Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Making curry out of scandal-laden Melayu Liberal

This blog's postings that touched on the Melayu Liberal (here, here and here) caught their raw nerve.

Calling calling from NST and the flagship portal for the Melayu Liberal, The Malaysian Insider responded and one of their regular columnist (if qualified to be called one), one Datuk Jema Khan answered the SOS calling.

This former Head of UMNO Youth from Sabah proclaimed loudly that he is pushing the agenda Melayu Liberal on Facebook. He makes no shame of his fringe leaning and expressed it with the confidence of a typical businessman.

What an incorrugible guy! I want have him for lunch. For the past few days, I've been craving for a thick gravy meat curry.

This Jema is so full of himself that he gave an interview with Joceline Tan on April 10th edition of The Star. Then, this blogger realised he is part of Khairy initiated (known from Twitter tracking) Perkasa bashers.

Other than Khairy, it include his "Tingkat 4" gang, Pornstar MCA President, Dr Chua Soi Lek and the Youth Chiefs of MCA and Gerakan. In the same manner as MCA and Gerakan, Jema gunned down Perkasa with negative labellings and over-exagerations.

Terms and descriptions used include "master race", fake ("demands, though, are cloaked under the guise of the poverty and disabilities of the Malays"), "rent seeking, corruption, subsidies and abuse of power", "who you know is more important that what you know", "unfair", "ideologies of the past" and "hypocrasy."

Off course, Melayu Liberal is described flawlessly and positively as the man of the world that would bring about "a new dawn of honesty, openness, intellectual vibrancy and meritocracy" to Malaysian society.

Perasan bagus betul Datok ini. The very typical character of Khairy and his Tingkat 4 despised by the masses. Definately not a coincident, his alter ego ideal example of that neo-liberal society is Singapore! How naive can this confident businessman be?

Now I am thinking of having mince meat kimma with this Charlie Capati.

I could go on to dispell every wrongful assumptions and the weakness he made and exposed his disjointed his views and wishful thinking. But it will be a waste of research time for me.

Jema is a businessman and they usually made their mind. (Read his resume below taken from the page of Jayacorp Berhad here)

You see, by virtue of being confident with their judgement and move, businessman tend to think too highly of themselves. They tend to express their views loudly. In the area of their experiance, they do acquire some wisdom and intuition, but intellectual value? No! Beyond that? Too simplistic!

The neo-liberalism philosphy Charlie preached is myopic idea that is confined to within the realm of economics and preaches the mantra of big business.

Where liberalism brought about and in pursuit of democrasy, justice, equality and freedom to post-colonial world, neo-liberalism ideas are theoretical, and untested template that undisputedly assist the process of imperialism and neo-colonialism, and revert the civilised world to the rule-of-the jungle.

This is something Tun Dr Mahathir is violently against. So, it dawns on me whether Charlie actually think when he had a picture of Dr Mahathir in his office. Perhaps, it is just the typical name selling act of businessman.

Let see now, whether he practise what he preached. Even Nik Aziz, who is a purveyor of good over evil, had at many a times do the "haram untuk mu, halal untuk ku." So, I read his resume with much interest and stumble upon a name Jewala Corporation.

Voila! That name rang a familiar bell. Where is that meat cleaver, please?

In October 2005, the Prime Minister (then) Dato Abdullah Badawi was implicated in a report by Paul A. Volcker - Independent Inquiry Committee into The United Nations Oil-for Food Programme (Manipulation of the Oil-for-Food Programme by the Iraqi Regime).

There were Malaysian companies involved in buying oil from Iraq in exchange for necessities for food, medical, building and other basic necessity etc. And, there were hanky panky going on including kickback, corruptions, underselling, etc.

[I have kept nicely the full pdf version downloaded from the original web sources but the link to a past Malaysia Today article on Harakahdaily here would do.]

One of the company, Tradeyear Sdn Bhd had Abdullah Badawi as name but not beneficiary. Another name that cropped up is Mastek Sdn Bhd is owned by Obata-Ambak Holdings Sdn Bhd and Noor Asiah Binti Mahmood (Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's sister-in-law)

The company of our Charlie Capati friend, disguised as a Melayu Liberal, Jawala Corporation Sdn Bhd was assigned 7,500,000 barrels and the contract is under his father's name, Dato Majid Khan. It came with such details as contract no: M/09/46, M/11/12, M12/54 and M/13/94 and even with Charlie's name, addrerss, and NRIC.

Hmmm ... Mr Melayu Liberal, who did you had in mind when you referred to Perkasa as practising "rent seeking, corruption, subsidies and abuse of power"? I hope he in front of a mirror.

Is this what you call liberalisation, meritocrasy, and competition, to describe a few of the values all Melayus must eschew?

This, ladies and getlemen, is a hypocrital bullshiter.

Believe me. With some level of confidence and measured justification, I dare claim that Perkasa is a more patriotic and fairer grouping than any of these corrupted and fake Melayu Liberal!

I am in the mood for an early lunch. Anyone?

Perkasa Malay versus liberal Malay

The Malaysian Insiders,
June 07, 2010

JUNE 7 — The essence of Perkasa’s ideology, if one can even call it that, is to make the Malays feel like the master race in the country. As the master race, all that belongs to the country belongs to them. They, of course, have yet to get their just desserts.

Even if they had already got it before, they still want it now because they presumably were not able to make much of the benefits they once enjoyed. Their demands, though, are cloaked under the guise of the poverty and disabilities of the Malays in Malaysia.

The liberal Malays, on the other hand, are well exposed to other races and nationalities. We are confident of ourselves in relation to other people. We have long left behind the village mindset and are disdainful of being the village champion as we know there is a great big world out there, with many who are indeed smart and capable human beings. Yet we welcome an environment that is based on meritocracy.

We look at the Malays in Singapore and ask, how are they able to have a GDP per capita which is a few times higher than the Malays here? They didn’t have the New Economic Policy (NEP). What they did have was a good education, a clean government and meritocracy.

The Perkasa mindset plays on the Malays’ fears that without rent seeking, corruption, subsidies and abuse of power, the Malays are doomed. Yes, the Malays are generally poor but the so-called affirmative action as proposed by Perkasa will not make the majority of them better off.

It will only enrich the few Malays at the top who can take advantage of it. At the same time the mindset of most of the Malays will still be focussed on their poverty, ignorance and an inability to compete in today’s economic environment.

If Perkasa succeeds then the age old adage of “who you know is more important that what you know” will perpetuate. The poor Malays can then hang on and around the Perkasa leadership in hopes of getting their improbable payoffs somewhere in the future.

The liberal Malays know that the Perkasa way will be both unfair and unsustainable not only to other Malaysians but to the Malays themselves. We want to make the Malays better off, too.

The difference is that we want to make the vast majority of them better off, not just a select few. Foremost to this is for the Malays to live in a free society where individual human rights are respected above all else. The Malays should not have to make a trade off between their individual human rights just to support an affirmative action policy that has long passed its sell-by date.

Malay women who represent half of the Malay population should also not be subject to the gender bias so prevalent in our society today. Single Malay mothers should not have to bear the burden for their children while the men who impregnated them are scot free.

The illegitimate Malay children should be helped and not stigmatised. Focussing on punishing and subjugating the Malays will not improve their lot, especially when blame is not properly assigned. Lowering the bar in education just to get more Malays to pass will not make them more employable.

The liberal Malays know that solving the above Malay problems will enrich the Malay race far more than any affirmative action as proposed by Perkasa. Hypocrisy has to be thrown out the window. We must look at the world as it is today and solve today’s problems.

Meritocracy will save the Malays from the power structures that only wish to perpetuate their own rule. The young Malays should not be fettered with the ideologies of the past. The institutions that actually helped the Malays in the past have grown too big and have now become a power unto themselves. They no longer serve the interest of the vast majority of the Malays.

Yes, the Malays will have to study and work harder. Success in the political, religious or government sectors cannot continue to be the key to the wealth of the Malays. Focus must be put on increasing the commercial value of the Malays in the private sector. Liberalisation in the educational, commercial and social aspects of society will free the Malay minds to pursue their own destiny.

The politics of Perkasa has no place if we are to have a new dawn of honesty, openness, intellectual vibrancy and meritocracy. This will be the true empowerment of the Malays as envisaged by the liberal agenda.


jibam said...

another pukimak ... oops pardon my french.

making tons of money illegaly and still wanna talk colk.

pigidahh liberal.

Wake UP! said...

Can the Malay liberals state what is their contributions towards the betterment of the Malays?

Or will their liberalism be the downfall of the Malays?

It's a miracle that non of the Israeli commandos was killed by the so called terrorists.

Anonymous said...

A Voice

Mona Afendi should have cut this guy into 16 pieces and bury him.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

i'm joining you for lunch :-)

Darahtuah said...

The so-called Melayu Liberal can be best described as kacang lupakan kulit, seberang jambatan buang tongkat, melepaskan anjing tersepit and Si Tanggang Moden.


Anonymous said...

Salam - I lectured at a local university and a proud product of NEP. At times I work with the village malays/bumiputera and shared my ideas/thought about how to improved their livelihood and earn honest living. People like Khan and other Malay croonies/rent seekers should come and join me in my simple "jihad" to help the rural malays and earn an honest living when they have nothing else to "rebut from; except crumb and lefty overs. Liberal malays - do you have any idea how to help this lot? I am sure you dont have any clue

Anonymous said...

To the Liberal Malays out there - have you ever have any experienced helping village folk/orang kampung to put food on the table for their next meal? Have you ever heard of an"uneven playing field" where market are friendly to the croonies and the rich and famous?

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah yeah ...

the singapore malays have a higher gdp BUT they only own a TINY little pigeon hole called the hdb flat for ONLY 99 years

recently the UN representative have found MANY policies that disadvantaged the Malays such as the hdb quota, the expensive pre-primary education, the lack of high ranking officer in the army, the GRCs

and the Malays are STILL lagging behind in education which means they are relatively DISADVANTAGED in their own previously TANAH MELAYU

the numerous Malay talents had to find their fame and fortune overseas, even the 3 Malay singapore idols were left on the lurch with their runner-ups getting all the contracts and limelight

ask this jema khan to speak to the UN representative before shooting his mouth off

Non-partisan said...

I'll not be surprised if one of those who are actively espousing the 'Melayu Liberal' is Wenger J.Khairy. He of course has been a parasite of the NEP and a speciies on the verge of extinct but arrogantly refused to admit so.

Anonymous said...

I am attached at one of the local public university and once in a while I brought my classroom to the people -especially the kampong folk and attempt to understand why they remain poor and marginalised. You know what Liberal Malays out there - do you care and bothered about those marginalised and poor group(does not matter which race)and sit down with them and listen to their voice? I am sure you dont give a damn - because those poor Malays are of no used to you. Right? I am for them - as simple as that and proud to be a product of NEP that took me to do my Phd in Economics.

Anonymous said...

Wenger J Khairy tu keling dan menyamar dengan berbagai2 nama termasuk Chairman Kaga dll.

Bahlol nak mampus.

Non-partisan said...

And let me recap what he (WJK) has said about TDM in his response to Sak's piece on the subsidies issue.

'The worst PM in the history of mankind'. That's what he said. To me, this parasite is either a moron, an imbecile or a sheer display of arrogance and ungratefulness like his master and other bloggers 'yang sewaktu dengannya' (just to echo his expression).

May I respectfully request DSNTR to critically evaluate the concept of liberalism as expounded by these half-past-six Malay liberals.

We fear the genuine desire by the government to elevate the economic status of the Malays/bumiputras will be derailed and UMNO subsequently rejected in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

CM Sabah and his family are from the "PASHTUN" tribe. I think the origins may be from Afghanistan. Tun M from there too?

Wenger J Khairy said...

If your going to attack me be a man and give me the right to respond!

I never pretended to be a Malay! When a person assumed I was a Muslim I always replied that I was a Christian. When people are confused I tell them directly I am a Non Malay.

You can call me many names but never dare call me a liar!

Non-partisan said...


Whether or not you are a Malay or a Muslim so long you have been living in this country and that for a good 22 years whilst under the premiership of TDM, in one way or another, you must have been a parasite of the NEP and other government's policies. You are just too proud and too arrogant to admit.

Some may disagree to some of the policies initiated by TDM but I've never come across any skunk to have described him as 'the worst PM in the history of mankid' other than you.

I seriously wonder what sort of upbringing you have had undergone or life you have had experienced that you harbour such extreme odium against TDM. A spoilt child? A psychologically impaired moron? Or just being a puppet of your master?

You've just lost your creditability. Hence,it's not wrong for 'Voice' to call you a liar. In fact the greatest liar in the history of mankind.

Face reality and life will then be more enjoyable and meaningful to you. Repent,be good to your fellow mankind no matter what mistakes they may have made and above all prepare yourself for the hereafter.

Anonymous said...

Yes, since Malaysia’s education system was ‘reformed’, we have many people educated in Bahasa Malaysia who are pretending that they have a perfect command of English and are making fools of themselves. Dahlah bodoh, pura-pura pandai pulak. That, in Bahasa Malaysia, is called bodoh sombong!


Anonymous said...

DSAI dimaki hamun oleh gerombolan UMNO sehingga dipanngil dengan ungkapan B.A.B.I. Mana yg lebih buruk?

Madey memang layaklah dipanngil Perdana Menteri yg paling teruk dlm sejarah. Dialah satu satunya PM yg sanggup mengarahkan Timbalannya dipukul sampai setengah mati.Pastu dibicarakan dlm makamah kangaroo. Hakim sekadar pak angguk dan proses menuntut keadilaan dilacurkan atas alasan buktinya tak relevan Industri Judi, arak dan rumah pelacuraan berkembang pesat dibawah pentadbiraanya.

Non-partisan said...

Anon 1:06 AM,

Anda telah membuat fitnah yang amat berat apabila menuduh TDM mengarahkan Timbalannya dipukul sampai setengah mati.

Kalaulah DSAI boleh berlaku jujur, orang seperti anda dan mereka yang begitu taksub dengannya akan tahu rentetan peristiwa sebenar yg bermula lama sebelum dia ditangkap dan dituduh di mahkamah serta bagaimana TDM menanganinya.

Persoalan besar ialah apakah DSAI sanggup berbuat demikian dengan menghadapi risiko imej Islamnya tercemar dan cita-cita politiknya punah?

Ini pada saya seperti mengharapkan matahari terbit di barat dan terbenam di timur.

Oleh itu, fitnah seumpama ini akan terus menjadi mainan mereka yg anti-TDM tanpa ada noktahnya.

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