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Is Saiful Bukhary a stooge? Whose?

Saiful's Election Flyers For Campus Election at UNITEN Session 2006/07

Its revealed and Dato Najib confirmed the same story.

The picture of Saiful and Khairil Anas of the DPM's office is from a one time visit in early 2008 when he was seeking a letter of recomendation for MARA Scholarship. Saiful failed miserably at Uniten and is supposed to join a flying school up north. Could that be the reason for the visit?

Former ADUN for Pulau Manis, Pekan, Mohd Ariff Sabri bin Abdul Aziz in his blog Sakmongkol AK47, find it hard to believe a 23-year old could be strong armed into submission. There is the power of persuasion.

From the account of one UNITEN student, Saiful is the politician-type that strives and clamour for attention and positions. And, he has a history of describing himself bigger than he actually is. Another divulge how he link himself with the Anwar camp.

Who is Saiful? Is he really a stooge and to whom?

Now, you tell me.


Ainisazreen, a student at Uniten provide a critical angle to his personality in her blog, Panthera Leo Persica . She wrote in her blog posting, Saiful Bukhari:

Saiful Bukhari mungkin tidak perlu diperkenalkan lagi kepada pelajar-pelajar Uniten. Memulakan rentak seorang pemimpin sewaktu dipilih sebagai Ketua Pengarah Program Bakti Siswa Kemerdekaan 2006 ternyata memang menjulang nama beliau. Walaubagaimanapun tidak ramai yang tahu hakikat sebenar. Tentang ketelusan, kejujuran, dan sikap tanggungjawabnya sebelum, semasa dan selepas tamat program. Hampir dua tahun berlalu, tetapi saya masih jelas dengan semua cerita.

Tidak cukup dengan portfolio Ketua Pengarah Program yang hanya dianjurkan setahun sekali, Saiful kemudiannya merancang untuk tampak lebih berkaliber, lebih berkuasa. Dia kemudiannya bertanding di dalam pemilihan Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar sesi 2006/2007. Dengan bilangan undi yang tidak boleh dibanggakan, beliau berjaya. Beliau dikatakan mempengaruhi beberapa ahli perwakilan lain untuk mengundi beliau sebagai Presiden (baca:PRESIDEN). Namun demikian, rezekinya sudah ditentukan untuk hanya menjadi Timbalan Presiden. Dia akhirnya terbang ke Filipina untuk menghadiri sebuah seminar anjuran Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi. Pelik tetapi benar. Seharusnya yang terbang adalah Presiden bukan Timbalan Presiden. Mungkinkah Saiful menggunakan aksesnya sebagai Pemuda UMNO atau agen orang kenamaan untuk melayakkan diri untuk mewakili seluruh institusi pengajian swasta? Dan episod kegemilangannya bermula setelah dia kembali ke tanah air.

Seperti seekor musang yang tidak pernah bersyukur dengan rezekinya, begitulah juga Saiful Bukhari. Portfolio sebagai Timbalan Presiden nyata tidak memberi kepuasan kepadanya untuk menjadi orang yang paling berkuasa. Entah di mana silapnya, Saiful tidak mempedulikan sama sekali tugas dan tanggungjawabnya sebagai wakil suara mahasiswa UNITEN. Jangankan tugas sebagai pemimpin, malah tugas sebagai mahasiswa juga diabaikan. Tetapi dalam pada masa yang sama, saya dimaklumkan oleh teman dari IPTA lain bahawa mereka kerap bertemu dengan Saiful, menghadiri beberapa perjumpaan pemimpin Institusi Pengajian Tinggi. Saya terkejut pada mulanya. Bagaimana anda boleh menghadiri perjumpaan yang membincangkan tentang nasib dan masa depan mahasiswa seluruh Malaysia sedangkan anda mengabaikan tugas utama anda, iaitu menjaga kebajikan mahasiswa Universiti Tenaga Nasional? Bertambah kekok apabila mendengar Saiful Bukhari ini memperkenalkan dirinya sebagai Presiden @ Yang diPertua (YDP) Universiti Tenaga Nasional. Bukankah ini tanda-tanda awal dia sememangnya gila kuasa?

Saiful Bukhari ini juga dilihat sebagai seorang yang gila publisiti. Dia hanya akan “bertanggungjawab” sekiranya program tersebut mendapat liputan media, akhbar dan orang kenamaan. Oleh sebab itu, beliau hanya memilih untuk menjadi Penasihat program. Untung kerana tidak perlu bekerja keras memikirkan flow program, penyediaan kertas kerja dan pelaksanaan program. Yang dia tahu cumalah - pasti dia akan ditemuramah dan namanya pasti terpampang di dada akhbar. Dan hari ini saya kira, cita-citanya untuk menjadi seorang “star” sudah tercapai. Kemusykilan saya semakin berganda apabila ditengah-tengah kempen PRU 12 yang lalu, dia berjaya menempelkan diri di setiap roadshow ceramah DSAI. Bagaimana tidak musykil, sedangkan beberapa hari sebelum itu, dia menghulurkan pelawaan kepada saya di laman Friendster, untuk bersama-samanya mengundi Barisan Nasional! Mungkin dia tidak tahu bahawa prinsip dan pendirian saya tidak serapuh dia. Alasannya hanyalah sekadar membantu seorang teman menguruskan hal-hal berkaitan di Pejabat DSAI langsung tidak masuk akal. Peralihan parti politik Saiful Bukhari ketika itu hanya mengundang bahana. Siapa tidak kenal Saiful Bukhari? Pendusta yang bermuka-muka.
In short, he was not well liked by those who know him. At that age, where humility is a virtue, self promotion is seen as evil. But it confirms him as a natural in the art of politics.

Yes, it is strange why he would be with Anwar Ibrahim during GE12 campaign but few days before he asked friends to vote BN. Thats one person's account!

Cover? Diversion? Actual Stooge? A clue perhaps.

But in the intriguing world of politics, it still doesn't confirm if he is anyone's stooge.

Joining Anwar

Azrinizam Ibrahim, the President of Gabungan Pemimpin Mahasiswa Malaysia (GPMM) in his blog, Angin Perubahan gave a background of how Saiful joined Anwar Ibrahim's team in his blog posting, Liwat Saiful Bukhari: Kenapa Anwar sembunyi-sembunyi? below:

Saiful Bukhari menang dalam pilihan raya kampus dan dipilih menjadi Timbalan Presiden MPP UNITEN. Saiful Bukhari berasal dari Bandar Utama Utara, Subang. Ketika menjadi Timbalan Presiden, Saiful Bukhari diasak hebat untuk menunaikan janji mempercepatkan pinjaman PTPTN bagi pelajar-pelajar. Orang yang terbabit mengecam Saiful ialah Najwan Halimi (pelajar Ijazah Mechanical UNITEN, penyokong Anwar Ibrahim). Akibat tidak tahan dengan tekanan dan desakan pelajar, Saiful Bukhari lari dari UNITEN dan tidak menamatkan pengajian di UNITEN. Najmi Halimi terlalu obses kepada Anwar Ibrahim tapi cemburu dengan Saiful. Ini kerana Saiful yang terpilih dan rapat dengan Anwar Ibrahim. Saiful Bukhari baik dengan Rahimi Osman (Pegawai Pejabat Anwar Ibrahim, sepupu Najmi) ketika itu. Rahimi Osman seterusnya membawa masuk Saiful Bukhari sebagai pembantu khas Anwar Ibrahim. Saiful Bukhari telah membantu kempen Anwar semasa PRU12.
Is jealousy the reason why Saiful is hated by his peers?

Ponder This

At this juncture, I will not claim Saiful as being naive.

But do ponder, why would anyone be wiling to be subjected to humiliation from the publicity and scrutiny of being sodomised?

They say any man has a price. But can money alone compell a young man with a future ahead - ambition, aspiration and drive to pursue a life in politics, and about to consummate marriage - willing to do such an act?

And why is he willing to risk his reputation against someone so formidable, politically influential, global network and maybe PM-in-waiting? Is he so principled that he is willing to risk everything for the truth?

The information thus far only provide a glimpse of the "victim". There is yet sufficient fact for an answer but this SMS that just came gave an interesting insight:

Remember September 11. How fast the finger points 2 Osama and Afghanistan. There is an uncanny resemblance of strategy. The boy could be working 4 AI. Purpose 2 gain sympathy, a victim. But look at Sept 11 who benefitted and look at latest Anwar antics. WHo benefitted in this public/world perception game. Anwar is scoring sympathy point while making the BN gov to appear like a repressive regime. Wonder who is his strategist?
Its confusing. But this Saiful is not a naive young man. We will see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

I agree with that. I dont think whoever wants to set Anwar up is stupid enough to use the same accusation to frame Anwar.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... This is a good insight voice. And I really like your comments I think I saw on rocky.

Talking about naiveity, I do agree that what person in their right mind would jeapordize their future (he IS only 23 btw) for what, millions worth of money? And true, if BN were to "use" a person, they could have chosen a far better candidate than that so called "naive" 23 year old boy.

Anonymous said...

Exactly why it's very important to not fall for what he is seeking for - the entire country enthralled by him and his fantastic plots. Whatever left that is good he's trading it off - our sovereignty;, whatever that's already on shaky ground he's blowing them apart until there's nothing left but crumble - our judiciary, the faith in the system, international perception of our country. So in the end, there seems to be nobody but him to save us.

Anonymous said...

Good job bro...

Anonymous said...


Hmm..very interesting. I didnt knwo that Najmi is osbessed with Anwar. This is definitely going to make my mind go broaden with all the speculations and the informations being told everywhere. Basically, all your point of view do make sense. Anwar is like trying to gain sympathy by his actions and also at the same time giving bad implications towards the current government. As for Saiful, i think he is not that naive man either. He surely will not destroy his young future with this reckless issue. This must be a political scene planned earlier which he (Saiful) would be guaranteed with rewards or whatsoever. By then, I shall see who is the "mastermind" of all this unresponsible action that only create chaos in our beloved country. This mastermind must be heavily punish. Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Who's the stooge here? the denial of the Turkish Embassy aside..now we have the US intervening. That's the last thing we need. This really shows that he's the American's puppet after all, not just a conspiracy theory. The Americans have never been known to intervene in anything unless they have a vested interest in something being done.

Anonymous said...

Saiful, MCKK boy?

Anonymous said...

US happily intervening. Shows a lot bout Anwar and the "sympathy" he is getting from internationa media.


Anonymous said...

the idea of Saiful being a stooge is quite nonsense. Because, he's young, only 23 yrs old. he would easily crumble under pressure of interrogation and the surrounding.

Anonymous said...

the idea of Saiful being a stooge is quite nonsense. Because, he's young, only 23 yrs old. he would easily crumble under pressure of interrogation and the surrounding.

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