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Abdullah Benefit Most, Could It Be Him?

Abdullah and Wan Azizah after their private meeting at Parliament
Matthias Chang asked a pertinent, "Who stands to gain most from the spotlight on the various allegations made against the Deputy Prime Minister and Anwar Ibrahim?" He doesn't see it as Anwar or Najib but PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

While this blogger agree with the general idea, he differs slightly. Abdullah is not the sole beneficiary. To the astute political eye, it is irrefutable that the two Penang duo have a pact.

Since Ijok by-election, Anwar has unabatedly been painting Najib with the worst of perception but remain symbolic on his attack of Abdullah. Whilst for the tougher cookie, Dr Mahathir, it is "assigned" to Abdullah with access to the instrument of the state and party to weaken his influence.

With the help of Zaid and Bar Council, Abdullah has achieve some limited success to smear Dr Mahathir by accusing him of tampering the judiciary system, without and denying him the due processes.

How are the possibilities that Abdullah could be the conspirator?


Words are Abdullah is making sure ACA finds something to pin on Tan Sri Musa Hasan, Tan Sri Gani Patail, and Tan Sri Rahim Noor. This serves to further discredit Dr Mahathir and weaken his influence in UMNO.

Anwar, who strangely has got his act in place, will be in more advantageous position. For an unexpected event, Anwar has covered all bases and pre-empted all possibilities with denials, answers, alibis, and counter attack. This Sunday's oil hike demo will kick start his nationwide roadshow.

Abdullah's willingness to "work" with Anwar is the realisation that he is losing support. He gets blasted by even the selectively invited branch meetings. None of the credible big name contenders in UMNO, like Muhyiddin, Najib, Rais Yatim and Tengku Razaleigh are allied to him.

Abdullah has only Anwar to rely on to salvage him from the predicament facing his children and friends, if he resigns. This tallies with the information of a "reliable source" that his desire is to rejoin UMNO.

Anwar is aware that the revolt against Khalid Ibrahim by some Malay grassroot of PKR indicate that his existing political arrangement is buying time.


The current collaboration has one leak.

It doesn't tally that former Pro-Aspirasi student leader, Saiful Bukhary Azlan could easily infiltrate Anwar's camp. Biro Tatanegara, BTN has a hand in campus politics through their support for the Pro-Aspirasi camp. BTN equals Abdullah and Abdullah equals BTN.

Could Saiful than be a planned colloboration between Abdullah and Anwar?

Wan Azizah and few PKR officials may now claim not to know anything about Saiful. But, Saiful was brought in through Rahimi Osman, former President of AIC. Maybe young Rahimi may have erred. But, it is suspicous and strange that Anwar could not heed the warning from many others. Could it be intentional?

With everyone is suspecting Saiful as a mole in Anwar's camp, why not the possibility of Khairil Anas being Anwar's mole in Najib's office? He is a student of UIAM during the time it was Anwar's political bastion.

If not a mole, Khairil could be a weak link in Najib's office. Khairil gave a personal "surat sokong", which is against practise, to someone he met only once. He is too gullible to be in high office.

If KJ's chum, Omar Ong used to be part of Najib's office and few former Reformasi activists are part of Najib's camp now, could it be that Najib's outfit is porous.

Matthias's View

Coming back to Matthias assertion that only Abdullah stand to benefit, lets read through his July 2nd posting below:


by Matthias Chang

Future FastForward, Wednesday, 02 July 2008 03:17

Recenty, Justice Datuk Ian Chin, a High Court Judge in Sabah made some wild and speculative allegations against Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad which have been rebutted and refuted by me in several articles posted to my website. I have also lodged a police report and given a detailed statement to the Investigating Officer, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Jude Pereira at the Brickfields Police Station.

Notwithstanding such wild, unfounded and highly subjective speculations, the idiotic de facto Law Minister, Zaid Ibrahim as reported in the mass media, said that there were no grounds to investigate the judge’s misconduct and that the said judge had performed well as a judge.

If a judge can indulge in speculation, I suppose I am entitle to make a few suggestions as to the implications and consequences from the present political situation – the scandal of the murder of the Mongolian girl and the recent police report against Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy.

However, I leave it to you to be the judge, whether what I am writing is pure speculation, the spurious kind of wild suppositions associated with Justice Datuk Ian Chin and or the kind of stupid nonsense so typical of the Law Minister, Zaid Ibrahim.

Before elaborating further, I would like to pose the US$ Trillion question -

Who stands to gain most from the spotlight on the various allegations made against the Deputy Prime Minister and Anwar Ibrahim?

Main Threat Within UMNO

One need not have a PhD in political science to conclude that the main threat to Abdullah Badawi is the Deputy Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak, notwithstanding that Badawi has announced that Najib is his chosen successor.

I have stated previously that this was merely a tactical move to neutralise Najib in the short term from making any moves to challenge for the Presidency at UMNO elections in December 2008.

It is obvious that should Najib make any moves in the meanwhile, Badawi’s spin doctors will work overtime to accuse Najib of being “ungrateful and power-crazy” when Badawi has already indicated that he would be the successor. These spin doctors would go to the length and breath of the country crying, Why is Najib so impatient? Is he power hungry?

But the reality on the ground is such that the rank and file members are absolutely flabbergasted and angry with Badawi and his theatrics and are already making moves to nominate Najib for Presidency during the branch and division meetings in July.

This is the greatest fear of Badawi and his advisers. They do not want to see a repeat performance master-minded by Anwar Ibrahim when he took on the then Deputy President Tun Ghaffar Baba. Anwar’s boys were able to gather enough nominations, that Ghaffar Baba had no choice but to concede defeat, even before the battle commenced.

Khairy, Kamaluddin, the 4th Floor Boys and the baggage of spin doctors from UMNO’s controlled-mass media were having sleepless nights and they knew that having chosen Najib as the successor, there is no way for Pak Lah and his band to attack Najib directly.

How can they plunge a dagger to Najib and not be accused for the crime?

Launch a false flag operation. This is a time-tested operation of Intelligence Services all over the world. They plant an idea that there is a Deep Throat who is in possession of critical intelligence and evidence. This Deep Throat then leaks some critical intelligence and evidence to a reliable source for public consumption.

[Recall how Bush and his band of crooks outed and destroyed Valerie Plame’s credentials as a covert CIA agent, just so to discredit Ambassador Wilson’s exposé that Bush was lying about the Yellow cake (Uranium) supposedly purchased by Saddam Hussein from Niger. Valerie Plame is the wife of the Ambassador. These crooks were willing to sacrifice National Security in order to have their war of aggression on behalf of Israel.]

The information was leaked to a journalist who then published it. The journalist becomes the innocent victim of the false flag operation as is always the case!

A dark cloud now hangs over Najib’s integrity and no one can point a finger at Badawi, so they think. Badawi’s spin doctors were confident that the general public would not and could not fathom this false flag operation. If anyone were to question the circumstances, they had a ready-made answer. Why would Badawi want to destroy Najib when he has chosen him as a successor?

Some of us are seasoned political strategists and we can smell a rat a mile away.

Badawi’s smile may disarm some people, some of the time, but he cannot disarm all people all the time with his smile. We have seen his smile enough to know that soon after he smiles at his enemy, he plunges a dagger behind the enemy’s back. So beware if and when he greets you graciously.

When was the dagger plunged into the heart of Najib?

This is the US$ Multi-Trillion question. No one noticed it. It was an almost perfect plan. But they did not count on me seeing through their scheme. Hence my delay in writing this article, as I wanted to see if anyone else noticed this insidious plan!

The dagger was plunged immediately after Anwar Ibrahim accused the government of having conspired in getting a young man to lodge a police report against him for the crime of sodomy.

What did Badawi say about the matter? He denied any involvement but went on to say that he did not think that Najib had any intention to do that.

Anwar never accused Najib. No one did. So why did Badawi, for no rhyme or reason and out of the blues mention Najib in his denial?

This is the time-tested method of intelligence propaganda – you plant an idea by asserting the negative – in this case, the statement that it was not Najib.

By so doing, Badawi is in fact suggesting that Najib could be the culprit for the alleged conspiracy. Hence, the denial by Najib as reported widely in the newspapers. The denial was front page story!

“Mr. Clean” was perceived as “Mr. Clean” when the stupid Wan Azizah, wife of Anwar Ibrahim gave credence to this ploy when he pleaded with Badawi to ensure security for Anwar and a guarantee that Anwar would not be harmed. It follows that the entire PKR did not even consider the probability that Badawi could be involved.

How freaking stupid can one get in the circumstances?

To put himself in a better light, Badawi went so far to say that what happened in 1998 would not be repeated. The Sun Newspaper reported Badawi as having said:

“The government will not do anything to frame or make baseless accusations against any party, so to say that the government will repeat what was considered as a conspiracy, this is not true …”

By implication, Badawi is saying that he will not repeat the conspiracy. He is indirectly accusing the previous administration of conspiracy. This is but another attempt to plant an insidious idea and buttress his so-called “Mr. Clean” image by the use of another negative – that he will not repeat a conspiracy! He has cleverly planted the idea, that what happened before was in fact a conspiracy!

But “Mr. Clean” will not get away with this kind of cheap and dirty propaganda!

The Main Threat Outside UMNO

It is obvious that it is Anwar Ibrahim. Badawi on taking power as prime minister used the Anwar factor to his advantage to further project his so-called “kind and clean” image. The release of Anwar from jail after his acquittal by the Federal Court on the charge of sodomy was exploited to the fullest by Badawi’s spin doctors. PKR went for it - hook, line and sinker!

Having neutralised Najib with the planted intelligence that he was somehow implicated in a criminal case (so they believe), the next target must be focused on the threat outside UMNO.

Another US$ trillion question – Why now this police report on sodomy against Anwar?

Already PKR boys are accusing Najib of the conspiracy, and the mass media by carrying the denial by Najib seem to lend credence to the allegation first hinted by Badawi, the prime minister.

Now the spot light is focused on the two persons who pose the greatest threat to Badawi’s power and access to the national money-making machine!

The modus operandi and the strategy is that the public’s attention will be diverted from the financial mess as a result of Badawi’s mismanagement and negligence of the economy and the rampant corruption. Hopefully, the disaster of the March General Elections will also be forgotten!

Fat hopes!

To muddy the waters further, Badawi and his spin doctors are preparing the next phase – to provoke and instigate a feud between Najib and Anwar so that they will be so engrossed with each other and so exhausted by the exercise, that the two will not be able to focus on overthrowing Badawi.

Phase 2 is the Second Dagger that will be plunged into Najib! This is a given. And unless Najib sees through Badawi’s ploy, he will end up as dead meat before July is over!

Other Beneficiaries

There are other beneficiaries in this once-in-a-lifetime “Bollywood Drama”. Suffice to say at this stage, they are waiting for the outcome of this slug-fest.

I have no wish to distract the public by revealing the beneficiaries. We should and must focus on Badawi.

This is the ultimate culprit. He is the mess!

He is the political chameleon and he will bring this country down!

Focus on him first and at all times. He is the number one problem. Period!

Badawi has ruined the entire nation.

To the Malays, he has destroyed all your hard work and stolen and or destroyed your community’s crown jewels.

If the Malays want to survive as a community and as a race, you have only one choice.


Whether it's Abdullah alone or with Anwar, the country has serious issues to deal with. It can't afford both!


Anonymous said...

the prob isn't with's with Dr M and his legion of cronies left in UMNO. such that whenever he does something not very favaourable to what they regard as rightfully theirs all these years. AAB doesn't have alot to gain from this, he can easily retire and leave knowing he's done his best, having inherited the system from Mahathir and refuse to do things the M way. and AAB wasn't stabbing Najib front or back by saying that, he was responding to what's already on the net..the night that Saiful came out with the charge against Anwar

Anonymous said...

Hello owner blog,

I think basically you get it wrong. Well matthias got his facts wrong. Anwar, photos of saiful and Najib officer were all over the net. So it was not pak lah who created the perception of Najib conspiring. Pak lah was just responding to what was already stated on the net, which shows the photo of Saiful taking pictures in the DPM's office.

Anonymous said...

We shouldn't divert our attention to the real suspects here. Anwar, Najib, Saiful. Putting a weight to Pak Lah's shoulder is not fair.

Desperado said...

Great theory...nice to see on a big screen with three hours movies!

So who do you think should be the prime minister?

Anonymous said...

'the prob isn't with Anwar..'

the problem is with anwar. He's desperate to take over the country and begin to create his on drama of speculation against himself. Clever but dangerous man!

Anonymous said...

mahyuddin yassin shud be prime minister ...

Anonymous said...

Enuf with Dolah with his incompetence
No more Najib with his image and rosmah
And definately not anwar

How abt Tengku Razaleigh hamzah. He is more respectable and command the respect of all.

Muhyiddin tunggu sekejap, not train yet. Have to see his premiership quality. Fear of late learner like dolah.

Anonymous said...

Ku Li should be the best person to be our next PM..

BaitiBadarudin said...

perhaps we have forgotten about the BBMB case in the '80s? talk about problem of attrition in leadership! that's why i believe in moving towards participatory democracy, where power can be divested to the people.

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