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Malay referendum against PH

PH lost the sub-urban Semenyih state seat in yesterday's by-election.

UMNO won the seats by turning around almost 4,000 votes to add to the UMNO and PAS votes to gain a majority of more than 1,900 votes majority.

Zainal Epi of Malay Mail Online attributed it to UMNO-PAS cooperation, candidate factor and voters' dissatisfaction with the coming-to-1-year new government

BN and PAS found solid similarities

03 March 2019
Comment By Zainal Epi

PETALING JAYA, March 3 — Barisan Nasional (BN) and PAS’s success in the Semenyih by-election is a referendum that the Malays are not with the ruling Pakatan Harapan (PH) government as they feel it is DAP-dominated.

The two Malay-based parties had made their battle line clear before the by-election even began on February 16, the nomination day.

The political rivalry has been bitter and the Semenyih battle ground was rough where defending PH was put in a defensive position before the battle even started — unfulfilled May 9 general election promises and ridding the general perception that new Cabinet is DAP-dominated.

BN’ success was easy to read — with help and support from Islamist PAS whose members are loyal, combined election machinery which tentacles reached even the most remote houses in deep villages, a clear battle slogan which was to register to the ruling coalition that the new government is not protecting Malays and Islam.

In addition, the opposition fielded a popular man, Zakaria Hanafi, 58-year old administrative officer who has been helping out the community in mosques and suraus from wedding functions to funeral rites.

PH which fielded Malay-based Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) candidate, a 30-year old engineer Mohammad Aiman Zainali was a newbie who has had problem in blending with the Malay community in the constituency.

With issues laid down and most importantly the rising cost of living that is the basic bread and butter issue, PH in particular PPBM’s Aiman found himself pushed in a corner.

Aiman’s party PPBM had no election machinery which made him dependent and at the mercy of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), which members had difficulties in penetrating the Malay hearts and minds.

Malay voters were the target of both rival parties as PH had the Chinese and Indian voters based on GE14 results last May, but with the perception that Malays are marginalised and Islam fundamentals being chipped off bit-by-bit, PPBM is seen as just a stool of the DAP.

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Blogger Cucu Tok Selampit quick analysis showed several trends:
1. Protest votes by lower turnout of PH. voters for GE14.  
2. PAS voters voted UMNO 
3. More than 50% Chinese voters did not came out to vote. 
Mahathir in-denial or in defient? 

Unlike the subdued and resigned statements of PPBM leaders, the gerontacratic dictator is in both denial and in defient to the message from voters.

It must be difficult for Mahathir to accept having once said UMNO is facing extinction.

A PPBM activist from Negeri Sembilan, where the next by-election in Rantau will be held, described the loss stunted plan to turn PPBM into the single Malay political platform.

The plan is devious as it involves enticing or coercing UMNO MPs to jump ship and "seize" assets, but not to attract its members or leaders.

Former Sabah UMNO leaders missed it. There will be no financial assistance to maintain their constituency or party followers.

Though Mahathir claimed he will have two third majority soon, Anwar Ibrahim has moved in to take the limelight out of the loss and passing the buck to PPBM.

It is believed Anwar's PKR faction and DAP subtly sabotaged PPBM campaign.

The subsequent action of both Anwar and Mahathir would be interesting watch. Ktemoc Konsider reads it as below:
My glee is not so much about UMNO winning the seat back but at Pribumi losing in a Malay majority constituency.

A couple of likely outcomes from yesterday's tea leaves - Pribumi won't be so arrogant now, and that's the BEST feeling I have gained.

Though I suspect and expect Pribumi is now more likely to strive frenetically for UMNO frogs. Now, do you still remember what I say about 'frogs'?

To qualify to be such a 'frog', each must be an ADUN or MP, otherwise the bloke or blokess is only a useless tadpole, wakakaka.

But alas, the succeeding victories in CH and Semenyih might have given UMNO a new leash on its political relevance for GE15, and thus a deterring hand on those wannabe-frogs among its membership, wakakaka. Not my bloody dilemma lah, wakakaka again.

But Pribumi will now have to lean more and more on the DAP and Amanah, and yes, the Dökkálfar Dwarfs of PKR. And I bet Anwar Ibrahim is laughing his guts out now.
Path of Marcos

On the contrary, Mahathir will likely get more ruthless in the path of Marcos to be downright cruel on UMNO and PAS leaders to abuse MACC, police and Attorney General Office.

He is not used to playing defensive. It would not be a surprise his attack.on PAS will intensify and seek ways to imprison PAS President, Tuan Guru Dato Hadi Awang.

More so, Raja Petra's series of expose on MACC Investigation Papers on the Penang tunnel, and new KTM Chairman, Dato Rameli Musa link to Mahathir could push him towards the wall.

However, Mahathir should tread it carefully.

Last night's demonstration against the insult on the prophet Muhammad and alleged intervention by AG in Melaka gathered a crowd of 8,000.

Sources in Melaka claimed speakers at similar rally have openly defied warning by police against insulting AG. Will the police take action?

The anger on the insult of the prophet is mounting that one observer felt that should police take action, there will be hundreds, if not thousands, willingly to volunteer be taken in together for the pleasure to insult Tommy Thomas.

Raja Petra insulted him as the most stupid AG ever. Will it bring about sterner action than the penal code for insulting modesty of the play acting Minister Syed Saddiq charged against Papagomo?

Malay uprising? 

Mahathir could not make a wrong move. The insult on prophet had unite PAS and UMNO members at the grassroot beyond party leadership expectation together with non-partisan Malay Muslim.

Heard solat hajat for a BN victory in Semenyih was held in surau beyond Selangor borders. There is eagerness to volunteer in Rantau and even Jasin, where infamous Dato Khairuddin Abu Hassan has a petition in court.

But. it is possible that Mahathir would manipulate the situation to enable the formation of National Operations Council.

Consequently, he could invoke his two third majority plan suspected to be through the merger of all Malay parties and throw out DAP through a grand design dubbed as UMNO 3.0.

Will UMNO and PAS play ball upon realising Mahathir is inconsistent but consistently lying, and clearly losing his faculties?

It's not impossible for a dictator facing deposition to act so desperately.

And, the attack on UMNO and PAS leaders will intensify after Rantau by-election following appointment of new IGP. Dato Mohamed Hassan could possibly be investigated and trumped up AMLA charges against him, a tool replacing ISA which is conveniently abused on opposition politicians.

Mahathir's target of suppression will be Malays but not the non-Malays as he need their support.

However, the manner Chinese social media commentators are blaming him for PH lost indicate non-Malays public support is waning. Watch for more Malay agenda rhetorics to overshadow his earlier Melayu malas comment.

In the meanwhile, no response on talks all his children and grandchildren have left for UK, US and Canada but the rumour is growing louder.

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The fact that madey would act after Rantau by election might negate the possibility of cabinet reshuffle on may, but then, if he intend to keep the kakistocrats cabinet now, he would face bigger damage, anyhow, his time is running out

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