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Latest rumour: UMNO, PAS assemblymen summoned by Perak Sultan

Is that ABITW he is showing?
In the posting few days ago which posed the question, "Mahathir to remain PM, but PH to lose Perak, Kedah?", it attract quite an attraction that new government's propaganda agency, Bernama through FMTSundaily, and neutral but government friendly Sinar Harian reported Datuk Zainol Radzi Paharuddin's denial.

Utusan also reported the same denial and Zainol even told Utusan that no UMNO representative approached him or Datuk Nolee Sshilin Mohamed Radzi, who is current MB's sister in law that jump together to PPBM and whose father was still within UMNO and given active role to prepare for the GE14 by former MB Dato Dr Zambery Kader.

The media coverage was widespread for a blog posting that could hardly reach 50,000 hits. It went on to make analysis to dispel the possibility for Perak and Kedah to be toppled. [MMO article here. Edge Daily Friday issue came with charts and take up almost all of page 12, but strangely, Zainol's denial is unnoticeable.]

The source from Perak do exist and the information came from a highly reliable source. It is not one of those info, in which the source maintain secrecy on the identity of their informer. This one has name, position and is highly decorated.

It is interesting that after 3 days of their denial, there is no denial from Perak Istana.

Nevertheless, it is not the practise for the palace to entertain speculation though there have been occasions. Perhaps, a denial will only fuel further speculation.

This posting is not intended to create more rumours, but if readers decide to viral and spread, what can we do?

Most important, this blog is frank and tell it like it is. How will the reaction be if we tell that another source, which is in a WA group whose members comprise of Tuns, Tan Sris, Puan Sris, and the many Datok, Datins, Enciks and Puans, said UMNO and PAS assemblymen are summoned by Sultan?

Not sure, whether they were summoned to the palace at Bukit Chandan, Kuala Kangsar or the one in Ipoh or the private residence of Tuanku Nazrin. It is not mentioned.

Nevertheless, lets take Zainol's denial in good faith.

Though the Sungai Manik assemblyman then claimed he crossed over voluntarily, there is the possibility that he was enticed with the position to be Perak government adviser. One wonder how much experience in government does Zainol has to qualify as adviser?

Surely, no one would believe Zainol's rhetorical excuse then that he crossed over for the sake of strengthening the state government.

If he is enticed with the position of MB Perak, his mouth will deny but will his heart resist?

Zambery with Tun Dr Mahathir's staunch supporter, Dato Muhd. Radzi Manan (left)

All one need to do is recall back past postings PPBM's game changer strategy leading to GE14 in which the main game will be in play in Perak. If one do remember, one should remember this blog's hypothesis (backed by insider information from within PPBM) that current MB and previous MB were insidiously collaborating.

That's the reason Datok Muhammad Radzi Manan was given an important task to prepare or more accurately, de-prepare UMNO Perak for GE14!

Never trust a mamak like Zambery and Mahathir! 

Zainol or even those MPs from Perak that crossed over to PPBM were said to be Zambery's men. Zambery may still be in UMNO and a Supreme Council member, but it is the practise of this blog to tell it like it is or as what it is understood to be.

Peja, the MB Perak may have decay-ed or broke on a promise with Zambery. Apparently, it has something to do with the former CEO of PKNP, the Perak SEDC. He failed to shield him from DAP.

The CEO, Dato Aminuddin has a string of corruption cases but PPBM Perak did not take it up as an issue for GE14 as it will affect many of their own. If any was raised, it was quickly suprressed and not promoted as issue.

There is likelihood that Zambery may be pulling his people back. There is talk that MP for Bukit Gantang is quiting.

Finally, Zainol denial and media analysis will not stop this rumour with statement by Dato Mohamed Hasan claiming UMNO-PAS cooperation or coalition will be establish a coalition government in 4 states.

There are even getting ready for a possible state election for Perak.   

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