Saturday, June 05, 2010

MV Rachel Corrie Intercepted!

Press Release by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia:

Malaysia strongly demands Israel to ensure the safety of all the humanitarian activists onboard the cargo vessel MV Rachel Corrie that was seized by the Israeli Defence Force early morning of 5 June 2010.

Malaysia also demands for Israel not to take any drastic and violent military action on the unarmed passengers of the Rachel Corrie. All the humanitarian activists on board the Rachel Corrie should be given the necessary assistance to ensure their safety. Malaysia also calls on Israel to ensure a safe passage for the vessel to Gaza to deliver the humanitarian cargo. In this regard, Malaysia urges the International Community to persuade Israel to allow the humanitarian vessel to reach Gaza safely.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is closely monitoring the developments as there are six Malaysians on board the Rachel Corrie.

Dato' Sri Anifah Aman
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia

5 June 2010


This is the latest information received from Sufi Yusof.

MV Rachel Corie had been intercepted by the Israeli Navy at around 2:45 pm Malaysian times. It is being towed away to the Israeli Port of Ashdod, the same destination the Israeli had offered for landing but was rejected.

The Israeli had offered Rachel Corrie to land at Ashdod and upon undergoing inspections, the goods will be allowed to be delivered to Gaza. However, Rachel Corrie insist to continue on its mission to land at Gaza.

Our prayers for all those on Rachel Corrie. May they not undergo what the earlier flotilla had to go through.

An official communique will come out from Ministry of Foreign Affairs soon.


Below are SMS messages received from Matthias to his son, Christopher Chang:
  • 9:30am (KL Time) - Three Israeli patrol boats are now following Rachel Corrie.
  • 10:00am (KL Time) - Israeli boats coming towards our ship. Stay calm. Send out message.
  • Last contact, 10:35am (KL Time) - They have jammed our radar.
(Note: KL Time is approximately 5-6 hours ahead of Rachel Corrie)
Latest Astro Awani news reported three Israeli warship are following their flotilla.

The latest communication between Sufi Yusof and Shamsul Akmar aboard the Rachel Corrie at 9 am did not confirm of any boarding.


On-board video by a reporter

Secret video by a reporter


Censored footage of Gaza Flotilla boarding "cooked up" by IDF

Another IDF propoganda spamming You Tube

The Jeruselem Post here reported a fake report that the Rachel Corrie is boarded.


Wake UP! said...

Oh. The Israeli newspaper which propogated Anwar as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Kuang! Kuang! Kuang!

Allow flotilla to deliver humanitarian aid.

Alizul said...

Salam A Voice,

It's good that you have direct contact with Malaysian passengers on board. I've been updating the situation in the wee hours of the morning in my blog, but I don't have the contact that you have and have been relying on internet reports.

You are right, we can't rely on the Israeli and western media. The Israeli media especially have been engaging in a disinformation campaign.

Nevertheless, your report seems to be consistent with reports from The Free Gaza Movement and Y Net News.

Incidentally the Free Gaza Movement is also updating minute-by-minute through its freegazaorg twitter here. According to the twitter report, which remains unconfirmed, the Rachel Corrie was stopped in international waters at about 10.30 am and a request to ship to identify was issued, but there was no boarding of the ship yet. The ship still refused a second call to go to Ashdod.

It sure look like a standoff with either side refusing to yield. Let's pray nothing untoward happens.

A Voice said...

Very good, Alizul

We try the best that we can do.

Kenn said...

What the Israelis did was beyond the international law.

What exactly did Hitler see in Jews back then?

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