Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Prayers for Tommy Thomas to dispel "hantu"

Talk is Dato Najib could not attend the first two days of the current Parliamentary session that started yesterday.

One of his many cases is scheduled in court and carrying out the duty as a Member of Parliament to attend Parliamentary session does not constitute a valid excuse to reschedule court.

Be that as it may, but the reschedule date would have benefited the Attorney General, Encik Tommy Thomas more to buy time for the prosecution side.

Tommy haunted by bomoh, hantu

Tommy's friendly ghost torment Muslims only

Not so much it is not convincing that the prosecution side led by Tommy Thomas got their act today, but more time is needed out of supernatural concern.

A message is viraling within the small legal community of lawyers, judges. court officials and activists seeking prayers from the Lord for Tommy.
Pls pray for Tommy Thomas n his prosecution team who are handling Najib's cases. They are being attacked spiritually every single day. Many are going through hard times, sleepless nights etc... They desperately need all our prayers for the Lord's protection🙏
The legal person that shared the above message commented that the prayers for Tommy should instead "pray for him to receive divine intervention on how to prosecute🤣🤣🤣🤣".

Tommy sure need serious help in that department.

In the SRC case against Najib, the court had transfered the cases from High Court to Session Court. Then, Tommy submitted for 3 more charges to High Court to later withdrew it to only reapplied to the Session Court.

A legal illiterate like this blogger would have thought that it is up to the court to decide on, which court to preside on the charges made and not for AG to do so.

There may have been a mistake in the understanding of the CPC by Tommy for making that error, said a legal practitioner. It is no face saving excuse to be a gentleman to correct his mistake, because he embarrassed the AGC with such action.

Surely it is not the action of Rosmah's bomoh from India as alleged by Deepak or even Mahathir's hantu raya that was said to enable the body of a 93 year old to remain physically capable.

This description may not be legally accurate. It needs a lawyer to give a precise explanation of what went wrong. However, any common folks would question the readiness of the prosecution side.

It is usually the practise to prosecute after investigation is completed.

Apparently, it id heard and reported by media of investigators still taking statements from the accused and witnesses after charges are made in court.

Any law enforcement officers and prosecutors would be under pressure and have sleepless nights of AG charging in court before the case is ready.

Melayu bodoh!

Openly racist against Melayu in MOF meeting

In a chance meeting with one defense counsel in Bangsar, he was complaining of AG not knowing how to prosecute.

"Budak-budak Melayu kita di pejabat Peguam Negara lebih pandai buat kes dari Tommy Thomas," he literally said.

That is an interesting remark. Tommy is a renown lawyer, but it means he is incapable of putting a proper case for prosecution.

Then it implies all these celebrity defense lawyer and so-called constitution expert no shit about law. Tommy is known in the legal prosecution to not have sufficient practise in criminal law.

His only capability as criminal lawyer is to become AG and defended his client by instructing an aspiring Public Prosecutor to say no case.

It made the legal community believed the rumour spreading that he said, "Me, Guan Eng, and Kit Siang. We are all one."

No wonder Tommy wanted to seperate the role of Public Prosecutor from the responsibilities of Attorney General.

The comment about budak-budak Melayu by the defense counsel is interesting because talk emanating from AGC is that Tommy openly used the derogatory term, "Melayu bodoh!" in meetings.

It is almost similar to the remark by Tony Pua in a meeting held by Ministry of Finance.

"Sudahlah Melayu. Jangan nak berlagak. We are now in power."

Now, who looks bodoh?

So the excuse he is being attacked spiritually daily.

Uninterested to have Jho Loh, Nik Faishal return

The cases against Najib is a real bodoh. How could SRC case be done without the real culprit Nik Faishal not be charged?

With key witness for SRC, Subuh bin Ahmad heard to be very sickly, is that why Tommy and his left wing supporters had to do these sort of ghostly stunts?

The 1MDB-related case has no credibility to the public without the presence of Taek Jho Loh as defendent or witness.

If the Malayan Communist Party leaders, Musa Ahmad and Shamsiah Fakeh, and suspected murderer of PKR Sarawak politician, Bill Kayong could be brought back from China, why not Jho Lho?

Why after so long the case have been going on that police only applied to Interpol few months ago?

Why did Tan Sri Muhyiddin only recently during Semenyih by-election announced reward for Jho Loh?

Why only now Muhyiddin made up stories Jho Loh is being protected by certain "forces"? Was it the same hantu that tormented Tommy?

The hint that Tun Daim gave to the public when he claimed he had spoken to Jho Loh is that the government side is not interested to bring back Jho Loh.

The real truth might not be what the PH conspirator wanted as end game.

The whole public and global media attention would be on Jho Loh instead of the allegation on Najib.

Take the trouble to read the whale book.

There are lots of verifiable facts and the culprit points to Jho Loh and his Goldman Sach group of schemers, and UAE ruler protected, Khadem Qudaisi and Muhammad Badawi.

Unless prosecution carryout their case fairly and with credibility, it looks to be more a political circus than actual criminal cases.

My boy

One rumour spreading in the courts is with regard to hired DPP and former Federal Court judge, Dato Gopal Sri Ram.

A legal practitioner said all application made by Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah to High Court judge Mohd Nazran bin Mohd Ghazali with regard to SRC case, including disqualifying Gopal Sri Ram were rejected.

He wondered whether Najib is getting a fair trial because he is aware Gopal Sri Ram goes around claiming, "Nazran is my boy".

Thought it was dangerous of the legal practitioner to accuse the Federal Court and High Court judge could not differentiate their professionalism and relatiionship.

Nevertheless, it is disturbing to hear the possibility justice is dispensed in this country in such manner.

Was that the reason High Court request SRC case be taken back from Session Court?

Some of the cases against Najib such as on Audit Report and his alleged indigression as Minister of Finance to make decision are ridiculous and politically motivated.

Latest: Read Sara Petra's concern in Malaysia Today of the prosecution seeking court to allow them to withheld evidence from the defense.


Anonymous said...

Like really only, Tommy

“Everyone wants the trial to start as early as tomorrow. There is an enormous pressure on the prosecution team...in fact a global pressure on us for the trial to start.

“I understand the counsel has a problem but on the other hand we are under scrutiny why the trial hasn't begin,” Thomas told the court.


Anonymous said...

Think the prosecution team probably praying ... 'Lord...we beg of thee...deliver us from the stupidity of TT'

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