Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Does it take another TBH for SC to be sensible?

Securities Commision continued their gangsterly behaviour towards financial journalist on The Malaysian Reserve reporter, Dalila Abu Bakar yesterday.

According to Rocky Bru here, Dalila was requested to report to SC's office not once but twice - morning and 6 pm.

The SC intimidated Dalila by threatening to throw some Clause under some Act at her. That could land her in jail and a RM5 mil fine if she did not surrender her handphone and SIM card to them.

Editors, veteran jourmalists and NUJ are not keeping quiet and slammed SC for their indiscretion.

The manner SC is flexing their power, despite the outcry by journalist and bloggers, it is as if they are looking forward for a similar incident like the death of the late Teoh Beng Hock.

Newspapers and magazines shouldn't buckle to such threat and intimidation. They can retaliate to expose suspicious indiscretion and improprietary done by SC, particularly Chairperson, Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar.

Bukit Kiara beginning to stink to high heaven.


Securities Commission taken to task
Eight hours of questioning too long, editors and veteran journalists say

The Malay Mail, Monday, June 28th, 2010

PETALING JAYA: Editors and veteran journalists are lambasting the Securities Commision (SC) for using "interrogation" methods on three business reporters.

In the "interrogation" which lasted about eight hours, seasoned business reporter B.K. Sidhu was questioned on a report she wrote on June 17 on Kenmark Industrial Co (M) Bhd trading irregularities which involved the exit of its substantial shareholder Datuk Ishak Ismail.

Veteran journalist Datuk A. Kadir Jasin said it was excessive and the commission had no right, in fact it was inappropriate for the SC to mishandle the journalists.

He added that since journalists were now being questioned by the SC, it was only fair that the Press should closely monitor the activities of the SC.

"Since they monitor us, we monitor them. It is common to be called up by them but the journalists have to be treated with respect and fairness because they are only witnesses.

"If they want the details or help, they need to be nice. When an interview is being conducted by them, they cannot resort to any action that can be considered putting them (journalists) under any pressure," he said.

Meanwhile, NST managing editor Nuraina Samad said the eight-hour interrogation was too long.

"Define questioning. It shouldn't be that long as if they have violated something when they were just assisting the commission. I stand with all the editors on this matter," she said.

National Union of Journalists (NUJ) president Norila Mohd Daud said journalists lambasted the SC for the long hours of questioning.

"It is up to the journalists to assist or not, they are obligated yes, but questioning them for the whole eight hours is quite a torture. This is not a criminal case.

"Besides, the journalists are writing for the public. They should assist an investigation but they shouldn't be put in a situation where they are questioned for gruelling hours."

The Star group chief editor, Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai, told The Malay Mail that Sidhu would be visiting the commision tomorrow and would be accompanied by a lawyer, citing he "wants Sidhu to get the best legal advice".

Meanwhile, Kadir was all for the commission to haul up market manipulators, which he believes the commission had yet to prove its seriousness.

"This is the time for the media to expose what's going on in the SC," he said.

Last Wednesday, Sidhu was called up for questioning after reporting on the SC obtaining an ex-parte injunction to refrain Ishak of KFC fame from dealing with the RM10.2mil worth of proceeds he got from the sale of his shares in Kenmark.

Another journalist from Business Times, Azlan Abu Bakar, was called in the next day.

Malaysian Reserve journalist Dalila Abu Bakar was called this morning for questioning.


Anonymous said...

TBH? I don't think so. You mean our governing bodies are capable of murder? (Shock! Horror!) I thought BN or rather UMNO + Government in particular agreed/insists that TBH's death is suicide. I just hope non of the journalists are in the midst of getting married the next day. It would really thicken the plot.


Anonymous said...

TBH only one lorrr. No other, tell them, don't copycat, use own creativity maaa... nanti susah nak cari dr pornthip @ SC, takkan nak suruh Zarinah acting ala2 pornthip, malu la dia yop. Mana nak letak muka orang2 politik yang dok menyorok celah ketiak dan celah kangkang dia. Sembeleh wartawan lerr... Saman banyak2 juta bagitau rakyat, wartawan ni la pengkhianat bangsa dan negara. jadi kos saman mesti juta2.. hehehe... banyak ke duit journalist dapat songlap dari rakyat eksss..???? Mana lobang korang guna untuk songlap dari belanjawan syarikat2 public listed dan negara???
heran aku... teach me please... teach me please.. how ur gang swindler the money..

Donplaypuks® said...

There's no way me must allow the SC or anyone else to intimidate journalists who are just doing their jobs.

The SC has the entire machinerry of MoF, Bank Negara and the KLSE to get all the info it need on the Kenmark and other cases. Going to the pressmen and women should be the last resort.

Yet they are bullying the reporters and it's even more shameful that they threatened and attempted to pat down Dahlia!!

Disgraceful behaviour from the SC especially since it's led by a lady!!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

ive been 'interrogated' by the sc a few times; and the officers were quite alright actually. nothing of what is being mentioned now

its prolly cause im not a journalist? diff set of methods for journalists perhaps?

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