Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Geng Loceng deserve hell for sabotaging Tabung Haji again

First time, it was Geng Loceng revealing document and manipulating public perception as though buying the TRX land was a wrong deal, overpriced and accuse it as bailout.

The source of the leak is suspiciously known. One member of the Board of Director leak to a family member, then to a friend, and finally to The Benchmark. However, Tabung Haji people are not out there for revenge. They are good and god fearing people.

Thanks to Allah, they heed the advise of many and did not sell the land. Geng Loceng would have gone to town and ring their bell of victory while accusing TH sold the land at a loss and blah blah blah ... clang clang clang pilgrim fund.  

Subsequently, they came back to get even by leaking Bank Negara letters without realising the content is more cautionary and had it's shortfall.

Maybe it was to get even with Dato Azeez that have been conveniently accused for forcing certain exco members and ADUNS to sign Statutory Declaration to call for change of Kedah MB.

It is also a part of well coordinated blitzkrieg from all angle together with Swiss authorities and international media to bring down the Malaysian government through unconstitutional mean, same accusation made by pro-Mukhriz cybertroopers. 

The arguments against their allegation, especially by non-account holders Outsyed the Box, and another blogger that cannot hide behind anonymity, is available at length in previous postings here and here.

The latest announcement by Ketua Audit Negara confirms caution by Bank Negara is wrong and naturally Geng Loceng is wrong. Below the statement:

Will they question Tan Sri Ambrin Buang now?

And boy, is Zeti is slipping? Timely to retire. Believe it, she is no loss. In the first place, she was not suitable to be appointed to the post.

Back to Tabung Haji.

Some six days ago, PAS Secretary General, Dato Takiyuddin Hasan was reported by FMT here expressing confidence with the management of Tabung Haji.

In fact, PAS President visited Tabung Haji and was given a briefing yesterday:

The following is the statement by the critical Deputy President Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man:
Pertemuan Dua Hala PAS dan Tabung Haji.

Kunjungan ke Tabung Haji oleh PAS Pusat hari ini berlangsung dengan baik. Menerajui budaya politik matang dan sejahtera, PAS hadir untuk mendapatkan maklumat langsung dari pihak Tabung Haji sebelum memutuskan sikap disamping turut mengemukakan pandangan serta penambahbaikan kepada pihak Tabung Haji selepas pelbagai isu kontroversi melibatkan Tabung Haji tercetus.

PAS turut bertanggungjawab menjelaskan kepada rakyat sesuatu isu yang berkait rapat dengan kepentingan dan kebajikan umat Islam berdasarkan maklumat yg benar dan tepat.

Alhamdulillah, pertemuan dan perbincangan dua hala selama lebih dua jam ini sangat bermanafaat dan pihak PAS sungguh menghargai kesediaan Tabung Haji menerima kunjungan kami dan memberi penjelasan kepada rombongan. Tinggi harapan PAS agar institusi ini benar - benar dikendalikan secara profesional dan telus sekaligus menjaga kepentingan seluruh pendeposit yang terdiri daripada ummat Islam.

Secara keseluruhannya penjelasan pihak Tabung Haji telah kami dengar dengan teliti dan insyaallah kami mengharapkan Tabung Haji dapat memberi penjelasan yang baik dan telus kepada seluruh rakyat selepas ini bagi merungkai polemik dan isu yang sedang menyelubungi Tabung Haji dewasa ini. Justeru besar juga harapan umum kepada Institusi terbesar dan terpenting bagi ummat Islam di Malaysia ini bebas dari perkara yang merosakkan reputasi dan prestasinya.

Bagi pihak PAS kita akan terus mengikuti dengan dekat segala isu yang berbangkit dan akan sentiasa mengadakan pertemuan bagi mendapatkan gambaran sebenar setiap isu yang berbangkit selaras dengan gagasan politik matang dan sejahtera.

Pertemuan hari ini menemukan dua pihak. Mewakili PAS terdiri daripada saya selaku Timbalan Presiden PAS, Ketua Penerangan PAS Pusat Yb Ustaz Nasrudin Hassan, Yb Dato' Dr Khairudin at Takiri Ketua Penerangan Dewan Ulamak PAS Pusat, Ahli Jawatankuasa PAS Pusat Prof Zainal Abidin Kidam, Dr Rosni Adam Timbalan Ketua Dewan Muslimat PAS Malaysia, Kamaruzaman Mohamad Pegawai Khas Presiden PAS dan Nurul Islam Penolong Setiausaha Dewan Pemuda PAS Malaysia.
Sementara pihak Tabung Haji terdiri daripada Pengerusi Tabung Haji Dato Sri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, Pengarah Urusan Tabung Haji Tan Sri Ismee Haji Ismail, Dato Johan Abdullah Timbalan Pengarah Urusan, Dato Rozaida Omar Ketua Pegawai Kewangan TH dan beberapa orang pegawai kanan Tabung Haji yang lain.

02 Februari 2015

That is 0-2.

Will there be a 3rd attack, Geng Loceng?

As it is, these "infidels" have open Tabung Haji, an important and successful Islamic Institution, to DAP interference, criticism and the oppurtunity for attack. Below is a poster suspiciously prepared by RBA but being distributed by protun cybertrooper:

It is a campaign with intention to destroy Tabung Haji.

It serves the long term goal is to remove the status of Islam as the constitutional religion of the federation. Scumbag deviants who call tawaf (circumblation) as pagan practise, may you burn in hell with these enemies of Islam!


Anonymous said...

international blitzkrieg? jolly gee that's a step too far bro. so the only way to wriggle is by saying that the letter by BNM is cautionary and was taken out of context? you can do the maths bro (if you can do math) to see in plain daylight that the liabilities exceed assets. isnt that the crux that matters? and you should stop with the name calling. geng loceng. maybe we should start calling you geng obese? again, i would like to reiterate that dumping this as an international blitzkrieg shows lack of points. how the hell can one put under one roof the ag of sg, hongkies, swiss and the muricans? again, taking the easy way out. at least put some effort by providing proofs

Anonymous said...

You r funnier and funnier day by day

Anonymous said...

Salaam Bro.,

I think you are very patronising towardds the TH depositors, which I am one.
As is usual, Tabung Haji announced its annual dividend, practically almost on the dot, i.e. last week of January every year without fail.

Let me enlighten you, bro., we are not asking TG Haji HAdi neither, The Auditor, Tan Sri Amrin Buang to pay us the dividend, for all we want is that TH pay us our dividend, since and if indeed, everything is fine with TH?

Its rather hollow that you have to deviate the issue at hand by saying TH Haji Hadi visited TH just this morning, when, in fact what wwe want is our rightful annual dividen which TH had been duly observing ALL these years!


Anonymous said...

There is an old trick that the umno elites have been consistently deployed over the years to 'earn' interest over their pound of illgotten flesh - a twisted form of white-washing the haram earning, using funds like lth, pnb.
The motive operandi is simple - deposit large sum of the illgotten incomes into these funds & get 'big' dividends. The haram has been turned into halal!
Better still manipulating these funds to pay big dividend via insider dealing as in the recent case of lth.
Any wonder WHY 80%+ of the fund is owned by rich 5% of the contributors, while the remaining 20%- of the fund is owned by the poor 95%?
Better still the invested money is 100% guaranteed by the government, unlike the commercial bank deposits which have conditional protection via pidm.

Anonymous said...

Pasal makan dedak, saya nak cerita sikit. Saya boleh kata pakar dalam hal dedak. Ayah saya pernah bekerja di kilang beras. Dedak adalah hasil sampingan mengilang padi jadi beras. Dedak dibagi makan kepada ayam, itik dan babi. Sebab kurang zat kena campur dengan nasi basi dan sisa makanan lain. Silap-silap campuran ayam, itik dan babi boleh tercekik. Jadi hati-hatilah bila makan dedak.

- Dato Kadir Jasin

Berpada-padalah bila makan dedak. Bila dipanggil Allah nanti, terutamanya 'unexpectedly' macam JJ...

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