Friday, July 19, 2013

Bringing back Emir Mavani is the pride of Talent Corp

New Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Dato Abdul Wahid Omar (AWO to us but DAWO to those not his senior in MRSM) was in parliament yesterday to reply a question on Talent Corporation.

He defended a policy developed by his mentor, Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop. In his effort to answer, he gave quite few details. Hurrah for a transparent government. But it opened a can of worm which we were going to wait for a latter part of our ongoing series on Nor Yakcop to reveal.

Sorry to say AWO buddy, the pinnacle of Talent Corp success is to bring back the doctorate lying and alleged kickback taking Emir Mavani from Qatar.

In their over zealousness to bring back so-called talents abroad, the Government have placed a fraud in a policy making position in PEMANDU, seconded him as FGV Director with four other organisation wrecking PEMANDU into the FGC hierarchy, put him as CEO-in- waiting and when exposed, insist on appointing him CEO of FGV.

Even school dropout, Mazlan Aliman can digest that and have his field days. It is no more about Tan Sri Isa Samad issue but Dato Najib's.

The problem of Talent Corp has been raised by bloggers before but Najib refused to listen. And he used to say it is no more the time of Government knows everything. Now it is clear that it is to enrich Omar Ong with consultancy fee that Parliament is not allowed to know but rumours has placed it at RM300 million.

Report Card

AWO's answer was:

This brought a response from Chiew Tong that it is quite costly to bring people back at RM30,000 per person.

He immediately elaborated an issue close to DAP's heart and that is the issue of unskilled immigrant entering the country and brain drain phenomenon of skilled experts leaving the country.

Not mentioned was that it is mostly Chinese leaving.

This leads to an issue close to DAP's heart but camouflaged their Chinese chauvanistic agenda, which Raub DAP MP, YB Dato Arif Sabri will refuse to acknowledge and spin till he speaks German.

It is the hidden agenda to rid the country of affirmative action for the handicapped masses using the argument that working condition not conducive.

And PAS's Dato Takiyuddin echoed his concern without understanding. Dumb ....!!! [Read it in Harakahdaily here.]

As  Husin Lempoyang sarcastically said in his satire today, there must be 25 Chinese in Forbes top 10 richest man in Malaysia to make them happy. [Read him here.]

The unhappy ones leave the country and vote DAP and PAS en bloc.

At least, Chiew Tong is still sticking to some Parlimentary decorum. Bigdogdotcom described it as a case of the chain being more expensive than the baboon. [Read here]

Clearing up matter

So AWO has to clear the matter and NST helped:
19 July 2013

RM65m spent to bring back talent  

THE government has spent RM65 million to persuade Malaysians abroad to return and work via its Talent Corporation programmes, including the Returning Expert Programme (REP), said Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar.

He told the house yesterday that 2,105 applications were approved until last month under the programme, which was introduced in 2011.

He said most of the applicants were aged 30 and above, with 75 per cent being males.

Wahid said the Chinese made up 60 per cent of the applicants, follwed by Bumiputeras (30 per cent) and Indians and others (10 per cent).

They were mostly from Singapore, the United Kingdom, China, Austria, the United States, United Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and Ireland.

On the difference between Brain Gain and TalentCorp, Wahid said REP had been proven to supersede other programmes in terms of attractiveness to persuade local talent to come home and work.

"The cost cannot be calculated directly from the allocations spread over the number of participants as there are many programmes under TalentCorp, but I can assure you that REP has proven to be successful."

Wahid cited medical and oil and gas experts, like Shell Malaysia chairman Lain Lo, British India's Rhoda Yap and Malakoff chief executive officer Zainal Abidin Jalil, who had returned.

He said up to June this year, 502 participants had returned, while 923 returned last year.
Poor examples.

Why must the Government be spending money for Shell's recruitment?

As for Zainal Jalil, him we know too well. He was also supposed to return from his Houston posting with Exxon USA, had returned and we met.

He is intelligent, straight As student when it was not common to get all As, and should be capable since he was sent to Houston, BUT his analysis on issues can be so long winded and filled with verbages till he himself could hardly find his footing to give a simple conclusion and end up giving an overly simplistic suggestion.

But that is just us kidding among friends. MCOBA does it so why not ANSARA, right? (to read with a cynical tone here)

The good example is Emir Mavani who was brought back from Qatar, supposedly with a doctorate degree but turn out to be a fraud. [Read more in Bigdogdotcom here.]

Can someone check-up on his other degrees? This koliang (mind my Minangkabau) could be faking it too!

Crap Corporation

Looking at this baby-faced CEO of Talent Corp, one should worry whether he has the experience to read and judge people and talents.

One wonders whether fair skinned mamak Johan Mahmood Merican had brought the right skills into the country or it is just another economics-trained chartered accountant cum Melayu Liberal cum Tingkat 4 boys view on public policy and the nation's way forward?

Can we bet that it is mostly Chinese that returned? No .. not being racist because we are just concerned for Bajau, Kadazan, Iban and Orang Hulu in Paris. Bet Idris Jala does not that.

Blogger Life of Annie could see many illogical assumptions behind TalentCorp. Excerpt from her latest posting here, below:
First, I would like to say that this so called brain drain thing is a load of crap.

Are they (consultants and advisers) saying this country got no brain left that we have to spend tones of money to entice back those who had choose other countries as their greener pasture?

Why don't we just spend the money to train those who are still in this country instead.

Are those who works and live overseas much better than those who are in this country?

People have been leaving this country all the while but it has still progressed since Merdeka. In fact Malaysia has been doing well with the loyal talents serving this country since then.

Of course it could be better as things are never perfect, but what is the point of trying to get at things which was never meant to be.

If those who had left wanted to come back, they would do so on their own accord. There is no need to spend money to entice them back.
Big Cat commented Talent Corp "reflect an amazing lack of appreciation for the talents for those who are already here in this country." The leadership of this country is not sensitive here. 

They should be impressing on GLCs that the criteria in hiring one should be "looking for are individuals who are adaptable, fast learners, quick thinkers and innovators who can deliver results instead of continually focusing on similar work experience or networking as the basis of recruitment."

Read in full here.

Leadership should not behave like drug junkies looking for quick fix for hallucination into their Alice in Lucy in the Sky with Diamond Wonderland. Or perhaps foreign exchange dealer on Wall Street high on drugs supplied by mob-linked money brokers.

Making an organisation and a nation developed cannot be achieved instantly by transporting Malaysian working in Mat Salleh organisation abroad. It is possible for gaining technical knowledge but management?

Ever heard of the term "corporate culture" and "working culture"?

Culture needs to be nurtured and it can't be created instantly but based on a shared value over time. It means talent need nurturing.   

Told you!

This is basically repeating what us bloggers been saying few years ago. Sorry, not just bloggers ok but elite bloggers as some jealously territorial UMNO bloggers used to label us.

When it was first mentioned in the 2011 Budget in October 2010 here, Syed Akbar had suspected that it is about putting the likes of Emir Mavani into GLCs.

He wrote in 2010 here that Talent Corp is just another money rip-off scheme by the Mamak gang. In 2012, he elaborated here in response to a jalan-jalan seronok seronok trip by Talent Corp to London.

He also posted here about some overlook or intentionally overlook matters in the over zealousness to bring back "returning experts" that too much exceptional exception given over other Malaysians.

And, he raised something here which DAP Chiew Tong might not raise.

Policy of 



Talent Corp brought back Emir Mavani but allowed to waste the talent of Tan Sri Hasan Merican to Singapore.

Bigdotcom raised a point before that Petronas was a hallmark at developing Malay talent [read here] but what has happened to it since Omar Ong came in with his Chinese reverse discrimination manouvre. [read here.]

He also raised that under Khazanah, they spent a ridiculous RM2 million for educational program for  primary school children for two years to provide luxurious facility and that spoilt these children's educational path.

Khazanah was under the tight hands of one mamak.

Wonder who is the Mamak gang, because Syed himself is born on Friday night and the CEO of Talent Corp is a Mamak Merican too.

Anyway Syed, we have written about one consultant that would surely be  the recipient for this jet set lifestyle at the expense of taxpayers money back in 2010 also.

The consultant was a member of the NEAC, by the name of Datuk Dr Hamzah Kassim. The person heading NEAC was Nor Yakcop's selected man, Tan Sri Amirsham Aziz. [Read here, here and here.]

A protege of Hamzah went on to make money in Perak. [Read here and search for more on the issue]

We were combative on this issue till we eventually meet up with Dato Dr Zambery. There was ceasefire for the sake of saving Perak. Zambery listened and heed the warning.

Dengar dan pikiaq la ...

In his term before this, Prime Minister Dato Najib Tun Abdul Razak kept repeating the words that his Government is no more a Government who knows everything but a Government willing to listen.

It is a great cliche.

He promised to meet us the more serious issue driven and no holds barred bloggers every three or perhaps six months in the early part of his premiership. But till today, he seemed to prefer to meet those "malay medium", to quote someone, for hooray hooray, feel good, thinking they are the greatest blogger and makan-makan.

Maybe it is easier for him to answer the more convince-able bloggers with simple cliche, promises and if everything fail, call for unity to win election.

If he is not listening and refuse to heed the voice of the concerned rakyat, then we may have to eventually be like Dato Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa to be oblivious to UMNO and stick to the real struggle.

This unbelievably stubborn stance for ridiculous policies of developed status at any expense, blind one eye over leakages and compromise politics must not continue.

Bila Melayu sudah meluat, they will be very very hard to pujuk. Not even a GLC each will please them.


Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

Out of insecurity and self interest the top underdog employs an underdog who employs an underdog who employs an underdog who employs an underdog and on and on perpetuating a governance of underdogs.

The (Malay) underdogs recycle (Malay) underdogs but blame the Chinese for shortcomings.

Malaysia, topmost world underdog.

Najib - topmost underdog, failed to do better than Dolah in PRU13
Dolah - ousted bapak pretender
Isa - found to be corrupt by UMNO discipline committee
KJ - do -
Nor Yaacob - forex losses
Hamid Albar - 1taxi syndrome. Why not several models of Protons?
Mavani - PhD fraudulent suspect
Nazri - claimed to be topmost samurai kontot

Anonymous said...

Najib is plain is there for all to see and he tried to cover it by saying "not the season where govt knows all"

It is Najib who doesn't know....and he needs ALL the CON men to help help us God...

Najib please leave.....fahan tak???

Anonymous said...

Salam. To be honest, I'm not sure what your point is in this post. You seem convinced that this Emir fella was brought in by TalentCorp. If not mistaken, he was on the NEAC with Amirsham, and this was even before TalentCorp was set up. So I'm not sure how could they have brought him in?

A Voice said...


Read carefully.

Emir was never on the board of NEAC. But involved with the NKEA in Pemandu.

We are talking of Hamzah Kassim.

Thank you.

MAT KAMPAU said...

Will some one come out with solid evidence to support the allegation that Emir does not have a PhD? Which University conferred him with the PhD?


Anonymous said...

As a leader Najib is no smarter than that budak sastera graduate as we all tot.

In fact that budak sastera is politically smarter than Najib.

Ellese A said...

I think the time has come to scrap whatever "crap racist" DAP agenda that bn tried to tackled including talent corp. Singapore had a high brain drain and tak da masalah pun. Why do we need to give preference to those who have left us. If they want to come back, follow our terms lah. Ni yang nak tackle dap racist agenda bukan dap nak akui pun. Kerja bodoh.

Anonymous said...

Mat Kampau

What evidence are you asking for?

If the University do not exist, how the hell he gets his doctorate?

Blurrrr ....

Onus is on Emir Mavani to show his degree. Is the BOD blind?

Was Najib bribed by EMir Mavani or Omar Ong and Pemandu got his balls and tongue

Read first before commenting la ... wasting rare earth saja

Anonymous said...

"Johan most recently served as Principal Private Secretary to the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department. His roles in the Government involved policy work at the Economic Planning Unit and Ministry of Finance"

Guess which Minister? ;)

safiai saad said...

I think the issue brought up here is quite bizare,because despite of some comment by other readers, I can see that this thing really happening. It is coincident or has been a grand design by unseen hand.
Plese shed some light on this issue.I feel cheated by the so called experts who in reality are smaller than the real picture. Skin the cat please.

Anonymous said...

Seeing Najib leave the government is the best present for the Malays.

Melayu perlu bangkit said...

Emir mavani real name is Pradeep Kumar as exposed by rockybru. Obviously this is why we need a new Malay party. The kelings are plundering our beloved country abetted by Umno president. Syarikat Pemandu has no audited account that the public know of. A search shows nill reporting and this for a company UMNO form with 40billion budget.
Pemandu bring back smart chinese whos are anti umno, can you see how corrupt umno leadership is? They dont head from tail. Nor Yakcob and Charon Mokhazani talk nonsense about household income just regurgitating census figures pretending to contribute to the Malays.

Wake up malays, PEMANDU, KHAZANAH are just private companies setup by Najib like 1MDB to steal from the Malays.

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