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MAS-Air Asia: The 'rakyat' in MAS knows better

This blog has been urging the unions to be more assertive to this daylight robbery agreed upon by the manager's of the nation's sovereign fund in favour of the interest of a rogue airline, Air Asia. Read our posting here dated January 11, 2012.

They have been too timid and submissive since their last threat for a strike on September 9th, 2012. There had been conflicting interest and the detrimental so-called collaboration with Air Asia (but actually corroboration to rob and plunder) were allowed to advance. Read here.

MASE and other staff unions of MAS had an audience with the Prime Minister on February 14th, 2012. Prime Minister gave assurance that he will look into every complaints and issues raised on the Comprehensive Collaboration Framework (CCF) between Malaysian Airlines and Air Asia.

He requested that the unions put on hold any industrial action. The union gave their trust and faith to the Prime Minister at their expense. Time will allow the evil Danny Yusof and Tony F time to accelerate the process into irreversible mode. PM should not fail them or the implication could be politically disastrous.

MESA given out a communique to it's members recently. It could mean the time is up and Dato Najib is due to revert back to the unions as promised. How will Najib decide at this 11th hour?

The following is a recent MESA's communique to their members:

From: MESA []
Sent: Monday, March 12, 2012 4:32 PM
To: xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: MESA official release (1)

Dear Brothers and Sisters of MESA,

As you know, MESA and other unions and associations in MAS had an audience with the Honorable Prime Minister of Malaysia on 14th February 2012 in Putrajaya. In that meeting, we conveyed our collective concern with regard to the “CCF” agreement between MAS and Air Asia.

The unions and associations are of the opinion that the agreement is lopsided and prove detrimental to members’ interest and job security.

The Prime Minister admitted that the Government had approved of the CCF as they were convinced by its proponent that the CCF would benefit MAS, Air Asia and the country. He added that the Government had supported the move on the understanding that the two companies could synergize and derives benefit from each other strength and best practices.

Since our slide presentation had shown otherwise, the PM had requested some time to verify and validate the unions’ and associations’ claims and supporting documents submitted. The unions and associations were also asked to hold back any industrial action whilst these validations were in progress. It was also indicated that the PM’s office would revert in due time.

On 23rd February 2012, MESA was invited to meet the new EVPHC. At the meeting, the Union took the opportunity to highlight several contentious issues, hoping for her timely intervention. Among matters that were touched or brought up were:-

a. The inordinate delay by HC in closure of the E&M Licenses issue. It was emphasized that MESA had, since November 2011, indicated that we would, in good faith, accept the draft LOE as proposed by the HCIR team on the strength of HCIR assurance of honoring current practices. However till to date, HCIR has yet to call MESA for the LOE to be signed.
b. The state of job uncertainty arising from the CCF.
c. Frequent and unsettling changes in MH Organization Structures.
d. Impending migration of a substantial number of staff based in Subang to SSZ KLIA.
e. Business Plan which entail Spin-off of Company Businesses and formation of “Newcos”.
f. Industrial Relation at its lowest ebb as reflected by numerous disputes and cases referral to Jabatan Perhubungan Perusahaan (JPP) and the Industrial Court.
As a follow-up to our previous engagement with the PM, on 1st March 2012, after a closed-door “PM meet the Warga Industri Selangor” function, the MESA Secretary was briefly able to draw the attention of the PM as he was leaving the venue.

The PM was reminded that the various unions and associations in MAS are anxiously waiting for his intervention with regard to the CCF issue. The PM responded with an, “I have conveyed…..” answer.

It has been more than two week now since our last audience with the PM, but we have yet to hear of any official good news from Putrajaya.

Lately, we noticed that several members from Sales and AO who were previously on posting to foreign line stations were recalled due to the stations’ closure are being left in a limbo, with no serious attempt being made to reassign them with other suitable alternate task at home base. We are afraid that these may well be used as an excuse to rate them with a low PMS rating of 1 or 2 as prelude to a forced attrition on the ground of discipline, inactivity or manpower surplus.

MESA would advice any of our members who may be in a similar predicament to quickly sought and secure alternative redeployment on their own to prevent redundancy. As a general reminder, any member who was subjected to victimization is encouraged to get in touch with the union for guidance.

Earlier this week, on Wednesday 7th March 2012 @ 11.00am, MESA was invited to a briefing by HC in relation to the imminent migration of about 1600 staff from Subang to KLIA.

We were informed that the move is at the behest of Management and targeted for completion in September 2012. A key point to note is that the migration would eventually cause a “four-to-five fold” increase to the SSZ building population (currently about 400 only).

MESA is concerned that the move would inevitably impact safety and health of the affected staffs.

Our worries was triggered by the fact that the project manager who was briefing us about the migration plan was seemingly clueless on whether the current building systems and specification are adequate to handle the multiplier effect of a “four-to-five fold” population increase as the briefing fail to address our concern on the following subjects:
a. No/nil additional toilet, entrance/exit, staircase, lift/elevator
b. Serious doubts about the cooling capacity of the present air-conditioning systems
c. Motion/time studies not conducted on safe & orderly incoming flow at reporting time, including gap analysis over the capacity/capability of the current lift/elevator system.
d. No fire-drill simulation to test/prove adequacy of emergency egress/staircase
e. No demonstration of Compliance to Occupational Safety & Health Act and certification of fire risk and hazard from Bomba Malaysia.
f. Adequacy of current air-conditioners to provide reasonable comfort to the building occupants
g. Adequate 230V electrical power-point for each workstation
h. Adequacy of current power supply cable to support the electrical system demand for power.
The Union is simply not convinced with the reasons provided by Management to justify the impending migration of non-front-liners from Subang to KLIA. The premise that airline staff need to be near the airport (KLIA) does not hold water as we noted that many of those affected had previously been relocated to SZB from KULTO shortly after KLIA become operational. Certainly, if their presence is more appropriate in KLIA, why relocate them to SZB in the first place?

Why allow the staff a false sense of security to take root resulting in them investing into property purchase and build their home and family in the SZB vicinity?

In our opinion, these could well be another ploy of attrition to staff that may not have any other mean and resources to tide over the extra cost of uprooting from their present domain. Indeed, we know that some had quitted or were contemplating such moves to cut losses.

MESA members would have noticed that the Company had just launched a recruitment drive for the “Shorthaul Newco”. Please be advised that if you elect to join the SH “Newco”, you would automatically cease to be a MESA member and may not be further eligible to the benefits as specified in MAS-MESA Collective Agreement. You would also be deprived of union protection and services and must conduct your own defense in any Disciplinary Inquiry. Nevertheless, MESA would try our best to obtain the lower grade staff Terms and Condition for comparison.

We would again like to remind members to refrain from speculating whilst the Executive Council works hard on matters of greater importance to everyone. We seek your understanding that at time, we may have to prioritize and devote our full attention to matters that have long term effect and matter that affect the majority. We apologies if in giving priority to common issues, we gave the impression that a minority interest is perceived as neglected. Rest assured that all concern would be duly addressed.

Warmest regards

Matdiah Bin Mohammad
Secretary, MESA
One can find more issues on MAS in this blog, Malaysian Airlines Families here. Latest is about Danny's gigantic fraud. Note their combative mode against politicians.

In yesterday's Utusan Malaysia coverage, MASE union President, Alias repeated what was said in the communique. Read below:

Mase gesa timbang semula


KUALA LUMPUR 14 Mac - Kesatuan Pekerja-pekerja Sistem Penerbangan MAS (Maseu) menggesa kerajaan mempertimbangkan semula pertukaran saham antara Malaysian Airline System Bhd. (MAS) dan AirAsia Bhd. (Air Asia).

Pengerusinya, Alias Aziz mendakwa, perkara itu perlu dilakukan memandangkan pertukaran saham berkenaan jelas hanya memberi kelebihan kepada sebelah pihak sahaja iaitu AirAsia.

Beliau berkata, sejak pertukaran saham berlaku pada September lalu sehinggalah hari ini, tiada perubahan atau kelebihan dinikmati oleh MAS.

"Ketika ini, suasana pengurusan dalam MAS juga telah berubah apabila kebanyakan pengurus atasan adalah daripada AirAsia dan suara mereka lebih didengari. Ini perkembangan yang tidak sihat kerana menjadikan MAS seolah-olah minoriti.

"Justeru, kami berharap kerajaan akan mempertimbangkan semula atau membatalkan sahaja pertukaran saham berkenaan. Kami sebenarnya dari awal lagi tidak bersetuju kerana khuatir ia akan menjejas dan memusnahkan MAS," katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Pada Isnin lalu, Utusan Malaysia melaporkan terdapat kemungkinan pertukaran saham antara kedua-dua syarikat penerbangan tempatan itu akan dibatalkan ataupun distruktur semula kerana ia dilihat tidak memberi sebarang faedah dan kelebihan kepada MAS.

Menurut Alias, pihak kesatuan telah pun menghantar memorandum kepada Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berhubung perkara berkenaan dua minggu lalu.

Dalam pertemuan tersebut, kata beliau, Perdana Menteri telah diberikan penerangan mengenai situasi semasa dan dalaman MAS sejak proses pertukaran saham itu berlaku.

"Berdasarkan pertemuan itu, kami yakin Datuk Seri Najib akan berusaha untuk membantu. Beliau tidak menyatakan tarikh untuk memberi keputusan tetapi berjanji akan mengkaji terlebih dahulu perkara itu," jelasnya.

Sementara itu, Alias juga meminta kerajaan mengkaji kerugian sebanyak RM2.5 bilion yang dialami MAS tahun lalu.
Will Najib heed the 'rakyat' in MAS? Will he listen to the rakyat in MAS's heartbeat?

Just like his late father, which we adored, Najib shown himself to be sensitive to the plight of the common people. He showed his sincerity and seriousness in his people first slogan.

That could be also politics.

This time it is his chance to show it is not politics. This time his decision will determine the fate of more than 20,000 air transport workers. That number can multiply to be 100,000 voters for or against him.

These voters will affirm in the ballot box whether his words that 'rakyat' interest do come first when tested against corporate greed and personal pursuit of wealth by the few well-connected through unethical means.

Najib also shown himself to be a true gentlemen. He has not resort to any cheap politics of the opposition to commit slanders or character assasination. In fact, he was their victim.

The victim show more finesse and humility to apologise to the people for any of BN's mistakes in the past. That is more than one can expect from hard-core opposition who just refused to acknowledged their sins like Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Hadi and Nik Aziz, even though it is so apparent.

His decision will show he is serious in his apology and not allow the repetition of evil over good. At least, not under his watch. There is no guarantee under Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang.

Najib admitted before that Government does not know all. The so-called turnaround management team that the incompetent Khazanah CEO placed by Tan Sri Nor Moahmad Yakcop put in place knows nuts and are insensitive and unscrupulous people.

This time it is not a group of bloggers who gave him face when he said that he knows a person and a Tan Sri better. This time it is the 'rakyat' that have spoken. It is the time Najib truly listen to the 'rakyat'.

They have more votes than Danny Yusof, Ahmad Jauhari, Tony Fernandez, Kamaruddin Meranun, and Mohd Nor Yusof.

The votes on them are not good.

On this and having been subjected to many wrong decision by the Governments on MAS, the 'rakyat' in MAS knows better than the Prime Minister when things are not good for the Company.


Anonymous said...

Apa susah2. election tau la warga MAS nak pangkah mana....

Olek Skilgannon said...

Really, ABITW?

I suppose you are another one of these "instant" aviation industry experts, much like a certain Member of Parliament and those who post on his blog.

Do you honestly, hand on heart, think that MAS was, and is, in a fit and proper condition to compete against it's regional rivals?

Have you, for example, compared MAS's cost structure against that of it's competitors? Or it's levels of staff productivity vis-a-vis it's competitors (easy, lah - divide revenue, costs and profit by number of employees and benchmark these numbers against other profitable airlines).

Anonymous said...

Why do folk like yourself and the Mesa chap refer to Namibia like he is royalty. Terms like seeking audience , mengampu him, ...
You already mentioned that this was a con job. How sure are you that Najib was not involved in the first place

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan,

An engaging and excellent call on your part.

I too believe our PM is sincere and hope that he will heed the Rakyat.

Get rid of all robber baron businessmen and their political cronies and vice versa.

Thank you

Anonymous said...


you has made a mistake before into trusting whatever Khazanah's recommendation to swap shares between MAS and Air Asia.

You has made a mistake by openly saying that the government does not knows everything, and the khazanah guys and their honco took the opportunity.

So its time for you to prove that rakyat di dahulukan, and we the rakyat will do the prestasi di utamakan.

Anonymous said...

BinaFikir has restructured MAS in 2000's but can't solve the problem until now.
“BinaFikir” means "DO FIRST & THINK LATER".
That's why MAS can't solve its problem until now as MAS need to "think later to solve its problem".

Anonymous said...

i suppose olek 12:22pm has raised several points; certainly mas needs to be benchmarked against the competition.

i think this has not been lost by the people in mas. well, we hope so anyway.

the rakyat understands this too ( and as a rakyat, i do not claim to be an aviation expert, mind you. perhaps you are, or have just become one olek (?).

what riles the public, and get this olek, is the seemingly blatant disregard to common sense and good governance.

and you do NOT need to be an aviation expert to see that.

these are the rakyat's grouses, amongst others:

1) no due diligence done for the share swap. the valuations for both parties were based on a 'judgement call' this was admitted by TS Amok. and of course, all that flurry of trading just before the announcement had benefitted some people in the know. this is devillish work.

2)QPR sponsorship was carried out with total disregard (and disrespect) for minority shareholders. it was clear that the transaction involved a RELATED PARTY. a Director had interests in both MAS and QPR. olek, related party transactions are covered in sec 132 of the Companies Act. YOU NEED the APPROVAL of MINORITY Shareholders for that!! And to get the APPROVAL, MAS must hold an EGM. Was this done? If that has not been done, then the Directors of mas have failed their fiduciary duties. i'm afraid a fine, and/or jail awaits them?

3)mas 380 is now blue-liveried ? what happened to the red/blue/white colors. soon we will be looking at THREE mas color schemes on their planes all on the same tarmac in oh my...and what about uniforms etc etc...HOW MUCH is that going to cost mas? is this needed now, esp when mas need to be lean and mean and go back to its USP ?

4)wholesale staff movement. when you want to BUILD a company and a long term business, the last thing you need is staff who mistrust your moves and actions. it looks very amateurish, this current management of mas. i assume they are busy blaming and trying quick fixes. this is a path to management disaster. mistrust is viral; hard to contain when it infects the organisation. and the virus seems to be very well-defined indeed and looks red in color.

5)this bani fakir approach is a tired trick. asset-stripping has not proven to work for the long term; but what REALLY pisses off the rakyat is that the entity waiting to grab these assets (on the cheap, goes without saying)is red in colour. and its going to be officially endorsed by the grandoise and verbose 'comprehensive collaborative framework'. c'mon, the rakyat sees this from a mile away.

as a rakyat, we have a stake in mas. we want mas to be profitable company. we want better productivity, better service, a successful malaysian global company.

and it will take a bit of time, given how much it has suffered.

but we see today is manipulation, trickery, connivance...all those negative values in people that the rakyat despise, regardless of creed.

from a flying non-aviator.

assam_laksa said...

opinion from x staff:
1) majority of 'rakyat' in MAS are on opposition side, everyday u can hear staff there complaint/ makins slander about govn, they never appreciate govn, how's that?
2) I think the main prob of MAS is that, there have a lot of staff, excess staff, either in hangar and admin staff, even some of the staff had received VSS, but still continue as contract staff. How's that?
3) 'rakyat' in MAS being pampered too much with the benefits received that in result cost more to MAS?how's that?
4) Hopefully the management in MAS think and act as businessman to steer the MAS, because a biz is called biz when it makes profit not a welfare to the staff.
Thank you.
-ex staff

Anonymous said...

Dear dato,

If this problem not solve before June this year , I can say, bye bye to YB Parliment Sepang, YB Dato' Ir Mohd Zin Mohamed. This due to most of the Parliment Sepang voters are interconnected with staff and workers who are working in MAS.They can make political impact to BN.

Anonymous said...

this is what will happen if decision made was not based on sound philosophy. For e.g. Proton and Perodua, should not they complement one another rather than compete? Perodua producing small cars while Proton 1.3 above.

Mas for premium and economy seats while airasia for low costs. What is low costs? It means flight time is not at the favourite, peak or prime hours. Likewise, the route is the unusual and departure and arrival at smaller airports rather than city airports.

The way i see, the division is blurred with low cost and not lower cost travel along the same route,same time, same plane, same prime ariports etc.

In malay, bagi petis nak peha

zopinion said...

Teruskan guys...
As of today.. Najib and BN has lost me n my friends votes...

Anonymous said...

MESA is selfish and only looking to protect MAS bloated workforce. Threatening to vote opposition assumes that opposition will give them a fairer deal but that is so silly because if the opposition wins, they probably close mas before you can say jack robinson. MESA should come up to say how it can work together with MAS to improve MAS longer term viability that will ensure job security for employees.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:44

Unfortunately significant number of deadwoods in MESA......

Anonymous said...

protest with your votes during GE, but start now and remove all your money from cimb, dont wait for GE. The longer you wait, the more they siphon(to save AA n cimb) from and damage mas.
TF got mas to stop DXB and JNB-EZE, cause he wanted to fly there but UAE and SA goverment stop him as they dont want low cost screw up their operation. In the end mas lost that biz there.
Damm-im and Kutty are the ones pulling the string, not PM.
Make this friday prayer day for mas against these evil people. after prayer go Q up at cimb and take out all your money and cancel your credit card with cimb too

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