Friday, February 25, 2011

Syed Akbar replace Uncle Loh-Bird on MACC

We delay the fourth part of our "What "the untold MAS story" did not tell?" series to report this important appointment.

Book writer, former banker, property developer, jeweller, adventerer, ...and many other -ers to come from saudara Syed Akbar Ali, including blogger OutSyed the Box, was sworn in as member of the Consultancy Panel on Corruption Prevention and Education for the MACC this morning at 11:00 am at the Prime Minister's Office.

This smart man predicted countries in Middle East is due to fail and the current fall of dictators in his book Club of Doom.

His appointment presumbly replaced the dubious character Tan Sri Robert Phang aka Uncle Loh-Bird.

We commend this appointment by the Prime Minister and believe Syed Akbar is suited to provide ideas and input on how to prevent and educate the public to fight corruption.

It takes a clean, sincere and incorruptible character to fight corruption and Syed Akbar fits that role for now. His role is described here.

If he doesn't, rest assure we bloggers will be the first to whack him to smitterens.

The appointment is also an acknowledgement of MACC on us bloggers in their campaign against corruption. Bloggers, from both side of the political divide, should use Syed Akbar as conduit and avenue to channel ideas, issues and efforts to combat corruption.

As far as pro-UMNO bloggers, we have proven and built the credibility to be non-partisan in our fight against corruption.

When will the pro-Pakatan bloggers begin to be honest and not look at blurting on their Pakatan Government as foresaking their political cause?

Be it the leaders or members of Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat, both do not agree with corruption. Thus we do need to politicise and partisanise corruption?

Be them - Politicians, BN or PR, or Government servants or Corporate man or Businessman or any common man Tom Dick and Harry - all corrupt offenders are enemy of the state!


Tolokminda said...

Wahhh... congratulations my man!!

Apanama said...

Thank you Prime Minister.
Congratulations brother Syed.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Since when UMNO leaders or members have said "no" to corruption? Oh, sorry, they call it "money politics". My bad. You just have to sit outside PWTC during the perhimpunan and you can gauge the "anti" corruption stance of UMNO.

To fight corruption you'd have to be impeccable. Unfortunately, looking at the picture above, I'd say the new list looks like the "Club of Doom". Don't you?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:50's sarasm should be replied with sarcasm.

I am sure he see it as impeccable a man with dubious background and history as Robert Phang to become MACC Panel member.

He is suited to join immorals, cheats and beggars like Din Merican, Rosli Dahlan and RPK to campaign to defend crook like Phang.

Anonymous said...


MACC had appointed head of anti hadith group to their panel.

what a suprise.

Anonymous said...

This is a malay guy and blogger whose discourse provides critical thinking, no -hold bar views, he call a spade a spade, smart fellow, go and read his books, it's a revelation

Anonymous said...


CEO + wife + Special Officer, Minister + Wife + Political Sec, Chairman + Wife, CFO, SGM of this Islamic Fund are currently in Europe. Purpose of overseas travelling is company visit.

The Islamic Fund invested in a company based in Zurich by the name of Pelikan. What is worrying why bring one batallion for the company visit? All expenses are paid by the Islamic Fund. Is there any need for the Minister, Chairman and their wives to be there in the first place? They've flew to Europe since last Wed and should be back in KL next wed. Not only they visited Zurich, but also ended up in Germany and now they are in PARIS!...WTF!

Obviously the CEO is doing PR job licking his bosses' arses 365 degrees. Oh, one more thing, why the CFO needs to be there as well? Is it bcos she needs to sign cheques for "miscellaneous" expenses aka "more shopping" for the VIPS' wives. No wonder every year they can't provide breakfast for jemaah haji under Muasasah. Too much MISCELLANEOUS expenses..!!

So next time if the Minister or Chairman make media announcement of higher price to perform hajj due to rising operating costs and what-not, please throw selipar jepun at his face! Those fuckers don't really care about the welfare of the jemaah, they are nothing but a discgrace to Muslims in Malaysia. Perhaps your good friend Syed Akbar Ali can start investigating about this sickening matter in Tabung Haji.

Concerned depositor

Anonymous said...

Good, both mamak together.

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