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Presumed "Guilty" II

In early January this year, this blog published a posting, Presumed "Guilty". The latest happening see the need for a sequel. It is a long one. So read it on your free time patiently. They will be no updates for few days. 

In late November, this blog posted a posting and predicted or better still, expose the proTun plan to hit Dato Najib continuously till UMNO General Assembly that begin on December 8th. It was to pressure for a party election.

There were many events planned for the UMNO GA but it had to be shelved. UMNO had good intel and anticipate their moves. They tightened security and only the Kelab Sultan Sulaiman event, in which Tan Sri Muhyuddin gave his "opening address to UMNO wings", could be done.

The shelling was resumed after GA but it lacked any bullet. Tun M was seen to be losing the plot. As the ground went about creating troubles here and there, Tun M side went back to the drawing board. He had meetings with his so-called Advisors every other day.

Quite a few familiar names is in his advising team. Sorry can't tell.

OK OK ... sorry for being a cocktease. Two names can tell - Khairuddin and Anina. Definitely, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid is in there.

His baby was to revive the Altantunya murder saga. But he failed! Sirul made a video declaration that Najib was not involved. Who would bother with the perception play of who ordered the murder any more.

Nevertheless, all the planning, decision and even the "dealing" are done himself by Tun M. From the days of Tunku Abdul Rahman till today, no one can match him in any political fight. Dato Najib has thus far resisted him well but it comes at the cost of UMNO.  

Tun M does not care UMNO loses the next GE. He is quite reckless these days compared to the days he was toppling Pak Lah. The latest reactions of Dato Mukhriz's cybertroopers is indicative of that attitude. They are openly supporting PAS.

The inevitable fight to the death is only expected. For a fact, the troubles created and the god-sent Kedah coup helped to keep the issue simmering and increase supporters hatred to the leadership. It was Tun M statement that sparked the Kedah coup.

All along, Tun M had something planned well ahead. The current blitzkrieg is not by chance. As Roosevelt used to say, nothing in politics happened by chance.

Matthias Chang and Dato Seri Khairuddin Hassan went on a worldwide whirlwind tour from June 8 till August 26th to make official reports to police, Attorney General office and any enforcement outfits at major financial centres they smell 1MDB money may had passed through.

That eventually got them in trouble. They were apprehended under SOSMA and charged in court for economic sabotage. It is still on going in the court with the sue and counter sue drama. Matthias and Khairuddin are capable dramatic actor and husband to a capable dramatic actress, respectively.

So you see, the Geng Loceng is not just Keling. It could be separuh Keling, Pakistan pura-pura Melayu, Melayu and Cina. 1Malaysia ma... It is not racial.

The common factor is loceng .... clang clang clang ... Tony Pua, Rafizi Ramli, Clare Rewcastle, Dato Tong Kooi Ong and Tan Sri Francis Yeoh could be in together.


It is strange that in one go after AG rejected MACC investigation paper the second time and asked for the case to be closed, there was this blitzkrieg attack from several fronts.

Swiss Attorney General Office issued a statement. Kiasu Singapore do not wish to be left behind followed up.

International medias including Barron Asia was giving negative statement on Dato Najib and Malaysia including worst Finance Minister for 2015. Commendable of the envoy to reply to Financial Times.

Asiamoney has a serious credibility in their yardstick of measurement as Minister dispute their claim.  

An expose by a blog revealed a committee of corporate personalities hired an International PR Agency to get the international media carry negative stories of Najib and Malaysia.

This blog already mentioned before of this sabotage. Only different is our source only confirm the agency was hired by YTL. No committee mentioned.

There were some controversies hyped against MACC Commissioner and naturally, AG. 

Noticably, Mukhriz, that was checkmate at all fronts, tried to prolong the issue to build public resentment. He and his cybertrooper went to the point of saying something very unlike Mukhriz to ridicule Dato Ahmad Bashah for his SRP qualification and falling asleep during Agong Parliamentary address.

When attack came from all fronts, the shock and awe tactic could easily mislead those void of information and ability to analyse to lose their bearing and get suckered into the perception game trap of Presumed Guilty II.

The most rational of person will not comment and pass remark in the midst of the commotion but stay chill till everything settled and more clearer.

They should remember that 1MDB have been thoroughly investigated, enquired, and audited. None of their accounts frozen. No foreign investigator have approached them. It means they have been doing their operation legitimately. [Read BBC here]

What more when in the court of law, getting charged does not mean already sentenced as guilty. The biggest hurdle is still evidence. And when it involves international investigation and law, it gets bloody damn complicated. Remember the late Tan Sri Eric Chia?

Swiss AOG

By now, everyone would have known of the AOG statement but did they thoroughly read it?

It is republished below:

This brought about swift and serious reaction from Deputy Prime Minister, Dato Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Dato Salled Said Keruak. Zahid told Swiss AOG to use proper channel instead of going to the media. Salleh questioned AOG for breaking protocol.

The Swiss AOG was rather disappointed that our AG had directed the case to be closes. Why disappointed? Read on later.

Zahid and Salleh statement put a heat on them for their politically motivated statement. Geng Loceng manipulated public sentiment to presume it was Najib that was investigated.

Malaysian public tend to read only headline and make up uneducated assumptions. They could have failed to realise that Swiss AOG only mentioned of two former 1MDB officials and accounts held in private account in Switzerland by the former officials and current public officials of UAE.

The alleged amount in question of USD4 billion or equivalent to RM16-17 billion presumed to be siphoned out of 1MDB is too good to be true. That is almost one third of 1MDB's RM42 billion liability which Tun M claimed to have disappeared!

Swiss AOG may have realised that they had fell to the trap of Matthias Chang's convincing script. So they clarified that Najib is not under investigation. And neither is there any investigation by FBI as recycled.

AG may have erred to call on MACC to close case. That is under the jurisdiction of the investigating authorities like MACC, Police and Bank Negara.

To err is human and AG indirectly acknowledged in his statement to cooperate with the Swiss AOG. [Read in NST here]

An interesting part in the Swiss AOG statement is about a September 15 meeting in Zurich with their Malaysian counterpart.

Since AG had just touch base with Swiss AOG, it could only mean other authorities have been working closely with them.

Received the following Whass App messages:
Swiss should get on with conducting their case, not play media games. It is very Interesting that the journalists and media were contacted before 1MDB and the MACC? Malaysia has been cooperating since September, so why has the Swiss AG only now released a statement?

Very happy to see the end of this saga soon.
Who taught these Mat Salleh to play wayang?

Exemplary leadership

There is a perception built that MACC is playing psychological game on AG with their repeated announcements. And this blog has defended that whatever they are doing is fair and according to stated rules.

Same with the position taken by MACC Commissioner, Tan Sri Abu Kassim to respect to the constitutional position of AG to determine whether a case should be charged or not.

In that respect, the statement by Dato Bahri that MACC need to refer to MACC's review committee before closing any case is proper. It is fair for Abu Kassim to defend him for that.

However, Bahri has no business to question AG's jurisdiction.

There are those that felt Bahri would not have made the same mistake of shooting his mouth again without Abu Kassim's consent.

Although Abu Kassim had categorically said on many occasions that he does not question AG's authority, he still has to contend with the leak.

Bahri's wife squelled on her FB and he is suspected of leaking information, likely to be incomplete information to his wife.

Abu Kassim has stated publicly that he will do a police report:

By tomorrow it will be a week from the promised last Friday to make a report. Unfortunately, an internal memo within MACC leaked out:

It's a boo boo but frankly it is no big deal.

Abu Kassim exhibited exemplary leadership to shield his man in the line of fire. Still he should contain Bahri because this is the second time he is suspected of leaking information.

According to civil service conduct, he could be removed and it is quite justified. 

It shows Tun M and Apanama are proven wrong again. He was not dismissed for covering up Najib but for a later reason. It will be considered as an honourable discharge. 

When it was happened last week, there were posters being spread around:

Wonder who made these posters, because it is too Melayu cliche and not the best replies. Emotional and shallow in the argument ...

They should have answered these posters:

It never happened. Abu Kassim was not at the office but below:

RPK seemed to be attacking MACC using his favourite cause against MACC to defend Dato Ramli Yusof, Dato Rosli Dahalan, Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbaini.

He is spinning ...

Who leaked?

Nevertheless, the issue of leak is still relevant and important.

MACC had before being raided by police for allegedly leaking investigation paper. Bahri ended up being transfered before Najib step in to reverse the transfer.

Abu Kassim should make the police report as promised.

Many parties are now on a blame game mode. There is that blame of leak on MACC.

And there are those blaming AG. For instance, people suspected to be linked to Tan Sri Muhyiddin are doing that blame:

At the same time, RPK had continued to blame MACC:

This time, we cannot say RPK spinned:

Tony Pua has the full IP because a copy was provided to a group of people including Tan Sri Musa Hasan, Dato Mohd Nor Abdullah, Dato Zuraidah Attan and former Bar Council President Lim Chee Wee.

That photocopy could have come from Chee Wee. Tony Pua blew Chee Wee's cover. AG's show off did not reveal as much as Chee Wee's.

This is the price of transparency. Damn on MACC if they are transparent. And damn on MACC if they are not transparent.

The problem is opposition do not respect confidentiality. These street ruffians do not respect governmental procedures and protocols.

Charles Santiago and Nurul Izzah signed Non Disclosure Agreement in order to be part of the TPPA caucus that gets regular update but not supposed to leak the ongoing negotiation.

But they do not care. They still spoke of it in public as though some snitch leaked it to them.

Legally speaking

Whether the information revealed much of the IP, one should read the AG's full statement on the RM2.6 billion donation and SRC here. It explains the legal basis he cannot form a case.

Some can make all sort of accusation against AG but it is his call. He need to be convinced that there is a case before he can argue convincingly in court. He does not want to do a Gani Patail ploy to charge with the intention to throw away and lose many important cases.

Yet, Datin Seri Wan Azizah can claim:

Kak Wan can be so naive and blur ...

On the SRC, the money trail shown mean nothing by itself:

The major stumbling block will be evidence. The common law practise is 800 years old and very intricate and precise. Are there sufficient information, documents and documents to back every stage of the money flow to meet the evidence act standard of the law?

For instance, documents to show the Visa and Mastercard transaction will not be sufficient only by having monthly statements. The maker of the monthly statement must testify. It is similar to photograph evidence that need the photographer testify in court and his camera presented in court.

Many will need to be dragged to court.

AG said no criminal offense have been committed under the MACC Act and Penal Code. Lets leave it at that for a while now that the Swiss and Singaporean are in the picture.

On the Swiss AOG, there was a major error on their part in which Zahid did not expand. They claimed of initiating criminal proceeding but the remain of the letters tells it is still indicative and under investigation. Note the excerpt from Wikipedia:
Usually, to be classified as a crime, the "act of doing something criminal" (actus reus) must – with certain exceptions – be accompanied by the "intention to do something criminal" (mens rea).[4]

While every crime violates the law, not every violation of the law counts as a crime. Breaches of private law (torts and breaches of contract) are not automatically punished by the state, but can be enforced through civil procedure.
The legal reason why Malaysia lashed at Switzerland and Singapore for releasing initial probe. It has not been determined yet as criminal. The suspicion is authorities feeding Swiss AOG may not sufficiently understand off-shore banking and finance enough to make any claims!

The Swiss are still:

As much as our AG erred, the Swiss AG erred also. Mat Salleh do not necessarily are any better than Malaysian. Since the Swiss have spoken, the Singaporean spoke too.

It is still a long way to go.

Switzerland and Singapore want Malaysia's cooperation but have they cooperated in the past with any of our investigations?

All money centres are haven for hot and illicit money. When something is exposed like what was successfully done by Matthias and Khairuddin, only then do they pretend to cooperate. Otherwise, they keep quiet and pretend nothing happened.

Most bank branches abroad will not want to involve themselves in any legal proceedings beyond their borders. Not even on a short haul flight from Singapore to KL. It is bad publicity.

So how will AG get these long winded money trail get proven in court?

For the Swiss to cooperate with any request from another country, say Singapore, an international law practitioner said it must be an offense that is wrongful under Swiss law. Visi versa, Malaysia could only cooperate with the Swiss on offenses which is wrongful under Malaysian law.

Malaysia want to extradite Alvin Tan but his offense under Malaysian law is no offense under US law. Same case which the bumbling idiot proTun did not understand why Najib could not sue WSJ abroad. 

The very reason AG's close case directive would have frustrate Swiss AOG investigators. If the case is close, no other countries can do anything.

Jho Loh and Shahrol?

At stake to the investigators, they need to prove Javace Ltd and Good Star Ltd belongs to Jho Loh. Thus far, this have been proven conclusively as not belong to him.

Singapore authority's statement indicate they are going after Jho Loh and may have frozen several accounts related to him. He used to be an "advisor" to 1MDB or TIA.

If the other former public official is 1MDB former CEO, Dato Shahrol, then this blog had been on the money all the while.

But we cannot presumed them as guilty yet.

The Geng Loceng should not assume that it will lead to Datin Seri Rosmah and her son Riza Aziz. Get a logical story backed by proofs before judging anyone as guilty!

The have failed many times.

Our suspicion is Najib was misled by Jho Loh and Shahrol. They have betrayed his trust. That was why Najib took the stand that no one will be spared from investigation.

Something for the Geng Loceng to vomit on:

Not on the shirt, please!

Edited and Updated 11:00 PM:

Looks like a follower of Geng Loceng, that is a woman masquerading as a man, is void of a decent argument to counter this posting and could only resort to name calling and back her argument with her perceived public perception.  


Anonymous said...

ABITW....I say man...why very long 'cerpen'. People get lost lah...Next time break it down into more manageable components. Whatever it is, Nagib Razak is one of the biggest liar in the local and maybe international political arena. His prowess is only second to none with our brother Anwar Al-juburi. He has no integrity anymore lah kawan......Now people are saying they are giving 'donation' to the traffic officer, SPAD, JPM etc, etc. They said our PeeeMmmm can do that, our hardworking gomen servant cannot receive aahhh...all this they learn from our wonderful PeeMmmm. Hiyaaa....malu wow....Same like our malay peribahasa....'Cikgu kencing berdiri, anak murid kencing berlari'.....berterabor some more....hiyaaaaa...One Malaysia bau HANCING woooo...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Reflection of yourself

“What you see in other people is a reflection of yourself. A person of goodness sees goodness in others and a person of evil sees evil in others."
Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Road of fate

“On the road of fate, you do not meet anything except yourself: Be a liar and lies will come to you, be a robber and crimes will surround you. Whatever path you take, your fate will be nothing other than your own image."
Dr. Mustafa Mahmud

If you think deeply about the conditions of people, you will find those who are most concerned with the faults of others to have the most faults themselves.

“Blessed is the person who is so busy fixing his or her own faults, that they don’t have time to look at the faults of others.
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The believer hides the faults of others and gives sincere advice whereas the wicked evil embarrass and disgrace others.
- Fudayl ibn Iyaad

A Voice said...

4:29 PM

Should have taken your time to read it.

Tempted to just delete you but we are leaving you on to allow others to understand why we have to delete some comments. It present no reasonable counter argument than a generalised assessment of public perception.

We do not care much for it. It has no intellectual value!

A Voice said...

10:08 PM

My quote for you:

The devil is in the details

Anonymous said...

You wrote in that Tun M said the arab money was frozen.

But in this posting, Singapore may have frozen Jho Loh and friends account and not 1mdb or the arab money.

Looks like Tun M may have lied

Anonymous said...

Bro regarding your rebuttal to anon 4:29, cat got your tongue? Generalised public perception? Dont you do that all the time? He has a point bro and you are clutching at straws

drMpower said...

Indulge me for a moment, aji, on how receiving billions in your own private account, is not any sort of crime punishable in this land? Spare me all the Arab donations - Morocco, Syria, or whatever - because all the monies were given in transparency.

But here we had a man, in his capacity as a civil servant, getting money in secret, for whatever reasons and from anybody for that matter, and now he is walking freely?

And 1MDB is a stupid scheme to be honest. We all know he needed money, but what a lousy and stupid way of getting it. Lousy because everything smell bad. Stupid because it needed to be rationalised or in simple kampong term - clear hutang.

Why you are still on Mahathir? He does not to be moved by you or Salleh Kruak or anybody. He knows what he is doing and to whom he is doing it. He has been very consistent in aiming his target and it has not change since Day 1.

Its not the only result that matter is Najib is guilty, but going with what is happening, people are asking why he isnt guilty.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:56 PM,

He lied through his teeth. The donation thing was in 2013 and money was returned in August 2013. At that time, 1MDB was no issue and no one knows or cares anything about 2.6 billions.

The frozen account was reported in July 2015.

Tun said Bagaimana wang 'beku' boleh dipulangkan?

Well, if he is not lying, then he must be a fool.

Tesla said...

After following and reading through all your well research article, i came to a conclusion that only a no brainer will believe it.

Cheers bro

Anonymous said...
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X Mrsm somban 70s said...
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A Voice said...

Not believing is every person's choice. What is important none could dispute what was written. The comvincingis notour jib.

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