to claim CPM as freedom fighter and accuse of the UMNO of being pro-British to side against the Communist, it is not only incorrect but shows he and PAS's pursuit for power has no limit and destructive.

To correct his deteriorating memory, UMNO was not yet formed during the Bintang Tiga's reign of terror. It was the majority Malay's decision to side with the "lesser of the two evils" between the two colonial powers.

Chin Peng receiving the Burma Star award in recognition of his contributions during WWII from Supreme Allied Commander, South-East Asia Command, Admiral Louis Mountbatten, in 1946 in Singapore

In case he forget and it seemed regularly forget details of events he is present - his words at ceramah and his accident at Bersih 2.0 - , the Bintang Tiga was formed with help from the British to train them in jungle guerilla warfare at a Special Training School 101 in Singapore.

Even the Communist Party of Malaya was formed with the blessing of the British and help of a Sino-Vietnamese triple agent for the British, French and Japanese, Lai Tek. He became the first Secretary General of CPM before he ran away top abscond CPM money and was replaced by the Butcher of Malaya, Chin Peng.

Another important historical point for Mat Sabu to recall is that PAS had the British help to approve their registration in 1951 so that they be a permanent divisive element against Malay Unity and be constantly at odd with UMNO. Unlike PAS, UMNO was the conglomeration of Malay associations and political party including the Parti Kebangsaan Melayu (MNP).

If Mat Sabu thinks by manipulating history it will serve PAS political pursuit, it only reveal further the divisive nature of PAS.

The old Islamic PAS was dividing the Muslim by their Islamic sectarian politics. While, the new welfare state PAS is working with many enemies - cruel communist agenda of DAP and PSM, American Zionist agenda PKR and the Wahabi and Syiah sectarianism.

Back in 1948, Hizbul Muslimin, an earlier version of PAS was conceived in a Congress attended by Rashid Mydin, Musa Ahmad, etc.

What can you expect from a first year flunker for Diploma in Applied Science at ITM?


jeragang said...

bintang 3 pejuang kemerdekaan jugak ker? tanya sama niat........ niat akan menentukan hasil sesuatu amal itu

Anonymous said...

Yes Sir,

Many elders still alive to tell us tales of horror..

My grandparents and few friends hid their daughters and wives On a small deserted island; cooked only at night as smoke or fire from a distance may attract these Communists (rapists)..

Young men were being taken away, some never to be seen again.

Tak Lupa ooooiiii

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I'm happy that the government has made history a compulsory subject.

Anonymous said...

Yeah what can we expect from a khalwat sinner and an OKU pretender

Anonymous said...

Saya sedang menghabiskan buku "Chin Peng - my side of history. MS 127 -the Malays, believing their magic amulets would shield them from the bullets, charge our lines. We shot. Some dropped. The rest hesitated and retreated. We CHASED them into nearby kampongs and arrested the ring-leaders".

Menurut buku autobiografi ini, Chin Peng percaya peristiwa Batu Pahat bukan seperti mana ynag kita percaya.

Ini akan menjadi sejarah baru apabila komunis dan kuncu2nya memerintah Malaysia nanti.


Anonymous said...

Mat Sabu FAIL!

Anonymous said...

What a load of rubbish. Mat ...Mat

Anonymous said...

Dah terdesak sangat nakkan undi dari kaum Cinalah tu. Saya berpendapat dia ni bukan ignorant tapi sanggup buat apa saja asalkan dapat undi. Cara yang paling mudah ialah berbohong dan memutar belitkan fakta pandering to his audiences.

Macammana orang PAS boleh terima pemimpin jenis ni pun tak tahulah. Si Karpal Singh pun tak tergamak nak go that low.

Semoga rakyat Malaysia yang rasional menolak orang yang tak tahu menghargai pengorbanan wira-wira negara yang terkorban dalam tragedi Bukit Kepong.

Apa agaknya perasaan anak-cucu allahyarham wirawam berkenaan yang menjadi yatim piatu dan kini bapa/atuk mereka dianggap sebagai golongan yang mengkhianati negara kerana berjuang menentang komunis.


Ghab said...

The poorest Malays have been the victims of the Communist brain-washing since born . In the sixties , the Communists offered biscuits to the remote poor Malays . ' You can be a Communist and at the same you can also be a Muslim ' was the Communists tagged line in propagating communist ideologies by portraying that Communists were friendly who could bring foods on the tables .

However , the appearance of Communism is no longer person with three red stars logo patched on their caps , wear kaki outfits , rifles strapped with bullets suspender , go underground , having an horrid shark-fin face and giving biscuits away .

In the countries which outlawed communism , these people cover themselves behind the yellow and green curtains , walking the streets with printed pictures of their heroic comrades on red T shirts , carrying dangerous utensils , placing slogans and yelling anti Establishment and ever wiling to side the Communist . And walked the street they did in their antagonized behavior and called that it was a peaceful group walkabout in the interpretation of freedom and democracy , in which the maintenance is accounted by the Establishment .

These homegrown communists are more suspicious minded than the communists halfway around the world . You want to know ? . They are not only communists but they are also the urban bandits mentality who instill the banned communist ideology concealed behind the so-called less pinkish socialist ideology . Worst of all , they are Chauvinists , coveted liberal Conservative and religious fanatics with an erratic ideology .

They are the enemies of freedom and democracy . They inflate themselves with in the association of so-called the new-liberal Conservative ravager who are ever ready to act and called themselves activist and religious leaders . Is that right !!

Whatever their religion and the color of their skin, bandits are the same. They initiate fear to the majority of democratic loving people . They instill fear to the younger generation . They make them fear of their own identities . From that fear they fabricate grow hatred and hope to magnify and become all-consuming. The bandits become the mass provocateur with a motive of instigating the minds of peace . As far as they are concerned , their action have noble objective in which they are the preserver , the martyr, be it to save their politics , bigotry , constructed religion or ideology.

Until today , we are still in finding it difficult to adopt them as the fabric that holds our society together. And as we have embraced the righteous of acceptance and tolerance we often find ourselves faced with their challenged bearing their greed for power since they stepped foot in our environment of striving for peace and harmony .

Mat Sabu is a classic example and not spared either , the one of that personalities and mentalities who has been brain washed by Communism , now the sympathizer . I honestly believe that he should be in caged for schooling and rehabilitation .

usabukata said...

mengikut versi mat sabu, tunku abdul rahman bukan pejuang kemerdekaan tetapi penyokong orang puteh. makna ceritanya perjanjian kemerdekaan dengan orang puteh tu tak boleh diterima pakai oleh mat sabu dan kawan-kawannya iaitu guan eng, kit siang, karpal dan yang sewaktu dengannya.

makna ceritanya perjanjian bagi kerakyatan kepada orang bukan melayu tu tak boleh diterima pakai dan tidak diiktiraf oleh mat sabu, hadi, nik aziz dan mereka yang sewaktu dengannya.

saya setuju benar dengan bab ini iaitu bila pas perintah nanti dibatalkan perjanjian ini dan hantar balik bukan rakyat tanah melayu ke kampong asal mereka. itu adalah kesimpolan kepada apa yang mat sabu cakap.

minta tolong blogger lain sebarkan benda ini.


Anonymous said...

Pernah ku tulis beberapa hari yang lalu niat sebenar mat sabu 121 ini ia lah hanya untok memesongkan perhatian daripada memanjangkan tentang kes murtad di Selangor. PR tahu yang kes murtad lebeh penting/berat dan serious bagi pendudok2 kampong yang usia 60 ka atas jika di bandingkan dengan kes komunis mat sabu 121. Orang awam akan lekas lupa tentang kes baru mat sabu tapi orang2 kampong ..datok2 dan nenek2 tidak akan cepat lupa dalam hal murtad. Semua nya kerana PRU 13 tidak lama lagi.
Harap blogger BN akan terus memainkan issu murtad.

Anonymous said...

Answering your question 'what do you expect....?"
It SHOULD be expected of the likes of him and his associates.
I am confident that we will hear more of same brown shirt diatribes all the way to the results of PRU13.
But don t be suppress the 1 million pas members adore him and his style,and he has the support of the pas leaders.
HjMae Berek 12.

Anonymous said...

Bro, this Crypto Commnunist flunked his Diploma in Food Technology at School of Applied Science ITM. . .

Salleh Telegu
Diploma Wood Tech Batch 1980

Anonymous said...

Mat Sabu bukan buta sejarah tetapi telah buta hatinya semata mata mahu menagih kuasa dari DAP.

And he is No.2 man in PAS

Anonymous said...

We need more opposition leader like Mat Sabu.

People like Mat Sabu will destroy opposition party from inside.

Keep it up Sabu boy.

Pendakyahraya said...

ada pejuang komunis (melayu khususnya)yang percaya dengan berjuang bersama komunis, malaya akan merdeka. tak boleh nafikan benda tu.

masalahnya, mat sabu ni pukul rata semua komunis pejuang kemerdekaan. well, that's him.

yang lagi masalah kroniknya, ada penyokong pas yang sangatlah sokong peluk cium kaki mat sabu ni percaya 100% pastu dok ngutuk pejuang kemerdekaan yang tak didendang.

ada lutut letak kat kepala, dahla otak tu takde tempat nak letak..simpan dalam fridge taknak guna.

Anonymous said...

PAS pemecah belah ummah di Malaysia.

Tiada lagi ilusi sebagai pengimbang keduniaan UMNO.

PAS wajib ditinggalkan!


Anonymous said...

What can you expect from a first year flunker for Diploma in Applied Science at ITM?

A lot of Hot Air....

abraxus said...

I've vaguely heard of Kiyai Salleh and Bintang Tiga and your article has filled in the missing bits. I find your article both informative and engaging. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Do I have to check for Reds under my bed? I live in Keluang.

Anonymous said...

“Hat Serang Bukit Kepong tu la pejuang kemerdekaan”

“Semua sejarah negara kita bohong”

Apa ni PAS? bawa-bawa la mengucap

Tergamak sampai orang melayu-islam dilabel pengkhianat tapi cina-anti tuhan/ugama yang bunuh mereka dan anak-anak serta isteri mereka tanpa belas kasihan pula dianggap wira? Lepas ni nak kata apa pulak? polis yang mati tu masuk neraka, komunis jahanam tu masuk syurga??

Ni fakta tambahan. Pasukan polis yang sama (dengan askar) tu jugalah yang bermati-matian mempertahankan negara dan rakyat (termasuklah ahli-ahli PAS dan manusia yang tak tahu bersyukur bernama Mat Sabu ni) dari bala tentera Indonesia masa era Konfrantasi.

Kalau tak tahu sejarah, ni nak bagitau – puak-puak komunis yang serang Bukit Kepong tu selain dari meneruskan kezaliman mereka – bunuh/seksa orang islam, buddha, hindu, kristian etc sana sini sampai Disember 1989, sanggup bersekongkol dengan tentera Sukarno untuk “Ganyang Malaysia” dari 1962-1966. Askar Indon ni (sekutu komunis/Chin Peng) pula sampai tergamak serang hendap dan bunuh tentera kita semasa mereka tengah sembahyang berjemaah. Ni pejuang kemerdekaan?? Baca sikit peristiwa Kalabakan.


Ni yang Chin Peng kata kat Tunku masa rundingan Baling,

“Iam a communist, you are anti communist. There can never be a co-existence”.

“If you demand our surrender we would prefer to fight to the last man”.

Maknanya mereka tidak akan terima sampai bila-bila orang yang tidak sama fahaman politik dengan mereka.

Kalau “pejuang kemerdekaan” Mat Sabu ni menang, kita ni semua dah jadi komunis, semua tak bertuhan macam China dengan Vietnam, macam Chin Peng. Tok sah kata lebai macam Tok Guru Nik Aziz, orang pakai kopiah macam yang Mat Sabu pun akan kena cekup masuk lokap.

Janganlah kerana nak sangat undi kaum Cina sampai tergamak melacurkan kebenaran. Nakkan kuasa pun carilah dengan cara yang terhormat. Ingat undi Cina tu boleh kekalkah? Cubalah tengok statistik antara Pilihanraya tahun 2004 dengan 2008.

Anonymous said...

Your writting is informative>>>but to add in some facts Kiyai Salleh infact did not want to be involved in this racy issue due to the communist actually revenge against the malay due to some malay people siding with the Japanese becoming(talibarut) during the World War 2....and pointed out the chinese people and the Japanese masaacre them... and create misunderstanding among chinese and malay....kiyai salleh got involved when actually the communist brought a pig to a mosque and cook them....then that is where he rose up...he was never a racist.political or anything got to do with world>>he is just a god choosen boon...Alfateha for him

Anonymous said...

u people always want to deny the fact...Kiyai Salleh story is true..Even Singapore knows bout the matter..he is so powerful but humble..He story appeared in some british books..

Anonymous said...

u people always want to deny the fact...Kiyai Salleh story is true..Even Singapore knows bout the matter..he is so powerful but humble..He story appeared in some british books..

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