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"Hello Mahfuz, ini Sirul ..."

Not actually Sirul.... just playing fun on Dato Mahfuz Omar.

He was trying to pull a publicity stunt to try call Sirul. The former UTK is on deathrow and had fled to Australia before Federal Court re-sentenced him and his immediate superior, Azrilah for the murdder of Mongolian escort women, Altantunya Shariibu.

Sirul is under detention at the Immigration detention center in Australia.

Few weeks later, after getting trolled to do a press conference with Sirul's mother on that Friday of the stunt, Mahfuz went to Australia with Sirul's mother.

Maybe sincerely and maybe to save face with the media, Mahfuz actually brought Sirul's mother to Australia. Comedic as it is, Mahfuz has managed to win the heart of Sirul's mother and he could turn it into an issue.

Unfortunately, he was not allowed in to see Sirul. He only took pictures outside the detention centre. Words are Sirul did not want to see Mahfuz.

The issue died down in the media with GST taking centrestage till Tun Dr Mahathir pop the question as to who directed to kill Altantunya. It has given Mahfuz's issue a lease of life.

Actually, Mahfuz does not need to make that call but just google.

Azrilah statement

The source is not 100% reliable but let's assume the content was not tampered. Asia Sentinel had obtained and published Sirul's statement made to the police on March 2009 [read here].

It is reproduced below. Judge for yourself:

Report No : 7380/06
Station : Travers
Name : Sirul Azhar bin Haji Umar
IC No : RF125591
Race : Malay
Date/Place of Birth : 29-1-1971
Age : 35 years male
Occupation : Police officer
Address of workplace : UTK, Bukit Aman
Name of father : Haji Omar bin Haji Hassan
Address of father : Deceased
Recording Officers : Insp Nom Phot a/l Prack Dit at Office D6, 3rd Floor, Bukit Aman on 9th November 2006 at 1307 afternoon.


On 19th (sic) November 2006 I was asked by the investigating officer K/ASP Tony Anak Lunggan to record the statement of a Malay inmate named Sirul Azhar Bin Haji Omar Kp RF 125591. The inmate was then brought to me and I ordered the release of his handcuffs.

I then interviewed the inmate who appeared to be proficient in Malay. I also found the inmate in good health. I then read out the warning under Section 113(1)(a)(2) of the Criminal Procedure Code to the inmate as follows;-


S. Do you understand the warning that has been read and explained to you?
J. Yes I understand.

S. Do you have any questions about the warning?
J. No.

S. Do you want to give a statement?
J. Yes I want to give a statement.

S. What do you want to tell me?
J. As a member of the Special Action Unit (UTK) on an undetermined date 5 or 6 days before the incident on 19th October 2006 while I was in my office I received a telephone call from Tuan Azilah (Azilah) the officer above me requesting that I meet him in Central market. I could not meet him at the time because I was together with Tuan Khairy as his driver.

At that time, I was driving Tuan Khairy to deliver hampers in Selayanga and Batu Caves. On my way to there roughly after 12 noon I received another call from Azilah who asked me where I was and I told Azilah I may be late coming back as I was assisting an officer and I replied I would call him back after completing my duties.

At around 3.00pm, after dropping off the officer at the office in Bukit Aman, Azilah telephoned me again and told me to meet him in Central Market.

At about 3.15pm I met Azilah at Central Market. He instructed me to observe Malaya Hotel where the woman who was disturbing the businessman [sic] stayed. Azilah also informed me there were three women staying in a room on the 8th floor, the number of which I am unable to recollect.

After that I went together with Azilah in my car, a Satria bearing registration number WEA 4717 to look for Malaya Hotel. On the way there, Azilah talked about a reward of between RM50,000 and RM100,000 if the case was settled. Azilah and I however failed to locate the hotel after circling the area many times.

After failing to locate the hotel, Azilah and I returned to Central Market and while we were there, Azilah asked an artist at Central Market for directions to Malaya Hotel.

The artist, who was Malay, drew a plan of the location of Malaya Hotel.

After that Azilah and I walked towards Malaya Hotel. We reached Malaya Hotel at 4.00pm.
When we arrived at Malaya Hotel, Azilah invited me to go to the 8th floor of the hotel. After we reached the 8th floor Azilah showed me the room that was occupied by the woman who was disturbing Razak.

While on the 8th floor, Azilah asked me to “shoot to kill” all three women in the hotel room and asked that I stay in any one of the rooms on the 8th or 7th floor or any other floor with all lodging expenses borne by Azilah.

I informed Azilah that I would not be able to do it because of the presence of CCTV (closed circuit television cameras).

After that Azilah and I took the stairs to the 7th floor to find a suitable room to stay. After looking at the room, I found it to be unsuitable and Azilah and I returned to Central Market.

Upon arriving at Central Market, Azilah ordered me to use my car and drive to Razak’s residence to observe the residence. At about 4.30pm Azilah and I were driving when Azilah pointed Razak’s residence to me.

I then drove my car and reached a petrol station near the Puduraya area. Azilah filled the petrol tank with RM30 worth of petrol. After filling the petrol, Azilah and I drove back to Razak’s residence in Damansara Heights.

After observing Razak’s residence, Azilah and I returned to Central Market to enable Azilah to get his car.

After dropping Azilah at Central Market I went to the UTK office in Bukit Aman. After that I did not contact Azilah again.

On 19th October 2006 at about 8.30pm while I was at home in Kota Damansara, Azilah contacted me via his mobile phone and asked me to go to Razak’s house immediately. Azilah also mentioned there was a Chinese woman who was causing a commotion in front of Razak’s house.

I was ready at about 8.40pm and drove my jeep bearing registration number CAC 1883 towards Razak’s house in Damansara Heights.

Upon arriving in Damansara Heights, I stopped my jeep a distance away from Razak’s house. After parking my jeep, I walked towards the entrance of Razak’s house.

When I arrived in front of Razak’s house I saw Azilah together with a Malay woman in front of the house. There was a car and Azilah was outside the car and the Malay woman was inside the car.

I saw a Chinese woman talking to an Indian man whom I did not recognize and also a Chinese taxi driver who was seated inside the taxi and security guards inside Razak’s house.

I then entered the car which was a red Proton Wira and sat in the passenger’s seat. While I was seated in the car, I saw Azilah persuading the Chinese woman with the help of the Malay woman to sit in the same red Proton Wira Aeroback where I was seated.

The Chinese woman entered the car and sat behind me while the Malay woman also entered the car and sat behind Azilah who was in the driver’s seat.

While Azilah, the Chinese woman, the Malay woman and I were seated in the car, the Chinese taxi driver came and asked for the taxi fare from the Chinese woman. Azilah gave him RM50 but the Chinese man demanded an additional RM150 because he said he had to make several trips. 

Azilah then gave the Chinese man RM100.

After that Azilah drove the Wira car towards my jeep. Upon reaching my jeep, I alighted from the car and drove my jeep out of Damansara Heights towards Kuala Lumpur. During the journey, Azilah called and said we would have to transfer the Chinese woman to my jeep and said that we should look for a spot.

When I arrived at Jalan Duta I stopped my jeep by the side of the road and got down from the jeep and I asked Azilah whether the spot was suitable to do the transfer. Azilah replied that it was not suitable and suggested Bukit Aman instead.

I then went ahead to Bukit Aman followed by Azilah closely behind and arrived at Bukit Aman at about 10.00pm.

Upon reaching Bukit Aman, I stopped my car at the back of the Bukit Aman officers’ mess and Azilah together with the Malay woman brought the Chinese woman to my jeep. I noticed the woman was refusing to get in while being pushed into the back of my jeep.

After the Chinese woman got into my jeep, Azilah entered my jeep and sat in the passenger seat. I drove out of Bukit Aman followed by the red Proton Aeroback which was driven by the Malay woman.

I could no longer see the red Proton Aeroback driven by the Malay woman once we had passed the entrance to Bukit Aman.

Along the journey, Azilah asked me to find a place to “shoot to kill” the Chinese woman. Before arriving at Jalan Duta I noticed the back left tyre of my jeep was punctured. I drove through the Smart Tag lane at the toll booth and stopped on the left hand side of the road to change the tyre.

While I was changing the tyre, I noticed two Road Transport Department (JPJ) officers on duty but I continued to change the tyre with Azilah’s help.

After changing the tyre, I drove to my house in Kota Damansara to take the explosives that I had kept there. After taking the explosives I got into the jeep and drove to Sungai Buloh and Kuala Selangor before arriving at the Punchak Alam forest reserve at about 11.00pm.

At the Punchak Alam forest reserve as I was bringing the jeep to a stop, I felt a pain in my stomach and got out of the jeep and relieved myself (defecated) not far away from the jeep. 

After I had relieved myself, I went back into the jeep and at the same time I saw Azilah outside the jeep carrying a bag containing an M5 weapon and silencer from the jeep that was located at the foot rest of the passenger seat and gave it to me ordering me to “shoot to kill” the Chinese woman who was inside the jeep.

After asking for the Chinese woman’s articles, the Chinese woman surrendered her jewellery. She then asked to be allowed to urinate. Azilah brought her down from the jeep and I saw the Chinese woman urinating by the side of the jeep.

After urinating, she saw the weapon that I was holding. I saw that she was in a state of fear and she pleaded not to kill her and said she was expecting.

At the same time, Azilah wrestled the woman to the ground and I could see that she had fallen and was in an unconscious state. I opened fire towards the left side of the woman’s head.

After the Chinese woman was shot, Azilah removed all her clothes and I took a black garbage bag and Azilah put all the Chinese woman’s clothes into the bag.

After putting all her clothes into the bag, Azilah noticed movements in the Chinese woman’s arm and ordered me to fire another shot but the gun did not fire. I then emptied the weapon and loaded the gun again and fired another shot at the same area which was the left side of the woman’s head. I then took a black plastic garbage bag and with Azilah’s help put the bag over the Chinese woman’s head to prevent blood from spilling.

After that I lifted the hands of the victim while Azilah lifted the legs of the victim and we carried the victim into the woods. Azilah then carried the bag containing the explosives and handed it to me. I took the explosives and attached it to the victim’s head while Azilah attached the explosives on the victim’s legs up to the abdomen.

Azilah then pulled the long wire towards the jeep and I altered the position of the jeep so that it faced away from the woods and drove the jeep about 15 meters from the victim.

After the detonation of the explosives, I pulled the excess wire into the jeep and left the scene and headed towards Bukit Aman.

Azilah and I arrived at Bukit Aman at approximately 12 midnight. At the UTK office, Azilah handed me approximately RM430. After that I had a bath and changed clothes and put the clothes that I wore during the incident together with the victim’s clothes into a plastic bag.

After that, I entered the jeep and drove the jeep to a rubbish container in the Bukit Aman area near a construction site. I threw some of the victim’s belongings and the wire that was used to detonate the explosives together with the empty bag that contained the explosives into the container.

After throwing the things, I drove the jeep out of Bukit Aman and head towards my house in Kota Damansara. I threw the victim’s clothes and my own clothes along the way to my house.

I arrived at home at about 1.00am and to lay down to rest and slept. After that I did not have any contact with Azilah until I was sent back from Pakistan and was arrested.

S. To whom did the MP5 weapon and silencer belong to?
J. The weapon belonged to the UTK Bukit Aman and was for my use.

S. What do you mean by the word “jimat”?
J. Jimat means “shoot to kill”.

S. Are you telling the truth.
J. Yes it is the truth.

The statement was read back to Sirul Azhar Bin Haji Omar KPT/Paspot RF 125591.

S. Do you wish to make any amendments or additions to your statement after the statement has been read to you?
J. No

S. Are you giving this statement voluntarily?
J. Yes

The recording of the statement ended on 9th November 2006 at 1635 hrs.


Tun M debacle

As far as we see, Sirul admited killing to Altantunya on Azrilah's instruction. So the question Tun Dr Mahathir raised is who instructed Azrilah?

Tun M's blog posting was written in such a manner as to ask Dato Najib to not leave the issue of Altantunya and 1MDB unexplained as it remained the talk at grassroot and public level despite the denials and court due process.

However, on one side there are quarters in UMNO that read into Tun M's blog posting as having the political intention to knock off Dato Najib. In an event on Saturday, Tun said Najib should vacate the seat or UMNO and BN will lose in the next general election.

Many cybertroopers tolerated the questions on 11MDB as most do not understand but felt the Altantunya issue was a "low blow" from Tun M and he was playing opposition politics.

The pro-Najib cubertroopers are now going all out to strip Tun M naked. In a tic-for-tac, they also asked why was the case of video business lady Markizah was not investigated during Tun M's time. It is believed that she was a secret lover and some quarters believed she was the wife of a member of Tun M's cabinet.

On that Saturday, Tun M mentioned his justification for being critical and asked Najib's resignation.

He had done the "proper channel" routine for four years but he is somewhat saying it has fallen on deaf ears.

Most pro Tun M supporters believe that at his late age, he has no more interest other than the interest of alif ba ta. They strongly believed Tun M would not make any allegations unless he has the full proof and fact.

Former reformasi activist and former Pemuda UMNO exco member, Lokman Nor Adam slam pro Tun M supporters as looking at Tun M as "maksum" (protected from sin). Tun M had lobbed a statement to say he has done no wrong to indirectly meant it as Najib.   

The pro Najib claimed Tun M attacked Najib because he could not get the RM1.8 billion R&D fund for Proton, Najib refused to resurrect the scenic bridge project of Johor Baru and doing it for the IPP owners.

There is also the whimsical allegations that Tun M is doing all these to smoothen Mukhriz's career path which is is a political immature allegation.  

The attack on Tun M can be heard from pro Pak Lah and less pro Tengku Razaleigh. Strangely some of the loudest detractpr's of Tun M used to be his supporters in the fight against Pak Lah then.

These supporters turned around when Tun M had criticised their boss, Dato Seri Dr Khir Toyo after the dismal 2008 general election.

These former pro Tun M turned pro-Najib cybertroopers are claiming that the questions have been answered so what else need to be answered. Some of them claimed the instruction is to hold back the lengthy explanation as it would shame Tun M.

This Dato Najib had specifically instructed to never reveal in his lifetime. 

If there is an explanation due, Najib should do so and make himself heard than risk the party. Quite sure the explanation can be done professionally and rationally without embarassing Tun M. Quite sure he is capable of defending his past decisions.

Even if pro Najib supporters are able to decimate Tun M and his credibility, it will not do UMNO and BN any good, at least in Semenanjung. Tun M will be judged by historians but Najib has to face voters with Sarawak the soonest.

A solution does not look in sights yet.

Who killed Altantunya?

Back to the question, who instructed Sirul to kill Altantunya?

By his own admittance, it was Azrilah who instructed Sirul. Should Sirul be relieved for carrying out instruction to kill? He shouldn't, isn't it?

As for who instructed Azrilah to instruct Sirul to kill Altantunya?

According to court documents, Azrilah had wrongly heard instruction from Najib's chief security, Musa Safri. He said take care of her and meant it as please address the problem but it is not sufficient to say Musa meant as "shoot to kill".

Musa should have asked an OCPD to take care but it will mean to make a police report. So why didn't Razak Baginda make a police report instead of asking a police friend to deal with it unofficially.

By the look of it, there is no motive to murder and it would look an incomplete case for judges to pass judgement. Maybe, and it is still maybe, that could be the basis court of appeal acquited the two.

But that will not look fair because they actually admitted and it is proven that they killed Altantunya. So again maybe, Federal Court sentence both of them to death.

However, the public wants to judge Razak as guilty. But, Razak went to trail and was acquited not guilty by the High Court on October 31 2008.

Razak has since came out in the open in an interview with Malaysian Insider at the end of January this year. [Read it here.] 

Razak said he does not know the motive of the murder.

Since the public had sentenced Razak guilty irrespective of trial, they asked as to why the Public Prosecutor did not seek for an appeal with the Court of Appeal.

Maybe there is no further argument to appeal on Razak but they claim AG Tan Sri Gani Patail had cover-up for him.

It was said that there exist a letter by Altantunya found in her room which says if anything happened to her, it is Razak. No such evidence was produced in court. And will such a letter by a woman described in court as courtesan and blackmailing Razak for money be given much credence.

Datok Nancy Shukri gave a statement to state that there was insufficient evidence to implicate Razak [Read the Star here].

There are still talks going around saying Azrilah had offered money to Sirul to entice him to act outside his official role as police. Naturally, Razak will be implicated.

There was allegation that Altantunya was pregnant with Razak's child but in court, it was made known that Altantunya wanted money to pay for her child back home's medical bill.

Do we listen to the Rakyat Hakim Negara or the legal authorities and the practitioners involved?

Sirul's lawyer will maintain silent for the moment [read FMT here].


Najib would be deemed to interfere with judiciary by answering court matters

Certainly Najib cannot in anyway answer on court matter. The executive would be seen as interfering in court matters which should be independent from interference.

As for 1MDB, Najib should answer. By right, 1MDB should be answering and be more open and accessible to the media.

No such hocus pocus answer coming from unauthorised source to say it is for political fund raising or not answering issuess by saying they are doing lots of CSR. That is not the points.

Even cybertroopers aligned with Najib or PMO have no locus standi to answer. What more when 1MDB is not talking and not accessible to media. Corporate comm style of statements from 1MDB is insufficient answer at the moment.

Get the first Directors of Terengganu Investment Agency (TIA) namely- Tan Sri Ismee Ismail and Dato Shahrol to face the media. These people should speak and face public scrutiny too.
It would be unfortunate of Najib who is more open and accessible to be brushed as emulating Pak Lah's elegent silent.


Anonymous said...

We saw Sirul statement and was told that they will receive RM50K to RM100K as a reward to settle the case.


Q1. What about Azilah statement?
Q2. Did he mention abt the reward and who give the reward?
Q3. Why the inspector never ask Sirul where did he get the explosive from? He drove to his house to get the explosive. He did ask where he get the weapon from but what about the explosive.
Q4. The Malay lady in the car should know something too...what about her statement?
Q5. The Chinese women said she's expecting so is that the reason for the shooting too? Any of her friends knows who's involve?

Guess more to come.

Anonymous said...

I dont see any firm relationship between Razak Baginda and the instruction to 'jimat' Atlantuya. Anyone could have sent Atlantuya to Razak's house and at the same time offer money (RM50k as recorded in the report) to Azilah to grab her there and shoot to kill her.

It could have very well been Anwar Ibrahim's instruction.

Anonymous said...

How come no rosmah? Sirul must be covering up for rosmah.

Rakyat hakim negara said rosmah must be there. She was the one who emptied the gun on the woman's head

The woman had a tryst with najib. No prrof and logic is needed. Rakyat hakim negara is so sure thus it must be presumed as right.

Tun has collaborated the presumption of rakyat hakim negara. No judges or lawyers can dispute that.

The people have spoken. The people have ruled guilty by perception.

Anonymous said...

It is not that Sirul doesn't want to see Dato' Mahfuz, but the Aussie's law only permitted parents and siblings to meet Sirul for now due to safety issues. Nevertheless, at least Dato' Mahfuz has brought along a pair of sneakers as requested by Sirul.

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