Friday, April 10, 2015

Malay massacre at Maybank (Part 2)

The tip-off to this series of postings came from talks within the IT industry. Maybank has lots of vendors and the staff and management have networking with industry people through participation in courses, conferences, and conventions.

Words do come around. Only last week one IT staff of a GLC was talking about it. He said it has been the talk of the industry. By the second part, quite sure insider will be contacting us to tell more.

Few words from commentators to yesterday posting was interesting and useful. One highlighted that members of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of Yayasan Bumiputera are all Melayu, Board of Directors (BoD) of PNB are all Melayu [see here] and some 7 members of Board of Directors of Maybank [see here] are Melayu including the Chairman.

How could this had happen? Did the two ANSARA Seremban - Dato Abdul Wahid Omar or now successor, Dato Farid Alias - failed to monitor the organisation under their watch?

As one Chinese friend kept telling us, the people that screwed Melayu are not Chinese but the Melayu themselves. He notice Melayu, from humble beginning that went up the social and economic ladder through NEP, foresaken their fellow Melayus.

As highlighted in the previous posting, it is not about Maybank should only employ Melayu. It never had such a policy before and should not turn it into a Malay ghetto like Bank Bumiputera used to be. How could an organisation under the watch of Melayus that was never racial could now be perceived by their fellow Melayus as practising "ethnic cleansing" on their own?

Do our NEP-benefited and groomed top Malay executives not care any more to help give their breathen a break that they must be more 1Malaysia by allow discrimination on their breathen? Cina tolong cina, apa salah Melayu kasi peluang yang adil pada Melayu lain?

To substantiate such allegation, it is too tedious and lengthy to prove legally. Court decisions do not necessarily be the truth. So this is a version of the truth from the perspective of our Malay sources who notice the trend developing over the years. It has similarity to MAS under Dato Idris Jala though as another Bumiputera, he may have no such intention.

One ex banker commented at 4.03 AM on the inability of Malays (some Malays we presume) to meet up the needs of the industry. Partly true but hear us out first.

"Ethnic cleansing"

Geoff Stecyk joined Maybank in 2008 as previously the Head of Transformational Services for Maybank Group before being appointed to the present position of Group Chief Technology Officer on January 2014.

Maybank website credited him with the "success"of the LEAP30 programme to improve performance. To the IT industry people observing Maybank from afar, LEAP30 was no big deal.

Out of 30 program being planned to transform Maybank into a Regional Bank, only one program was launched. It was a failure!

The one successfully launched program was described as quote and unquote successful because subsequently, they allegedly managed to hoodwinked management and the BoD with a program called IT Transfomation Programme (ITTP). 

ITTP was given a budget of RM2.7 billion, given a time frame of 5 years and encompass 16 transformation program. Again, as sources revealed, only 3 programs got launched. Since sources are outsiders, they are not sure the 3 launched programs was a success or not.

Every other IT guys and gals were aware that Maybank were hiring people by the busloads to do their ITPP. Sources believed it was few hundreds if not a thousand.

One would expect that they were to be hired as contract workers in accordance with the practise of the day. When their contract expires, the best will be picked as permanent staff.

No .... the Canadian educated and Balkan ethnicity Geoff took them in as permanent staff and most of them turned out to be non-Malays. Maybe Malays were not up to the mark and have poor command of English, thanks to millitant pejuang bahasa like A Samad Said.

So by the time, ITTP was sent to the dumpster, Maybank had an overload of humans instead of IT machines!

In line with the fashion of Tun Abdullah era and early days of Dato Najib, consultants were hired and they were exorbitantly expensive. Do not be surprise that names like Ethos, PW, McKenzie, or Booze Allen Hamilton were hired. They need brand names that leadership acknowledged.

The talk among consultants is that Maybank was like Government. They hired consultants but they hardly used their advise. What do they care? They got paid handsomely.

Geoff got ESOS despite failures of LEAP30 and ITTP at the expense of Melayus' jobs!

Geoff was well compensated to do this so-called "ethnic cleansing" under the name of transformation.

So when it failed, these people need to point finger at someone. It will definitely not be management. The boss is always right. When the boss is wrong and decided wrongly, it will always be because the Managers under or the staff working did not perform to KPI.

Furethermore, KPI is a convenient scapegoat serve to quantify the unquantifiable and be abused to screw on those with the qualitative credentials.

Industrial relation

As said in the previous posting, IT staff are so ignorant of labour law, human resource procedures etc.

They thought Industrial Relation are fair, liberal and diplomatic people like the Public Relations people.

For those that got entertained by vendors, they thought IR are friendly as Guess Relation Officers or GRO at sleazy lounges though it is just "you got money you my flen...."

They are people with relation to Industrial Court la ... If the IR people fix you up, some will say serve them right for their ignorance. It is not morally right to take advantage of peoples' ignorance.

IR are programmed to win it for the Bank, and not for the staff. Their investigation motive is not about being fair or not but whether they can pin you or not. It does not bother them that the bosses of the IT Department had cleverly and allegedly fix them up.

That is what the likes of Nora Manaf could do [see here].

The talk in the IT circle is that several heads were chopped off based the mere accusation by bosses that systems were not tested. Some were forced to resign. The heads include a former winner of CIO of the year and some was rehired as CIO of other organisation.

Not all are Malays but so happen majority of the victims and the upcoming victims are Malays.

Upon enquiry with some old friends in Maybank, the IR that took the IT Department cases were  mostly non-Malays, sorry to say Chinese in fact and Managers under Geoff's are also mostly Chinese. Maybe Geoff developed prejudice against Malays during his days at Southern Bank and too much interaction with his Chinese subordinates.

Still waiting for the names. It is heard that since 2008, more than 25 Malay executives from EVP to AVP had been removed. Many more coming with another scheme to "massacre" through subsidiarisation.

Slept on the job

Ultimately, the blame should go to Dato Najib as Chairman of YPB but he just finished an intense interview yesterday thus give him a break. The day to day operations is the purview of management.

Representing management on the BoT of YPB is Tun Ahmd Sarji. Things such as this happened under his watch. He should be in the know and inform the PM of such happening.

Ahmad Sarji is a doyen of public administration, The 76 year old was instrumental in Tun Dr Mahathir's aggresive phase of the NEP implementation. He was Deputy Director General of EPU from 1976-81 and subsequently was in MARA, JPA, and MITI till he became KSN for 1990-96.

Upon retirement, he filled the chair of a legendary civil servant of impeccable integrity and respectable standing, Tun Ismail Ali and remain till the present day. It means Ahmad Sarji was of a certain standing to fill up that shoe. Ismail Ali was PNB Chairman for 18 years and Ahmad Sarji is there for already 19 years.

It is sad to say this but was it a case of too much "Pukul tiga pagi" for the P Ramlee's biggest fan that he missed such alleged discriminatory happenings in the PNB Groups of Companies?

To be continued

Part 1


kampong lad said...

nilai satu unit asb thn 90 rm1.00, 2015 masih rm1.00. berapa gaji chairman pada thn 90 & berapa pulak gaji dia thn 2015? bonus & dividen dari double digit turun ke single digit. bila melayu yg tak pandai buat meniaga boleh senang sikit?

Anonymous said...

kemampuan manusia berbeza beza.....ada yg pantas, ada yg kuat dan ada yg sanggup rasuah menindas dan licik menipu utk kuasa....kita boleh saja mencapai kemajuan walaupun sedikit perlahan dan ianya tak menjadi dosa pun.....pemerintah mesti pertahan kedudukan melayu islam

Anonymous said...


Nora Manaf is too busy recommending and forcing down candidates with no relevant experience to the job to other departments la. She is well known to do favors for friends and family. So kekawan, if you want a job in MBB, please hook up with a friend or family of Nora Manaf. Ask them to email your CV directly to Puan Nora. Pasti laku. Guarantee will get the job you want. Even if you have no relevant experience. Comes with 30% increment lagi.

Don't get me wrong, she is pro Bumi but must be family and friends.

Anonymous said...

last time our thought is favoritism and maybe the worst part is cronyism. there is a very thin line between things mention above and racism that we are trying to not to cross it. but from the start of ITTP program u can see most of bosses comin from all race, and slowly it becoming to be only one race.
During the branch failure (, the bos from this department never got sack maybe because he is a chinese, and the funny part he can taichi all the fault to his operation manager(malay and got fired) while the root cause of the problem is because there is a flaw of the application architecture (of coz the architect is chinese) and it is nothing to do with operation. this crony of group still survive and they are growing inside.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, I don't know where your sources of information come from but please check them lest you end up perpetuating half lies half truth and the general readers will not be able to distinguish which is which.

Polarisation exists in all companies with diverse staff force but accusing Maybank of guilty of this and that at a corporate level is too much.

Maybank was One Malaysia long before the govt come up with the slogan. In their day to day life, Maybankers in general are never conscious of what race their team mates are. That's why the bank is growing from strength to strength year after year and being recognised by Bloomberg as one of the top 20 strongest banks in the world, for two consecutive years.Yeah.

What is Maybank's main strength? It's their Board of Directors and members of the Executive Committee. Don't believe me? Check out what do they do that similar group of management staff from other banks don't do.

If you did not mention Maybank in your article, I would have thought that you are writing about the "other" bank. Check it out ya!

maae said...

Go on.. what's next..

Anonymous said...

Pssst...Maybank Shared Services (MSS)

Anonymous said...

What are you going about?

As a bank customer, I expect the same level of service from Maybank or CIMB as I would expect from Citibank, DBS Bank, HSBC or Standard Chartered.

Why I should I cut Malaysian banks some slack because, hey, they are "Malaysian"?

And if Maybank or CIMB or any other Malaysian bank can't harness the power of IT and the Internet to better service their customers, then they jolly well deserve to lose out to the foreign banks who are making big investments in IT to better support their customers.

And no one questions where these foreign banks source their IT systems and technology from or the racial composition of their IT and customer service teams.

Only in Malaysia, it seems....

Anonymous said...

This is really needed checking before it is too late

Anonymous said...

Pro Bumi? Are you sure love? Not until the fat lady sings. Try and hear her at public talks and 2 cents if you guess correctly which race she sings sonnets fot.

Anonymous said...

Obviously you have not worked at Maybank before and seen the level of competence there. the team before the mat salleh has good people and lousy people. The lousy people are just bringing the bank down. It is amazing that Maybank hasn't collapsed yet due to the incompetence there. The branch failure incident was just one such example of incompetence. Other processes are outdated. Still stuck in the 80s. Too stubborn to change

Sadly it is the capable people who are leaving in droves while those who are not competent enough are left behind. Old timers who are competent but extremely comfortable have trouble moving on. This is regardless of race.

Some level of mismanagement by the senior managers only serves to accelerate the exodus...

Please do more proper ground checking before sensationalizing the situation.

Anonymous said...

Tun Ahmad Sarji has successfully lead PNB group and Maybank for almost 2 decades. Government should maintain him till 2020.

Anonymous said...

Sebagai orang melayu memang saya rasa terhina mendengar perkara sebegini berlaku. Pada pandangan saya kenapa ia harus dipolitikkan dengan nama perdana menteri disebut. Cerita ajelah pasal maybank. Saya rasa sebenarnya apa yang berlaku ni tak sama macam yang telah diceritakan oleh tuan punya blog. Mungkin ada niat jahat tersembunyi saya pun tak tahu. Kalau nak cerita pasal penindasan orang melayu kenapa nak dikaitkan pulak cerita hentaman individu-individu tertentu. Kalau tak puas hati berdepan ajelah dengan diaorang ni cara pengecut. Bak kata pepatah hang tuah “tak melayu hilang di dunia” masalahnya tuan punya blog ni melayu ke?

Anonymous said...

Disini saya nak apa yg ditulis oleh pihak tuan adalah tidak benar ,apa yg satu pihak maybank tidak pernah memberhentikan I.T staff tetapi hanya membuat tawaran kepada mereka yg tidak perform dgn membuat tawaran kepada skim E.R.S secara sukarela. Dan tawaran pula sampai ratusan ribu ringgit pada mereka dan juga saya rasa kepada penulis sendiri. Tetapi disini saya amat hairan kenapa sekiranya ada yg tidak berpuas hati dgn tawaran tersebut haruslah membuat perbincangan dgn pihak pengurusan dari membuat pelbagai tohmahan. Adakah anda sedar banyak lagi saluran yg anda boleh lakukan sekiranya anda ditindas seperti membuat aduan dijabatan buruh misalnya dan saluran undang2 yg lain.Adakah anda telah berbuat demikian? Apakah rasional anda menulis didalam blog? Adakah untuk kepentingan politik individu tertentu? …..tengah fikir…….

Anonymous said...

Apakah setelah kerja berbelas tahun dan hanya tahun ni di dapati not perform terus di arah kan ambil ers? Walau pun ianya bak awak kata tiada paksaan tetapi sekiranya mereka tidak ambil option ini mereka akan diarah kan ke 'consequal mgmt' proses di mana akan diberikan tugas dan dipantau selama 9 bulan. sekiranya ada pegawai yg baik mereka akan tolong membagi 'coaching' kalau tidak memang kena aniaya lah pekerja tersebut dan sekiranaya pekerja itu tidak sampai ke tahap yang diinginkan pekerja tersebut akan dibuang begitu saja...itu yg menyebabkan mereka tiada pilihan oleh itu mereka terpaksa ambil option tu sbb takut kena aniaya dgn lebih teruk lg. Fikirkan lah perasaan mereka yg telah bekerja begitu lama dan yg setengahnya terlalu muda untuk diarah terima ers sebelum waktunya. Ingat BALASAN KEJAHATAN ALLAH BALAS KAT DUNIA LAGI.

Anonymous said...

If the one that been replace is a good one, i believe no one will question that No matter what races but if someone bringing a families and a friends with intention to secured parameters and not competent at all and you blame all the low level post for the failure isn't it also a useless move and you jeopardise the bank interest and somemore it wasting company money. Out of 16 big projects (releases) only 3 projects (partialy) has been delivered and the rest is still no idea???hemm after all the investment had been put in...and is not chip!!!

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