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Semenyih: Desperate attempt to discredit PAS

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim came down to Semenyih, twice!

His initial presence should have uplifted PH campaign, though represented by UMNO for many terms, this is PKR territory. The fact that he has to come down to campaign twice and Tun Dr Mahathir too came to campaign, one can only suspect things are not going right.

Its only a state assembly seat in PH dominated Selangor. A win or a loss hardly matter. But, it is obvious that PH realised that their momentum have plummeted and Semenyih could potentially be their Waterloo.

After losing the Battle of Waterloo in what is today Belgium, the fate of Napolean Bonaparte continued to slide.

The desperate attempt to discredit and break-up support of PAS for BN is obvious. Latest being MACC freezing on assets of a PAS leader but mainstream media claimed it as PAS assets in the headline.

The RM60 million investigation have long been done and years ago, PAS was known to have been cleared.

It is obvious there is desperate executive intervention, likely in collaboration with the Attorney General, to revive the investigation to put pressure on PAS.

Unreasonableness and abuse of DPP power 

The desperation or overzealousness of PH to win is no more obvious than yesterday's prosecution of Muhammad Azri aka former blogger Papagomo for allegedly abusing Syed Saddiq.

Upon investigation, no lesser than the Deputy Inspector General of Police announced that there is no case against Papagomo. Frankly  it is just usual election prank between youth wings, which police never took it seriously.

Any seasoned election campaigner could spot that Syed Saddiq was play acting.

His injury looks more likely was induced by a woman or his gay elder brother than being bashed up by Papagomo. 

And, video showed Papagomo came from behind to encircled his hand around Saddiq which look more to protect him from abuses, usually verbal abuses.

Papagomo did gave him a stern friendly advise and told him it was a stupid act.

For that, Tommy Thomas office charged Papagomo under Penal Code 509 which is verbal abuse on his modesty.

It is outright unreasonable and abuse of authority and power by DPP!

It is suspiciously obvious that it is, as described by judge Hamid Sultan, intervention by the executive. In this case, the motivation is to win a political campaign.

Anwar back to his lying ways

Anwar was back to his typical lying ways during by-election campaign rounds.

If one can remember the slander against Dato Najib for the death of Mongolian call girl (never model, remotely translator), Altantunya, it was started by Anwar and at a by-election in Ijok.

This time is towards PAS, the party that defended him during the first sodomy charge and reformasi. Obviously, Anwar is sore with PAS for not giving him the support he needed.

Anwar may have taken a defensive stance to give the impression that he is supportive of Mahathir's effort to revive the economy. The fact that he asked that he not be disturbed come his turn after 2 years, which is a year to go, is telling.

Video and image of a scribbling is going around claiming he only has 98 seats supporting him. It would appear the Mahathir propagandist wanted to create the impression he lost the latest race to Mahathir.

Another source claimed Anwar has the numbers, but decided to not risk PH losing momentum in facing several by-elections to come through suspected "collusion" with election court.

It is heard Anwar sent his emissary, an Azmin supporter and non-Malay wakil rakyat that U-turned on Azmin, to Mahathir to tell him it is not March and he has few more months to perhaps pack for Argentina or Bosnia or Chechnya.

Without PAS block, Anwar's plan is delayed and more horse trading to do thus the pursuit of PAS. The problem is his story is not consistent. Read The Unspinners HERE, HERE and HERE.

Anwar copped out from revealing the RM1.4 million payment by PAS to Clare Rewcastle evidence on stage at his rally using the often used excuse he will reveal in court. 

Will there be any case? Will he be witness? No and no, it is just his bullshit. The typical liar Anwar is Renown for is conjuring up stories.

Immediately his viral team released a letter with a cheque. But, it turned out the bank account number is a fake.

Attempt to transfer money to the account was rejected.

There were insufficient number of digit in the account number (BIMB use 14 digits and not 10 digits) thus account is non existence!

Hmmm... wonder why the handwriting on cheque look familiar?

There is a suspicion that this Secretary General name misspelled letter from PKR Hulu Langat to not support PPBM is a fake to incite PKR members and supporters to come out an vote.

Few other surveys on Semenyih by pro-government analysts favoured BN to play the same reverse psychology ploy.

Anwar's old trick will not work on Semenyih.

However, Raja Petra's revelation that the RM1.4 million money for the cheque came from now Mahathir supporter, Dato Rameli Musa of Ingress looks to be Anwar sabotaging PPBM in Semenyih.

Mahathir losing it

Maybe Mahathir's trick could work and neutralise Anwar, who knows?

After calling UMNO-PAS cooperation as Pakatan Kafir, Mahathir built on his early "PAS will not vote UMNO in Semenyih" story line.

The pressure placed on PAS only confirmed the early suspicion that the formatted  statutory declaration requested by Mahathir to avert a motion of no confidence in Parliament may not be signed yet.

If his psywar team is going around claiming Anwar has no number, neither does he.

The two third majority claim is suspected to be merely to induce support and votes. The media report was about what could be achieved with such majority. Will the two third majority include DAP?

A reporter at Mahathir's copycat of Apa Malu, BossKu gathering at Tesco Semenyih, the same site there was a genuine BossKu pandemonium, claimed there were 2,000 crowd.

It is mostly PPBM groupie imported by bus loads to create perception there exist local interest and not the empty crowd facing PPBM campaigners.

The seemingly large crowd was artificially created using a funfair held at the site. Off course, there is also the shoppers doing their routine.

Tun's visit to Tesco conveniently coincide with carnival

The desperation to create a winning perception is obvious but it fell short by other negative campaigning.

Noticeable that he stopped attacking PAS in his ceramah and trained his gun at Najib's BossKu fad in the same vigour as at Sungai Koyan, Cameron Highlands.

That's good.

BN-PAS message is clear

In the meanwhile, this homourous campaign by PAS Vice President, Ustaz Idris Ahmad is a clear message that the PH are liars and unreliable. Their words could not be trusted!

Dato Najib's message for Semenyih voters is that Semenyih will not change anything, but it can be peoples' message to express their anger to lies and failures of Federal government.



Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan,

Nama saya Najib Razak. Saya bukan lagi Pengerusi Barisan Nasional ataupun Perdana Menteri.

Namun saya terpanggil untuk membantu BN dalam kempen pilihanraya kecil DUN Semenyih ini. 

Oleh itu, saya ingin merayu kepada warga Semenyih untuk mengundi calon BN untuk mewakili anda di Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor.

Saya ingin memberi 3 sebab utama.

PERTAMA, Kalah atau menang, PRK Semenyih ini tidak akan ubah kerajaan Selangor atau kerajaan persekutuan.

Jika PH menang, mereka akan ada 51 daripada 56 kerusi DUN iaitu 91% dari semua DUN Selangor. 

Kalau PH kalah, mereka masih akan ada 50 kerusi DUN ataupun 89.3% - jauh lebih tinggi dari angka 66.6% majoriti yang diperlu untuk meminda perlembagaan negeri.

DUN Semenyih terletak di dalam kawasan parlimen Hulu Langat.  Parlimen Hulu Langat juga adalah milik Kerajaan PH, oleh itu apa-apa masalah pembangunan boleh disalurkan oleh kerajaan melalui ahli parlimen. 

Sekiranya, BN menang dalam PRK DUN Semenyih ini, kita hanya akan menambah satu lagi kerusi DUN pembangkang kepada 6, untuk melawan 50 ADUN Kerajaan PH di dalam dewan.

Jumlah ini masih jauh tidak seimbang, tetapi jumlah suara pembangkang yang lebih banyak akan membolehkan kita memberi suara yang lebih kuat kepada rakyat. 

Sangat nyata bahawa PH masih terlalu kuat di dalam DUN.

Apabila kerajaan terlalu kuat, ianya tidak baik untuk rakyat.

Kerajaan begini akan mengambil sambil lewa dalam memberikan perkhidmatan kepada rakyat. 

Sebab itu selama ini di Selangor setelah dua penggal PH memerintah, masih banyak perkara-perkara asas yang tidak diselesaikan oleh mereka malah ianya menjadi lebih teruk. 

Masalah kos sara hidup akibat rumah dan premis perniagaan yang mahal di Selangor, masalah air, sampah sarap, denggi, jalan sempit dan berlubang, lampu jalan dan sebagainya masih berleluasa dan tidak ditangani dengan sepatutnya oleh kerajaan negeri. 

Keadaan ekonomi negara dan negeri Selangor juga telah merudum dan ramai rakyat telah hilang kerja. Ramai lagi yang akan diberhentikan.

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan,

Kerajaan yang terlalu kuat juga mudah menjadi korup dan rasuah. 

Namun kempen PH tidak habis-habis mengatakan bahawa pemimpin-pemimpin BN yang korup dan rasuah. 

Selepas menjadi kerajaan persekutuan, melalui agensi-agensi penguatkuasaan, Kerajaan PH telah melontar beratus-ratus pertuduhan rasuah kepada pemimpin-pemimpin BN termasuk saya sendiri untuk menunjukkan BN adalah parti yang korup.

Namun demikan, sebaliknya pemimpin-pemimpin PH yang dikaitkan dengan rasuah telah dilepaskan begitu sahaja.

Mereka-mereka ini tiba-tiba menjadi suci selepas menang pilihanraya atau melompat parti.

Di Selangor ini, banyak kes-kes rasuah yang melibatkan ahli-ahli politik PH dilaporkan sejak mereka memerintah daripada tahun 2008. 

Kita tidak boleh benarkan mereka-mereka ini terlepas begitu sahaja sedangkan pemimpin-pemimpin BN difitnah, dituduh, direman dan ditahan dengan semberono. 

Jika anda adalah penyokong sistem demokrasi yang adil, BN perlu diberi peluang kali ini di Semenyih.

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan,

KEDUA, sebelum ini pemimpin-pemimpin PH telah banyak berjanji untuk menyelesaikan masalah rakyat. 

Banyak masalah-masalah setempat seperti yang tersebut di atas masih berleluasa seperti yang diakui sendiri oleh calon PH dalam kempen pilihanraya kecil ini baru-baru ini. 

Walaupun beliau berjanji untuk menyelesaikan semua masalah-masalah ini sehari selepas menang pilihanraya, saya yakin ini adalah satu lagi janji kosong PH selepas 11 tahun mereka memerintah di Selangor.

Mereka telah berjanji untuk menurunkan harga minyak, menghapuskan hutang PTPTN, menurunkan harga barang dengan SST, menghapuskan tol, menghapuskan lantikan politik dalam syarikat dan agensi berkenaan kerajaan, dan membawa lantikan-lantikan penting kerajaan seperti Pengerusi SPR, Pesuruhjaya SPRM, dan Peguam Negara ke Parlimen untuk pertimbangan.

Namun setelah mereka menang pilihanraya sebaliknya telah berlaku: harga minyak telah naik, hutang PTPTN dipaksa bayar, harga barang semakin teruk naik dengan SST, caj kesesakan tol akan diperkenalkan, saudara mara dilantik dalam syarikat dan agensi kerajaan, dan lantikan Pengerusi SPR, SPRM dan Peguam Negara dilakukan tanpa semak-imbang Parlimen seperti dijanji. 

Telah terbukti bahawa mereka ini selalu mungkir janji dan menipu rakyat.

Sekiranya PH menang lagi kali ini, maka kita memberikan isyarat kepada mereka bahawa mereka masih boleh menang walaupun mereka terus mungkir janji dan menipu kita. 

Kita tidak boleh benarkan perkara ini terus berlaku.

Kita mesti memberikan insyarat kepada mereka bahawa mereka tidak boleh terus mungkir janji, menipu namun terlepas begitu sahaja. 

Mereka perlu bertanggungjawab ke atas janji-janji mereka kepada rakyat.

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan,

KETIGA, Calon kita adalah calon yang lebih baik berbanding calon PH.  Calon BN, Tuan Haji Zakaria Hanafi adalah seorang yang berkelulusan tinggi, berpengalaman, merendah diri namun lantang menyuarakan pendapat. 

Beliau akan membawa suara pembangkang yang penting untuk menyemak-imbang kerajaan di peringkat dasar kerajaan negeri mahupun persekutuan. 

Ini adalah penting kerana dasar-dasar kerajaan negeri dan persekutuan PH memberi kesan mendalam kepada rakyat Semenyih.

Dalam pilihanraya kali ini, beliau juga membawa kempen yang positif.

Walaupun beliau telah dicemuh dan dicaci oleh pihak-pihak PH dengan poster-poster negatif dan serangan peribadi, beliau tetap bersabar dan istiqamah dengan kempen yang bersih, dan dengan membawa isu-isu rakyat; dan bukannya kempen negatif, fitnah dan serangan peribadi seperti yang dilakukan oleh PH.

Inilah politik baru yang dibawa BN kini untuk masa hadapan: politik positif yang memperjuangkan isu-isu rakyat dan bukan politik serangan peribadi dan politik fitnah seperti yang dibawa oleh PH sejak berpuluh-puluh tahun. 

Saya harap tuan-tuan dan puan-puan akan keluar beramai-ramai untuk mengundi BN pada hari esok, Sabtu 2hb Mac 2019 ini.

Sekiranya tuan-tuan dan puan-puan keluar mengundi BN kali ini dan dengan itu calon BN menang, maka kita akan bergerak setapak lagi ke hadapan untuk menyemak-imbang kerajaan supaya mereka mengambil endah kepada masalah rakyat dan tidak terlepas apabila mungkir janji.

Dan sekiranya BN menang esok, kita akan dapat lebih mandat daripada rakyat untuk menjadi pembangkang yang kuat yang akan menyuarakan isu-isu rakyat dengan lantang supaya kehidupan rakyat menjadi lebih baik.

Sekian, terima kasih.


1 Mac 2019
By the way, the two other candidates including Uncle Kentang is out to split Malay votes.

Puchong-base Uncle Kentang was not seen campaigning in Chinese areas. Obviously he is placed there by DAP. While, deviant Syiah Nik Aziz of PSM looks like Mat Sabu planted!

*Edited and updated: 3/3 8:00AM

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