Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Malay massacre at Maybank (Part 4 but not the last)

This is Part 4 for this series but it will not be the last posting on Maybank IT.

Information having been pouring in. Industry people, vendors, ex-Maybankers and various sources got in touch and some are still trying to get in touch. It will be the last for this series but it will continue to be pursued till Maybank response.

No threat of lawsuit will scare us because we don't care. It only makes us more aggressive.

Heard the Public Relation (PR) people have been asking around. It shows Maybank PR have been typically dulu, kini dan selamanya sombong, stiff lip and frigid. Maybank had always had that attitude to the masses.

The Gestapo gang (read in part 3) should go after them. Chain up these sotong and beat them up till they resign. They have not been doing their job, not been putting their ears on the ground, insensitive to the public and it's workforce, and had a brown nose attitude with media.

Never bother to engage the alternative media and now doing so for fear this issue will go viral. Rest assured it will ...

They think that by bribing the media with buka puasa and crystal present can win them votes like BR1M had been accused off by Tun Dr Mahathir and media will give coverage to their sponsored tigers at the National Zoo.


New CEO Dato Farid Alias promised to meet media but hardly answer SMS. Maybe it was blocked by the layer created between Farid and exco members in the form of a person by the name of Chief Strategist cum defacto "Group Deputy President" cum "toll operator (?)", Michael Foong?

Was Farid merely a token Malay but the real person running the Bank is Micheal Foong? Before he left, did Dato Abdul Wahid Omar insist his successor got a Chinese to hand hold the ex-Aseambanker Farid? Will Farid be sabotaged eventually to be replaced with Michael Fong?

Maybank's and any corporate's PR and communication practise is to tell the least information possible about happenings, plans and problems inside the Bank. As per 1MDB official public statement, corporate statements comes in corporate prose of and are well worded but tells you nothing.

Betcha .. they will eventually answer when Jans Lim pester Dato Megat Zahararuddin.

For whatever reason, she had been so good to him as PA that she was reassigned as Head of Compliance. Maybank was recently fined by Bank Negara Malaysia after she was head for three months. So much for compliance.

No worry for her. The IR and Gestapo Gang would go after her staff and not her. Make sure they go after the Malay ones. Megat would be upset to see Chinese victimised. That is racism and ethnic cleansing but discriminating and oppressing Malays is not racist.

Megat and Farid could only been under a long psychological trance from their days in MNCs. THey could be hypnotised by advisers and PA from functioning accordingly. 

Sabotage, cover-up and blame

The point this blog is beginning to release names is to explain to a commentator that the sacked staff and managers lack "capability or qualification" that is getting them "by-passed or ignored or denied".

No only it is not true but there is a real sinister and even partisan political manouvering to discriminate and do ethnic cleansing on Malays in the Bumiputera institution-owned Maybank. It is similar process happening inside state organisation in Penang but the rough stuff have not begin yet.

If they had read the earlier Parts, they would not have described the original permanent staff in which the majority are Malays as "deadwoods and non-performers or passengers who do not contribute to the Bank's performance".

Believe their reply will be ignore the ruthless mechanism and go rhetorical. The mechanism is not based on a genuine business decision but real dirty play with the insidious intention of not making the IT development a success but was meant to fail and blame.

These comments could be coming from the Gestapo Gang cytro or supporters for ethnic cleansing. In part 2 [read here], it was described that the ethnic cleansing by Geoff Stecyk and the Gestapo Gang was done by the way it was done on the Poles in World War 2.

Geoff Stecyk is not someone with IT background but only with a business/consultant background. The talk in the market is that he know nuts. Somehow the orang putih manage to bullshit the Malaysians with his blonde hair, skin color and accent.

Most of the people he brought into his team does not have sufficient and substantial practical experience in system development but are mostly con-sultants from Accenture.

From the start they had no idea of the requirement and practical problems that can arise in IT development.

Geoff had taken them in at top ringgit with double and triple their salary as compared to the original time scale permanent staff. When LEAP30 and ITTP program failed, they were stuck with huge number of people so they carnivorise on the original staff.

Since most of the original staff and management in MSS are Malays, so naturally the Malays become a victim. So there will be justification to say it is not discrimination on the Malays.

However, the bulk of new intakes taken were mostly Chinese and non Malays, 95% of them. No Malays or Kadazan or Iban or Bidayuh or Kenyah or Bajau.

When the development was going on, the Accenture people were so  typical of other Consultants in Pemandu, Khazanah elsewhere. They were merely theoretical and template thinking.

The original Maybank staff raised problems that will be encountered by their plans but it was snubbed aside and ignored. The young punk Accenture con-sultants with no experience were arrogant and refused to heed their warning.

Soon they realised that their work will fail. So what they did was for self preservation. They did repeated re-organisation exercise to position their people up on the hierarchy and the original Maybank staff are placed under to be victimised and suppressed later.

Come the time, they then point the fingers on the original Maybank staff. Like a heartless communist terrorist or Hitler's WWII German army, they turn around to say the staff were irresponsible for not highlighting the problems when all along any of their views are suppressed.

Ponder this because the pro-ethnic cleansing will ignore the logic: Shouldn't KPI be from top to bottom?

Since LEAP30 and ITTP failed, Geoff should get the chop first and followed by his kuncu-kuncu but not the ones not leading the effort.

The original Maybank staff were not responsible for the final decisions. All major decisions were made by Geoff and the gang. They should have been Gestapoed!

The new team brought in by Geoff had an amateurish manner in their planning.

IT development planning cannot be done conceptually and piecemeal basis. The whole business process must be thoroughly figured it out to the very minute detail before one takes the next step of designing the architecture, introducing the applications, data warehousing, and etc.

The front end like the web or page that one sees in front of the computer at home or kisok has a back end that is complicated and humongously large amount effort to make it easy and user friendly.

The management team were only thinking more of the front end and the gizmo they are mesmerised with but not the whole works involved. Given the budget ALL systems can be upgraded with faster speed, new applications and "toys".

In most cases, there is no need to spend on new system. It is only con-sultants and vendors that persuade to throw out previous system and buy up a new one. When new system is bought, companies have to rethink the business process and disrupt the operations.

Unfortunately, the management will always be right and Geoff had planned for it for long. Two failures by him justify his self prerservation instinct to abuse power and gang-up to blame on the original staff of Maybank.

The Gestapo Gang comes in to force them to sign up the Early Retirement Scheme (ERS). If they refuse, they will be shamed by fabricated disciplinary actions made against them. Being fired will leave a bad patch on their resume.

It goes to the point police report are made to justify suspension although police have found no wrong doing in most of the cases. One case of wrongdoing was used as an excuse to presume all are guilty despite no proofs.

DAP agenda

Here comes the partisan part.

Having most of the new intakes as Chinese does not necessarily mean they were racist. And having most of the Malays to be fired does not mean it was ethnic cleansing.

There was one Manager under Geoff that controls the RM2.5 billion budget.

Her name was Sherene Teo and is a strong DAP supporter. She was close to Geoff's wife and that trust was developed to enable her to bring family members into Geoff's team. And she was instrumental in ensuring that 95% of the staff are Chinese.

Her contribution include manipulating and hiding the true financial status of the overspending of the ITTP. She coordinates the operations for ethnic cleansing, system sabotage, mole operation for other financial institution, and the oppression, manipulation, and threat on Malay staff.

She had been able to make them so vindictive against the former staff that they ensure that the sacked staff will not a job anywhere else. They will give bad reference of them. It reminded me of what Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim did to a friend.

For that the Malay top management promoted her to EVP.

There is more juicy story to come but this is the point.

Today these people can oppress and discard capable staff that had won awards for their effort. Eventually the expectations of the time will catch up on them.

Malaysia's IT industry will eventually be swarmed or replaced by more effective and efficient IT workers from other centres like Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. Fees are based on work completion and not on permanent employment or time spent. System's problems are solved within 3 days and not 3 weeks as happening in Malaysia.

By such unethical and discriminatory practices, Maybank will be denied true talents and experience in IT. It is an industry about knowledge and experience. The application or software or gadgets can be different or change with the times BUT it is the knowledge portion that is essentiial.

Knowldge will be lost when good CIO and experienced IT staff are sacked by fabricated charges. Knowledge could not be preserved and skills are not developed in the organisation. Malaysia loses with such inhumane practices. In the end Maybank and Malaysia loses much needed talents.

The Gestapo Gang will be not be able to keep up with the time and eventually, they will get sacked too. It will be Chinese ethnic cleansing. Then public will hear of MCA crying wolf but all along the evil doer was DAP.  

Already the plan is to sack another 50 more before the end of the this month. The criteria to do so is not based on their IT or managerial capability and competency but by short listing according to age of the 50 year olds, or anyone that had worked under and dubbed as Mohd Ibrahim Senin's people or ethnic background.

Since most of the staff then are Malays so they brush off all Malays have to be exterminated from Maybank.

In the early days of IT in the late 70s to 90s, most of IT workers are Malays - be it in Maybank or GLC or IBM or other vendors. The foreign university programs and local university were generating lots of IT graduates. It wasn't just NEP affirmative action. Malay had an early start.

Upon exterminating the Malay staff, what will happen?

It is a bit early to say they will sabotage Maybank from inside to get a DAP supporting corporate player to buy out Maybank for cheap. But it is not impossible Chief System Architect, Neo Koh Teh could intentionally make system to fail and leak info to his former employer.

As for IT, they will by getting Maybank to subsidiarise the MSS or IT Department. Off course they will place their people and they will control the budget, the running and charges to Maybank.

A matter of time, they will manouvre to buy over the subsidiary. Hi-tech Padu is the off spring of PNB IT. Ahmad Sarji will just agree without winking an eyelid. By then, Maybank will be at their mercy.

Still under radar.  

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

* Edited 9:00 AM 16/4/15


Anonymous said...

Typical Mamak's comments.

Bottomline, Maybank is still Bumiputera bank and making more money with downsizing of staff who has been milking the bank thru their salary and perks without any talents and productive works.

Nobody owes anyone a living based on race or religion.

Get real!

Dims Baradin said...

This is not even remotely funny.

Just what is your agenda in posting this?

Are you advocating mandatory hiring quotas by race at Maybank - a form of "ethnic cleansing" to put it bluntly?

And this will help Maybank how? Will it help Maybank to improve it's competitiveness and efficiency? Will it help Maybank improve it's metrics such as return on equity, return on assets, dividends to shareholders, improving the quality of it's loans portfolio, improving it's credit ratings, meeting Basel III capital requirements etc?

You know - the humdrum nitty gritty stuff.

All the while knowing that Maybank's competitors aren't standing still and that they are going all out to hire and retain the best talent available.

That's right - the best talent. From the Board to the CEO and down the ranks.

It's all about being nimble, efficient and competitive. Not being ossified into outdated notions of race and ethnicity.

Anonymous said...

Masa arwah TS Basir (suami TS Rafidah) jadi pengerusi dulu, tak ketara sangat benda2 gini..

Anonymous said...

Wow. I am happy that at last, whatever that has happened and is happening now internally within maybank have been exposed.

I myself was affected too. But Alhamdulillah, stil survive, but never know how long will it last. However, there are certain happenings that are not mentioned, probably and hopefully will in the coming sequels such as the Singaporean Chinese who is being handpicked by Jerome Hon to lead Operations Malaysia....daa.. like no Malaysian is capable in running Malaysia's Operation! This is Malaysia okay! And I know Jerome you read this!! This appointment is something really new.. very obvious indeed, and no official announcement yet whatsoever. Since Jerome is Chinese, will definitely pick another Chinese. You don't have to guess la kan...What an irony. The victim is one good and very experienced chap by the name of Hj Mohd Fadzil who has been seen meeting the IR Head (Chinese) for a possible ERS. Kesian kan Melayu di Maybank. Even the latest structure, he is nowhere to be seen.

Not forgetting, the so-called Deputy PCEO Michael Fong people are now seen at Property, Trade, etc for assignments best known to some people on the pretext of transformation, but the outcome will lead to mobilization of Melayu to other area.. pendek kata bagi Melayu keluar lah tu... this is what this Michael Fong is capable of doing!

But, little did those Melayu in UMNO like even the PM, the PNB know that Maybank is now the lubuk of DAP! Jeng jeng jeng.... ni realiti.. there are remarks made by Dr John, Mike Fong, Hong Tat and few other top guns in Maybank with cynical remarks condemning UMNO and in fact, they are aligned to DAP. Tak payah terkejut....very obvious.. some of us know what you read, what comments you ppl made, and who your friends are..I mean from the DAP lah....

Hopefully, more people from Maybank can share about all these.

So come on Maybankers, chip in... give more input for the world to know ,.particularly UMNO leaders, PNB, Perkasa, etc to know who those Chineses are in Maybank, and how their agenda can lead to extinction of Malay bosses in the Bank.

I have a bit more to say, nanti lah...

The question now is what Dtk Farid can do about this?

I don't want to comment on TS Megat as he is known as a person who would always deny of anything that doesn't sounds good to him and all these information memang will not make him happy. Why?

So, coming back to Dtk Farid... wondering what would he do to bring back the confidence of Malay Maybankers, Malay shareholders, Malay politicians, Malay customers, the Government, etc.

Anonymous said...

Do u think orang putih know who actually in the IR list? He is nut, no IT background and not capable. Not sure why he become Head of GT?
Actually the IR namelist was provided by ex-averis n Accenture staff. Last 2-3 years, there are many staff "imported" from Accenture & averis. Not sure they going thru proper Interview process or backdoor only? There are so many bad comments for these 2 companies in Internet. Why HR did not do a background check before employ them? heard some of them are even blacklisted by other companies and vendors.

Recently orang putih already tender and last day end of april

Anonymous said...

After reading the entire 4 parts, I only can summarise that a group of frustrated IT Maybankers vengeance towards Maybank. Its quite misleading to invoke racism but well, that's what it sells to the public. Our politicians are promoting actively on racism to divide and rule.We are already getting tired with this antics and now another one here. Here the whole article on frustrations rather than racism.

I am in this Bank for more than 24 years and a trade unionist for more than 20 years. Im dealing with Nora, IR and the other Management team for more than 18 years. Who can vouch better than me unless of course you will say Im pro this and that and getting massive benefits and money to support Maybank. But being silence only condones and accepting whatever stated in this article which

I am a Malaysian and that instilled in Maybank as part of the culture. Being in trade union, we have received many cases but not even one with regards to racism. There are bound to be favouritism and evil minded managers but concluding as a whole is not acceptable in any way.
I am not in position to comment on Nora's character but I am very sure and assured that Nora is very professional and caring towards the staff. We have taken many cases involves staff which was heard and immediate action swiftly taken by Nora and IR team. We would be the first to raise issue if such act conducted by them. In numerous meetings and discussions, there has never been such comments or action taken by them.

The position of a CEO in Maybank carries a heavy burden and requires exceptional leadership and appointed by the Board and shareholders. Maybank partly owned by PNB which its objective to assist Malays to achieve increase wealth. Will PNB appoint someone to be a CEO if the CEO incapable to provide such results?
Datuk Farid are not only accepted by the Board but also the staff and Trade unions. He is more receptive and willing to work extra mile with Maybankers.

The issue is more to the absence of a trade union representing the IT staff to take care of their welfare and benefit and of course protection of their job. We have taken cases involves non members and IR have taken actions assisting them.

Being a trade union, We love to get evidence against Maybank and seek for justice. But are there any? Or its just a coffee talk chat.

I believe if the editor write directly to Maybank and there will be positive response from them. Or the affected IT staff can come and approach the union for assistance. We are obliged to assist any affected fellow Maybankers. I am sure we can be a mediator to resolve any issues with Nora and her team rather than aiming to destroy Maybank image.

Our concern towards Maybank can be questioned and after this, comments will be made to attack us. But the fact is Maybank is our smart working partner and if the facts is not right, then its the partner's job to clear the air.


Anonymous said...

Thank you sir for the effort you have put into this. Really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Plot twist: DAP. 10/10
That's why LKS wearing cheap watch, dia sedang menabung beli Maybank! :O

Unknown said...

My VISA credit card is with Maybank. Last year I booked online goldern holiday with MAS to Bali. For that I need to receive special number from Maybank credit card center and type same number for authorization for payment to MAS. Maybank credit card center informed me it is necessary inorder to protect customer interest. I've no problem to that.
This year I booked online holiday to Phuket with AirAsia. When I submit for payment it is approved immediately without the need to get a special number from Maybank credit card center.
Can you try if you face similar experience as me. If so I wonder why ? Why payment made to MAS is more stringent than payment to AirAsia ?

Anonymous said...


your denial syndrome make the rakyat asking more question what the top management going to ignore? Denial? Makan gaji buta and then play golf?

Inilah akibatnya apabila top management kaum melayu ini di limpahi dengan kemewahan!

Anonymous said...

Once there was a HORSE race, 10 horses were standing at the start point of the race, all set to prove there potential. A call was made "Get Set Go" but to the surprise only one Horse could make it and the rest 9 Horses were still at the starting point. It's not that "the only 1 horse" that won was strong to WIN the race, the owner of the HORSE was smart enough, he had chopped off the legs of other 9 Horse's and asked them to RUN.
When the legs of other 9 horses were chopped, they took it very lightly and there over confidence made them looser.

After reading all four parts, looks like there are group of badly wounded Python who wont disturb others unless someone tries to HARM you. What ever is coming from "Yellow Tiger's" basket will be a good lesson to everyone if they are directly related to the Internal System. My Friend what happens, happens for good. This could be an eye opener or this 4 parts might just get wiped off with times.

One thing is for sure, In Maybank there is no value for efforts you put for the Organization.

Anonymous said...

It's the fault of PM,he himself pull 2 maybank CEO for minister cabinet.When maybank head are being pull for minister post..the structure of organisation became weak from internal and external threat competition. The later bank will take over as no 1bank in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...


maybank services is going down the drain. a simple transaction takes at least 30 minutes and its go down to the system and not the counter staff.

unless you personally go to the counter or you are living on a different world

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of truth here, and what was said bout the IT side is very true, and I guess that's why the incompetent mat salleh Geoff resigned. But doesn't mean the bank leadership is rid of clueless and aimless people such as Datuk Lim, who has wasted so much of the banks money on useless projects. They should send in Audit department and have all these audited

PlazaPelangi said...

How is having an all-Malay or predominantly Malay workforce position Maybank to compete effectively in Asean, especially with the Asean Economic Community coming into place by the end of the year?

Maybank will have to compete against other banks in the region (including the bigger-capitalised and more aggressive banks from Singapore) and foreign banks for deposits and fee-raising projects (loans, IPOs, bond offerings and M&A activities).

Being Number 1 in Malaysia will mean nothing in an expanded banking landscape. Nor will having an all-Malay workforce.

So, when you make these posts, one must ask what version of reality you are working with.

Unless, by a wave of a magic wand, you can make competition disappear!

All these people pouring out their "grievances" are in denial of reality.

Much like the staff and unions in MAS!

Anonymous said...

Damaging a bank's reputation based on hearsay or without substantiated proof is inviting yourself to be sued.

A Bank can lose millions if it's reputation is tarnished due to your actions which causes investors or worst it's customers making a run on the bank inorder to protect their investments from harm.

So, get prepared to be sued and do get a damn good lawyer cos politicians and other bloggers ain't going to help much once you are in court.

I hope you know what you are getting into by harming a Bank's reputation. And don't think a simple apology will help you if you are caught. Many people's reputation have already been tarnished.

Anonymous said...

MSS doesnt have freedom of work, if you apply your logics and skills you are considered to be over smart.

Earlier we thought "DD" is into IT services, only later we discovered they do delivery of STARBUCKS too on "Every Day basis". Eventually they stopped, but people who drank the coffee from them, please note people around were watch everything.

Anonymous said...

Sebagai orang melayu memang saya rasa terhina mendengar perkara sebegini berlaku. Pada pandangan saya kenapa ia harus dipolitikkan dengan nama perdana menteri disebut. Cerita ajelah pasal maybank. Saya rasa sebenarnya apa yang berlaku ni tak sama macam yang telah diceritakan oleh tuan punya blog. Mungkin ada niat jahat tersembunyi saya pun tak tahu. Kalau nak cerita pasal penindasan orang melayu kenapa nak dikaitkan pulak cerita hentaman individu-individu tertentu. Kalau tak puas hati berdepan ajelah dengan diaorang ni cara pengecut. Bak kata pepatah hang tuah “tak melayu hilang di dunia” masalahnya tuan punya blog ni melayu ke?

Anonymous said...

Hakikatnya GLC saja Melayu bolih maju......kalu mcm Public Bank berapa ekor Melayu saja bolih meningkat.g

Anonymous said...

Berniat jahat itulah yg boleh digambarkan oleh saya bila dibaca dari apa yg telah di tulis didalam blog ni….saya dah bertugas lebih 25 thn dlm maybank dan saya seorang staff bumiputera islam dan banyak kebajikan dan benefit yg saya telah dapat semenjak saya bekerja dimaybank.Saya memulakan tugas saya sebagai penghantar surat (messenger) dan sehingga kini saya merupakan seorang pegawai didalam maybank. Disini saya menyatakan maybank tidak pernah mendikriminasi kaum bumi dari segi kenaikkan pangkat untuk kaum melayu walaupun saya sedar kelemahan kaum melayu dalam bahasa ingeris yang merupakan bahasa antarabangsa. Saya bermula dari bawah dan bersyukur atas jasa maybank yg memberi peluang saya sebagai anak melayu luar bandar merasa untuk memajukan diri dari seorang messenger hingga berstatus pegawai bank. Saya juga pernah bertanyakan rakan saya di sumber manusia ttg bilanggan peratusan kenaikan pangkat mengikut kaum dan ternyata kaum melayu tidak pernah di pinggirkan dan peratusannya amat tinggi dibandingkan dgn kaum lain.Saudara penulis ni saya merasakan anda seorang yg berfikiran negative dan dengan sengaja berniat jahat atas kepentinggan peribadi bagi mencemarkan nama maybank .Lagi satu saya nak ingatkan saudara penulis bagi nak menjaga hak dan kebajikan orang bumi islam yg merupakan kaum majoriti didalam maybank pihak pengurusan telah berjaya menaikkan taraf surau dimenara maybank ke taraf masjid dan layak untuk mengerjakan solat jumaat dan faedahnya bukan sahaja kepada staff maybank tetapi staff sekitarnya seperti telekom dan bskl. Adakah salah satu faedah seperti ini ada di syarikat2 glc yang lain atau mahu pun di bangunan kerajaan……. from staff otai…

Capcha said...

With all due respect, I think that the owner of this blog has an imperfect understanding of competition and competitiveness in a wider regional and supra-regional environment.

And this is not only in the field of banking and finance, but in all other sectors of the economy - manufacturing, oil & gas, services, tourism, communications & transportation, ICT, SMEs, start-up s etc.

It is essential that the country find and use the best talent that it has to ensure that it has a fair share of the regional and supra-regional "pies" in these areas. And if the talent is Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian or foreign - so what?

And if Maybank continues to be run as a sleepy and moribund GLC, it will be, by default ceding the advantage to faster and more efficient competitors.

Because the government can't go out to the region and shout "buy Malaysian" or "use Malaysian"!

Anonymous said...

There are also other characters who don't have operational hands on background, again from the con-sultant background, like Tee Meng Kiong, Alex Wong and Cyrene Kong. They continue to learn from the old Maybankers who have deep knowledge on the operations. After they learn, they then ridicule and belittle the old Maybankers. Worse is when they even take credit for work done by others.

Anonymous said...

If it is about high performing organisation, then how is it that ITTP initiatives have failed miserably (eg. RBS, RCMS and REDW) but nothing happened to the people on these initiatives. Why only BAU staff are getting all the bad flak?

Anonymous said...

This is like Korean series. I can't wait for Part 5.

Anonymous said...

Card IT/ATM org melayu kena tebas dgn Peter Cristina , org Cina tak tau buat programing pun dia naikkan..lagi dahsyat

Anonymous said...

This is what actually happening in this organization. The bank are now dominated by consultants who merely good in preparing slides for management updates..but if you drill through, the contents, data and info of the presentation come from experience Maybankers who are not good in putting all this into trendy slides...The consultants are merely CON-sultants.

Anonymous said...

Org melayu kena tebas mcm lalang dekat card IT/ATM..tak pecaya siasat la

Anonymous said...

It is not really just a race issue. It is about how new comers to the bank, have a very low opinion of Maybankers who have served the bank for so many years. Maybank has been a good strong company because of these old blood. That should be appreciated and recognized, not looked down upon by these new blood who think they are smarter than others. Geoff Stecyk brought in these new blood (quite a number of them are related to his Malaysian Chinese wife) and paid them double and triple the salary of original Maybankers.

Anonymous said...

So does Jho Low ...

Anonymous said...

Mmg beghal siapa yg dok pilih dia.... pandai ckp tapi tin kosong jer....

Anonymous said...

Mmg tak competent pun kebanyakan org bru yg dibawa masuk untuk mengantikan post tersebut. Semuanya bergaji mahal tapi tak da achievement pun. Tunggu masa jer sistem nk runtuh...esok kalau dah jadi nangis pun dah tak guna

Anonymous said...

Yes i do agreed. In order Maybank or other stream of industries wanted to be a regional player arround the globe they must have a good people with a good talent, a good business processes accross its pillar and the most important to have a strong sytems and IT technologies in place to support and enhance the business growth and bussiness operations day to day basis. Whereby the transactions data will be millions per day. Looking at the trend in millinium era we can't ran away from this facts. It is good that MBB have this kind of initiative and exersices that to humanising the financial sectors across the globe. Therefore Mbb must have a strong capabilities or equaly to what does the competitors already have to make it still relevant and be able to compete in the current markets. But looking at the current stage what had happened now its clearly notified us that something was terribly wrong here and perhaps managements should be alert and go find out and investigate wad had happened. People will not start making stories if this is okey right?. It is also not good if you need to kill the old folks just because you wanna hire a new person. Just imagine that is you in that position? What you going to do? I have been working with few MNC's before and running few transformation projects. You cannot split your IT Team in two entities because you need to have both expertises in place. IT stuffed is different from business processes. Its really need to have a subject matters experts in both fields ( the old systems and the new sytems). It must have someone with a good hands on experiences and very subject matters expert rather then a person full with theories and lacking of IT operations experiences. Do remember!!! They are the one who taking care of people data and it was a higly private and confidential and the risk was tremendously very high to keep it in-tag and accurate. Don't you think so?.Normally the goal or the objective of the companies missions will be given from top to bottom and not the other way around. If the ship is diverted from its runaway then the kapten must always guide and coaching the people to always be in the right directions. That is Leadership by example. Not blaming the people cause of it failures. Hence, the good Kapten should take all the accountabilities and the blame if the missions was not succeded because all the approval must comes from him. The rest of the crew just a doer and follow the orders. As a matter of facts that Mbb was a GLC Player and its own by PNB as the biggest investors and share holders, and we already known that it was always looked and protected the malay interest since it was established. Then, the previllages should be given to the Malays but nevertheless other races too. If the mgmt of this division (MSS) intention was good, i believe this stories will never been highligted in a such manner. Of course, it was always a reason behind and i believe they have a lot of facts to do so. Otherwise they won't dare. And I am proud to be Malay and Malay always tolerate with others. It is reality that we can't denied. But for God sake I hope the rest of you guys also do the same things. But please.... respect our social contracts.......

Anonymous said...

Will it help mbb if all the higher ranking in MSS were producing corn n salt? If they clever enough all the projects supposed to be delivered as per presented to the board members already been deployed fully not in partially mode as per the budget, resources and the timeline and of course supposed to followed the blue print as per agreed. Not swiping and creating different version of stories here and then. we talking about very extensive amount of money here?

Anonymous said...

Saudara, you are not seeing the bigger picture! Buka mata dan tengok disetiap sector to yg headed by Chinese, kira berapa ramai Chinese on Band C, D,E,F down till pegawai macam kamu. Cuba bandingkan dengan Melayu, then u will be able to see clearly!

Jgn hanya bila dah pernah dinaikkan pangkat, terus lupa benda yg lebih besar. Yes, Maybank is good, bagus sangat. Boleh solat Jumaat di Menara. Tapi, what we are saying here is how those positions up there are now dominated by Chinese yg being hired like nobody business, then these ppl keep on hiring more of the same race till the extend of marginalizing the Malay.

Cara kamu ni yg Chinese suka, bagi sikit kesenangan dengan kenaikan pangkat, pastu lupa nak tengok benda yg lagi besar.... ada faham?

Anonymous said...

What i meant was the writer definetly had those information before he or she wrote this stories and do the information screening check before he took it as his or her input In this articles.

Anonymous said...

Org melayu terancam Kat card IT ATM/..lately promotion org tak layak tapi janji Chinese dpt promotion..bila org staff melayu pertikai kena ugut..

Anonymous said...

Setuju sangat tu.

Contohnya kat Client Coverage Maybank Investment Bank tu. Ada seekor India...yang bernama Kevin Davies (nama je Mat Salleh, tapi muka sebijik India), alahai umur baru 37 tahun dah jadi Managing Director. Memang takde Melayu ke? Masa Amirul Feisal baru masuk MBB, dia kutuk-kutuk Amirul Feisal, cakap Amirul Feisal tak ada management style la, cakap Amirul Feisal tak tahu apa-apa, pendek kata Melayu tak pandai.

Mungkin Amirul Feisal tak tahu kot. Tapi siapa yang kenal Amirul Feisal tolong sampaikan message ni. Yang budak India ko promote tu ke MD sebenarnya tak respect ko. Silap haribulan dia boleh gigit ko balik.

Hang jaga-jagalah.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tq for highlighting this n perhaps mgt akan open their eyes, wakes the tiger in them n memahami the Integrity word.

It happens in other dept or unit as well, maybe not as bad as IT but HR, senior mgt need to relook at position, promotions. Audit need to check all..

May God help yg teraniaya..

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Tengok saja berapa ramai Band CDEFG kat T. Office! Dulu banyak main import from Accenture masuk2 terus Band F paling rendah...kerja hampeh! Harap template ja bagus..they'll let you do the "dirty work"

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is...something terribly wrong and sinister has been going on in maybank. Maybe its time people who have been victimized by maybank shud speak up regardless of race. Believe it or not, its not only happening to malays. the "lets put the staff on wish-sack-list at a corner and screw the life out of them so badly they'd be forced to quit" is becoming a trend everywhere in maybank. Creating posts that are unnecessary is just one of the style these days. What in the world are these ppl doing anyways?

Anonymous said...

Hallo brader...korang pong pang pong pang sini ingat Farid boleh buat apa-apa ke?

Tu si michael fong sudah pegang dia... hong tat dah plan lama benda ni.

Ye betul maybank perlukan chinese utk beroperasi dgn lebih cemerlang, but not at the expense of marginalizing the Malay. Korang nak hire orang bangsa kau tu jangan la over sangat. Ingat orang Melayu yg sama bangunkan bank.

Ni dahlah hire ikut mak bapak, siap fire pun macam mak bapak. Brengsett!

Ni take advantage gilerx2. Hiring budak cina lain macam bank mak bapak! Masa aku masuk dulu pun siap tipu kata gaji tawaran tak boleh lebih 20%, but ada satu Chinese kat Transformation office yg dulu pakai proton saga BLM (sbb gaji 8000) tapi bila masuk terus gaji 20k and drive bmw using COPS. Berapa % increment ni? Do the maths la...

Sebab apa? Sebab dia kuncu Michael Fong. Ni malaun firaun terbesar ni. Farid tak nampak keevilan dia sbb dia ni pandai cakap wooo... kepala pun ligat kasi auta dan buat onar...

Nora Manap pun salah sebab she has given free hand for sector heads to hire (and fire) staff... bodo punya orang. Of course la ada yg akan take advantage. Ypu are dealing with chinese bosses okay.. Ni pun tak tau ke? Tu la hang duduk atas kayangan tu dok sikat rambut sangat tak sedar benda ni berlaku right in front of your nose! Buat apa atas tu? Sikat rambut??

So farid and nora, what's the damage control's like? Whatever it is, pls look at the hiring policy and change it? Eh... takkan aku nak ajar kot! Tapi klu utk orang bodo dlm HR mcm nora, elok kena ajar kan.

Not forgetting, revamp the IR structure please. Pi bubuh Cina as head, senang nak execute agenda marginalization the pun hang tak nampak ke ni nora? Ko sedap la hidup atas kayangan tu. Ni la contoh org tak pernah rasa susah... kereta pun nak sedap...Mercedes s class baru tu woooo...taknak kalah dgn farid... takpa janji stylo, suit dgn rambut..

Eh melalut aku. Where were we?hmmm... penat dah ni, nak balik dah. Orang lain tolong sambung ye.... bye

Anonymous said...

Fz masuk kdk sudah band c ler der....

Anonymous said...

kalau memang ada tokoh tokoh politik yang bersuara lantang katanya membela nasib bangsa Melayu..manakah pejuangya? atau sekadar slogan dan rektorik kata sahaja untuk mendapatkan undi dan kepercayaan anak bangsa!!!!! Sedihnya bila ada anak bangsa memohon bantuan tiada siapa yg nk jadi "CHAMPION" sbb mungkin tak ada yg dapat penuhkan poket mereka agaknya.....sedihnya..... :(

Legion said...

what goes around comes around.
lets wait n see.

Dims Baradin said...

@Anon 7:05 AM

What, exactly, is this "bigger picture" that you mentioned?

Does your "bigger picture" allow for competitiveness, meritocracy, return on equity, shareholders' interests, the Asean Economic Community and the liberalisation of financial services - you know, all those boring humdrum topics?

Or, maybe, because these issues are "boring", it is easier and less intellectually challenging to declaim about racism, discrimination etc.

Didn't we see this being played out in MAS? And look at where MAS is now, apart from being a drain (again!) on public funds.

Are you advocating the same for Maybank?

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum, I am not a Maybank staff. I investigate for P@r&. I am quite frustrated how a Zionist Sympathizer such my Geoff Stecyk was hired in the first place by Maybank. Also when I highlighted this, the top people told me to shove the evidence and bury it.

Sangat pelik to think some of our top leaders want to protect someone so much to the point they are willing to bury evidence they "accidentally hired" a Zionist Sympathizer who should have all the motives to plant a sleeper cell that actively promotes the liquidation Malay muslim staff in Maybank. I am not talking horse shit here. For so many years we have had a Zionist/Zionist sympathizer in charge of the IT dept of one of the Major Banks in Malaysia. The damage he has done with His REGIONAL BANKING SOLUTION is serious as AMLA related crimes now can be committed easily and hidden, by Branch Managers or Asst Branch Managers.

This is a serious hit to the Malaysian Economy, This is not about a few Malays losing their jobs, but a terrorist attack on the Malaysian Banking system. All of the people related to Geoff should be fired and arrested for Terrorist activities under POTA.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, this issue of racism has been going on for years. But I guess this time, its just getting too much for anyone not to take notice (I personally think previous PCEOs were able to manage it better than the current).

A simple example, can anyone tell me how many Malays or Indians for that matter have joined the bank as a Maybank Apprentice (MA)? MAs are the 'cream of the crop' with regards to fresh graduates (or those under 2 years experience), they are groomed to be leaders and are usually placed in strategic/ growing departments and are assigned to international posting. But for the life of me, I can't recall when was the last time I met a Malay or Indian MA. Even if there are a few Malays or Indians, its nothing compared to the dozens of Chinese MAs. So... the questions is, are Malay and Indians in this country so incapable. unqualified, unskilled and incompetent?

The only change I saw with regards to the hiring of MAs from circa 2009/2010 to the present is: who is doing the hiring. Back in 2009/2010, I believe there were Malays, Indians and Chinese recruiters. But today, its mainly (not all) Chinese. Could this be the main reason? I certainly think so.

Now, with regards with bringing this up with Nora and HR, lets be honest here. Malaysians know how to b***h but when an opportunity comes where they can address such issues, almost everyone will run and hide with their tail between their legs or suddenly become a mute. Why? Because we are afraid. The person who has the issue may not want to raise it because he/she may feel that they won't get the backing of their superior, HR etc. I believe this feeling is valid because most other people won't want to back/ stand up for something that may have a negative impact on them i.e. by supporting you, I may be putting the bulls-eye on my own back.

Just look at this comment section, almost everyone is anonymous (myself included). And I'm pretty sure its because most of us are employed, have been, work with, consult for the bank. We are afraid of the repercussions but at the same time feel that most of these things need to be said out loud (some of us are just haters and want to stir up trouble).

I don't think the main intent of the blogger is to ruin the banks reputation, but instead thinks the bank is in desperate need of some outside intervention. The banks management doesn't seem to be doing a good job so hopefully by shedding some light on these issues will bring the likes of PNB, BNM and other stakeholders into the picture and maybe (just maybe) changes/ improvements can be made.

Here's to hoping for change (better change that is)!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:01 PM

"a serious hit to the Malaysian Economy"?

Are you "serious", inveighing against "Zionist Sympathisers" in May bank?

Are you implying that the regulator (Bank Negara) and the internal security authorities are ignorant about "sleeper cells" and possible "terrorist attack on the "Malaysian Banking system"? That's a lot of people asleep at the wheel!

Anonymous said...

Has there been any assessment by BNM on the spend by Maybank? The amount of money endorsed from GPC to EXCO to Board can be really scary. Even the justification presented are open for debate. Amount of money spent for the "Unnecessary" such as "holiday trips" around the world, many times over without real value. Audit payment paid to supplies ie IBM, Oracle due to excess of licenses. Who do we questions for such excessive approval.

The world trip is due to the SDLC process for ITTP that incorporated site visit as mandatory. The excessive audit payments are made without sign off by legal. And to imagine, amount could be in hundreds of million be paid over a period of 6 months.

Do we shot the postman? Or we bring down those decision top guns directly involved in ITTP and MSS. Those "legacy resources" whom have been with the bank since the bank was generating RM 300 million to RM 4 billuon profit. And now, new resources, new captain, and the bank is in trouble. Blame is on the old team. Irony isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I strongly feel anti-corruption needs to come in if there's a truth n evidence in the RM2.5b IT budget issue. 1 person handling so much money??

I strongly support revamp of audit, hr function and relook at all sectors to ensure a 'balance' in the structure. Im against racism. People should be rewarded based on performance, where is the integrity? Mgt, pls take a look at the sector which is the bank 'second line of defence'.. Malays are 'defenceless' here..furthermore we have another mat salleh as advisor..

Anonymous said...

Fz masuk KD hanya Director (tapi dah band C) Jaga team je. Fz yg promote dia jadi MD co head ngan Sherry. Dengar khabar, dia orang yang tikam Hasli. Sherry ni tak reti credit. Malah IB pun tak. Tak tau apa la yg dia tahu selain suka bertandang kat event-event client. Connection pun tak boleh pakai. Ish. Sherry ni ada seorg mini me. Si Penjilat Buntut betina hodoh bernama Sh@h. Dia ni jenis melayu yg lupa daratan. Alkisahnya, dulu dia repot kat Hamidah. Kredit tak pandai, jilat buntut nombor 1. Punggung Sherry licin bersih dijilatnya. Jadi betina hodoh ni pun satu. Buat kerja tak tau, paper sendiri masuk GMCC pun batang hidung tak nampak kat mesyuarat GMCC. Call tak jawab. Hamidah team head betina hodoh ni pulak kena ganti dia jawab. Kesian Hamidah. Suami dia terlantar kat hospital sakit tenat akibat kanser. Tapi kerana rasa TANGGUNG JAWAB dia tampil ke GMCC untuk present paper yg sepatutnya betina hodoh tu yg present. Bila habis present paper tu, Hamidah terima panggilan dari hospital, suami sudah meninggal. Yg best skali, betina hodoh cakap dia ada dlm GMCC. Berani sumpah ngan AlQuran kat Masjid ke? Jangan la ingat takde org perasan korang tu. The walls, floor, windows ada telinga dan mata. Korang cucuk tikam org lain, ingat takde org perasan. Jawab kat Allah nanti. Jenis penipu ni la yg Sherry suka. Sebab Sherry ni pun tak pandai mana pun. KD pun sekongkol ngan betina hodoh ni untuk mempermainkan si Sherry.

Pendek kata, dua MD ni, Kerja tak buat glamor dikejar. Fz oh Fz. Tolong nilai kerja MDs ko tu. Dua ekor MDs ko tu sekarang cam kera dpt bunga. Patutlah bank lain ketawa.
Letak lah org yg ada technical knowledge sikit. Ni tidak. Kalo letak beruk kat tempat betina hodoh ni , Beruk pun boleh hit kpi. Tak percaya? Habis cammane KD bole jadi MD. Nasib baik sbb acct bagus tu.ingat dia pandai ke? Cuba ko test dia sikit. Compare ngan banker kat cimb. Merapu je lebih. Siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas.

Dan FZ. Ooi Fz. Jangan pulak kepala ko pun besar sangat sebab duduk kat atas. Silap hari bulan kena tikam cucuk oleh org2 yg dimention kat atas pun ko tak tau. Penjilat buntut dan jemuan takde loyalty. Ingat siapa yg taat kat ko dulu.

#adilsaksama #antiindiaperangaicamular #antimelayudengki #antibetinahodoh #antibossbodoh #antibodohsombong

Anonymous said...

So Geoff Stecyk and Sereen Teoh have left. There are still members of the butcher team around. When are they going to take accountability for their actions and leave too ? MSS Management is brutal, arrogant and nasty. It is no longer a place Maybankers are proud of. The headcount in Group Tech has reduced by 100 over 2 months due to ERS and resignations. People are leaving before they get victimised. My heart cries to see so many good Maybankers leaving the bank. People like Christina, Tee Meng Kiong, Alex Wong, Suthesh and Cyrene Kong should be sacked. Awaiting more sharing on the promised Part 5.

Anonymous said...

Consultants is just trying their level best to show to the top mgmt that they are worthy.Fine, no issue with that but don't treat the rest as a brainless and useless being. We just don't understand your england and question which always baseless/senseless. Most of us just agree with them just for the sake of formalities and to cut short the arguments or discussion which always end with tragedy(finger pointing/rude/unnecessary analogy/demotivating statement). We are not dumb dear consultants aka bosses.
We have established a rock solid ground/base earlier which is a playground for you now. Please appreciate.
Maybe we are not good in marketing ourselves to the bosses, but we do deliver a good results and problem free environment (at least we trying sincerely and not faking it like others).
Maybe salesman had blurred your eyes with their fake marketing strategy but remember fake goods/product doesn't stay long.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.27

Setuju benar ngan #antiindiaperangaicamular. KD ni memang keling species lagi teruk dari ular. Belakang tikam Director2, staf2 sendiri pun banyak kedengaran. Dia cakap Director Cina-Cina tu hanya boleh service China man, kononnye tak de class, yang India tu nondescript (konon dulu buddy dia tu ngan pompuan tua cina yang anti Melayu skarang kat corporate banking) porfolio MNC tak penting, yg Melayu tu pulak cakap sebab kulification bukannye pandai manapun...jaga sebab nak kabel. TS Shahril kat SapKen pun tahu apa benda yang KD ni panggil dia bersama Betina Hodoh (memang apt betul nama tu, kalo saya, saya tutup je la peha penuh cellulite tuu mak ooi.Dah la Melayu Islam, jagalah aurat). Nasib la MBB memang tak nak bisnis TS Shahril aka Diva Meroyan.

TAPI dia dan pengkhianat bangsa Melayu Sherry pun satu team blurr. Dah duduk kerusi MD berapa lama? Malas syiot. Ataupun bodoh tak boleh diajar? Nama dept je client coverage tapi Client kenal dorang? Hampe. Chinaman pun tak tau. GLCs pun tak tau. Patut bubarkan je la CC. Bolehlah si ular berhijrah ke London. Patut dapatkan BNM siasat ular ni. Living beyond his means.

Anonymous said...

Tak tau le apa cerita dengan Fz. Dia pun cam blur. Capital Market dah senyap...lepas tu tak nak buat lending. Alamatnye gone la your KPI. Nombor tak cantik makna jangan harap nak jadi pengganti PCEO. Bukan rocket science pun. Produk bank yg lain pun tak competitive. Cash mgmt MBB teruk. Complain banyak tapi John Wong macam PR guru sibuk cari publicity. Transaction banker konon. Beli award berapa belanja. Sila masuk audit sikit. Ada penyelewangan dalam TB. Beli Sistem dari konsultan guna duit lebih 100juta tapi akhirnya scrap. Duit lesap. Dengar nak beli sistem baru. Takde audit ke? Jangan duit Melayu lesap cam tu.

Anonymous said...

If you think consultant can market themselves better because of their England better then you improve you England and be better than them. Fight against them, dont blame others instead. Maybank is not a kampung bank. Malaysian wants it to be an international bank so we can be proud of it.

Anonymous said...

Yang Cina gemuk kat CB Hau Cheng Hai tu lagi terra. Tak habis habis main rasuah. Loan dia tu bagi kawan kawan je budak KSK, Bitai bankrup, Bina Puri yang mampus tu sama cina kaki judi Danny Tan tu. Hari raya dapat wang dalam hamper dari Danny yang Bitai tu classic sikit la envelope kuning. kSK bukan main 2juta tu buat satu loan. Kang pompan cina jadi boss lagi power la tu. Dah jadi superstar. Bangang betul FZ ni. Kesian la budak hasli tu kena tikam mafia keling dan John Chong. Melayu semua kena tendang cold storage. Kalo tak geng dia semua mampui kaki tikam.

Anonymous said...

Alahai kenapa maki budak cina gemok tu? Jerung besar duduk kat atas weii. Jerung besar yg amat muhibah. Jerung Muhibah saya maksud yg dulu dok kerusi seblum Hasli. Duit siapa pun boleh lah masuk kocek asalkan $$$. Dia tak rasis. Tak kira Cina, India, Melayu...hahahaha. Sebab tu lah dia rajin (mungkin gian?) pegi Mekah buat haj tiap2 tahun. Suka betul client sme Dan commercial kat jerung ni. Yum yum.

Anonymous said...

Betul ke ni. Setahu saya yang bangsat tu cina gemok HAU CHENG HAI. Masa hamzah tu boss kat CB, kononnya gemok tu yg right hand man kelakah betul. Modus operandi dia tu pergi kat budak budak SME guna la nama boss boss dia tu kononya CCO lama dan CB boss yg nak wang. Tapi yg benar wang masuk kocek apek ja.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha yeah sure hire more bumi. People like FZ, Fadl and mad Sherry. Everyday sit in office do admin work. Want to hire bumi oso get the right ones la. Mr Chairman bring back Zaf la. Get past ur ego and do the right thing. The bunch of wankers you brought in are useless. Can't even generate business. Instead everyday push paper. Hello, push paper no need pay so much .

Anonymous said...

Hello brader, leave Hau Cheng Hai alone. There's nothing wrong with what he's doing taking money off the bank. It's consistent with the exalted objective of the NEP of wealth redistribution. Chinese work Melayu collect tax, money goes to PNB, PNB owns 50% of Maybank, Maybank lend to Chinaman with no money, Hau Cheng Hai collect 2%, money go his mongolia girlfren Tarantula (Altantuya's little sister), jesus walk on water chinaman pay back loan. Net net ok wat. Everyone happy. Chill la melayu. Muhibah abit maybe can make money together like the fat fuck. Watch and learn from chinaman la.

Anonymous said...

Eh sial, malay not stupid cina gemuk tu ada kawan director melayu kat cc yg bersubahat ngan dia yang tu la cerdik. Orang tak tau pasal melayu cerdik ni. Fall guy apek gemuk yg sebiji jho low kekeke chinese not that smart

Anonymous said...

i can smell the presence of consultant. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes finally someone realize this happen after so long..thank you

Anonymous said...

cina ka, melayu ka, india ka jangan la jadi rasis. kite kene berkerjasama. yang jahat kite tolak. jangan la address seseorang dengan agama mereka, sebut nama sudahlah.
kite sepatutnya meluahkan perasaan secara professional sebab ia mengambarkan imej diri kite kat semua.

Kaki ampu and kaki angkat bola, korang tak malu ke..usaha la secara jujur...pandai cakap, pandai belit pandai segala-galanye depan boss ye.

ape-ape jela. sekian terimakasih.

Anonymous said...

Maybank oh maybank. How easily you forget your past. People forget John Chong was famous for cock ups and NPL. After the old Maybankers left this part of John Chong's past also terlupa. Look at all the shit he has left the bank with now. Client best friend but bad news for the bank. Mr Yes man dunno how to say no. Kesian la Maybank kang. Market turn all his shit will start to surface. Good luck maybankers better sell your RSU Farid!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha dont jealous la bro. People now lick ass until become CEO sorry la maybank shareholders John Chong is a legend last time screw up YTL that fucker finger all his colleagues everyone involved got fired but the the department head which is him. This time gonna be worst. FZ you better take a closer look at what hes doing in MKE its all bullshit anyhow gv credit just to the number. When it blows up its collective decision at GMCC.

Anonymous said...

Nak buat mcm mana...takdir

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