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Malay massacre at Maybank (Part 3)

A lawyer read the two earlier Parts of this series and wrote a message anonymously.

He claimed to be in the panel of Maybank and admitted to have been approached by Maybank staff on racial discrimination cases but have to reject potential clients due to conflict of interest. It had been going on for a long time.

The commentator said there is the same phenomenon in Maybank's Legal Department. Instead of Chinese controlled, the Legal Department is Indian controlled and generally only Indian lawyers are getting legal jobs. Allegedly, Malay and Chinese law firms are being discriminated against.

Exactly a year ago, another commentator alerted of Dato Farid Alias's poor choice of replacement for the position of CEO of Maybank's Investment Banking arm. After Farid was reassigned from that position, he was replaced by Tengku Dato Zafrul.

Zafrul then left for CIMB and he was replaced by John Chong. Same thing occcurred as one after another Chinese was hired for key position or new key position created. It is as if only Chinese are capable and Malay or Indians or Bumiputeras are incapable.

Legally, it is difficult to claim Chong made racially motivated appointments but it is heard Farid was alerted of Chong's racial bias. Maybe it is not Farid but former Shell man, Chairman Dato Megat Zaharuddin that does not care.

The first correction to be made first. The IT Department is not called so as it used to be but some fancy description called Mayban Shared Services (MSS).

In Part 2, it was mentioned of how despite two failed plans, the orang putih from a European penjajah bloodline, Geoff Stecyk could be rewarded with Share Options, and promoted.

Not only that, like a colonial master, the brown gentlemen in Maybank could just stand back and look as these descendents of our colonial master and junk owner that double crossed at the Malacca harbour slander and dishonour their breathens.


As told by sources in the IT industry, the Industrial Relation and Geoff Stecyk people were behaving like Hitler's Gestapo. Stecyk is a polish name and the poles were victim of Hitler's invasion but they were allegedly behaving like Gestapo.

The Gestapo operation allegedly is to victimised staff by slanderous fixing with cooked up allegations, answers and replies by victim with documents and proves were thrown out, and victims coerced to admit and resign by the Gestapo.

When people in major position were discriminated against and badly treated, the industry will know and talk about it.

The MSS staff of Malay and non-Malay will feel something bad happening and talk about it. IT Vendors (like IBM, Oracle, HP etc) and partners (like Tabung Haji, Pos Malaysia Bhd, etc) will realise something is going on and talk about it.

So it is just not lawyers who are discriminated against. 

In one instance, there was intervention by the HR superiors and CEO to reject the 24 hours resignation secured by threat, pressure and harassment by the Gestapo gang. When a proper audit was undertaken, it turned out that the Gestapo gang insidious work were exposed and the victim was innocent.

The Gestapo gang cooked up other allegations and went on new waves of attack. This is a person that had been there for more than 20 years.

In another case, one staff of more than 25 years and dubbed to be the next CIO became a target of the Gestapo gang that he had to resign on 24 hours. No way can Maybank hide his case because it is known all through the industry.

When he left, there was an internal e-mail that reads " ... the pain point had been remved ...". It means he was the cause of the failure of MSS and ITTP. All along the Polack failed!

After these two major cases, the reign of terror by the Gestapo was more drastic as police were brought in on the most frivolous of allegations to force staff on the unemployment line overnight. Gestapo gang used trumped charges to justify suspensions.

Then it was made into a police case by making police report for matters of only alleged inefficiency and non delivery. It was merely a scare tactic on others to smoothen the forced resignation of more than 50 people later on. The police detect no wrong doing of a criminal nature.

The source was told by the staff that by having the police involvement in cases of criminal nature, the Gestapo Gang could use the opportunity to flush out the rest of the Malay staff in the PNB anchor company. It is not based on a case to case basis but merely race!

The latest harassment used to flush out the over-staffing [by Geoff Stecyk's wrong move to hire more than 300 IT workers with salary 2-3 times the original MSS staff] is by readjusting grade appraisal. The Malays were the natural victims.

One can't say they can't speak English because after in the workforce for a long time and built up their competency, they should be more competent than any fresh graduate newbies.

In 2010, 4 out 5 heads in the senior management of Maybank IT are Malays. By today, the latest structure of 11 departments had only 3 Malay Managers. That is a marked decrease from 80% to 23%. One of the head was the person slotted for CIO but harassed to resign by IR.

The Gestapo gang members from IR team are 7 of them - 6 Chinese, 1 Indian and no Malay. While Geoff Stecyk people doing the purging are 6 of them - all Chinese.

This is not about racial prejudice against Chinese or non Malays and Malay nationalism political call but about humanity.

The racially bias composition on the aggressor and victims are too distinct to ignore and not notice. The long serving Chinese staff of Maybank were equally appalled to such racial discrimination and ethnic cleansing.

Maybe one day when no Malay are in key position of Maybank, the source speculate that the chauvanist among the gestapo Gang could sabotage the Bank and PNB will be force to sell it for a song to the off springs of Tan Sri Khoo Teck Puat.

If Tun Ahmad Sarji cares, he should appreciate this P Ramlee classic ...

To be continued in the final part.

In the final part, this blog will conclude to alert readers with the reality to be faced by the local IT industry. It is not about Malay vs Chinese but about globalisation. Eventually the Gestapo gang in whatever the eventual form they come in will beat up not only on the Malay as happened now but also Chinese.

Rather than get into narrow racial self interest, Malaysian should think as one to upgrade and improve themselves together because globalisation does not care one is Malay or Chinese or whatever race.

Part 1
Part 2


Anonymous said...

Yes the chairman is a nut. He is more interested in is position and sitting as a chairman in many places.this because of the perks. Actually he has nothing in between is ears. Just resign from all those places.

Anonymous said...

They do thus to other countries as well. I heard that the CIO of Maybank Philippine has resigned due to indifference with Stecyk and Hong Tat whi thinks he knows IT. Go try to get comments from the ex CIO of Maybank Philippine la.

Anonymous said...

Listen up PNB! It's about time...

Anonymous said...

Presiden Maybank dulu outsourced IT kepada CSC, ramai staff IT dipindahkan untuk bekerja dgn CSC. Ada yg resign tapi ramai stay on kerana keluarga. Ada yg diberhentikan konon overstaff tapi lebih ramai orang baru diambil bekerja kemudiannya.

Jadi apa yang berlaku sekarang adalah kesinambungan dari dulu lagi.

Anonymous said...

ABITW, you know, I know and so do all the kampung folks, which makes this a fact of life: when you put a Chinese in charge he will hire as many Chinese as he wants and can get away with, you put a Indian in charge he will hire as many Indians as he can but you put a Malay in charge it is racist for him to hire as many Malays as he wants. A Malay can never get away with hiring an all Malay staff unless it's for the Masjid.

Don't take my word for it. Go and do a poll.

Anonymous said...

The biggest bank in Asean is Singapore's DBS Bank. The CEO of DBS Bank is an ethnic Indian (who is now a Singapore citizen) who formerly headed Citibank's operations in Malaysia.

How did DBS Bank get to be the biggest bank in the region? Not by playing racial politics, but by appointing the best people it could find to top jobs in the bank.

DBS customers couldn't care less if the bank is staffed in the majority by Chinese, Indians, Malays, Eurasians or Caucasians. Go to any DBS branch in Singapore and observe the customers. There are Malays, Chinese, Indians, Caucasians and other races.

That's what being colour-blind (with regard to race and religion) is all about. A PakCik or a MakCik who doesn't care if he or she is served by a Chinese, Malay, Indian or Filipino front office staffer.

How much does DBS spend on IT annually? What is the racial composition of it's IT function? No one bothers about it.

And, it is generally acknowledged that DBS Bank is among the premier users of IT in Asia. Did it get to this position by accident or by imposing hiring quotas by race?

Only in Malaysia, it seems, is race such a big deal. It seems that the post-colonial angst is a convenient excuse for all sorts of shenanigans and shortcomings.

If you are serious about globalisation and competition, you learn from what the best in your industry are doing worldwide.

It applies equally to Maybank or CIMB just as it applies to, say, MAS, Axiata or KLIA!

Anonymous said...

This is alarming. Maybe you should also investigate the allegations that Pwincess once heard about recruitment of new staff at Maybank. New recruits especially Malays were allegedly humiliated during interviews and their self-esteem brutally trampled upon, with the hope that they give up immediately especially for lucrative positions. In fact, Pwincess once read that a father of one prospective candidate wrote to a local daily complaining of how his daughter were treated during interviews. He lamented that the interviewer shouted at his daughter by claiming that her poor command of English is going to bring down international bank like Maybank. Seriously? Pwincess once dealt with a Maybank staff who refused to converse in Malay but spoke in very bad English, and yet she got the job? Why? Because of a myth that some race are better than others?

Just go to any Maybank branch and you can see that for a bank which is indirectly controlled by the government, they failed to uphold the special status of Malay as the national language. It is blindingly obvious as most if not all signage are in English. This is Malaysia, why must use English so much?

Malays in Malaysia suffer mostly because not of non-Malays but due to the inaction of Malays in higher positions. Yep, Pwincess is also not surprised that one day if Maybank is in a bad shape, not only will it be sold to the offspring but may also be taken over by Singapore. Malaysia, in its bid to quickly become high-income economy is very prone to asset-stripping and fire sales.

Happy hunting.


Anonymous said...

One of those over-expired civil servant. Gonna wait until he drop dead before can replace? It's always a case of melayu failing to see the true under current. It's too late when damage already done.

Anonymous said...

The same thing is also happening in the Securities Commission where capable malay staff are sidelined for Chinese officers (mind you, the senior mgmt are chinese). I know many (inc myself) have left because of this despite our many years of experience.

zaki said...

The only thing I like about Maybank is MB2U. Other than that, logo saja cantik. Its internal workings and processes is a mess. A company loan will take 6 months to process, itu pun kena pull cable to help expedite.

Anonymous said...

While DBS is the largest in Asean by assets comparison, its profit to assets are lower than the Malaysian, Thailand and Indonesian counterpart. DBS is a Singapore-backed banks operating in a well dictated markets. Even then it still has lower performance than its neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Some of the job adv indicated that chinese preferred or must know mandarin or kantonese. If malay comp put only Bumi preferred they will called this comp is racist....what do you think about this?

Unknown said...

i like your statement...they are damn racists..

Anonymous said...

Most of the banks in Malaysia was once own by Chinese. They were all later taken over by Melayus...
You don't say!!!

But it's ok la, at least they allow us to keep our blue IC. So be greateful, and stop talking so loud.

Oh... Hi Tuan. Duduk tuan. Minum apa? Ah moi mau ka??

Anonymous said...

Maybank Singapore totally control by Chinese. Example part time staff mostly Chinese before they will be offered full time staff after 6 months. Those Mc 'king' easily promoted because he/she is a Chinese. Last year mostly Chinese staff from executive level to clerk level resigned to joined others bank. But the Malay local who work more than 20 years still a clerk. Malaysian who work in Maybank Singapore their education only SPM can be Officer after working less than 10 years. Why are they easily promoted? because they are not Malay.
*( example at Maybank Textile Center Singapore you can see the double standard towards Malay local staff)

Labu8455 said...

And you believe that all these things that happen to Mayban got nothing to do with Najib ??? Liberalization was started by "Dolah Tido" and actively continue by Ah Jib Gor.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:29 PM

Singapore has "done their ethnic cleansing" (sic)???

Really? Now wonder Pew Research has postulated that Islam will be the second biggest religion (by adherents) in Singapore, after Buddhists and before Christians, by 2050 (or is it 2030.

Some "ethnic cleansing" indeed!

What other absurdities are you going to regurgitate?

Anonymous said...

Your statement "It is as if only Chinese are capable and Malay or Indians or Bumiputeras are incapable."

It's not a nice feeling to be on the receiving end, right?

Regardless of your race and religion, it hurts badly when you are by-passed or ignored or denied a share of the economic pie although you are equally or more capable/qualified than the person chosen!

For 2 generations, our country did it to help a section of the society that needed help BADLY!

BUT when do we end this practise?

Could this be perhaps the start of true MERITOCRACY our country needed to ensure all our people can compete in this borderless world?

The sooner we do it, the sooner the "tongkat" will not be required!!!

It's time any form of help or aids go to only the truly deserving ones.

Anonymous said...

Now in mss we have very stupid development head .. The old man mr lim kok yong (KY JELLY). We also have very stupid idiot test director. We call auntie Jass Tan Pei Yin... and also have 1 of test manager that we call kevin mark jhonson

Anonymous said...

The Bank is a commercial enterprise seeking to make a good return for its stakeholders, staff and the communities it serves. In the performance of this objective, the Bank has to ensure that all its available resources (human) are optimized and utilized efficiently. To achieve this, deadwoods and non-performers or passengers who do not contribute to the Bank's performance would have to be "ejected" which is very normal in any business organization be it GLC or private. It looks like the writer is trying to make a racial issue out of this. Nothing sells better than race and religion.

Anonymous said...

The person who replied at 12.38pm obviously has NO BALLS to confront Lim Kok Yong, Jass Tan & Kevin. He can only hide behind his mother's ass and make such remarks because of the coward that he is. He must be an UMNO supporter...judging by his mentality.

Anonymous said...

The person who replied at 12.38pm above has NO gutts to confront Kok Yong, Jass & Kevin. He can only condemn via this blog because he's a coward. He must be an UMNO supporter judging by his mentality!

adion said...

so...what is Nube doing ?

Anonymous said...

Talking about law firms in Malaysia, we can’t change the facts that Indians are really good in this f ield. 80% law firms in Malaysia were spearheaded by Indians. I don’t really see this would be an issue to be highlighted since they are proven good lawyers in defending any cases. I didn’t see anything wrong if Maybank acquired their professionalism service to defend the bank. If you are good you will be hired. Common guys don’t play with the race issue here. We are Malaysian and we are really proud of it. If Malay and Chinese firms were discriminated, have they lodge complains to the relevant authorities? They are lawyers right? Surely they will know where the complains could be channeled to….hmmm

Anonymous said...

Apahal pulak nak cerita pasal IT dpmt ni. Aku dulu pernah kerja kat IT Maybank laa toksah sembang sangat. Aku dulu duduk lepak je kat situ. Kalau ada task macam sistem rosak ke tau ada manager bengap tak tahu nak buat masuk sistem atau sistem offline baru aku ada kerja.. masyuk ooo dapat claim milege, overtime kadang kadang hotel. Gaji adalah dalam 3,000 tapi allowance campur ot aje aku dapat 3500 mana tak kaya ooo. Lepas tu aku bertaubat dapat rasakan rezeki aku ni macam tak berkat. Mana taknya kalau takda task dan selalunya takda…offline tu berlaku hari hari ke? Takdakan….aku duduk kat office main karom dan layan ikan arowana ..aku bosan bila dapat peluang outsorce aku pun cabutlah dan dapat juga imbuhan dari Maybank.. tima kasih maybank…jadi toksahlah nak propaganda kan cerita aku ni…sekian ….

Anonymous said...

Saya terpanggil memberi ulasan mengenai isu2 yang dibangkitkan oleh saudara pengarang dimana saya sebagai bekas maybankers merasakan ada beberapa isu yg dibangkitkan adalah tidak tepat. Maybank merupakan salah satu syarikat GLC yg menjaga hak bumiputera dimana peratusan pekerjanya ramai dikalangan bumiputera.Oleh itu kalau kita buat semakan dari peratusan pekerja mengikut posisi kaum di maybank dari keseluruhan perkerjanya bumiputera merangkumi sebanyak 70% manakala dari kaum cina merangkumi sebanyak 20%, kaum india merangkumi 6% dan lain2 kaum merangkumi 4%. Oleh itu kalau dilihat dari segi peratusan komposisi kaum terbukti maybank sebuah syarikat glc tidak pernah menepikan hak2 bumiputera seperti apa yg digambarkan oleh pihak pengarang. Kalau dilihat dari sudut komposisi kaum rakyat dimalaysia pula kita melihat peratusan kaum melayu sebanyak 62%,cina 22%, india 7% dan lain2 kaum 10% merangkumi penduduk dimalaysia.Oleh itu kalau kita bandingkan peratusan perkerja bumiputera maybank mengikut peratusan adalah lebih tinggi dari peratusanyg penduduk bumiputera di Malaysia. Sekarang dimanakah rasional tohmahan yg dilemparkan oleh saudara pengarang yg mengatakan maybank mengenepikan hak2 bumiputera. Saya merasakan penulisan adalah tidak benar dan mempunyai agenda politik yang tersembunyi bagi memainkan isu perkauman dan hak2 bumiputera bagi menghancurkan imej maybank di mata masyarakat Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Hang memang bengap...tak amanah....

Anonymous said...

If you realy know what had happen you won't say this...

Anonymous said...

Kalau peratusan majoritinya kuli macai boleh dibanggakan ke? Tak de lg ke anak anak melayu yg berkebolehan? Hantar jauh2 kat seberang berhabis berpuluh ribu bila balik jadi Melayu liberal yg dah hilang jati diri...sedihnya.... bukan Melayu juga ke yg bangunkan tanah air tercinta sehingga gah di mata dunia. Dan yg konon kononya duk jadi pegawai2 besar pengemudi syarikat terkemuka...hemm fikir fikirkanlah...kalau depa sebodoh2 org depa depa bg mgaji sampai reti tapi kita dok malu nak bantu anak bangsa sendiri....akhirnya nanti bangsa sendiri mengemis dibumi sendiri...tengok macam bill gates sungguh pun akademik dia tak pandai akhirnya jadi pemilik sebuah syarikat gergasi..kadang kala ada degree tinggi melanggit tapi tahap EQ kosong lagi sedih kan....

Anonymous said...

I believe the deadwood and non-performers or passengers was all the top ranking because they should guide and lead the mission and "know how" to findout the error and resolved the matters. It because you guys been paid extravanganza and with all the perks that you gain from the bank. Not the small flies with receive a small payment out of it. Don't you agree with me?

A Voice said...

Noted and corrected.

Anonymous said...

The banks were taken over by Melayus at market prices, you don't say eh?

Anonymous said...

Cease and desist from spinning

Anonymous said...

And going by your reasoning, you must be a DAPigster.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:14 pm, tahun bila tinggalkan Maybank?. Sempat tak dengan Transformation Journey?.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.04 & 11.23

What about you? Locust.

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