Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Anwar and Quek story: Translation required

Not many realised the graveness of yesterday's posting about the risk of being proxies.

The related stories of Aras Murni got lost by attempts to sermonise the statutory of declaration by former Deputy Governor of Bank Negara, Dato Murad. Thus the reason to censor the sermons.

Only adult read this blog. Thus, they should have clear conscience why they do things. Sermonising is a distraction and a subtle attempt to censor and stifle free flow of discussion.

Save it for your own children.

Back to Arus Murni, the relevence of the case lies in the fact that there seem to be a basis by the defense counsel to include Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim in the defense statement or perhaps affidavit but was technically rejected by the High Court because it is too late.

It is also strange that this case filed in 1999 but has been held proceeding by Hong Leong Finance since 2005, was reactivated recently.

The important point is what does that say about Anwar's claim he has no crony.

Hope someone can translate this news from Sin Chew here to add to the news report in our posting here yesterday:






峇瑪林甘在庭外受訪時說,當年豐隆計劃收購一家金融機構——Kewangan Bersatu有限公司(KBB),惟計劃最終泡湯;當時安華是財政部長。


起訴人豐隆金融有限公司是於1998年因劉添和無法償還貸款而入稟高庭提出訴訟,劉添和較後於 1999年入稟高庭,對豐隆金融有限公司、HLG CapitalMarkets私人有限公司和蕭倫豪(譯音,豐隆銀行信貸有限公司前首席執行員)等3造提出“反起訴”要求賠償;劉添和聲稱,有關3造錯誤 勸告他及犯下疏忽的錯誤。



劉添和在其訴訟中宣稱,豐隆金融有限公司與HLG CapitalMarkets私人有限公司聯手把高達4億4千500萬令吉的企業聯合組織貸款批核予持有Kewangan Bersatu有限公司的Arus Murni私人有限公司(AMSB),以協助AMSB完成收購Arus Murni企業有限公司(AMCB)的股權工作。



Google Translator not doing a good job.

The last we would like to do is to make a mistake like the one by Ministry of Defense. Read here.


Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with the courtsthese days?

The seem to be protective of Anwar Ibrahim. They are hardly pro govt as alleged by opposition but pro opposition.

By rejecting defense on the premise of time, what about the part of hong leong finance witholding proceeding for 7 years?

This is a gross denial of justice.!

Anonymous said...

Kat Malaysia ni ade seorang je (ya 1 orang je) Pendakwaraya ... timbalan pendakwaraya tu ramai.

Habis tu adakah semua kes mesti sampai ketangan Pendakwaraya utk buat keputusan ?

Kalau Ketua Hakim Negara yg dulu dapat percapatkan kes-kes dimahkamah ... siapa pula patut buat keputusan utk kes-kes masuk mahkamah ?

Berpusing-pusing ...

Roger said...

you know when Anwar was release from jail,Quek met him in London.He gave Anwar a packet of Cavier from Iran.To be exect 250 gm.He bought from Harrod for 200 pound.Jokingly Anwar told him,that all I get after giving you MUI bank.
I happen to be witm them during the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday March 20, 2012

Bid to amend statement rejected


KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court has dismissed an application by a businessman to amend his defence statement in a civil action over a deal on a RM445mil syndicated loans facility.

The businessman’s lawyer D. Paramalingam said: “We wanted to amend the defence (statement) to include the involvement of a former minister as the person behind the deal with Hong Leong Finance Bhd’s top executive, but the judge did not allow it.

“Hong Leong wanted to acquire the financial institution Kewangan Bersatu Berhad at the time but the deal did not go through,” he said.

Lawyer Andrew Chiew, who acted for Hong Leong, objected to the amendment.

At the outset of court proceedings yesterday, Paramalingam proposed to amend two paragraphs in the defence statement saying that it could be done before a judgment was entered in the civil action.

“If the plaintiff did not object, it is fine. The (proposed) amendment is made at the eleventh hour,” Judicial Commissioner Hadhariah Syed Ismail said in rejecting the application.

In 1998, Hong Leong Finance Bhd filed a suit against Low for RM28.6mil for allegedly failing to repay its loan.

In 1999, Low filed a counter-claim against Hong Leong Finance, HLG Capital Markets Sdn Bhd and Hong Leong Credit Bhd’s former CEO Seow Lun Hoo asking for damages for alleged wrongful or negligent advice.

Hong Leong Finance also filed another suit against Mekuritek Sdn Bhd and three guarantors – Hussin Abdul Karim, Agus Salim Mohd Dom and Abdullah Abd Karim Bajerai – as defendants for a similar claim of RM28mil.

Yesterday, Hong Leong general manager (consumer collection) Ng Kwong Meng, 55, testified that he was involved in the recovery actions initiated by the bank in 1998 against Low and Mekuritek.

The hearing will continue on March 28.

Anonymous said...

Terjemahan ...

Kes Hong Leong Bank Saman Peniaga
Peniaga Rayu Surat Defenden Dipinda Ditolak Mahkamah

19hb Kuala Lumpur, mahkamah menolak rayuan seorang peniaga mahu ubah surat defenden sebuah kes yang melibatkan pinjaman bersama sebanyak 445 juta ringgit yang saman ke atasnya di mahkamah, ditolak oleh hakim.

Rayu itu mahu Anwar Ibrahim terlibat sama dalam surat defenden tersebut

Peniaga Liew Tian Ho (terjemah Mandarin) yang diwakili peguamnya Bamalingam (terjemah Mandarin) di luar mahkamah berkata, pada masa itu Hong Leong Finance merancang untuk membeli sebuah syarikat kewangan iaitu Kewangan Bersatu Sdn Bhd (KBB), rancangan tersebut akhirnya tidak menjadi dan gagal; pada ketika itu Anwar Ibrahim adalah menteri kewangan.

Hada Liya peguam yang mewakili Hong Leong Finance Berhad (HLFB) telah dibantah oleh peguam Chaw Ann Wei, dimana Liew Tian Ho tidak dapat kemukakan rayuannya dalam masa tempoh yang ditetapkan oleh mahkamah Tinggi.

Pihak saman Hong Leong Finance Sdn Bhd berdasarkan Liew Tian Ho tidak dapat lunaskan pinjaman pada tahun 1998 bawa kes itu ke mahkamah tinggi, selepas itu pada tahun 1999 Liew Tian Ho failkan saman di mahkamah Tinggi terhadap Hong Leong Finance Sdn Bhd, HLG Capital Markets Sdn Bhd dan En. Siao Lun Hau (terjemaham Mandarin, CEO unit trust Hong Leong Sdn Bhd), sebaliknya Liew Tian Ho saman kembali 3 pihak ini dimana Liew Tian Ho mendakwa ketiga-tiga pihak itu telah salah menasihati beliau menyebabkan satu kesilapan besar telah berlaku.

Satu lagi saman yang dikemukakan Hong Leong berjumlah 28 juta ringgit

Selain dari itu Hong Leong Finance Sdn Bhd juga menfailkan saman terhadap Mekuritek Sdn Bhd dan 3 orang penjaminnya Husien Abu bakar, Agus Salim dan Abdullah Abdul Karim (terjamahan Mandarin), mahu mereka bayar kembali wang sebanyak 28 juta ringgit.

Dalam saman yang difailkan oleh Liew Tian Ho itu, Hong Leong Finance Sdn Bhd dan HLG Capital Markets Sdn Bhd gabungkan pinjaman berjumlah 445 juta ringgit yang memiliki Kewangan Bersatu Limited, Arus Murni Pte Ltd (AMSB) dan Arus Murni Enterprises Limited (AMCB), wang tersebut bertujuan untuk mendapatkan dalam pegangan saham dalam kedua-dua syarikat ia itu syarikat Kewangan Bersatu Limited Arus Murni Pte Ltd (AMSB) dan Arus Murni Enterprises Limited (AMCB).

Kes disebut semula pada 28 Mac 2012

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